What was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and what does this teach us?

As part of our ongoing Applied Numerology Research we’ve been investigating Apple’s top leaders, with specific reference to Numerology For Business, a field we’re actively developing to help Strategic Decision Makers make even better decisions. We set about unpacking their core numbers to help you understand that what happened (e.g. Steve Job’s cancer; Steve Wozniak’s quitting in 1985; original co-founder decision to cash in early) and all importantly, why it happened when it did; this will hopefully open your awareness to the truth that what went down, was no “random accident”. The game changing / life shaping events these incredible men experienced, were in fact hardcoded into their life path’s mathematically coded experiential matrix. Importantly, as our detailed research reveals, you must understand that these men attracted each other. Why? To be each other’s greatest teachers and to teach each other very significant lessons (they wouldn’t necessarily have consciously known this at the time, given all the huge egos, personal visions and attainment ambitions in play). This week we focus on Apple’s third CEO [CEO from 1983 to 1993] and ask the question, what was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and importantly, what does this teach us?

This is what is generally considered to be Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision…

Back in 1985 Sculley turned down an appeal from Microsoft founder Bill Gates to license its software. This decision would later come back to haunt him (he even speaks to this in the above YouTube video) because Microsoft, whose Windows operating system (OS) featured a graphical interface similar to Apple’s, became their toughest competition in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. It was during the early-to-mid 90’s, when Apple struggled so much that experts believed the company to be doomed in 1996. Ironically, it was not until 1997, when Apple was desperately in need of an operating system, that it bought out NeXT Software (Jobs’ company) and the board of directors decided to ask for some help from an old friend: Steve Jobs – the very man John Sculley had ousted back in 1985. Karma? Yes, and as we will reveal to you a little later using their 365 Pin Code Co-Joined Relationship Numerology Chart, the karma between these two was real, and clearly visible in their numbers!

Sculley backed PowerPC and not Intel, Big Mistake!

Then, in the early 1990s, Sculley led Apple to port its operating system to run on a new microprocessor, the PowerPC. Sculley later acknowledged such an act was another huge mistake, indicating that he should instead have targeted the dominant Intel architecture. Like his 1985 software licensing blunder, this awful operating system decision would also haunt him forever. That said, as you will learn a little later in this research article, all the early 90’s turmoil he experience was exactly as per his 365 Pin Code Life Path plan; it was clearly coded into his core numerology numbers and so all John Sculley was doing was merely living the experiences that had been prepared for him, from his moment of birth. After a bad first quarter in 1993, amid a personal-computer price war and internal tension over the company’s direction, Apple’s board forced Sculley out. This “we’re going with PowerPC” decision would eventually be reversed in 2005 by his arch-nemesis Steve Jobs. Only in 2006 did Apple switch from PowerPC to Intel. In his keynote address on the 6th of June 2005 at WWDC, Steve Jobs officially stated that the reason for Apple switching from PowerPC-based to Intel-based systems was:

Steve Jobs switched Apple from PowerPC to Intel in 2006

Because we want to make the best computers for our customers looking forward. Now, I stood up here two years ago in front of you and I promised you [a 3 GHz Power Macintosh G5], and we haven’t been able to deliver that to you yet. I think a lot of you would like a G5 in your PowerBook and we haven’t been able to deliver that to you yet. But these aren’t even the most important reasons. The most important reasons are that as we look ahead, though we may have great products right now, and we’ve got some great PowerPC product[s] still yet to come, as we look ahead we can envision some amazing products we want to build for you and we don’t know how to build them with the future PowerPC road map. And that’s why we’re going to do this. When we look at Intel, they’ve got great performance, yes, but they’ve got something else that’s very important to us. Just as important as performance, is power consumption. And the way we look at it is performance per watt. For one watt of power how much performance do you get? And when we look at the future road maps projected out in mid-2006 and beyond, what we see is the PowerPC gives us sort of 15 units of performance per watt, but the Intel road map in the future gives us 70, and so this tells us what we have to do.”

Therefore, in a nutshell, the official reason as provided by Apple is that the PowerPC G5 processor generates too much heat and uses too much energy to be used in the thin, light systems expected to be increasingly used in the coming years. Jobs is quoted saying as much in a MacWorld article, “[The PowerPC G5] simply doesn’t lend itself to PC designs that require low power consumption, such as notebooks and small form factor desktops.” Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller had previously stated that more than half of Apple’s system sales are from laptops, and according to a BusinessWeek report, 53% of all computers sold in the US are laptops. A C|Net report also noted that in the US, notebooks have surpassed desktops in the number of systems sold via retail outlets. This trend was growing rapidly and as such it is not unreasonable to think that Apple has become aware that the PowerPC 970fx (G5), while most will agree was technologically superior, was unable to use this processor in portable systems in the foreseeable future, thereby creating a very serious competition and marketing problem.

Before we delve deep into John Sculley’s numbers and use them to answer the question, what was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and what does this teach us, we need to understand more about this man and setting aside his knives out, bloodbath battle with Steve Jobs (they never ever reconciled…) realise how much he actually achieved at the helm; as we will explain later, John Sculley has a very rare and magical life path number sequence, 22//4; the numbers of The Master Builder…

From the CEO of Pepsi to the CEO Apple

Sculley once told a room of students the story of how Jobs had recruited him as Apple’s CEO in 1983, asking him the now-famous question: “Do you want to sell sugar water all your life, or do you want to change the world?” The Macintosh had not yet been introduced. Computers were sold largely on their technology features. What made Apple different, said Sculley, was its goal to create, in Jobs’ words, an ‘insanely great consumer experience’. “On the one hand,” Sculley told the class, “Apple might have missed something big by not being a technology-licensing company, but that’s not the business we were in. We were in the business of marketing the experience.” That led the Macintosh to become the top-selling personal computer in the world.

Sculley did not see Jobs as a Sensible Business Executive

As Sculley explains it, the problem was Jobs’ “reality distortion field.” Jobs was clearly a genius, but one who never “let the laws of physics get in the way of his ambitions to put a dent in the universe.” He had the brilliance to see the world 20 years ahead of the rest of us but wasn’t yet a sensible business executive. And, in early 1985, he was depressed. Jobs ran the Macintosh division. But his crown jewel, Macintosh Office, introduced in January that year, had rapidly become “the-laughing-stock” of the industry! Jobs had bet everything on this first personal publishing system for non-technical consumers. It fulfilled his vision of an inspiring user experience by connecting a Mac with a laser printer to print a rastered image including fonts. But back computers then didn’t have the processing speed for what was eventually called desktop publishing. Today, even the cheapest computing devices can perform such tasks, because they have greater computational speed than the Cray supercomputers of that era; but Macintosh Office was beyond them then. It took the Mac a minute and a half to rasterise an image on its display and print its beautiful postscript fonts. The Macintosh division was haemorrhaging cash. The Apple II division, which Sculley ran, was doing well and was the only source of the cash flow vital for keeping Apple financially alive.

John Sculley’s Almighty Battle with Steve Jobs

Sculley says that Jobs, blaming him for the sales failure of Macintosh Office, demanded both a $500 reduction in the price of the Macintosh and a transfer of limited marketing funds from the Apple II to Macintosh Office. He refused. Was this Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision? Sculley and Jobs then asked the board to decide, and, after hearing their arguments and consulting Apple’s most respected engineers, the board removed Jobs as Head of the Macintosh group. The board had previously removed him from the Lisa computer group for the same reason, before Sculley joined Apple, because they found Jobs too difficult to work with. Jobs wasn’t fired, though; in fact, he remained as chairman and was invited to head up any other projects he would like to. Less than four months later, Jobs resigned from Apple and founded NeXT computer — which Apple purchased 11 years later when it hired Jobs back as CEO. What Jobs wanted became possible many years later because technology advances on an exponential curve, an industry standard of progress known as Moore’s Law.

John Sculley achieved much whilst at the helm of Apple

Sales at Apple increased from $800 million to $8 billion under Sculley’s management, although many attribute his success to the fact that Sculley joined the company just when Steve Jobs’ visions and Steve Wozniak’s creations had become highly lucrative. However, his stint at Apple remains controversial due to his departure from co-founder Steve Jobs’ sales structure, particularly regarding Sculley’s decision to compete with IBM in selling computers to the same types of customers. Others say that the “two clashed over management styles and priorities, Jobs focusing on future innovation and Sculley more on current product lines and profitability.” But Sculley ultimately was forced to step down as Apple CEO because he was opposed to licensing Macintosh software and was talking to Goldman Sachs about splitting Apple into two companies. When Sculley left in May 1993, Apple had $2 billion in cash and $200 million in debt. Wow!

With the scene now set, lets apply 365 Pin Code Numerology analytical techniques to John Sculley, born 6th of April 1939 [06.04.1939].

365 Pin Code Numerology Inclusion Chart for Apple’s 3rd CEO John Sculley

What does this analysis of John Sculley’s full birth name, tell us?

His full birth name, John Sculley, has the numbers 2, 4, 5 and 9 completely missing from it. These numbers therefore represent his karmic or key life lessons. If his “missing name numbers” present themselves within his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart (see chart below; please focus only on the LARGE BLACK NUMBERS) their significance or lifelong impact is dramatically lessened. So, let’s unpack this then…

John Sculley’s Birth Chart is a Hot Chart

What is extremely interesting to note in John Sculley’s 365 Pin Code birth chart is the one half (all that to the left of the vertical purple lines, if you will) is a mirror image of the other half (all that to the right of the vertical purple lines, if you will). At 365 Pin Code we refer to a chart like this as “a hot chart” because whatever is going on within (personal) is matched and mirrored without (professional). Therefore, the good times are just brilliant, and, the bad times are positively awful. From this we can deduce that when bad or tough times strike his life, as they did in the early 90’s, their impact will be felt with an extreme intensity both internally (i.e. on a personal level) and externally (i.e. on a professional level). That’s explains why the impact of John Sculley’s firing in 1993 was so severe (it knocked his confidence for a six) and why it took him many years to recover. All this emotional upheaval is clearly revealed further down, in his 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers, AENs…

John Sculley’s Two Life Path numbers are 5 and 4

John Sculley is born in the MM of April. April is the 4th month of the year = number 4. This is his 365 Pin Code Family / Intimate Number. Sculley is born in the YYYY 1939. 1939 = 1+9+3+9 = 22; 22 = 2+4 = 4; 22//4 [the numerology sequence 22/4 is The Master Builder]. This is his 365 Pin Code World / Career Number. And, he has the numerology number sequence 13//4 presenting as his Shadow or Emotional Life Path Number (TSS-LFP; 13//4 – see birth chart below, data blocked off by a back square). John Sculley has the Number 5 presenting itself within his birth chart as both his Shadow Family and Shadow World Numbers. And, he has the numerology number sequence 23//5 presenting as his Life Path Number (TKS-LFP; 1949//23//5 – see birth chart below, data blocked off by a red square). His two life path numbers (very NB to know this!) are 5 (physical) and 4 (emotional) and so whenever this two numbers play themselves out within his 365 Pin Code experiential matrix, much will happen, guaranteed… His full birth name, John (total = 20) Sculley (total = 25) totals 45. 45 = 4+5 = 9. The Number 9 (humanity, serving others, consciousness, universal love, forgiveness, attaching yourself to Higher Causes, the universal laws, philanthropy etc.) is therefore John Sculley’s primary expression number (this is how he would naturally express himself best and most effectively into this world of ours). Having a 9 as his primary expression number helps to offset the impact of this karmic lesson in his life.

John Sculley’s Most Extreme Karmic Lesson lies with the Number 2

Having analysed both his full birth name [FBN] and his bate of birth [DOB], the only karmic lesson number which does not present itself anywhere, is the Number 2 [2, being an emotion-driven feminine energy, links with teamwork, diplomacy, working as the power behind the throne, cooperation, collaboration, supporting others, “we” not “me”, peace, harmony, relationships etc.]. From this we can extract the critical fact that John Sculley, who was Apple’s third CEO who was at the helm of Apple from 1983 to 1993, has as his Primary or Extreme Karmic Lesson, the number 2. Now that we have ascertained this, much begins to open-up, karmic intelligence and relationship numerology wise.

Here’s how Perfectly just “The Universe” really is

Did he not “oust” Steve Jobs in 1985? Yes, he did. So, let’s do the karmic numerology shall we? 1985 = 1+9+8+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5; 23//5. 1985 is therefore a Number 5 Universal Year and is the number 5 not one of Sculley’s karmic lessons? Yes, it is! Having established that, let’s move on. The year John Sculley was “fired” from Apple, was 1993. 1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22 = 2+2 = 4; numerology number sequence 22//4. So, 1993 carried within it, the energy of The Master Builder (in the previous paragraph we revealed to you that John Sculley’s World / Career Number is 22//4; perfect synchronicity!) as well as the Number 4. If simplified, 1993 was a Number 4 Universal Year and is the number 4 not also one of Sculley’s karmic lessons? Yes, it is! So, in a nutshell, John Sculley successfully got rid Steve Jobs in a 5 universal year which was presenting his Number 5 karmic lesson and he in turn got fired in a 4 universal year which was presenting his Number 4 karmic lesson. Did we not mention in an earlier paragraph that whenever the numbers 4 and 5 (because they are his two life path numbers!) were in play, much would happen around him? Astonishing, not so? Law of Karma – what goes around comes around – as you sow, so shall you reap! Sculley was instrumental in getting rid of Jobs and he was gotten rid of too – a few years later. Are you connecting the karmic dots yet? Seeing the bigger picture now?

We wish many more top executives and CEOs understood this and mediated deeply on this before engaging in the very destructive powerplay games they seem to love so much! One day they will and when they do, they will all be actively applying 365 Pin Code Numerology intelligence into their every decision-making process.

Let’s take this “Apple Leadership Karma” to a whole different level

Now we want you to focus your mind on the fact that John Sculley’s greatest karmic lesson rests with the Number 2. Was Steve Jobs not born in February, the second (2) month of the year? And, was Steve Jobs not born in 1955 [1995 = 1+9+5+5 = 20 =2+0 = 2] which means he carried the Number 2 as his World / Career Number? Steve Jobs has 2 x 2’s in his birth chart (one in the Family and the other in the World). He was always meant to be John Sculley’s greatest ever teacher, and that’s why the two clashed so badly on literally every front and why, they never reconciled, even when Steve Jobs was in his final days. The karma between these two men, or souls, went extremely deep and was of a very emotional (typical of the number 2) nature.

365 Pin Code Birth Chart of Apple CEO John Sculley born 06.04.1939

Before we move on from his birth chart, let’s unpack it a little more for you. The 3 x 5’s (Shadow Family, Shadow World and Physical Life Path) tell us that he does not do well with being told what to do. Tell (i.e. instruct) a Number 5 what to do and they will go and do exactly the opposite, that’s how stubborn they are and that’s how much they value their personal freedom. Ask what they THINK should be done, and using well-constructed questions, gently and intelligently nudge them in the direction that you want them to go in, and they will pretty much be putty in hand, especially when they get to the point where they think that your idea was actually theirs all along. Now, pause for a moment and think about Steve Jobs. He was an intolerant, abusive, arrogant, brutal, egotistical, narcissistic autocrat. He wanted things done his way, period. See the problem between these two? Next, focus your attention on the fact that John Sculley has 3 x 4’s (Physical Family, Physical World and Shadow / Emotional Life Path). The number 4 energy has lurking within in a hardness, a ruthlessness and a belligerence the likes of which no other number has. When it believes it is right, it is unyielding and if you dare cross it then you have started something, which guaranteed, it will finish. When Steve Jobs had eventually pushed John Sculley’s buttons too, it was game over and given that the number 4 is linked with law-and-order and justice, he would have most likely felt nothing other than relief when Jobs departed Apple.

Using his birth chart data, we need to further build on this Number 2 (emotion-driven feminine energy) karmic lesson, and we do so, using a Pythagoras Square and a Challenge Number Chart. What it reveals about John Sculley is quite astonishing.

365 Pin Code Pythagoras Square for Apple CEO John Sculley born 06.04.1939

In the above chart he scores 4 on the mental plane (this score implies his mental prowess is literally off the charts!) and he scores 0 on the emotional plane. This zero score does not mean that he has zero emotions or that he is completely emotionally disconnected. Quite the contrary. It means he is “emotionally over-connected” and that he is impacted much by emotions, both his and those of the people around him; hence The Arrow of Heightened Sensitivity…

The Arrow of Heightened Sensitivity explained:

Source: The Complete Book of Numerology by Dr David A. Phillips (herein it is referred to as, The Arrow of Hypersensitivity): When no numbers appear on the soul / emotional plane of the chart, varying degrees of emotional problems can arise within man because of his emotional sensitivity. Please be very clear on this fact – the absence of numbers does not imply that the person has no soul, it implies that their soul protection is not strong and so their sensitivity is easily exposed to the outside world which can lead to others cruelly taking advantage of this. People who carry this arrow are easily hurt in the early years before they learn to mask their feelings, to cover up their sensitivity. Their heightened sensitivity can lead to excessive shyness when young and this in turn may result in their developing an inferiority complex. As men, who carry this arrow, mature, they learn to overcome this extremely heightened state of emotional sensitivity and once they have taken control of their emotional world, they usually go on to achieve much success. This arrow gives them a deeply loving and tender nature. They need to guard against developing an outer hardness which is in direct conflict with their relaxed, natural expression. As long as they live, men with this arrow will have to deal with overcoming emotional sensitivity and the best way for them to master this experience / lesson, is through learning how to differentiate between reaction (a spur of the moment response) and positive action (a delayed, outcomes-based response, which is linked with logic and thought and not pure, raw emotion!).

Now that you understand so much much more about this arrow, can you imagine what it must have been like for him to work with Steve Jobs? An absolute nightmare! And that’s why Jobs was always coded to be his greatest teacher and if you will, his emotional nemesis.

Lastly, to reveal to you yet again, how significant the Number 2 is in John’s Sculley’s “numerology challenge number world” we display (below) a rarely used 365 Pin Code Numerology Chart which lists his major lifelong physical and emotional challenges. Both major challenges are 0 and his minor 1 and minor 2 lifelong challenges are linked with the number 2 related. Do not be misled, the zero, does not imply that he will lead a challenge-free life, in fact it implies exactly the opposite. It tells us that he will have a life full of challenges, however, given the presence of the 2’s, tells us that his dominant challenge will forever and always be number 2 (emotion) related.

365 Pin Code Major Lifelong Physical and Emotional Challenge Number Chart for John Sculley born 06.04.1939

Earlier, when we were analysing Sculley’s Inclusion Chart, we mentioned that the impact of his being fired in 1993 was so severe that it took him many years to recover. We then went on to state that all this emotional upheaval was clearly revealed in his 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers, AENs… Now is the time for us to present this data to you… Below is a complex looking data table which reveals unique lines of annual experiential coding. This table belongs to Apple CEO John Sculley. It is constructed using a complex predictive numerology model (see Futurist Numerology, wholly unique to 365 Pin Code) which uses many critically important numbers sourced directly from his Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN]and Other Data Sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of code (what we at 365 Pin Code call Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) which as per our exhaustive numerology research have been proven to be bulls-eye accurate. See our fascinating case studies on:

365 Pin Code Table of Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) for Apple CEO John Sculley born 06.04.1939

For the purpose of this focused research article, which is dialling in to karmic lessons and karmic relationships manifesting within the business / career space, the most important numbers for you to focus on, are the RED ones in the light blue column. These are John Sculley’s Annual Experience Numbers or AENs. AENs dictate if you will what the “dominant theme or experience” of the year will be.

He became Apple’s CEO when his No4 Karmic Lesson was in play

In 1983, the year he became CEO, a RED 4 is in play. The 4 is part of a string of 4’s which started in 1982 and lasted through to 1985, the year “he ousted” Steve Jobs and the year when he chose not to go with a software licensing opportunity tabled by Microsoft’s Bill Gates. As you know by now, he has a number 4 karmic lesson (discipline, work, focus, law and order, organising, structure, systems, processes, procedures, justice, getting things done, practicality, no-nonsense approach and no short-cuts ever!). So, during these four years this would have been the general theme(s) in play. The double 4’s (the two red blocks joining the 4’s on either side) in play in 1983 reveal just how much he would have had to focus and knuckle down to get things into an orderly state. In 1985, when Steve Jobs exited Apple, note how the two double 4’s reappear in the year’s line of code! However, this time they are on the right (emotional, intangible), whereas previously they were on the left (physical, tangible). This shows how extremely emotionally draining 1985 would have been on him, both personally and professionally.

1986, 1987 and 1988 are driven by the Number 6 AEN and this links with relationships, responsibility, a sense of community, helping others etc. John Sculley is born on the 6th. As such he has the Number 6 as his personal energy number / vibration. This period speaks to three years during which he would have had a pretty enjoyable time on a personal level, however, in 1987 (not the two RED double 6’s) something would have presented itself experience wise which would have impacted significantly on him, emotionally.

Now, in 1989, the RED AEN 9 appears only once. The number 9 is always associated with closure, endings etc. So, the numbers within that year’s line of code, tell us that this would have been a year which would have brought him endings (the 9), new beginnings (the 1) and very dramatic emotional shifts too (the 9-8 or 8-9 combination in 365 Pin Code Applied Numerology always indicates a dramatic shift of some sort happening!).

From 1990 to 1993 John Sculley’s No2 Karmic Lesson was in frame!

From 1990 through to 1993 (the year he was fired from Apple as their CEO) the AEN 11//2 is in play. This brings Sculley’s number 2 karmic lesson in to play, his most extreme karmic lesson. Karmic lesson periods exist within our life path as either a single year (concentrated experience) or a number of years (more diluted experience), during which we are taught something very profound – and definitely unforgettable. A true moment of enlightenment if you will… The number 2 is linked with cooperation, collaboration, teamwork, supporting others, patience, nurturing, caring, being the power operating cleverly from behind the throne, emotions, relationships etc. Isn’t it fascinating that John Sculley’s number 2 karmic lesson, his most extreme karmic lesson, presented itself during the years when Apple as a company began to run in to serious trouble performance wise? And isn’t it even more fascinating that it should end in 1993, the very year he got fired. That’s why people who think life’s events are random and so uninformed because they are not – this table of data, unique to John Sculley, proves this – everything we experience is in our numbers, its just that we have never chosen to interrogate our numbers deeply enough to understand this truth and to connect with this enlightenment.

Here’s why he took such a huge personal hit after being fired!

Then, from 1994 through to 1998 (5 years) not the RED No 8 AEN in play. Where does John Sculley have the Number 8 presenting in his 365 Pin Code numerology charts? As his Shadow / Emotional Personal Attainment Number (see TSSPE 8 in his birth chart, bottom left corner) and as his Shadow / Emotional Professional Attainment Number (see TSSPR 8 in his birth chart, bottom right corner). This instantly tells us that these 5 years were just awful for him emotionally. Why? Because the experience coding is aligning perfectly with his two emotional attainment numbers, so therefore extreme emotions are in play and given his being fired in 1993, these simply had to be the very worst of emotions. That’s just how things work numerology wise! It’s always in the numbers, but only if you know how to build them and interpret them! Things finally released for him in 1999, with the No 4 AEN presents itself; the end of a very brutal, bruising emotional cycle for this man.

What was Apple CEO John Sculley’s worst ever decision and what does this teach us?

As we close, please remember that John Sculley did many superb things whilst at the helm of Apple. Steve Wozniak, who also exited Apple in 1985, attributed the eventual success of the Macintosh to people like John Sculley who worked to build a Macintosh market when the Apple II went away. And so, the worst decision John Sculley ever made was not to turn down a Microsoft software licensing opportunity gifted to him by Bill Gates in 1985, nor was it to port Apple’s operating system to run on a PowerPC microprocessor in 1990.

The worst decision John Sculley ever made was to oust Steve Jobs the way he did because that went against his greatest karmic lesson and it was this specific karmic action that triggered an equal and opposite karmic reaction for him. Tragically, this also destroy his relationship for good, with this “genial man who was most definitely on a mission to change the world”. No argument, Steve Jobs was one of the most difficult men to ever set foot on this planet, but he was also one of the most visionary, and, he needed John Sculley long-term and John Sculley needed him too! Remember this, literally every person who has changed the world to the extent that Steve Jobs did, is misunderstood and comes with very extreme ways. Why? Because they are internally driven by something that 99.9999% of the world’s population cannot understand; it’s as if deep inside them, is coded a world-changing contract, which must be fulfilled against in this lifetime no matter the cost to them or others.

Had John Sculley understood his 365 Pin Code and what his karmic lessons were, and, had he understood the 365 Pin Code of Steve Jobs and what his karmic lessons were, he may well have handled things quite differently back then… Makes You Think doesn’t it?

And all this Teaches us that Numerology for Business must be taken Seriously…

“Today, every human being lives in a world of information overload, the online world is crammed full of the stuff. Thing is, only a very small percentage of it is accurate and that stuff’s totally boring, the rest is inaccurate and utterly useless. Within the small percentage of accurate information, 1% has great value, and 1% of the 1% is priceless. Did you know that the same cascading principle applies to you and your life? Every day you are being incessantly bombarded by worthless junk (junk info from friends, junk info from family, junk info from social media etc.) which leads to tremendous personal confusion around “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and “What should I be doing?” and “How on earth do I find my real myself?” You’ve got all this “incessant noise and input” around you telling you who and what you think you should be, why you are here, and how you should be living your life… If you are really serious about finding meaningful answers to these forever burning questions then you need to bullet all the junk that’s stuck to you over the years, and access your bespoke 1% of the 1% (which can only be found inside you, not outside of you). That’s what we at 365 Pin Code Numerology for Business do – we help rid you of your constant confusion and replace it with crystal clarity – and we do this by dialling you at tremendous speed straight into your 1% of the 1%.” – Chris and Suzanne Styles, Founders 365 Pin Code

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