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Rasputin the Mystic Monk Decoded

Executive Summary At 365 Pin Code we specialise at building advanced, personal and professional predictive numerology models which after extensive testing, have been found to be bulls-eye accurate. That’s [...]

1905 the Miracle Year for Albert Einstein

The numerology around Albert Einstein and his 1905 Annus Mirabilis In this article we focus on the numerology around Albert Einstein’s 1905 annus mirabilis (his miracle year) and use [...]

The significance of September 2018 being 11:11

September 2018 is 11:11 Much of the research material we have published this year has centred around the number 11 and its impact in the lives of those people [...]

Decoding the Kevin Quinn Avery Nixon Prediction

Much has been said on the Avery Nixon Prediction, but not much has been written on the how… How exactly did Kevin Quinn Avery author of The Numbers of [...]