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Numerology for Business

Prepare to be amazed by what follows… If you Google numerology for business or business numerology most of the information you will encounter deals with why it is so important to get the name of your business right from the word go. Apart from this, and a few scratchy numerology articles alluding to the importance of aligning your intended business venture (if you’re the entrepreneurial sort) or chosen career to your life path number, there is nothing of any real substance.

Have you been fooled into believing that Numerology is woo-woo pseudoscience?

No wonder most well-educated business minded people who are both numerically trained and detail astute, think of numerology as being a “woo-woo pseudoscience” having absolutely no business significance whatsoever. Sadly, they’re wrong, but to-date numerologists haven’t exactly showered themselves with glory, having done precious little to develop and advance the field of Numerology  for Business and give it practical everyday business management significance.

365 Pin Code leads the field in Numerology for Business

That’s where we at 365 Pin Code Numerology are different and it’s all down to our constant R&D. We understand people, we understand numbers; we understand business; we understand risk (study these: Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain collapses ; Steinhoff International’s disgraced billionaire CEO Markus Jooste) and we understand bottom line performance pressure. That’s right, you’re in business to make money, good money, and don’t ever forget that! It’s because of this that we’re able to present numerological intelligence in a way which top executives / entrepreneurial business owners understand, and, more importantly connect with strategic thinking and planning wise…

No Corporate President, CEO or Entrepreneur should be without this Intelligence!

Numerology for Business when done right, offers up the most phenomenal data-driven intelligence. If they truly understood the futurist opportunities locked up within numerology, every Multinational Corporate President, Vice President, CEO, COO, CFO, MD, GM and Entrepreneurial Business Owner would want to get their hands on this. And they can, through 365 Pin Code. To prove to you why we say this, let us share the headline finding in the case study we did on the life path of the genius Albert Einstein.

The work we did on Albert Einstein’s 1905 will literally blow your mind

1905 is regarded as his Annus Mirabilis, his miracle year. In just that one year he released pieces of work which forever revolutionised how we look at, understand, and interact with our world! Our detailed research when placed in table format (i.e. Einstein’s annual personal and professional experience codes) showed with bulls-eye accuracy, that life path experience wise, 1905 had always been coded as delivering an extraordinary career related result (Number 7 Energy in play in 1905). We’ve published many other detailed pieces of work which reveal how critically significant events within peoples’ lives are not random but are in fact coded into their lifepath’s intelligent mathematical matrix.

We’ve adapted our People Intelligence Model for Numerology for Business

Take for example Tom Cruise and his blockbuster movies Top Gun (1986) and Top Gun Maverick (2020). You will be astonished to learn that both movies have exactly the same Annual Experience Number (17//8) in play for Tom! Coincidence? No coincidence. This is by design. Numerologists just haven’t never done enough thorough research to reveal this; if they had the phenomenal predictive intelligence which numerology provides would have been leveraged into strategic business management by now… Know and understand this: what we are able to do with numerology on a people intelligence level, can also be done on a business intelligence level.

We’ve even analysed the commercial viability of a passenger and cruise liner

In early 2020 we were contracted to analyse the commercial viability of a Portuguese passenger and cruise liner in order to provide the potential new owner(s) with the ship’s complete set of numbers and her annual experience codes. When we’d completed the exhaustive Numerology R&D required for this project, we could see much of the ship’s life path (acquired through well-kept maritime records) accurately coded into her numbers. Even the unfortunate and untimely death of its owner was visible in the ship’s numbers, as well as the subsequent demise of this great company because his irresponsible playboy sons did not know what they were doing and destroyed the business in under a year. Given the extreme sensitivity and tremendous confidentiality around this possible business deal we have, for obvious anonymity reasons, not published any of our R&D.

Just think what knowing your company’s annual lines of code will mean to you strategic planning and risk management wise…

We’ve analysed the ownership change of an innovative construction company

We’ve also analysed a 14-year old innovative construction business which underwent a change of ownership between late 2017 and early 2018. This shift could clearly be seen in the business’ annual experience numbers provided by our predictive mathematical model. Had the new owners had our lines of bespoke intelligence to-hand in 2018/2018, they would have handled this period very differently risk management wise. Also, had they understood the intricate relationship dynamics (which 365 Pin Code Relationship Numerology reveals) in play between themselves and the seller, they would have managed this acquisition and post-acquisition management transition very differently, agreement wise. Again, for obvious anonymity reasons, not published any of this R&D.

We’ve even analysed the moments when bestselling authors became famous

We’re busy building a very comprehensive series of research papers on international bestselling authors and linking their 365 in Code Numerology (especially the Number 3 Energy which links with imagination, creativity, communication, self-expression etc.) back to numerically informed case studies which reveal that the years when they had their greatest breakthroughs (i.e. became famous) were in fact hardcoded into their life paths and were not some random set of events. Take the time to study what our published R&D work has revealed about the numerology of Cecelia Ahern, Liane Moriarty, Sophie Kinsella, Graham Hancock, Margaret Atwood, Harper Lee, Peter Straub, Helen Fielding, JK Rowling, Sir Terry Pratchett, Jean M. Auel, Martina Cole, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, Dean Koontz, Suzanne Collins, John Grisham etc. and you will be totally blown away. Imagine what will happen planning wise when publishers latch on to this author-based numerology intelligence…

Your Dark Days of Flying Blind are over!

Now that you know all this, can you afford not to be applying 365 Pin Code Numerology for Business into your company? The answer, simply, is no!

The Pin Code

The Pin Code

365PinCode has its strategic teachings rooted in much in-depth research.

Our numerology case studies and numerology articles are well-constructed, numerically informed stories. Each story carries within it real life examples linked to profound success, and failure related teachings.

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