Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985?

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Given that Apple grew into a trillion-dollar company and made one of its co-founders, Steve Jobs, a dollar billionaire many times over, people often wonder why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985? In this research article, which has real twist to it, we reveal, using nothing but numbers, that Wozniak quit Apple at exactly the perfect life path moment.  How do we know this? Because his 365 Pin Code Numbers tell us so! Don’t believe us? Please read on…

Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985? Most widely accepted reason is…

The reason most often given for Steve Wozniak’s leaving Apple, is due to his having a diminishing interest in the day-to-day running of Apple Computers and as you will learn shortly, he and Steve Jobs had very different core values. There is so much more to this though and as we systematically unpack his 365 Pin Code you will learn that his exiting Apple perfectly coincided with his most profound karmic lesson. Also, Wozniak could not optimally in a creatively constrained, cost-cutting driven environment which had had the fun sucked out of it as a result of the competitive drive for market dominance and industry glory. Though permanently leaving Apple in 1985, Wozniak chose to never remove himself from the official employee list and continues to represent the company at events or in interviews. For this he still receives a small monthly sum (a goodwill retainer if you will). So, if you want to be pedantically correct, Wozniak never left Apple, and he is still an Apple shareholder.

Wozniak said Jobs and his team built weak and lousy computers

In a 2013 interview, Wozniak made no bones about the fact that his and Jobs relationship was “not what it was” and said that the original Macintosh had “failed” under Steve Jobs, and that it was not until Jobs left (coincidentally also in 1985) that it became a success. That Steve Jobs liked to call Wozniak’s Lisa team “idiots for making the too expensive” irked him a great deal. Lisa is a desktop computer developed by Apple, released on January 19, 1983. It is one of the first personal computers to present a graphical user interface (GUI) in a machine aimed at individual business users. To compete with the Lisa, Jobs and his new team produced a cheaper computer, one that, according to Wozniak, was weak, lousy and still high priced. “Jobs made it by cutting the RAM down, by forcing you to swap disks here and there”, says Wozniak. He attributed the eventual success of the Macintosh to people like Apple CEO John Sculley “who worked to build a Macintosh market when the Apple II went away.”

Why was Jobs worth billions when he died and Steve Wozniak who is still alive, is not?

Steve Wozniak has amassed an amazing $100 million net worth in his life. We were surprised to discover that he is worth so much less than the late Steve Jobs. Wozniak has a unique perspective on money with an interesting story behind it that is well worth sharing. He started building his net worth in his parents’ garage when he co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs. He was not only co-owner, but he was also a brilliant computer and software designer. He left Apple in 1985 with no regrets. Wozniak doesn’t have a long portfolio of big business investments, other than his association with Apple. He didn’t feel the need to push for higher returns from the company. When he had done what he needed to do, he parted company to pursue his greater passions in life.

Wozniak was disappointed when Jobs refused to give workers company stock options

When Jobs passed away in 2011, he was worth an estimated $10 billion. Wozniak had never quite achieved this amount, but there are no hard feelings about it. Had Wozniak embraced the same values about money as his partner, he would no doubt have been neck-and-neck with him in the financial arena. Prior to his partner’s passing, Wozniak was disappointed when Jobs refused to give workers in the company stock options, so he did something about it. Wozniak took out $10 million of his own and saw to it that they got what he thought was fair. He’s a philanthropist who has been generous with his own money and has given funding to a variety of worthy causes. Since 1990, this has been an important part of his life. Wozniak sold a lot of his stock in Apple, offering it to employees on the cheap. He’s spent a lot of his own fortune on things he values and at the end of the day, he’s not the richest man in the world, but he certainly is doing very well. Perhaps for Steve Wozniak, success comes from making the world a better place for everyone…

Back to unpacking Wozniak’s numerology around 1985 and his important 365 Pin Code Numbers…

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Stephen Gary Wozniak

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Steve Wozniak has two karmic lessons (numbers 3 and 4)

This full birth name analysis chart for Stephen Gary Wozniak reveals a few very interesting things. Firstly, the numbers 3 (linked with letters C, L, U) and 4 (linked with letters D, M, V) are entirely absent from his name. That’s why they score 0% in the above chart and are therefore denoted (in RED) as being his two Karmic or Key Life Lessons. In Steve Wozniak’s 365 Pin Code Birth analysis (see Table below), the Number 3 appears (Red arrow) as his Shadow / Emotional Career Number. This therefore dilutes or lessens the impact of his Number 3 karmic lesson. It also shows where this karmic lesson (No 3 = creativity, communication, imagination, self-expression, fun, joy, happiness, social etc.) will express itself most in his life (emotional career or Shadow World No 3).

Coincidentally, Steve Wozniak’s Primary Expression Number is 93//12//3 so his No 3 karmic lesson will also impact much on this very important number. The upshot of this is, if how he expresses himself (creative communication) is restricted, contained or limited, he will get very frustrated and choose to pack and leave rather than endure a “creatively constricted” environment. Guaranteed, that’s what Steve Jobs never understood about him! Given the question being covered in this research, being, why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985, you must now be connecting some of the dots, but wait, it gets so much better…

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study,

The Number 4 is by far Wozniak’s most important karmic lesson

In the table below you will notice that the Number 4 appears nowhere within his 365 Pin Code number column. What this tells us is that the Number 4 (values, reliable, justice, fairness, hard work, focus, persistence, order, structure, discipline, systems, practicality, no short cuts ever etc.) is entirely absent from both his full birth name and date of birth. Therefore, of his two karmic lessons, it is by far the most important one, and as such, when it presents itself experience wise along his life path, much will happen guaranteed.

365 Pin Code Birth Chart Numbers for Steve Wozniak born 11th August 1950

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

Below is a complex data table which reveals unique lines of annual experiential coding. This table belongs to Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. It is constructed using a complex predictive numerology model (see Futurist Numerology, wholly unique to 365 Pin Code) which uses many critically important numbers sourced directly from Wozniak’s Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN] and Other Data Sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of critically important code (driven by Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) in 4D (Personal Physical; Personal Emotional; Professional Physical; Professional Emotional]. As per the results from our exhaustive Numerology Research these lines of code have been proven again and again to be bulls-eye accurate.

Now, with regards to why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985, what does his bespoke line of code look like for 1985?

365 Pin Code Predictive Model Table of Annual Experience Numbers (AENs) for Stephen Gary Wozniak born 11th August 1950

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

What AEN is in play in 1985, the year Wozniak left Apple?

Look carefully at his line of code for 1985… The LARGE RED 4 in his 1985 line of code, tells all. Steve Wozniak’s 1985 Annual Experience Number is the number 4; this links or synchronises perfectly with his most significant karmic or key life lesson! The 4’s circled in black clearly indicate that 1984 and 1985 were coded to be a two-year karmic 4 experience / lesson for Wozniak, with 1985 being the year which would provide the culmination experience (hence the two red blocks linking the double 4’s). And folks, that’s why Steve Wozniak quit or exited Apple in 1985. It was not a random event, his exiting Apple the way he did, and when he did, was in fact hardcoded into his numbers from the moment he was born! Remember earlier we mentioned that that he and Steve Jobs had very different value systems? Well the number 4 deals with values and that’s why 1985 was the year it went bang, and he decided to pursue his own interests. It was always in his numbers!

And, if you don’t believe us, let’s take all this another giant step further numerology proof wise…

365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Business, Apple Case Study, Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985

What happened in 1981, the year his No6 AEN appears only once and what does this tell us?

If you look at the line code for 1981, you will see the RED No 6, in the light blue column. The red number above it is a 3 and the red number below it is a 5. It is therefore if you will, sandwiched between, these two numbers, occurring only once. This will immediately attract the attention of a very astute, strategically inclined, numerically astute, numerologist. Why? Because Wozniak’s AEN No 6 occurs only once (i.e. whatever his 1981 experience was “coded to be”, it would be massively intense, being concentrated into just the one year, and not spread or diluted over a few years). Next, the skilled professional numerologist would seek to understand where the Number 6 presents itself within his birth chart. Why? Because that’s the sure-fire give away as to where this experience would impact most in Wozniak’s world. If you return to his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart Table above, you will notice that his World or Career Number is a 6 [Birth YYYY; 1950 = 1+9+5+0 = 15 = 1+5 = 6; 1950//15//6]. Therefore, his 1981, No 6 driven experience would impact most on his career.

Let’s see if this 365 Pin Code Numerology interpretation of Wozniak’s chart is accurate…

February 7, 1981: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is involved in a serious plane crash, resulting in his first lengthy leave of absence from the company. At the time, Wozniak is flying a turbocharged single-engine, six-seat Beechcraft Bonanza A36TC. In the plane with Woz is his fiancé, Candi Clark, her brother and her brother’s girlfriend. Fortunately, nobody dies in the crash, although Woz suffers minor head injuries. Coming just months after Apple’s IPO, in which Wozniak’s stake in Apple earned him $116 million, the crash occurred during a time of extreme change in Woz’s life. He was watching Apple grow bigger than he’d ever imagined — and change in ways he wasn’t completely happy about. In terms of his personal life, he had just divorced his first wife. Woz then started dating Clark, a secretary at Apple. For their first date, he took her to see a science fiction movie at a theater he bought with some of his IPO money. The pair quickly planned to get married. Wozniak decided to fly them to see Clark’s uncle, who offered to design her a custom wedding ring. With Woz, who had only flown for 50 hours at the time, at the controls, the plane climbed too abruptly. Then the aircraft stalled and careened through two fences into the car park of a skating rink. Woz later said he thought Candi might have accidentally leaned on the controls. Woz wound up in the hospital, suffering from amnesia. He spent much of his recovery time playing videogames and convincing his old Homebrew Computer Club friend, Dan Sokol, to smuggle in pizza and milkshakes. He didn’t immediately go back to Apple. This turned out to be the beginning of Woz extricating himself from his full-time role at Apple. When he wound up going back to Apple in 1983, he stayed for just two more years — growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of focus placed on the Apple II division — before leaving in 1985.

This proves to you that the personalised lines of code generated by our 365 Pin Code Predictive Model are bulls-eye accurate!

Conclusion: Why did Steve Wozniak leave Apple in 1985?

Because, as we have just proven to you, it was always in his numbers and so all he had to do, was to execute what was already there!

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