Could the United Nations collapse during 2020?

A brief history of the United Nations

Could the United Nations collapse during 2020? To many this is the unthinkable, the unimaginable, but as you will learn, if you take the time to read this article, there is an eerie yet perfect synchronicity between the numbers of 2020 and those of the United Nations. Given this and given the complete global disruption which 2020 has so powerfully shaped just three months into the year, the unthinkable, the unimaginable, might well happen. As you read on, please keep this in mind: the year 2020 [2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4] synchs perfectly with Number 4 Universal Energy as does the name, United Nations [United = 28; Nations = 29; 28+29 = 57 = 5+7 = 13 = 1+3 = 4], as does President Donald Trump’s life path number [22//4], as do two critically important sets of the co-joined numbers (see 365 Pin Code Research Data Table further on) for Trump, Johnson, Macron, Xi and Putin…

About The United Nations

In 1945, representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organization to draw up the United Nations Charter. Those delegates deliberated on the basis of proposals worked out by the representatives of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States at Dumbarton Oaks, United States in August-October 1944. The Charter was signed on 26 June 1945 by the representatives of the 50 countries. Poland, which was not represented at the Conference, signed it later and became one of the original 51 Member States. The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October 1945, when the Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of other signatories. United Nations Day is celebrated on 24 October each year.

Could the United Nations collapse during 2020? Very possibly!

Back to the original question, Could the United Nations collapse during 2020? Don’t be at all surprised it if does, or if at the very least, 2020’s events precipitate a series of cataclysmic political disintegrations. As 2020 gains momentum, the complete chaos it is delivering into known organised structures is beyond extreme. The general astonishment that goes with this chaos is beyond reckoning. Most people are dumbstruck, wondering how life as they knew it just a few weeks or months ago, could be so different now. If this is what life looks like now in early April, what will life look like around August (the 8//8; Manifestations), September (the 9//9; Endings) and October (the 10//1; Beginnings), these being the three months by when the full force of 2020’s number 4 universal energy [2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4] would have hammered home with maximum impact?

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Will China cleverly Capitalise on the 2020 Misery of Africa? Chance are!

We’ve seen coronavirus (which BTW has an external personality number 4; Wuhan = 22//4; ) tear deep irreparable holes in the fabric of established and respected societies of Europe (like Italy; Italy = 22//4), and then spread a wave of invisible terror and death across the globe, impacting hard in the United Kingdom and United States of America. On Thursday [9th April 2020], the World Bank said sub-Saharan Africa would suffer its first recession for 25 years as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak. As winter sets in throughout the Southern Hemisphere, goodness knows what its combined impact with coronavirus will be, especially in the much colder southern parts of the continent, like South Africa. We’ve already seen extreme lockdowns happening and leaders like President Rampahosa making bold and brave moves to help #FlattenTheCurve. Sadly, the majority of South Africans do not take the situation seriously enough, openly thumbing their noses at the virus, thinking they are bulletproof, publicly saying it only kills white people, and all because they are being actively led down a path of wrong understanding by certain leaders who have sadistically narcissistic agendas.

In 2019 we released predictions which spoke about much extreme global chaos

In an article which we published in December 2019, this is what we had to say about 2020, prediction wise:

During 2020 you will begin to see the start of the systematic collapse of the European Union; corrupt South Africa will rapidly accelerate toward a cataclysmic collapse (the name South Africa synchronises with the Number 4; South Africa = 49//13//4); Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp will shoot the lights out performance wise; Meghan Markle (who BTW has a Number 4 [22//4] life path; synchronises with 2020’s 4) will reveal her narcissistic clinical ruthlessness and choose to do her own celebrity thing over serving the needs of The Firm; climate activist Greta Thunberg will enjoy another year of being in the limelight but its short lived as many very dark years lie ahead of her; everything possible will be done to bring US President Donald Trump (who BTW like Meghan Markle, also has a Number 4 [22//4] life path; synchronises with 2020’s 4) to book, but he survives and goes on to win a second term, leaving America more divided than ever before.”

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365 Pin Code predictions for 2020 included starvation and disease

“Now, because 2020 is an earth energy (2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4; number 4 = earth) one thing you can be guaranteed of, is that matters of the earth (over population, starvation, ecological disasters, extreme weather conditions, disease etc.) will cause much global upheaval, sending all economies and markets into complete turmoil. Given this, we are expecting to see gold surge massively during 2020 and from basic analytics done pre 2020, we see South Africa’s Harmony Gold shares absolutely skyrocketing during the second half of 2020; might be an idea to buy now.”

We predicted all this purely because we understand how the hard, ruthless, relentless, justice-driving, law-and-order, back-to-basic numerology number 4 works and we simply applied this intelligence to the livers of these people using 365 Pin Code predictive modelling.

Is the UN’s Pentarchy well past its Sell-By Date?

Could events so destructive that the “UN’s Pentarchy” [its 5 most powerful and controlling nations being USA, UK, China, France and Russia] splits, be fast approaching? Back in August 2018, the Jordanian Prince, Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein (Perry World House Professor of the Practice of Law and Human Rights at the University of Pennsylvania) decried the sense among some at the United Nations that Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States “is running too much of the business.” He was alluding to these countries’ ability to veto resolutions in cases like alleged injustices in Syria’s war or by Israeli forces against Palestinians. “When they cooperate things can move; when they don’t everything becomes stuck and the organization in general becomes so marginal to the resolution of these sorts of horrific conflicts that we see,” Zeid said. “That has to change: In the end the organization can collapse at great cost to the international community.” He added “There is a sense that the permanent five have created a logjam by dint of their proclivity to use the veto, and the paralysis – less so the U.K. and France — but of course, the U.S., Russia and China quite frequently.” Zeid did not seek a new four-year term as U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.

So, if the Unthinkable were to Happen, Who would side with Whom if the “UN’s Pentarchy” splits?

Could Russia and China break away from the UN, taking with them many smaller supportive countries (given recent developments, South Africa would surely go with China)? What about the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) economic coalition, would India and Brazil exit with China and Russia? There’s a very real probability they would. What about France? Nobody knows, but one thing is for sure, Emmanuel Macron has his hands full right now as the European Union collapses around his ears with Europe hurtling headlong into what will surely be just the worst ever economic recession.

That said, lets apply 365 Pin Code Co-Joined Relationship Numerology principles to the 5 leaders of the UN Pentarchy, [USA] Donald Trump born 14 June 1946, [Russia] Vladimir Putin born 7 October 1952, [China] Xi Jinping born 15 June 1953, [UK] Boris Johnson born 19 June 1964 and [France] Emmanuel Macron born 21 December 1977.

365 Pin Code Co-Joined Numerology Table for the current leaders of the UN’s Pentarchy

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What’s the Key Take-Out from the above 365 Pin Code Table?

This 365 Pin Code Co-Joined Numerology Table for Trump, Johnson, Macron, Xi and Putin shows that the “hard, ruthless, justice-seeking” Number 4 energy of 2020 impacts them, as a collective, in THREE VERY IMPORTANT places: 1) The collective-person [C-DD; 4]; 2) The collective-family [C-MM; 4]; The collective world/career [C-YY; 9 but remember, 9 has all the numbers in it, therefore 4 exists and is impacted]… In summary, expect all hell to break loose between these five World Leaders during 2020, possibly so much so, that the United Nations completely splits apart. US President Donald Trump is the only one of the five who has a Number 4 Life Path (actually his LFP = 22/4; The Master Builder) so the probability is high that he will be the one who starts this relationship chaos.

President Donald Trump has a Number 4 life path [14.06.1946 = 14+6+1946 = 1966 = 1+9+6+6 = 22 = 2+2 = 4; 1966//22//4]. President Xi Jinping has a number 3 life path [15.06.1953 = 15+6+1953 = 1974 = 1+9+7+4 = 21 = 2+1 = 3; 1974//21//3]. Put the two life paths together [1966 + 1974 = 3940 = 3+9+4+0 = 16 = 1+6 = 7; 3940//16//7] and their co-joined lifepath is the Number 7. More importantly though is that one of the backing numbers (or supporting number if you will) to this 7, is 16. 16 is a karmic debt number which almost always speaks of a deeply troubled, cold, clinical, even cynical relationship, shrouded in secrecy – all is never as it seems…

Trump has the Arrow of Hypersensitivity, don’t push him too far!

The 16//7 numerology number sequence is never an easy co-joined number for two people to have to navigate life path wise. Is this number sequence lifting the lid on the fact that if something is going to blows up in the immediate future, it will be between these two men? Would seem so. Given that Trump’s Pythagoras Square birth chart carries within it The Arrow of Hypersensivity (also referred to by us at 365 Pin Code as The Arrow of Heightened Sensitivity), Xi Jinping might just push his buttons once too many times and as the video below attests, Trump is not known for his patience nor his diplomacy! And, from his history of business dealings, he seems to love a good fight. But then Xi Jinping is no angel either and given how his numbers are put together he has plenty fire in the belly. A perfectly prepped cocktail for global chaos and the disembowelling of the United Nations?

2020 is far from done with us, so expect the unexpected!

Could the United Nations collapse during 2020? Given that 2020 is a Number 4 Universal Year and the name “United Nations” (as analysed in the above table; 57//13//4; the UN’s Primary Expression Number; Law and Order = 4) is also aligned with the Number 4 Energy, there is no doubt whatsoever, that the 4 of 2020 will align with, and powerfully impact upon, the 4 of the UN. When numerology alignments like this happen, pay attention, because that’s usually when things happen! So, if the collapse or splitting apart of the UN was ever on the cards, then 2020 will either be the year during which it will physically happen, or, 2020 will be the year that sparks events which put into play irreversible decisions which bring about the splitting apart of the UN in the very near foreseeable future. Our sense, given what 2020 has delivered thus far experience wise, is that it should not be inconceivable to think that the United Nations is a hair’s breadth away from being spilt in two, the one camp being Camp USA, the other being Camp China. Which countries end up aligning themselves in support of these two giants is anyone’s guess.

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