What is the future for South Africa, Numbers wise.

Many people are wondering what the future for South Africa holds. Some are bullish others are not. So, to shed some much-needed light on the subject we’ve run a series of numbers and on the back of what they say, written this piece, What the Future Holds for South Africa, Numbers wise.

“In South Africa, we could not have achieved our freedom and just peace without the help of people around the world, who through the use of non-violent means, such as boycotts and divestment, encouraged their governments and other corporate actors to reverse decades-long support for the Apartheid regime.” Desmond Tutu

At 365 Pin Code we conduct Detailed Analytical Research using just numbers and number sequences in order to understand much more about the landscape of life and its significant events. People who have taken the time to delve deeply into our work are now sitting up and paying attention because our mathematical models are revealing that personalised numerical coding (i.e. a person’s 365 Pin Code) is absolutely linked, timeline wise, to key personal and professional experiences.

If you think this is utter nonsense, please think again…

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Now before you reject this concept outright, labelling it as utter nonsense and being “away-with-the-fairies” we encourage you to please go and read some of the in-depth case studies we’ve done which prove the astonishing accuracy of our numbers-based work; that should get you thinking very differently and paying attention to the content of this article on South Africa’s immediate future. And if you don’t have the time to scroll through ALL our published research articles, but would nevertheless like to understand just how accurate 365 Pin Code Numerology really is, then read these: Why 2019 was always coded to be a brilliant year for England Cricket Hero Ben Stokes; Why 2019 was always coded for Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ painful split; Why 2019 was always coded for US financier and paedophile Jeffrey Archer to be held fully accountable; Why 1905 was always coded to be Einstein’s Miracle Year; Why Steinhoff’s Markus Jooste’s public betrayal was always coded into his Numbers!

To create lines of code for South Africa we built a brand new Applied Numerology Model

For the purpose of this article, What the Future Holds for South Africa, Numbers wise, we have modified what we do slightly and created a new Applied Numerology model for South Africa, a country-based model if you will which we can now apply to any given country. When we tested it, the line of code for 1994 (see below) revealed an extremely significant emotional ending (9-9; Double 9 – if you will, the mother of all emotional endings!) for the country. Given that apartheid ended on the 27th of April 1994, when we saw this critically important result (which had begun to flow from 1990 – follow the series of black and red blocks; shifts, endings; shifts, endings…) we knew that what we had created was bulls-eye accurate coding wise.

A brief background on South Africa

On 31 May 1961, the country became a republic following a referendum in which white voters narrowly voted in favour thereof (the British-dominated Natal province rallied against the issue). Queen Elizabeth II was stripped of the title Queen of South Africa, and the last Governor-General, Charles Robberts Swart, became State President. As a concession to the Westminster system, the presidency remained parliamentary-appointed and virtually powerless until P. W. Botha’s Constitution Act of 1983, which eliminated the office of Prime Minister and instated a near-unique “strong presidency” responsible to parliament. Pressured by other Commonwealth of Nations countries, South Africa withdrew from the organisation in 1961 and rejoined it only in 1994.

The Mahlabatini Declaration of Faith, signed by Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Harry Schwarz in 1974, enshrined the principles of peaceful transition of power and equality for all, the first of such agreements by black and white political leaders in South Africa. Ultimately, FW de Klerk opened bilateral discussions with Nelson Mandela in 1993 for a transition of policies and government.

“If there are dreams about a beautiful South Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named Goodness and Forgiveness.” Nelson Mandela

In 1990 (see the above chart’s line of code for 1990, the 9-8 combination [external, emotional] which always signals a huge shift), the National Party government took the first step towards dismantling discrimination when it lifted the ban on the ANC and other political organisations. It released Nelson Mandela from prison after 27 years’ serving a sentence for sabotage. A negotiation process followed. With approval from the white electorate in a 1992 referendum, the government continued negotiations to end apartheid. South Africa also destroyed its nuclear arsenal and acceded to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. South Africa held its first universal elections in 1994, which the ANC won by an overwhelming majority. The ANC has been in power ever since.

“The ANC must ensure that South Africa does not become a mafia state because once you reach that state, all the wheels have come off.” Cyril Ramaphosa

Nelson Mandela was South Africa’s first democratically elected President. The country’s current President is Cyril Ramaphosa, who, as predicted in our 2018 365 Pin Code Numerology Analysis is having a deeply troubled year which is about to get much worse!

“The government that came into power after the April 1994 elections was going to need a budget. It was drafted by our finance minister, Derek Keys, and he convinced them of the necessity to stay within the free-market principles that had been in force in South Africa for decades.” F. W. de Klerk

Now we will begin to unpack the 365 Pin Code Numerology of SA to give you a better idea of What the Future Holds for South Africa, Numbers wise. We do this by first unpacking the name, then its Date of Birth (31.05.1961) and then linking these datapoints through our 365 Pin Code Country Numerology Model which gives us lines of year-on-year code, a country lifepath story if you will, just written in numbers.

“What I quickly discovered is that our so-called new South Africa has as much material for a story-teller as the old one. The landscape hasn’t really changed. Who is in power now is different to who was in power then, but the squatter camps grow like cancer, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.” Athol Fugard

365 Pin Code Name Analysis for South Africa

South Africa, 365 Pin Code, Shadow Numerology, Strategic Numerology, Numerology, Advanced Numerology, Family Numerology, Relationship Numerology, Business Numerology, Personal Numerology, Professional Numerology, Lifestyle, Balance, Strategic Planning, Professional Numerology Services, Corporate People Risk Management

The name South Africa totals 49 (49 = 4+9 = 13 = 1+3 = 4) which reduces down to Karmic Number 13, also written as 13//4. Therefore, South Africa has an Expression Number 13//4 which when positively engaged aligns itself with work, focus, discipline, planning, a well-defined and thoroughly planned step-by-step approach to creating success. Shortcuts to riches, success, “get-rich-quick-schemes” do not feature in the earthed, no-nonsense make-up of the Number 4. South Africa’s Balance Number is the Number 1, so when things are going completely awry, for balance to be restored, it needs to align itself with what the Number 1 Energy represents (independence, leadership, serving others, bravery, attainment, winning, innovation, originality etc.).

“During the worst days of apartheid, we turned to the church for hope and courage as we fought a righteous struggle for a democratic, non-racial, non-sexist, just, and prosperous South Africa.” Cyril Ramaphosa

365 Pin Code Birth Chart for South Africa (“Born” 31.05.1961)

South Africa, 365 Pin Code, Shadow Numerology, Strategic Numerology, Numerology, Advanced Numerology, Family Numerology, Relationship Numerology, Business Numerology, Personal Numerology, Professional Numerology, Lifestyle, Balance, Strategic Planning, Professional Numerology Services, Corporate People Risk Management

This chart has loads of numbers in it. For the purposes of this article, What the Future Holds for South Africa, Numbers wise, you need to focus on just one critically important number (circled in RED, upper centre of chart), and that is the Life Path Number of South Africa, which is the Number 8. SA born 31.05.1961 = 31+5+1961 = 1997 = 1+9+9+7 = 26 = 2+6 = 8… In 365 Pin Code Applied Numerology, the life path (TKS-LFP) is without doubt the most important number as when it is in play it signals a period of time which is coded to have maximum impact.

“We want to clean up South Africa so that we can begin to make it more attractive to investors but at the same time to deal with the issues that are impeding growth.” Cyril Ramaphosa

365 Pin Code Country Numerology Model (i.e. year-on-year experience code) for South African born 31.05.1961

South Africa, 365 Pin Code, Shadow Numerology, Strategic Numerology, Numerology, Advanced Numerology, Family Numerology, Relationship Numerology, Business Numerology, Personal Numerology, Professional Numerology, Lifestyle, Balance, Strategic Planning, Professional Numerology Services, Corporate People Risk Management

“Our Vision 2030 remains the blueprint for inclusive growth, social cohesion, and prosperity for all. Under this plan, we will continue to develop skills that can help our country realise its developmental goals and address labour market issues.” Cyril Ramaphosa

Let’s keep this Brief because what the Numbers Reveal is NOT good news…

South Africa has a Number 8 Life Path, remember? So, looking at the above Data Table you will note that the period 2022 through to 2029 [which is governed by the Number 8 Experience Number – see the RED 8’s underneath each other…] has been blocked off in dark brown. Right, so now you know from 365 Pin Code Analytics that as a country, come 2022, South Africa enters an eight-year life path related period as when an Applied Numerologist sees this in the code they sit up and pay attention as guaranteed much will go down!

The two years before this, 2020 and 2021 are governed by the Number 2 (see the two RED 2’s underneath each other…). The Number 2 always deals with emotions (diplomacy, love, peace, harmony, cooperation, collaboration etc.) and the lines of code for 2020 and 2021 signal a deeply troubled emotional time for South Africa. The trouble is of such an intense nature that this could well herald a time of tremendous racial and tribal conflict, reaching such extremes that “mini-civil-wars” break out across South Africa, possibly even escalating into one very dramatic, rapid, brutal war…

From 2022 to 2029 South Africa will experience dark economic times

These two deeply troubled emotional years (i.e. 2020 and 2021) then bring an 8-year [2022–2029] period into play for South Africa which centres around the Number 8 – focus will be wealth, money, business, power, authority etc. The lines of code in play for most of these years read like a horror story, hence all the red, black and brown blocks. We are therefore quite certain that this coding signifies the cataclysmic financial collapse of the country and simply the worst time for business and prosperity. This eight-year life path significant experience for South Africa and the people living in it, will bring about the absolute destruction of what is currently left infrastructure and economy wise.

From the 365 Pin Code Birth Chart data you may remember that the year South Africa was born was YY 1961 (1961 = 1+9+6+1 = 17 = 1+7+ 8). The country therefore has a Number 8 World Energy (i.e. it’s External Facing Number) and so just as the 2022 to 2029 string of Number 8 Experience Numbers will impact on the country’s life path, so too will it impact through SA’s World Energy Number = its economy. Therefore, there is a double impact which is going to take place and impacts like this, when found in lines of applied numerology code, mean business and you should therefore not thumb your nose at them, ever, as they exist in order to provide advanced enlightenment!

“We are determined that expropriation without compensation should be implemented in a way that increases agricultural production, improves food security, and ensure that land is returned to those from who it was taken under colonialism and apartheid.” Cyril Ramaphosa

Then, in 2030, there is a Concentrated (i.e. 1 year only) Number 1 (see the Red 1 with the pink arrow pointing toward it) experience. South Africa has a Number 1 Shadow / Emotional Life Path (please refer back to the 365 Pin Code Birth Chart and see the 1 circled in black, TSS-LFP, middle, bottom). This line of code signifies the huge emotional aftershock (the dawning of a new wave of collective consciousness?) which sweeps through the country after years of destruction and we believe that with this, there will be a new dawn for what by then, will be a country in complete ruin.

South Africa Has Been Warned – and The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Now you know What the Future Holds for South Africa, Numbers wise. Sadly, Cyril Ramaphosa’s platitudes to create a wonderful, prosperous country for all will soon be nothing more than that, platitudes and he too will look on in shock and horror at what has happened to his Beloved South Africa.

If you have the appetite to brave all this, hats off to you, however best you be prepared for what will be the darkest and most troubled decade ever in the history of South Africa. If you do not have the appetite for this then best you make brave decisions, fast, and act upon them…

Know and understand this: very soon things will violently explode in SA and this two-year extreme emotional upheaval will spark an eight-year destructive wave which will tear the beating heart out of the country. Only post 2030 and a decade of extreme trauma, will South Africa begin to function like a responsible (see the string of RED Number 6’s) country intent on restoring a true sense of community and well-being for all, not just the elite few.

There is however always opportunity within chaos

Napoleon Hill, the creator of Think and Grow Rich reminds us that:

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.” “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.” Napoleon Hill

So, how should the intelligent, forward-thinking person who has decided to stay in South Africa come what may, handle the sensitive information we’ve presented?

They should begin to study and research how it came to be that certain people (granted the few, but nevertheless they are proof that much material gain can be achieved during country-wide economic chaos…) prospered during troubled times and they would then begin to apply this knowledge over the next 24 to 36 months so that come mid 2022 they are ready for the shift and subsequent crash and well positioned to gain from it.

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