Applied Numerology of the European Union

We recently unpacked the Numerology of South Africa and given that its future numbers say, issued a stark warning around especially the next 10 or so years. Given Brexit and all the UK related shenanigans around the UK separating from the EU, we decided to focus our attention on the Applied Numerology of the European Union in order to ascertain what the full impact of Brexit might be for the organisation and to attempt to ascertain a predictive timeline around this.

“The ‘community method’ can only be applied in those areas in which the European Union actually has competence. Where the community has no competence, the ‘community method’ clearly cannot be applied.” Angela Merkel

How the European Union was formed

The European Union (EU) consists of a group of countries that acts as one economic unit in the world economy. Its official currency is the euro; 19 of its 28 members have adopted the currency.

In a 2016 referendum, the U.K. voted to leave the EU. Brexit has been challenged repeatedly. The EU grew out of a desire to form a single European political entity to end the centuries of warfare among European countries that culminated with World War II and decimated much of the continent. The European Single Market was established by 12 countries in 1993 to ensure the so-called four freedoms: the movement of goods, services, people, and money.

The EU began as the European Coal and Steel Community

The EU began as the European Coal and Steel Community, which was founded in 1950 and had just six members: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. It became the European Economic Community in 19957 under the Treaty of Rome and, subsequently, became the European Community (EC). The early focus of the EC was a common agricultural policy as well as the elimination of customs barriers. The EC initially expanded in 1973 when Denmark, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Spain became members. A directly elected European Parliament took office in 1979.

In 1986, the Single European Act solidified the principles of foreign policy cooperation and extended the powers of the community over the members. The act also formalized the idea of a single European market.

“The rule of law means that law and justice are upheld by an independent judiciary. The judgments of the European Court of Justice have to be respected by all. To undermine them, or to undermine the independence of national courts, is to strip citizens of their fundamental rights. The rule of law is not optional in the European Union. It is a must.” Jean-Claude Juncker

The European Union (EU) took effect on 1 November 1993

The Maastricht Treaty took effect on November 1, 1993, and the European Union (EU) replaced the EC. The treaty created the euro, which is intended to be the single currency for the EU. The euro debuted on January 1, 1999. Denmark and the United Kingdom negotiated “opt out” provisions that permitted them to retain their own currencies.

Note: it is very important for us to point out that 1993 (1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22) was a Master Number 22 Universal Energy Year – i.e. The Year / Energy of the Master Builder. No coincidence that the European Union was “set in stone” that year given that its original intention (whether this was well lived up is open for debate…) was always to build Europe, and to do so on a very grand scale. Having positioned the Master Number 22 Energy as a critically important number pertaining to the EU, let’s now proceed to dig, much deeper, into the Applied Numerology of the European Union.

“Brexit has really broken a taboo. The Brits have shown us that you can leave the European Union, and you can come out better.” Marine Le Pen

Applied Numerology of the European Union Name Analysis

European Union, 365 Pin Code, Shadow Numerology, Strategic Numerology, Applied Numerology

The name European Union totals 69 which reduces down to the Number 6 Energy (Relationships, Responsibility, Sense of Community etc.). It has as its Primary Balance Number the Number 5 Energy (Change, Freedom, “The Human Experience”, To Proactively Challenge etc.). It has as its Primary Expression Number the Number 6 Energy – Relationships, Responsibility, Family etc).

The name European Union has zero 2’s, 4’s and 8’s in it. These numbers would therefore represent its three karmic / key collective lessons. The Number 2 Energy represents diplomacy, cooperation, collaboration, peace, harmony, enabling a cause much greater than self-enrichment etc. The Number 4 Energy represents order, structure, planning, systems, governance, work etc. The Number 8 Energy represents money, business, power, authority, status etc. The significant abuse of any of these by the “collective” will result in powerful lessons being brought to bear upon the EU.

“After the Berlin Wall came down, I visited that city and I will never forget it. The abandoned checkpoints. The sense of excitement about the future. The knowledge that a great continent was coming together. Healing those wounds of our history is the central story of the European Union.” David Cameron

Applied Numerology of the European Union: Date of Birth / Inception Analysis

European Union, 365 Pin Code, Shadow Numerology, Strategic Numerology, Applied Numerology

In the above 365 Pin Code Birth (if you will, birth date being 01.11.1993) Chart for the EU what is immediately apparent (see the two orange arrows) is that there are two Master Numbers in play, the Master Number 11 (November is the 11th month of the year; 11 = The Master Visionary) and the Master Number 22 (1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22; also expressed as 22//4; 22 = The Master Builder).

Master Numbers are not to be trifled with!

Master Numbers are not to be trifled with and having two in a birth chart is extremely rare and clearly denotes this: these master numbers work as a collective, the 11 feeding off the 22 and vice versa and if honoured, they will bring extreme success, thriving and much prosperity, however, if they are disrespected (abused) they will bring ruin and destruction and much devastation. Isn’t it interesting to note that the Number 11 is the “Family / Intimate Energy” of the EU and that the name United Kingdom (which right now given Brexit is the villain of the peace within the EU), totals 65 (65 = 6+5 = 11) which also reduces to the Master Number 11. When one is prepared to apply one’s mind to that which is not obvious, there is always much magical intelligence to be found within numbers and that’s when one realises that these massively significant events are not nearly as random as we might like to believe they are!

European Union, 365 Pin Code, Shadow Numerology, Strategic Numerology, Applied Numerology

The DD of Birth of the EU is the 1st and the Number 1 Energy always represents goals, independence, attainment, leadership etc. however it is also the number of the egregious ego and where the ego gets too big (we are untouchable) it creates a cataclysmic fall in order to reorganise the ego (pride comes before a fall) into a more neutral and cooperative (less selfish) space.

“It’s a European Union of economic failure, of mass unemployment and of low growth.” Nigel Farage

The European Union has a Number 7 Life Path

Significantly, the European Union has a Number 7 Life Path (see TKS-LFP, number 7 circled in red). How do we know this? Birth date is 01.11.1993; 1+11+1993 = 2005; 2+0+0+5 = 7. The Number 7 Energy represents a spiritual journey of growth. It is a number if you will which is driven to seek deeper truths, or if unknown and not understood or connected with (which is most often the case as few people understand their Applied Numerology, let alone the Complex Numerology of worldly entities like the EU, countries etc…), delivers very powerful lessons, spiritual ones, which usually flow from the abuse / misuse of earthly resources (money, power, business, authority etc.). We will reveal to you shortly why 2019 (and a few years on from this too!) is a Life Path significant year (i.e. Very Significant!) for the European Union, therefore there should be little surprise that it has been such a tumultuous year for the EU and Brexit is fast approaching finality (only days away).

2020 is a Number 9 (The End) Professional Year for the EU

If you look at the above chart, top right, TKSPR (No 5) and PRYr (No 9) you will notice that 2020 is a Number 9 (The End of the Cycle) Professional / External / Outward Facing Year for the EU. In a Number 9 Energy year much has to end / fall away to make room for the new (2021 therefore sees the start of a new 9 year professional / outward facing cycle for the EU). Given this, the question is, what will the next 9 professional year cycle look like for the EU? Our 365 Pin Code Numerology reveals a deeply troubled time until 2028 with the greatest collapse happening very rapidly from 2020 through to 2023.

“As an entrepreneur, I have been known for taking risks throughout my career, but leaving the European Union is not one of the risks I would want the U.K. to take – not as an investor, not as a father, and not as a grandfather. I am deeply concerned about the impact of leaving.” Richard Branson

In 2020 the EU enters a Number 4 Professional Emotional Year

If you look to the bottom right of the above birth chart you will see the abbreviation TSSPR (No 8) and TSSPr (No 4). These two numbers represent the “invisible / shadow / deeply hidden nature” of the EU. The Shadow Number 8 lends itself to the potential abuse and misuse of power, legal authority, business deals, money matters etc. Now, if the EU has indeed engaged in much corrupt activity then the No 4 shadow / emotional professional year which it will experience in 2020, happens to synchronise perfectly with the hard, bricklike, no nonsense, moment of comeuppance Number 4 Energy of 2020 (2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4 therefore 2020 brings with the Number 4 Universal Energy). When the number 4 strikes, it does so as a devasting hammer-like blow.

“If we get outside the EU, if we leave the EU system, we will be relieved of a huge amount of unnecessary regulation that is holding this country back. We will be able to set our own priorities, make our own laws and set our own tax policies to suit the needs of this country. We have a huge opportunity also to make people’s votes count for more.” Boris Johnson

In 2020 the EU enters a Number 1 Internal (Personal) Emotional Year

If you look to the bottom left of the above birth chart for the EU, you will see the abbreviation ShPEYr (No 1) – this signals that 2020 is the beginning – Number 1 Energy – of a new internal (personal / private) emotional cycle for the EU. Hence, 2019 is / was the end (i.e. No 9) of the previous internal emotional cycle and whenever something ends, it is always rather dramatic. That the EU is in such an unstable place right now should therefore not be a great surprise, or let us say it wouldn’t be if the public at large were to understand its lifecycles which can be clearly laid out by Applied Numerologists, like ourselves at 365 Pin Code. As we will reveal to you in the very complex data table below which takes this exercise on the applied numerology of the European Union to a whole new level and lists mathematically defined lines of code / experiential data for the EU, 2020 is the start of a very rough few years for this organisation, so rough in fact, that the European Union as we know it today, may very well completely collapse.

“I love Europe! France is wonderful. It should be. We’ve subsidised it for 40 years.” Nigel Farage

Applied Numerology of the European Union: Annual Experience Numbers

European Union, 365 Pin Code, Shadow Numerology, Strategic Numerology, Applied Numerology

In 2016, a Life Path Number significant period started for the EU!

Look at the red blocked off coded data for the EU. The red block starts in 2016 and ends in 2022. The 365 Pin Code Experience Number in play for the EU during this time is the Number 7 (the string of red 7’s underneath each other). Where have we seen the Number 7 having significance thus far in terms of the applied numerology of the European Union? That’s right – the number 7 represents the EU’s life path number (TKS-LFP in Birth Chart), therefore the period from 2016 through to 2022 signals a life path significant time for the EU and given all our Published Numerology Research done to date, we have proven over and over (e.g. our research into Albert Einstein’s 1905 annus mirabilis) how important life path number coded experience periods are!

What happened in 2016 which triggered this life path significant time for the EU?

Here’s what happened: The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, also known as the EU referendum, the European referendum and the Brexit referendum, took place on 23 June 2016 in the United Kingdom (UK) and Gibraltar to ask the electorate if the country should remain a member of, or leave the European Union (EU), under the provisions of the European Union Referendum Act 2015 and also the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. The referendum resulted in 51.9% of votes being in favour of leaving the EU (17,410,742 votes). Although legally the referendum was non-binding, the government of that time had promised to implement the result. The succeeding government initiated the official EU withdrawal process on 29 March 2017, meaning that the UK was due to leave the EU before 11PM GMT on 29 March 2019, when the two-year period for Brexit negotiations expired. The negotiation period was later extended to run until 31 October 2019.

And so, what now?

The internal number and the external numbers for the EU from 2020 through to and including 2022 are an absolute nightmare and represent some of the very worst number combination known within Applied Numerology. From this we can deduce that the EU is about to fall into complete chaos, chaos of such magnitude that the EU as we know it today, could well be a thing of the past, come 2023. From 2023 through to 2027 is time of much change for the EU, hence this period being driven by the Experience Number 5 (see the string of red 5’s underneath each other). And then, in 2028, there is a massively significant new beginning for the EU – whatever that might be – and this happens exactly 9 years since 2020, the year which heralded the start of the EU’s new, and very dramatic (in a negative way!) internal emotional cycle.