Profile of Giorgio Armani explains his Success, Status, and Wealth.

Executive Summary

Armani best described his approach to fashion as follows: “I was the first to soften the image of men and harden the image of women. I dressed men in women’s fabrics and stole from men what women wanted and needed—the power suit.” His androgynous approach rarely disappointed fashion critics, who dutifully appeared each season at shows staged at his 17th-century palazzo on Via Borgonuovo in central Milan. Armani’s reputation grew phenomenally through the popular film American Gigolo (released in 1980), in which actor Richard Gere was featured as the dashing owner of a closetful of tailored Armani clothing. In this numerology research case study, we unpack the numbers of Giorgio Armani and reveal that his 1980 success was no random event, that this was in fact hardcoded into his life path experiences. 1980 was the year when he had the number 9 powerfully in play [this is his personal attainment or sun number], as well the number 5 [his most extreme karmic lesson number]. Astonishingly, his life path numerology map also reveals the tragic loss of his partner Sergio Galeotti in 1985 and reveals why the nineties were such a golden decade for him. You are about to Enter the 365 Pin Code celebrity numerology numbers profile of Giorgio Armani, a man who in every way epitomises the status, wealth and legacy creating success of the number 8 life path.

“In the fashion world, you have to make clothes to sell. You have to make clothes for the press. You have to make clothes for yourself. What I mean is, everything is an obligation. But a writer? A pure artist? Maybe he doesn’t make one lira – but he does what he wants.” Giorgio Armani

Celebrity Numerology Numbers of Giorgio Armani explained

About Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani grew up with his two siblings in northern Italy. Aspiring to study medicine, Armani enrolled at the University of Bologna. In 1953, after two years of study, Armani left to serve in the Italian army at a military hospital. The experience in the service made him realise that medicine was not for him.  In 1957 Armani accepted a job as a merchandiser for the well-known department store La Rinascente. This was followed by Armani working as a designer for Nino Cerruti, and then as a freelance designer for various companies. The experience enabled Armani to develop a rich and varied style.

With his skills honed and several years of experience behind him, Armani was ready to launch his own label. Following his friend Sergio Galeotti’s suggestion that they open a company together, the two business partners officially founded Giorgio Armani S.P.A. in 1975, launching a men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collection. The business steadily grew gaining international customers and success. In 1980 the company still had not gained recognition within the United States. But, that year, Armani was asked to costume design Richard Gere’s outfits for Paul Schrader’s “American Gigolo”. The huge success of the film and Armani’s perfect drapery of the silk and sartorial fit helped launch Armani into American and increased worldwide success.

With Armani’s recognition established in America, he started costume designing for the popular show “Miami Vice” and began a long collaboration costume designing for films. His designs started becoming regular features on the red carpet. Giorgio Armani was in high demand. In 1982 Armani appeared on the cover of Time magazine, the first designer to do so since Christian Diorin 1940, cementing his American success. In 1987 Armani designed the costumes for Brian de Palma’s “The Untouchables”. The classic American gangster designs emulated Armani’s classic tailoring. Armani has been honoured with many awards during his career including the award for the Best International Designer and the Lifetime Achievement Award for menswear from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

We will now carefully unpack the 365 Pin Code celebrity numerology numbers profile of Giorgio Armani, with specific reference to the number 8 life path, and this will be done in three parts:

  • Part A which analyses his date of birth
  • Part B which analyses his full birth name
  • Part C which uses data-rich predictive modelling to reveal his life path’s coding

“I don’t have a formula to pass on. I always did it my own way. Even today, I hold my independence close. It’s what’s most precious to me. Passion. Risk. Tenacity. Consistency. This is my professional history.” Giorgio Armani

Part A: The Celebrity Numerology Numbers Profile of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s 365 Pin Code Numerology Birth Chart

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How do we know that Armani has a number 8 life path?

Giorgio Armani was born on the 11th of July 1934. The correct way to calculate someone’s numerology life path number is: Birth DD + Birth MM + Birth YYYY = 11+7+1934 = 1952 = 1+9+5+2 = 17 = 1+7 = 8; therefore his 365 Pin Code Life Path Number can be written as 1952//17//8 – otherwise states as a number 8 life path which has as its backing or supporting numbers, 1952 and 17.

What is numerology number 8 most associated with?

See Table below. Money, power, wealth, status, authority, leading others, organising on a large scale, abundance (as in the number 8 turned on its side ∞), karma and trying to find a way to intelligently way to balance the tremendous challenges posed by both the material and spiritual worlds. Too much materialism from the No8’s owners and a tough spiritual karmic lesson awaits, as in for example, tremendous financial loss. Too much spirituality and the person will never have any money and always be struggling to make ends meet.

365 Pin Code Numerology numbers traits including Master Numbers 11 and 22

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

Note that Giorgio Armani was born on the 11th, this brings the pure (as in born on the 11th and not 29th; those born on the 29th of a month, 29 = 2+9 = 11; also written as 29//11), master number 11 into play as his personal vibration. The above table explains the master number 11, also referred to as The Master Intuitive, the one who intuitively or instinctively knows. His surname, Armani, is also linked with the 29//11 vibration (see his Full Birth Name analysis chart further on).

Giorgio Armani’s birth chart is loaded with the Numerology Number 8

Born in the year 1934 [1934 = 1+9+3+4 = 17; 17//8] brings the number 8 into frame again, as his Career or World Number. Again, the numerology number 17//8 presents itself into the 365 Pin Code numerical framework of Armani, just as was the case with his life path [1952 = 1+9+5+2 = 17//8]. Are you starting to see why he did so well materially, given that the number 8 has at its very core, the proprietary essence of abundance, wealth, and prosperity? And, are you starting to see the critically important synchronicity of his backing number 17 within this number 8 (as in the Impression of Increase) business and wealth success related numerology research? And, quite amazingly, the number 8 appears a third time in his birth chart, as his Shadow (as in emotional) Professional Attainment Number (see TSSPR 8//8, bottom right). From this we can intelligently deduce that whenever the number 8 comes into frame experience wise along his lifepath, much will happen professionally.

The numerology chart below, Armani’s 365 Pin Code Pythagoras Square birth chart reveals that he has two birth arrows, the Arrow of Heightened Sensitivity and the Arrow of Practicality which runs at Level 5 intensity. This is an extremely high level of intensity for this specific arrow therefore he is extremely practical and instinctively knows what will work and what won’t!). Both are very uncommon arrows and to have them pair up like this, is most unusual.

365 Pin Code Pythagoras Square birth chart for Giorgio Armani, born 11.07.1934

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Part B: The Celebrity Numerology Numbers Profile of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s 365 Pin Code Numerology Birth Name Analysis

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad, Giorgio Armani, number 8 life path, celebrity numerology numbers profile

The name Giorgio, resonates or vibrates in accordance with the Number 8. His balance number (as in this number when honoured, will place him in a powerful and superbly balanced state = also known as PRAXIS) is also the Number 8. If you look at each letter of his name and the associated numerology number allocated to it, you will notice there are zero 8’s. This implies that the Number 8 represents a karmic lesson of his. You would be surprised at how many billionaires and extremely successful businesspeople, whom we have analysed, also have the number 8 missing from their full birth names.

Armani’s most Extreme Karmic Lesson resides with the Number 5 (The Human Experience)

The numerology chart below, which is called an Inclusion Chart, reveals karmic lesson(s) (as in the number is absent from the study subject’s birth name) and hidden passion(s). Giorgio Armani has no 2’s (teamwork, supporting others, nurturing, supporting, diplomacy etc.), 3’s (creativity, self-expression, communication, imagination etc.), 5’s (change, the 5-senses driven human experience, adrenaline, adventure, sensuality, personal freedom etc.) nor 8’s (money, wealth, business, success, legacy style fame and fortune etc.) in his name. These are therefore his FOUR karmic lessons. He would therefore experience many very intense lessons around all these numbers throughout his entire lifepath journey. If you are unsure as to what each numerology number resonates with, look three charts back, at our table of numerology number traits. Armani’s most extreme lesson (as negative 1, or -69% of target) resides with the number 5 which also happens to be his Subconscious Self Number. Understand this, -69% of target is a result which is very deep in the Red Zone if you will, therefore it will bring the most extreme experiences imaginable. So, where does the number 5 appear in his 365 Pin Code Birth Numerology? Shockingly, it does not, which makes its impact so much more extreme! Nor does it present as one of his four Pinnacle Experiences. It does however present as his Primary Challenge from Birth to Age 28. Incredibly, as you will learn later in this article when we present our modelling data strings, it was very much in play in 1980 as his 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Number [AEN], 1980 being the year when he rocketed to fame in association with Richard Geere and the blockbuster movie, American Gigolo.

Giorgio Armani has a Number 9 Hidden Passion

His number 9 hidden passion is a most interesting one to unpack. We thoroughly enjoy the way the number 9 hidden passion is explained by Hans Decoz: Warm, generous and compassionate, you would do well and be quite happy in any undertaking that not only supplies you with a decent living but also is for the good of all. You are artistic, the nine is responsible for many of our creative geniuses, however these talents are often suppressed, sometimes coming to the surface at middle or old age. You have a strong desire for insight and universal knowledge. You are emotional, your feelings are not always sensible, and they too are often suppressed. You can get caught up in dreams and ideals without being practical but with enough fire and enthusiasm to attract support. Your oratorical abilities save many a situation. You are driven to do your own thing and are quite independent.

Giorgio Armani, number 8 life path, celebrity numerology numbers profile

What about Armani’s Number 8 karmic lesson?

The very interesting thing about the number 8 karmic lesson, is that the person’s having it, can attract a considerable amount of money during their lives and even be exceptionally good at business, but, just as wealth flows in easily, so too does it flow away easily if there is not sufficient care taken around the handling of financial resources, in other words, money. That is why, as per our research, many billionaires will have the karmic number 8 presenting within their 365 Pin Code Numerology. They will make a fortune, lose a fortune, and so on and so forth, until they learn to intelligently control the ebb and flow of money, until the realise that money is energy and energy must circulate to keep the system healthy and productive.  Please do not be fooled into thinking that just because you have a number 8 karmic lesson, you are destined to be super-rich. Remember, the number is associated with karma, with needing to understand the balance that must exist between the material and spiritual sides of life. Many people with the number 8 karmic lesson spend their life in a state of complete financial lack, of never having enough, and that it because deep down, subconsciously, money control them and they do not control money. Their toughest karmic lesson is to learn to be efficient with money. This money and materialism versus consciousness and spirituality conundrum is far more complex that you are led to believe through pop-psychology books and movies like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. She in fact did the world a tremendous disservice when she completely misinterpreted the Law of Attraction as being Ask, Believe, Receive, that if you apply your mind in a certain way, you will attract what you want. You do not attract what you want, you attract what you must learn. Big difference. Uncomfortable truths like this do not create bestselling books nor blockbuster movies. Back to Giorgio Armani’s number 8 karmic lesson. Although the number is completely absent from his full birth name [FBN], it does present as his balance number and it also presents multiple times in his Date of Birth [DOB], as his life path, career or world number and shadow professional attainment number! These multiple points of presence, thankfully, drastically reduce or diminish, the effects of this specific karmic lesson on his life.

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Giorgio Armani (reveals his Karmic Lessons!)

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Part C: The Celebrity Numerology Numbers Profile of Giorgio Armani

Now we are going to fast-forward straight into the meat of the applied numerology modelling research work we do. Below is a data table which reveals unique lines of annual experiential coding. This table belongs to iconic fashion designer, Giorgio Armani. It is constructed using a complex predictive numerology model (see Futurist Numerology ; wholly unique to 365 Pin Code Numerology) which uses many critically important numbers sourced directly from GA’s Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN] and other data sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of code (what we call Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) which as per our exhaustive Numerology Research have been proven to be bulls-eye accurate. Here for example is brilliant numerology modelling work we did to explain:

Giorgio Armani’s 365 Pin Code Numerology Data Table of Annual Experience Numbers [AENs]

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad, Giorgio Armani, number 8 life path, celebrity numerology numbers profile

The above table of data (as in annual lines of experiential code) clearly shows how in 1980, the year Giorgio Armani shot to fame, he had the Number 5 in play as his Annual Experience Number [AEN] which, given its karmic debt 14//5 synched perfectly with his most extreme karmic lesson. The two years that follow, 1981 and 1982 are both driven by the AEN master number 11, and given that GA is born on the 11th, this is indicative of how tremendous the impact of American Gigolo’s success was on him, personally. In 1985 he experiences the tragic loss of his business partner Sergio Galeotti. Note how 1985 (or more specifically, the years from 1983 through to and including 1986) is driven or powered by the AEN 15//6, which, if you have an interest in Tarot cards, references major arcana number 15 The Devil, which more often than not, indicates a time of circumstantial bondage, and especially challenging times around family, relationships, responsibility and matters of the heart. This 15//6 experience coincided with Armani’s 4th and Final Pinnacle Experience (GA’s pinnacle charts have not been included in this article).

1992 is a Life Path Number significant year for GA

In 1992, the year he turned 58, Giorgio Armani has a concentrated (as in it presents for one year only!) number 8 life path experience. This was the first time his life path number, as in 8, had presented itself as an AEN since the first year of his birth. This shows numerically, what a massively important and significant year 1992 was coded to be. And, true to the 365 Pin Code numerology script of his life, that is exactly what happened. So, what exactly happened in 1992? Gio was released to the market, and he completely shocked the conservative Italian city of Milan…

1992 Highlight: Giorgio Armani totally rocks Milan!

March 9th 1992, Lisa Anderson of the Chicago Tribune, writes: A quirky breeze blew up the skirts of the Italian fashion world over the weekend as the fall 1992 ready-to-wear shows began with a double-barrelled blast from designer Giorgio Armani and a blow-out party, the likes of which this conservative city had never seen before. The Italian collections are the first in an international series that winds up in New York next month. And for the first time, Armani, Milan`s biggest fashion gun, opened, rather than closed, them. If that were not enough of a shock to the staid Milanese establishment, the post-show disco party Armani threw blew them away. Disco is hardly the elegant Armani`s usual style. But there was nothing usual about the party he threw, from the 18,000 fresh roses he flew in from Marrakesh to decorate the trendy Rolling Stone discotheque to the 20 transvestite cabaret performers he imported from New York to entertain his 2,000 somewhat bewildered guests.

Giorgio Armani, number 8 life path, celebrity numerology numbers profile

Led by Suzanne Bartsch, the queen of Manhattan`s downtown party scene, who appeared encased in little more than a chandelier, the transvestite troupe danced ”Swan Lake” in feathered tutus, twirled lariats in sequinned cowboy suits and pranced around the stage dressed as pink poodles. This all went on into the wee hours for a champagne-soaked audience that included Olympic gold medalist skier Alberto Tomba, singers Tina Turner and Seal, and actresses Ornella Muti and Kim Basinger. ”I love it,” said a breathless Basinger, on her way to the dance floor. ”Just having a good time being entertained for a change,” said Turner, an Armani fan. ”It pleases me to break the rules a bit,” the 57-year-old Armani had told the Italian press earlier. ”For my fashion, it`s also a moment of breaking away, of courage. It will be a collection a bit over the line, but in my style.” He was right. The back-to-back collections he showed for his signature line and his lower-priced Emporio label displayed a surprising, if delicate, edge of a trendy, semi-punk panache.

1992 Highlight: Gio perfume for Women!

Fragrance Gio perfume for Women by Giorgio Armani was released in 1992. It is an aroma highlighted by a bouquet of fragrant woody, powdery and floral scented tones that will bring a sensual, warm and calming perfumed sensation. Once applied you will notice a lingering quality of softer fragranced balsamic, animal wildlife and sweet floral hints that hide an essence of inviting, passionate and deep feelings. Based on the combination of notes Giorgio Armani Gio is classified as Floral Fruity fragrance to the nose. The fragrance composition is a creation of Francois Demachy. The emanation of flavours and scent notes for Gio unfurl in a whiff of floral and citrus opening top notes including tangerine, hyacinth, jasmine, rose, violet, peach, and Brazilian rosewood. The floral and white flowers heart centre notes blend in with carnation, gardenia, iris, lily of the valley, orange blossom, tuberose, white flowers, orris root, myrrh, cassia, cloves and Ylang Ylang while the deep woody and amber base notes leave an impression of amber, musk, styrax, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood. Designer fragrance Gio was released in Eau de Parfum concentration.

The years 1994 through to 2001

Note how 1994 through to and including 2001 are driven by the AEN 18//9 and this synchs 100% with Giorgio Armani’s sun or personal attainment number. How do we know this? Sun or Personal Attainment Number (see TKSPE in his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart) = Birth DD + Birth MM = 11th of July = 11+7 = 18 = 1+8 = 8; written as 18//9. Whenever a person’s sun number comes into play numerology wise as their AEN, much happens. These are either years of much personal attainment (as in these years offer up tremendously positive results which indicate that the life up to that point has been well lived and honoured according to the grand plan) or they are years of personal disaster (which is indicative of the person not having lived their life in positive accordance to their coded numerical blueprint). The 90’s were years of tremendous success, glory, fame and fortune for Giorgio Armani. They were if you will, golden years and this all makes so much now when you look at the model generated numerical sequences which run along his 365 Pin Code life path.

So, what now, as in 2020 and beyond, for Giorgio Armani?

Our 365 Pin Code Table of AENs reveals much

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

Note how in 2018, Armani began a three-year karmic 16//7 driven AEN period. The number 16//7 is usually indicative of a time when much soul searching is being done, a time of reflection, introspection, questioning, searching for deeply significant spiritual answers – a time of when the person seems to be preoccupied with a spiritual quest (is looking to the heavens) and shows little interest in material matters (has lost interest in earthly matters). 2020 has the number sequence 4&7 presenting for him, personally physically and personally emotionally; this indicates a deeply troubled time for this great man.

In 2021, Giorgio Armani has a number 8 concentrated life path experience (just as he did back in 1992). This is only the third time through his entire life’s journey, that his life path number codes into frame and therefore 2021 will be presenting something massively significant around him, his life path’s journey, his career and his shadow (emotional) professional attainment. Could this be when he steps away completely and calls it a day? Might very well be, especially given that 2022 through to 2024 are driven by AEN 16//7 which talks to a more hermit like life, away from the spotlight. Remember that Armani is born in the month of July, so the number 7 is his Family or Intimate Vibration Number. The years 2022 through to 2024 therefore have a family, relationships, responsibility and matters of the heart focus for him. These are most likely not going to be easy years, 16//7 coded years never are, and, they may well indicate emotional distress that he experiences around his business and what happens to the “family of people” whom he worked with over the years, post 2020’s most horrific Covid-19 economic fall-out.

“Movies always fascinated me. They are an endless source of inspiration. There are countless images by great directors that made a profound impression on me, and I see the film as a sublime example of teamwork.” Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, number 8 life path, celebrity numerology numbers profile

The Celebrity Numerology Numbers Profile of Giorgio Armani summed up

The numerology of Giorgio Armani reveals why the number 8 is not only indicative of wealth, status, money, power, influence, business, organising and leading others etc. but also karma. What few people understand, is that the word ‘karma’ means a ‘result’ or an ‘outcome’; therefore, as far as the number 8 is concerned, as you sow so shall you reap! What this man has achieved this lifetime is simply phenomenal. True to all the 8’s in his 365 Pin Code Numerology, he has indeed created a legacy business and lived up to the wealth creating potential linked with the karmic lesson 8. As of 2020, Giorgio Armani’s net worth is roughly $9.6 Billion dollars. That is massively impressive! Well done sir. You sowed intelligently and therefore you harvested abundantly.

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