Applied Numerology is the New Future of Futurology because Numbers unlock astonishing insights into Human Potential

Futurology is all about using intelligence to attempt to accurately predict the future and astonishing as this may seem, the new future of futurology resides with numerology. Here is why we say this. When you venture into the world of futurists you will quickly realise that most experts focus on technology and how our future is being shaped by technological advancements, yet literally nobody focusses on the futurology of advancing human consciousness, what we call human futurology. This amazes us, because no business or industry can exist without people and the biggest risk any business or industry ever faces resides with not with technology, but with the “risk factor” employers understand the least about, their people.

Being able to Map a person’s Life Path reveals more than you can ever Imagine!

365 Pin Code Numerology has developed a predictive mathematical model which models a person’s life path experiences in 4D, personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical and professional emotional. Using the data our model provides, you can literally intelligently see into the future of any given person and identify what major risks or opportunities and presenting and importantly, when. The strategic genius within applied numerology is massively underestimated. Understanding a person’s life path, opens a whole new world of strategic thinking and planning around that individual. That is why we, as human futurists, believe that the new future of futurology is numerology, more precisely, 365 Pin Code Strategic Applied Numerology.

What has been Written about The New Future of Futurology?

Back in 2010, Newscientist published: “Nobody knows what next week’s lottery numbers will be, or which country will win the 2014 football World Cup. But the future is not a closed book, so long as you pick the right questions and methods. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, the self-styled “predictioneer”, uses game theory to calculate the likely outcome of political negotiations. Complexity theorists, meanwhile, are increasingly confident that they can detect warning signs of imminent collapse in systems such as the global economy. Google even believes it can use all the personal data it continually harvests to guess what you’ll do next.”

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Today’s futurologists need to get back in touch with the imaginative energies

In 2019, The Conversation published: “Imagined futures nowadays are more likely to be shadowed by risk, by anxieties about catastrophes, whether natural (asteroid collision, mega-tsunami) or man-made (climate change and pollution). The damage industrial capitalism has inflicted on the planet has made technology seem like the enemy now. Certainly, until anyone has any better ideas, and tests them, reducing carbon emissions, energy waste, pollution, and industrial growth seem like our best bets. The only thing that looks likely to convince us to change our ways is the dawning conviction that we have left it too late. That even if we cut emissions to zero now, global warming has almost certainly passed the tipping point and will continue to rise to catastrophic levels regardless of what we do to try to stop it. We are at an impasse in future thinking and are in danger of losing the ability to imagine positive change. Where the modernism of the 1920s and 30s was very much oriented towards the future, we are more obsessed with the past, with nostalgia. Ironically, the very digital technology that came with such a futuristic promise is increasingly used in the service of heritage and the archive. Cinematic special effects are more likely to deliver feudal warriors and dragons, rather than rockets and robots. If today’s futurologists could get back in touch with the imaginative energies of their predecessors, perhaps they would be better equipped to devise a future we could live with.”

Not much more has been written about the new future of futurology which means it is a subject that is wide open for exploration.

Here is why The New Future of Futurology is Numerology

It seems that most futurologists are very much focused on trying to predict the large macro events, what we call macro-futurology. But what about micro-futurology? What about applying futurist thinking on a more granular, practical level. Just think what an enormous difference it would make in the life of an employer or entrepreneur or SME business owner, if they could better understand what the future held for their people at individual level. Well, this is possible and the micro-futurology detail that we are alluding too here, resides within the intelligence that numerology can provide.

Before you scoff at this and dismiss this as being utter rubbish, here are some numerology research case studies we have published that reveal the phenomenal predictive data richness that exists within a person’s full birth name [FBN], date of birth [DOB] and other data points [ODP]. We share these specific case studies with you to get so that this information can really get you thinking, and understanding why we say that the new future of futurology is numerology. If you know what you are doing and how to interpret numerical combinations, it is very possible using nothing but numbers, to accurately predict what is going to happen in a person’s future and this we believe, is what will take futurology and human resource (HR) management into a whole new dimension, a dimension that we have named, Human Futurology or HF.

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Imagine if “they” had known that:

It does not end there – numerology life path modelling reveals pregnancies, deaths, legal wrangles, moments of phenomenal professional success, even years when people were forced “to come out”:

As post Covid-19 pandemic world and business leaders grapple with human potential changes, none are aware that numerology, as in understanding a person’s bespoke Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB] is the new future of futurology. They should be!

Below is an example of the Futurist Life Path Modelling work we do…

 This is the life path for Sir Richard Branson from 2014 through to 2030

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What the above table of data reveals is that 2020 [a No4 universal year; 2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4] through to and including 2025 [a No9 universal year; 2025 = 2+0+2+5 = 9; the end of the cycle of 9] are nightmare years for him. Sir Richard Branson has a master number 22 life path and a Karmic debt 14//5 shadow life path. His two life path numbers present in 2022 [14//5] and 2023 and 2024. By virtue of the numerical combinations presenting during those 3 years, e.g. 4&5s, double 4s, 22&9, 22&11 all of which are massively antagonistic numerology combinations, we know that tragically, untold professional chaos will reign in his life. All of this, spills over into the worst of personal (18//9; he is born on the 18th) emotional experiences (as in 9-11) in 2025 and then its all over, with 2026 bringing much positive change through the number 23//5. It is important to note that 2026 [a No1 universal year; 2026 = 2+0+2+6 = 10 = 1+0 = 1] is the beginning of a new universal cycle of 9. This serves to be proof as to why we are certain that numerology is the future of futurology!

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