If you found The Secret to be Too Good to be True you will Love this!

Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction

Executive Summary

If you loved the movie and the book The Secret, then you must read this. It takes everything about The Secret and the Law of Attraction to a whole new level. I systematically and methodically unpack the topic of Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction and by the time you’ve worked through the arguments presented, you will understand so much more about The Secret, The Law of Attraction, Rhonda Byrne and the Self-Help Industry as a whole. Understand upfront, I seriously question, and for good reason as explained below, the spiritual success teachings espoused within Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 blockbuster film and follow-on book, The Secret, which is grounded in a 1, 2, 3 Law of Attraction approach, namely Ask, Believe and Receive. Where Byrne’s “supposedly enlightening secret” turns into an out-and-out myth, is that nowhere does she attempt to connect you with the most important success truth ever, this being that if you want to succeed at something, you will have to work, very hard. In her movie and book she constantly creates the false impression that once you know how, as in “when you too get the secret” your life will be a never-ending, blissfully abundant free lunch with the Universe regularly dropping multiple miracles you way. I don’t think Rhonda Byrne has connected much with the unpleasant truth which The Law of Opposites teaches, this being that life on planet earth is balanced through opposing forces, therefore, just as there is joy so there is sadness, war and peace, riches and poverty, success and failure, winter and summer, birth and death, profit and loss, secrets and no secrets!

I see that there is now another 2020 The Secret type film about to do the rounds which has Katie Holmes as lead role. What concerns me much is that all the emotionally compelling material which Rhonda Byrne and Co are putting into the public domain is in fact misrepresenting how things really work. Over the past few years, I have done much in-depth applied strategy numerology research and what numerology case study after case study has revealed, is that you do not attract what you want (the teachings of The Secret) nor do attract what you are, you attract what you need to learn. Given this, this article seeks to finally set the record straight around the Law of Attraction.

As the author of this article, I understand and appreciate that The Secret may well have been the wonderful vehicle through which many people, possibly including you, globally began their metaphysical journey of deeper self-discovery (credit must be given to Rhonda Byrne for this). However, if you are trying to create more personal and professional success on the back of flawed, illogical principles, then your efforts can only ultimately deliver frustration, desperation, and exasperated disappointment. What The Secret is doing is tantamount to getting people to believe there is no gravity and that they can fly as high as they like. What a rude awakening is in store for them when they gayly leap off a building and take flight, only to discover that they are not superhuman and that the force of gravity affects them too. Splat! The Secret pretty much requires that you never doubt yourself ever! That is mightily narcissistic!

Just for a moment, pause and think about things this way… When you seek to fix something which is badly broken in your life, you would invariably seek the help of a leading expert in that field not so? You would not seek the help of someone who did not actually understand what they were doing, now would you? Tragically, Rhonda Byrne and most of the “Law of Attraction Experts” do not seem to understand that their works are filling the minds of millions of people with ghastly myths. What they have however connected with, is that if they successfully sell “something emotionally appealing and intellectually sexy” into the larger Self-improvement Industry (estimated at around $10 billion in 2019), they stand to make a lot of money.

Read and study this if you want to shift beyond being another of The Secret Lemmings. Chris Styles.

“Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.” Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

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Ask, Believe, Receive. That is all it takes people! Three words which in an instant shift your world and everything about it from being transactional to wholly transformational. Nothing more and nothing less than 1, 2, 3 and hey presto, creating success and attracting wealth magically happens. Overnight, your life is changed forever. Now, you too know how to go from struggling and grumbling to opulence and rejoicing. And heaven and angels sing. What a lot of unadulterated rubbish. As a co-founder of 365 Pin Code Applied Numerology Research which specialises in attempting to understand mathematically, why and how things happen as they do, I now seek to set the record straight. This week, through the topic Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction, we put a new, logical, numerically informed perspective in to play around the ubiquitously misunderstood Law of Attraction [LoA]. The Law of Attraction as it is commonly known is one of the primary universal laws, these being laws which govern the universe of which we are part. Few people understand that the LoA is in fact a sub-law of the Law of Vibration, which has as its epicentre, that teaching that absolutely everything vibrates and that as you vibrate, so you are. This if you will, links back to the “state-driven-teachings” of Tony Robbins. Robbins, who given his bolshy ways had a major run-in with the #MeToo Movement in 2018 (365 Pin Code unpacked the numerology around this event) is forever reminding us that when we change our state we change our story!

The Rot started with Bestselling Book and Blockbuster Movie, The Secret

The blockbuster movie and bestselling book, The Secret installed the paradigm into hundreds of millions of unenlightened minds around the world that you absolutely can attract exactly what you want. From beautiful partners (as in those ultra-hot babes) to the perfect job to the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, to never again having to ever search for a parking spot even if you live in a crowded city. A typically American “bigger and better, right now” movie narrative drove the misguided understanding that massive status elevation and material gain is easily achieved once you’re aligned with and to a few superficial, pop-psychology, wafer-thin spirituality principles. Tragically, the messages from these “it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 Slick Merchants of Success” could not have been further from the truth. Here’s the thing, desperate people, and there are literally billions of them out there, buy lock stock and three smoking barrels into this claptrap. Why? Because they would love nothing more for their miserable lives to be magically turned around in a transformation flash, and so they never critically apply their mind, their most reasoning machinery, to whether what they’re being taught has merit or is Hollywood garbage.  “There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century.

“When you want to attract something into your life, make sure your actions don’t contradict your desires. Think about what you have asked for, and make sure that your actions are mirroring what you expect to receive, and that they’re not contradicting what you‘ve asked for. Act as if you are receiving it. Do exactly what you would do if you were receiving it today and take actions in your life to reflect that powerful expectation. Make room to receive your desires, and as you do, you are sending out that powerful signal of expectation.” Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

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What did The Secret and its LoA Experts misrepresent message wise?

The grave mistake they all made, which is so aptly pointed out by Dr Wayne Dyer, who is tragically no longer with us, and Dr John Demartini, is that “You do not attract what you Want; You attract what you Are!” Did the penny just drop? If it did, then the moment you just had was life changing and paradigm busting. You see, if you are someone who is poor of mind (this means that your thoughts are mostly sh*tty thoughts; true for 97%+ of people) and poor of spirit (this means that your emotional state is mostly sh*tty too; again, true for 97%+ of people) then guess what? Yip, you are nothing more than a sh*t magnet! Given this revelation, if your dominant state if that of a sh*t magnet, then how on earth do you expect to attract anything to you other than just more sh*t? The Secret’s narrative and imagery erroneously preaches that if just sit under a tree persistently visualising the arrival of your red Ferrari, poof, it appears out of thin air. There you go, just like that you have your dream car and all because everything about the Universe is magic and magic happens! You’ve just got to see and believe and guaranteed, you will receive. Tragically, things do not work that way and so the best Ferrari result possible from sitting under that tree, visualising, is being shat on (considered lucky by many!) by some bird perched above.

You need to Understand what global impact The Secret has had

Rhonda Byrne worked as an executive producer for television, with credits including Oz Encounters: UFO’s in Australia (1997), Sensing Murder: Easy Street (2003), Loves Me, Loves Me Not (2003), and one episode of Sensing Murder (2004). After the death of her father in 2004, Byrne became very depressed. At the instigation of her daughter Hailey, she read The Science of Getting Rich (1910) by Wallace D. Wattles. She discovered positive thinking, the laws of attraction, and how to find further success in life. Hence, she started doing research on the subject and the project of The Secret was born. According to Byrne’s research, she claims that all great men in history knew about the laws of attraction, suggesting Abraham Lincoln, Ludwig van Beethoven, Winston Churchill and others. Furthering her research, she found current proponents of the laws of attraction include author Jack Canfield, entrepreneur John Assaraf, visionary Michael Beckwith, John Demartini, Bob Proctor, James Arthur Ray, Joseph Vitale, Lisa Nichols, Marie Diamond, and John Gray. Byrne found success with both the DVD and the book of The Secret. The Secret was published in 2006, and by the spring of 2007 had sold more than 19 million copies in more than 40 languages, and more than two million DVDs. The Secret book and film have grossed $300 million. In 2007 Byrne was featured in Time Magazine’s TIME 100: The Most Influential People, which is a list of 100 people who shape the world every year. Since 2010, she has been featured in Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine’s annual list of The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. She gained mainstream popularity and commercial success after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

365 Pin Code Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction

So, what is it that you need to understand around Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction? Drs Dyer and Demartini teach that You do not attract what you Want; You attract what you Are! I agree with them in part, because I have seen “horrible” people attract “horrible circumstances” which is also known as karma, and I have seen “good” people attract “good circumstances” to themselves.

I have also seen “good” people attract the “worst of circumstances” and “awful” people attract the “best of circumstances.” So, what now? How can this be because this flies in the face of what The Secret teaches us.

You attract what you Need to Learn and Experience!

This is where absolutely everyone gets the LoA wrong: You attract what you need to learn and experience! Take for example, the numerology karmic debt numbers, 13, 14, 16 and 19. These numbers carry within them very specific karmic lessons for their owners [as in people born on the 13th, 14th, 16th and 19th of a month; or people who have a Number 13, 14, 16 or 19 life path e.g. DOB: 1 February 1969 = 1+2+1969 = 1972 = 1+9+7+2 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1; Expressed as Karmic Debt 19//10//1 Life Path]. Now, if the owner of this karmic debt number is not learning his or her overarching spiritual lesson, no matter how much they practise the material world pop-psychology teachings of The Secret, nothing will happen. Nothing! Nada!

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Here’s how The Secret destroys the life of ignorant Courtney X

Imagine this scenario: Courtney X is born on the 16th and therefore has the No16//7 karmic debt completely in frame. Her life is a never-ending soap opera of drama and her relationships, especially family and love-related ones, are just the worst. Every “matters of the heart relationship” she gets into, ends up being a disaster and everyone looks on in complete and utter dismay. Then, she gets introduced to The Secret. She internalises, as in really takes to heart, what these Success Hacks teach about attracting happy and beautiful relationships. She sees the change and importantly, she believes the change! Now she is ready to attract and experience the change. The love of her life is about to appear. Life is good; Courtney X is in a completely different upbeat space and happy place. Enter Prince Charming. Her prayers have been answered. Bliss. Then it all starts to go horribly wrong again. What the hell, how can this be? But The Secret said it would be different. Yes, what they sold Courtney X was an external, narcissistic, material-girl desire.

They did not tell her the truth; they did not teach her that “as within, so without.” What this means is that nothing outside of, or external to Courtney X, you can or will change until she has successfully changed what is coded on her inside! And here is the awfully bad news. To change what is coded on the inside of her (her internal programming if you will which stems from her childhood experience and conditioning etc.) is one of the hardest things for her to change. It will be an extraordinarily painful process during which she will have to take personal ownership and full responsibility of all her disasters. This can take her many years to accomplish and maybe the very best result she will achieve is to own, only in part, her part in creating the relationship disasters. Through all these failed relationships, Courtney X was not attracting to herself what she wanted (The Secret), nor was she attracting all this to her because of who and what she was (Dr Dyer). Courtney X was attracting all this because she desperately needed to learn something very profound. Once she had learned her tough lesson (hopefully!) and set about correcting things on the inside, different, happy and lasting relationships could begin to manifest on the outside.

Rhona Byrne has Karmic Debt 19//1 as her World or Career Number

Imagine how many Courtney X’s there are out there who actively embraced and internalised The Secret, who watched the movie, bought the DVD and bought the book too. Who lived, breathed, ate, drank and slept what Rhonda Byrne prophetically preached. Who zealously attended the seminars (and bought the costly success enabling programmes!) created by the personal development experts, and, who achieved absolutely nothing from all this effort and spend! That amounts to zero RoI. Now in my opinion, that is a shocker and that has to be creating much negative karma for Rhonda Byrne, especially when considering that her film and book made her a lot of money. The fascinating thing for me, as an applied strategic numerologist who through the beauty of numbers, patterns, trends and research, is seeking next level enlightenment, is to note that Rhonda Byrne was born in 1945. 1945 = 1+9+4+5 = 19. As explained a few paragraphs earlier, 19 is a karmic debt number and though its primary lessons are centred around leadership and independence, it also carries an additional lesson around how the numbers 1 and 9 combine and interact. This extra-special lesson if you will, is that you (the 1 in 19) must not cynically enrich yourself at the expense of others (the 9 in 19). If you do, at some stage, much disaster come your way, if not during this lifetime, then definitely next lifetime. Has Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book and blockbuster movie seen her massively enriching herself whilst others have precious little to show for what they learned? You decide.

“Today, every person including you, lives in a world of information overload. Most of it is inaccurate and irrelevant. Of that which has relevance, 1% has great value, and 1% of this 1% is utterly priceless. Stop looking outside yourself for “Best-Kept-Secrets” to answer the questions you have around “Who am I, Why am I here, Why all the mistakes and What should I be doing to sort my Life?” Now is the time for you to access your numbers-driven Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint wherein all the priceless 1% answers lie. Put an End to your confusion by Entering your 365 Pin Code. No Secrets Involved.” Chris and Suzanne Styles, Founders 365 Pin Code Numerology

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The 365 Pin Code Numerology of Rhonda Byrne

As per her 365 Pin Code Numerology Inclusion Chart, Rhonda Byrne (see her 365 Pin Code Numerology Charts below; end of article) has only one karmic lesson, which rests with the numerology number 3 (communication, artistic creativity, self-expression, imagination, partying, fun-loving, inspirational, motivational etc; no wonder she loves the movie business!). This I find most interesting. I have analysed a number of international bestselling authors many of whom like her, have a number 3 karmic lesson. Thing is, with The Secret didn’t she maybe push the directors license used when making movies too far, sacrificing logic and science for storyline and artistic creativity? I think she did and that’s why her movie, though delightful to watch, is illogical metaphysical hogwash put together for maximum box office return. This might sound very callous of me, but please do remember the numerology number 8 centres around status, control, power, money, wealth, business, material matters, abundance and lest we forget, karma (finding the balance between the spiritual and material worlds).

Rhona Byrne is born on the 26th (brings number 8 into play; 26=2+6=8) of August (the 8th month of the year) again bringing number 8 into play and because she has only 1 karmic lesson (as in number 3) this implies that her Subconscious Self Numerology is also the number 8. The subconscious self is that part of us which lies beneath, well hidden from plain sight, yet which powerfully drives us from underneath. She also has a number 8 life path [RB DOB = 26.08.1945 = 26+8+1945 = 1979 = 1+9+7+9 = 26 = 2+6 = 6; Life Path Number 26//8]. As you can see for yourself in her 365 Pin Code Birth Chart below, her chart is made up of 1’s and 8’s. 1 is the leader and loves to win and be in the limelight. 8 is money, power, status, authority etc. These are her innate drivers. Therefore I believe she saw The Secret and what was contained within Wallace Wattle’s great book, The Science of Getting Rich, as a golden opportunity to spin a box-office storyline which would appeal to millions who are after an easy-peasy, get-rich-quick opportunity!

Never underestimate the Significance of Numerology Synchronicities

When I study the numerological synchronicities between Rhonda Byrne and the man, who was without doubt the star of her 2006 film, Bob Proctor, I find fascinating revelations. You will no doubt recall Proctor’s brilliant opening sales narrative (see above video) when introducing The Secret to us. What you need to know and remember is that Bob Proctor was mentored by Earl Nightingale (a founding father of the self-help industry). He climbed the ranks quickly at the Nightingale-Conant Company and soon became Vice President of Sales. Making the connection yet? It’s all about sales, sales, sales and making money! It was whilst working for N-C Co. that Bob Proctor got the idea that he should start his own seminar company to deliver motivational lectures and self-help courses to others.

Its these very seminars which today are multi-speaker sellathons, that have made the best salespeople (the ruthless, clinical, cynical, cut-throat closers, show me the money, today only deal, types) in the self-help industry, multimillionaires. This North American personal development industry revenue model is dollar-driven, spiritually unecological and ethically questionable. This model has been taken to completely the next level of mercenary by event companies. Only the killer-closers make it on to the sales stage, proving that these events have nothing to do with growing, educating and helping people and everything to do with fleecing wallets and burning giant holes in credit cards. One thing which the number 8 driven Byrne and Proctor numerology synchronicity proves, is that birds of a feather flock together.

Is it Going Too Far to call Rhonda Byrne a Manifesting Menace?

Given all the above, what concerns me much, is that there is yet another movie about to be launched (see Youtube movie trailer below, The Secret – 2020 starring Katie Holmes and Josh Luca) which is again based on the book The Secret. Given that the central tenet of this book (“you attract what you want”) is an absolute myth, teaching ridiculously incorrect health, wealth and relationship success creating techniques, how many more people will Rhonda Byrne and others again lead into ignorance and wasteful spend? It will be most interesting to see how many of “The Experts” who starred in The Secret 2006 will again be attempting to leverage off this new film, The Secret 2020, repurposing their “same-old, same-old” information into something which is more contemporary and relationship based. This is simply not okay anymore, not on any level and that is why I think it is okay to refer to her a manifesting menace because The Secret alone does not work.

Its all about Manifesting at Speed… No, it is not!

What The Secret and 99,9% of LoA teachers today are promoting is the concept of Speed Manifestation, that, if “you’re in the attractive flow, things literally manifest into your life at the speed of light.” This is a sad reflection of how little they know and understand about natural laws, physics, Nature (as in ecological principles) and how life on earth really works. The speed at which technology has advanced has created a world and society which demands instant gratification. Everyone wants everything and they want it now. This provides the perfect “desire” for LoA teachers to leverage off through selling you Speed Manifestation Strategies. What they do not care to share though, is that speed kills.

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Most Law of Attraction gurus will Conveniently bypass not-at-all-sexy The Law of Gestation

The greatest issue I have with their teachings is that they bypass one of the most critical Natural Laws, The Law of Gestation. This law teaches that once conceived (as in having had the idea) everything takes time to manifest. This law has underlying notes linking you with the importance of work, patience, persistence, focus, discipline, planning, structure, order, moving forward step-by-step etc. all the non-sexy stuff which LOA teachers avoid. They avoid this because they choose to ignore the truth that “success is created by the sweat of your brow” (see Genesis 3:19 if you care to delve a little deeper). Ponder on this for a moment… A human being’s gestation period is 9 months. Think what happens if this period is dramatically shortened. The baby ends up requiring intensive care and may even die. Not a good result it is? Yet, these gurus who annually attract millions of people to them, will tell you that they can help you devise strategies to speed up everything in your life manifestation wise. Why wait, why work, why persist, why be patient, why be disciplined, when you can have it all and you can have it now? So, answer this: when, after using their hack techniques, you end manifesting a disaster which requires endless intense care, where are the gurus then? I will tell you where they are; flying around the world, staying in top hotels, selling their myths from stage and profiting profusely from the next group of lemmings who look on, thinking “ooh-aah at last I am now on the bullet-train to success and abundance!” They too will learn the hard way – that the personal growth or self-help industry is crammed full of narcissists, brilliant stage actors and mercenary sales-closers who want your money and who do not give a damn about your success.

Beware these Charlatans of Wealth and LoA Experts

The “just-like-that” success strategies which these LoA experts are espousing is utter junk and, to be frank, they all need to be called out on their metaphysical bullsh*t and put out of business. An entirely false LoA industry was created around The Secret and I contend, given what I know now numerology and research wise, that The Secret and how it taught the LoA has done unthinkable damage to probably hundreds of millions of people around the world. Even worse, it continues to do more damage, especially during dark and uncertain times like we humans are encountering right now in 2020 as a result of the globally devastating Covid-19 pandemic [as viruses go, has coronavirus really been that devastating or have we all been played?]. Understand this: post Covid-19, as people try to make sense of things and attempt to recover from the economic devastation wreaked in their lives, they will be desperately looking for anything to make them feel better, to give them hope, to get them back on to the front foot. The Secret and everything about it, is designed to do exactly this! Except, instead of intelligently steering them down a river toward practical enlightened prosperity, it steers them headlong over the nearest waterfall creating much personal and professional disaster because of its fundamentally flawed and completely illogical principles. The Secret does not make lives, it destroys lives.

Rhonda Bryne also has Karmic Debt 16//7 as her Sun Number

What you need to know and remember, is this: aside from Rhonda Byrne having a karmic debt 19 career number (thou shalt not enrich thyself at the expense of others) she also has a Karmic Debt 16//7 Personal Attainment (see TKSPE 16//7 circled below) or Sun Number. When embraced with the wrong intention, karmic 16 creates an irresponsible outcome which damages relationships. How do I know she has a karmic 16 sun number? Rhonda Byrne was born on the 26th of August 1945. Her personal attainment or Sun Number is calculated by adding the numerology numbers of her Birth DD and Birth MM. Birth DD = 26; 26 = 2+6 = 8 and Birth MM is August, the 8th month of the year. Birth DD + Birth MM = 8+8 = 16 = 1+6 =7; expressed numerologically as karmic debt 16//7.

Rhona Byrne is not the Only One who tries to Sell You Seeds of Emptiness and Fanciful Pipe Dreams

And this legacy of installing BS paradigms into people’s minds, does not just rest with her. The really terrifying thing, is that there are many others in the personal-development industry who are deploying  exactly the same “TOP SECRET” sales and marketing model, who too are profiting massively off the ignorance of people, offering “FREE Come and Learn Seminars” (which are everything but because they teach little and sell much) to lure people in. Through the life and business success talk radio show which my wife Suzanne and I hosted many years ago, I got up close and personal with a number of these ego-fuelled individuals. As such, I understand the inside track.

My personal deduction, is that these so-called gurus of abundance and success, who “leverage the power of selling from a global stage” are selling you nothing other than Seeds of Emptiness and Fanciful Pipe Dreams. Months after all the hype, when your dopamine fuelled extreme high has died down, you will discover much to your shock and horror, that there is no harvest, no newfound personal bounty, no incredible quantum leap forward to more success and riches. All there is for 99.9% of the sellathon hooked clients, is bitter disappointment, much resentment, extreme anger and the awful realisation that good money has been wasted on what is literally a zero ROI situation. Don’t believe me? Please do your own research. Go and find people who went to these events, who spent lots of money there, who did the prescribed work post event to the T and who achieved absolutely nothing. Oh, and good luck if you then try to get your money back from the event organisers or these showmen, you won’t; best thing for you to do is to bank this “cash gone in a flash” experience so that you’re never again hoodwinked again by these slick sales artists. And, best you learn and internalise the Proverbs 21:20 life lesson that “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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Ask, Believe, Receive? No thanks, I think I’ll rather Gratefully do the Work!

This article on Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction has taken you on quite a journey to reveal to you that you do not attract what you want (as taught in The Secret), nor do you really attract what you are (taught by Drs Dyer and Demartini; only works in part though, through karma, because as you sow [action], so shall you reap [result; reaction]). Therefore, with regards to the Law of Attraction, the real truth is that you attract what you need to learn. Remember this: when you’re in the midst of a critically significant learning cycle (you’ll know this because when you’re learning NB lessons, resistance is high and so it feels like you’re literally swimming through treacle) the best (not the fastest!) way for you to move through this ultra-tough lesson, is to become grateful for it. Gratitude unlocks understanding, enlightenment, awareness and makes you receptive to teachings. Without gratitude nothing is learned, and when nothing was learned, the lesson will then have to present itself again, in an even more severe way, and through an even more severe teacher, to try to get through to you. I have revealed the “you attract what you need to learn” principle many times in the detailed relationship numerology case studies (e.g. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus) which Suzanne (my wife, 365 Pin Code business partner and Founder of The Best Digital Agency) and I have carefully compiled and published through 365 Pin Code Numerology. In parting, always remember this – if it’s a secret, or being sold to you as a secret, leave it the hell alone because you’re going to get burned and, in the process, lose money.

The Real Secret to Practical Success is:

  1. Connect with an idea which inspires you, which aligns with your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (as in your 365 Pin Code; if you do not understand yours, contact us and let us intelligently unpack it for you) and to your Highest Values (if you do not understand these, you should be studying the work of Dr John Demartini). Then dedicated yourself to this and NEVER EVER give up! Do you fully understand how important this opening bullet point is, because if you’re not prepared to go the distance and embrace the pain, there will be no gain. Therefore, what you choose to do must move you emotionally not just logically, because logic will never have enough momentum to keep you going when things get REALLY HARD, but emotion will.
  2. Before starting, consult with someone (a successful mentor) who has extensive practical experience in the field of endeavour you desire to enter in to. Pay them for their experience and advice – do not expect free lunches. Do this because they will help you to get started right.
  3. Build a Simple Get-Started Plan – whatever you do, do not over-plan things; remember the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
  4. Get to Work and start building something; in other words, get out of your SECRET visualisation armchair and GOYA (Get off Your Arse) and actually go do something.
  5. Create a First Set of Results. Assess these clinically with your mentor. Are they moving you in the right direction or not?
  6. If Yes, what improvement tweaks can be made? If no, adjust the plan.
  7. Get to Work and create a second set of results. Assess these again with your mentor. Once done, rejig what needs to be corrected and adjust your plans where necessary.
  8. Keep repeating steps 3 through 7 until you have a business.
  9. Treat people fairly. Be honest. Do not take short cuts and conduct your business in an ecological way. Apply the Golden Rule which is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Whilst doing all this, read great books, the age-old classics like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich; avoid the rubbish out there like the FREE e-books (yawn!) which have been written by authors whose primary intention is to use their e-book as the thin end of the wedge to leverage you into a programme of sorts; books like that are just upselling tools, so as to not give the game away, they’re intentionally thin on decent content and so they waste your precious time.

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Conclusion to Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction

Here’s a final scenario: if you were feeling very unwell and you went see to a medical doctor, who got the diagnosis completely wrong and put you on the wrong medication, medication which made you so ill that you almost died, you would not think twice about trying to open a law suit against the given medical practitioner, right? Why? Because the doctor damaged you and because the medical industry has standards which must be met and because doctors must study for many years and write very testing examinations before qualifying, therefore, they ought to know what they are doing.

Well then, how is it okay for “guru stage speakers” to dish up such unadulterated trash to the world? Why is it okay for them to install what are nonsense paradigms into people’s psyche, and to get away with it? Why is it okay for them to keep doing this year after year and worse still, make what must eventually amount to hundreds of millions of dollars doing this? This proves that you must learn to be discerning, and that you need to think things through carefully. You have to move beyond “those coaches” who will read a book, listen to an audio programme and attend one or two “Success Summits” only to then, parrot like, regurgitate everything they took in without ever critically evaluating what they had learned and whether it worked or not.

This leads into my final and critically important closure point. The world of life and business coaching, personal development and self-help is largely unregulated and therefore easily exploited by opportunistic bandits. It really is a free for all with zero to very-low barriers to entry. It attracts people who, after doing an arbitrary short course and opening a website, call themselves professional coaches. I’ve met suited and booted business coaches who couldn’t coach their way out of a paper bag if their life depended on it, yet there they are, telling the whole world that they have all the answers to all the problems. Worse still, I have even met “Accredited Life Coaches” who are so awful and “away with the fairies” that I shudder to think that they’d be hired by people trying to find practical and intelligent ways to navigate away from the rocks. When I say this, what I am targeting are industry standards and, I am presenting this awfully uncomfortable industry finding: “in the majority of cases, those who shouldn’t be coaching are, whereas those who should be, are not.”

Ever wondered why so many life coaches are broke and really struggling but don’t ever want to admit this? It’s because you can never outperform your internal self-image. You see, deep down these people are a complete mess. They just don’t have what it takes, and so they will never get to work with top class people or organisations and earn really good money. The only ones who will entertain their rudimentary coaching, life and business skills and competencies are clueless and have no money either. These types are the quintessential time wasters who always very willing to have “coffee shop meetings” to discuss “how things could work” yet are never ready to commit to a decision nor part with a dime.

I close this article on Numerology and The Secret 2020 Law of Attraction by asking you to please be tremendously cautious about who you choose to listen to, work with and associate with. The Secret encourages you to Just Attract It. That is a passive approach. Nike encourages you to Just Do it. That is an active approach! There is a world of difference between these two approaches. Passive will get you Nowhere whereas Active will get you Somewhere. Makes you Think, doesn’t it?

Last line on all this: Ask, Believe, Receive, does not work! These are the words touted by False Prophets! Results which initially lead to Success and eventually to Excellence, are obtained through dedicated, disciplined, focused, inspired, planned, organised hard work. You will therefore never ever attract what you want, you will only ever attract what you need to learn. Best you start working and learning…

“Most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –Thomas Edison

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