The Dominant Numerology themes and meanings around each of the Tarot Major Arcana


In an earlier article we explained the entire the tarot deck, numerology number wise, linking each of the 78 tarot cards to a corresponding numerology number. We also explained to you how to correctly read or interpret a numerology or tarot number. For example, although the numbers 15 and 51 both reduce to the base or essence number 6 [15 = 1+5 = 6; 51 = 5+1 = 6] the highly skilled applied numerologist understands that the number 15 must read completely different to the number 51. 15 is the number 1 expressing itself through the number 5 to deliver the essence or base number 6 experience. Whereas 51, is the number 1 expressing itself through the number 5 to deliver the essence or base number 6 experience. In this article we investigate the numerology meanings of Tarot Major Arcana.

“When you are prepared to move beyond the ill-founded belief that numerology and tarot are “woo-woo pseudosciences” you are ready to embrace that which lies beyond, the invisible, the intangible, the vastly intelligence realm of the superconscious. Tragically, there are many numerologists and tarot practitioners who dish up utter rubbish to their clients. The numbers and card-based interpretations they give are complete and utter nonsense. They are the ones who are responsible for giving numerology and tarot “a really bad name”. If you are fortunate enough to work with a truly skilled metaphysical practitioner, you will be exposed to your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB) wherein lie, numerically coded, all the authentic-self answers you are searching for. 365 Pin Code leverages the pictographic intelligence of tarot into the research work we do as the world’s leading futurist numerology strategists.” Chris and Suzanne Styles

About Futurist Numerology

365 Pin Code is the global leader in Futurist Numerology. Allow your mind to return to the past and think how different the world was. Imagine if back then, you’d been provided with some critically important strategic insights about the future, numerically informed lines of sight which would have gifted you the opportunity to capitalise on what was coming down the road. If you had indeed been able to access these futuristic insights and ecologically leverage them for personal and professional gain, would your life have been very different to how it is now? Of course! Like chalk and cheese. You see, everything you ever need to know and understand, sits within your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB) and once you understand it, you look to your future with much renewed personal strategic intelligence. Upfront, let us be clear on this; no, it is not possible to look into your future, and see absolutely everything in crystal clear granular detail. However, when using your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB) and 365 Pin Code Futurist Numerology, it is possible to forecast significant events in the years ahead and to even get a pretty accurate handle on when these may occur. We do this using your annual lines of bespoke experiential coding as calculated through our 365 Pin Code advanced predictive numerology model [access our library of detailed case studies which used this model].

The 22 Major Arcana explained theme wise

Number 1: The Magician: Dominant theme is LEADERSHIP. Me! Natural leader; Original creator; Wholly unique; Pioneering instinct; Very assertive; Ego challenges; Very stubborn; Intellectually developed; Highly inventive; Problem solver; Learn independence; New beginnings; Entrepreneurial; Rather impulsive; Conscious mind; Ideas machine; Endless creativity.

Number 2: The High Priestess: Dominant theme is EQUILIBRIUM. We (Duality conscious); Good diplomat; Excellent peacemaker; Cooperative service; Mild natured; Socially aware; Decision making challenging; Sees separateness; Self-confidence issues; Often oversensitive; Natural nurturer; Loves balance; Peaceful energy; Subconscious mind; Emotionally vulnerable.

Number 3: The Empress: Dominant theme is COMMUNICATION. Very popular; Natural entertainer; Extremely expressive; Cultivate conversation; Skilled orator; Vivid imagination; Craves opportunities; Beware excessive self-indulgence; Fun loving; Party animal; Ultimate socialite; Lacks focus; Active involvement; Must be appreciated; Very creative; Highly optimistic; 3 is the combination of 1&2.

Number 4: The Emperor: Dominant theme is LAW & ORDER. Measures everything; Loves boundaries; Defines processes; Demands planning; Naturally hardworking; Very focused; Very disciplined; Thrives on Order; No shortcuts ever; Systematic approach; Form & structure; Creative builder; Ultra practical; Conservative & traditional; Natural supervisor; Likes security.

Number 5: The Hierophant: Dominant theme is FREEDOM. Naturally restless; Loves adventure; Natural explorer; Intelligent energy; Questions everything; Varied experiences; Learns from experience; Probing mind; Highly adaptable; Dislikes monotony; Very impulsive; Mental agility; Change agent; Physical indulgence; The 5-senses (Human Experience); Huge sex appeal.

Number 6: The Lovers: Dominant theme is RESPONSIBILITY. Naturally artistic; Beauty & symmetry; Home is where The Heart is; Honesty & fairness; Keen perception; Very protective; Peace & harmony; Attractive surroundings; Very generous; Craves love; Community driven; Intolerant of discord; Highly discriminatory; Domestic life top priority; Venusian symmetry.

“It’s said that the shuffling of the cards is the earth, and the pattering of the cards is the rain, and the beating of the cards is the wind, and the pointing of the cards is the fire. That’s of the four suits. But the Greater Trumps, it’s said, are the meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance.” Charles Williams

Number 7: The Chariot: Dominant theme is THE MIND. Sacred number; Dreamer & philosopher; Intuitive mystical psychic; Deep thinker; Spiritual quest; Always searching for answers; Prefers isolation; Natural loner; Studious nature; Loves detail; Country life; Very contemplative; Easily disappointed; Tremendous mental powers; Massively analytical; Anti-social.

Number 8: Strength: Dominant theme is MATERIALISM. Leader of others; Efficient organiser; Natural manager; Large business; Financially shrewd; Abundance; Balancing Material & Spiritual; Very courageous; Safety & security; Very stable; Money consciousness; Kundalini-led spiritual transformation; Manifesting energy; Huge reserves of strength.

Number 9: The Hermit: Dominant theme is WISDOM.Us (humanitarian & universalist); Abstract thinker; Serving others; Tolerant and merciful; Completion; Very idealistic; Somewhat naïve; Innate wisdom; Higher callings; Formidable enemy; Synthesise experiences; Hugely compassionate; Learn to say NO!; Must share your wisdom; Lighten burdens; Endings; Closure.

Number 10: The Wheel of Fortune: Dominant theme is NEW BEGINNINGS. Complete attainment; Natural influencer; Powerful person; Spiritual mission; Clear thinking; Pragmatic leader; Attract wealth easily; Connected with your super-conscious; Goal-driven; Can be very opinionated; New cycle energy; Change in fortune; Circumstantial understanding.

Numerology Meanings of Tarot Major Arcana continued…

Number 11: Justice: Dominant theme is MASTER INTUITIVE VISIONARY. Giver of enlightenment; Draws on cosmic forces; Very perceptive; Quite idealistic; Natural educator; Seeks accomplishment; Keen sense of justice; Naturally courageous; Great creative potential; Lower octave 2 potential; Metaphysically curious; Positively decisive; Natural catalyst. Numerology number 11 is a Master Number.

Number 12: The Hanged Man: Dominant theme is LAW OF REVERSAL. Tremendous inner strength; Spiritually analytical; Tolerant of divergent beliefs; Reality is an illusion; See the world differently; Epitomise wisdom; Deeply serene; A period of waiting; A period of suspended decision-making; Observe, reflect, meditate; Look beneath the surface; Poised in consciousness. This number, being Universal Law based, reminds us of the importance of the Universal or Natural Laws. Should you wish to know more, Suzanne Styles, the co-founder of 365 Pin Code Numerology, published a very comprehensive series of articles explaining all these laws.

Number 13: Death: Dominant theme is KARMIC REBIRTH. A sacred number; Destruction & regeneration; Constant change; All about transformation; Limitless creative powers; Psychic abilities; Through death comes release; The number of reconstruction; Transmutation of energy; An all or nothing energy; Requires a secure home and relationships.

Number 14: Temperance: Dominant theme is MODERATION. Testing situations; Vivid imagination; Loves the greater scheme of existence; Trial and error energy; Learns by experience; Enormously sexual energy; Everything in moderation; Loves continual excitement; Adrenaline junkie; Fast and furious lifestyle; Learn caution; Slow down and think; Temporary: risks & possible loss; Beware extremes!

Number 15: The Devil: Dominant theme is DISCERNMENT. Naturally magnetic; Persevering and strong-willed; Driving ambition; Status conscious; Good student; Laugh in the face of adversity; Beware of circumstantial bondage; Very responsible; Massively connected with the home; Family conscious.

“A lot of people think that the tarot is about being psychic and getting so-called psychic powers. Actually, the original meaning of psyche, is soul. So, the real power of the tarot is that it can help you to live your psyche, your soul, with more creativity, more awareness, more imagination, more clarity, more understanding and more joy.” Philippe St Genoux

Number 16: The Tower: Dominant theme is AWAKENING. Very forceful personality; Assess circumstances easily; Extremely perceptive; Ideas expressive; Clear sighted intellectual; Material losses result from emotional issues; Much impatience; Awaken inner spiritual self; When 16 becomes a mystic (7); Temporary losses and setbacks; Vicious temper; Secretive energy.

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Number 17: The Star: Dominant theme is SPECIALISED SUCCESS. Desires the truth; Very insightful, Massively determined; Fine mind; Wise as to the ways of the material world; High concentration span; Executive leadership ability; Fortunate vibration; Revelation through meditation (the Aquarian influence); Beware being dogmatic and dictatorial.

Number 18: The Moon: Dominant theme is SHADOW DEVELOPMENT. Active person; Vivid imagination; Intense emotions; Receptive & intuitive; Natural healing abilities; Very sensitive; Inexperienced energy; Emotional upheaval; Massively influenced by The Shadow / Subconscious; Develop concentration ability; Mental challenges; Nervous habits; Anxiety issues.

Number 19: The Sun: Dominant theme is INDEPENDENCE. Gifted leader; Excellent speaker; Art & science; High intellect; Must master emotions; Can lead a double life (spiritual fall); Courage will be tested; Much endurance; Learn independence; Restrain impulsiveness; Find yourself; Light & life; Divine power; Guidance giver; Refrain from self-pity.

Number 20: Judgement: Dominant theme is DECISIONS. Beware: outward appearances are deceiving; Power behind the throne; Naturally diplomatic; Cooperation & collaboration; Make it your business to understand opposites; Learn to make decisions/choices; Learn to control emotions; Perpetual adaptation; Learn to cope with change; Learn to judge true from false.

Number 21: The World: Dominant theme is CYCLICAL INTEGRATION. A naturally fortunate number; Positive attitude; Good outlook on life; Arts appeal; Union of wisdom & love; Liberation & freedom; Negative = greedy & selfish; Temporary = a potent time, old making way for new; Subconscious development; Cosmic consciousness; New mind & body; Newness!

Number 22: The Fool: Dominant theme is MASTERING LIFE’S JOURNEY. Potential to accrue vast wealth. World-wide power. You achieve through others. Genial broad thinker; Philanthropist with much material achievement; Master at directing others; Negative = ruthless, self-absorbed; Political prowess; Dreams come true energy; Huge scale success; Expert status. Numerology number 22 is a Master Number.

“In every deck, the Fool is in a precarious position. Think of all of the idioms we have for taking chances. “Going out on a limb.” “Winging it.” “Break a leg.” “Going for broke.” These all sound really painful, but what they’re about is deciding that being still is not for you. When you see this in a reading, you’ll know it’s time to jump.” Melissa Cynova

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