No light at the end of the tunnel for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter

At 365 Pin Code we make use of personalised mathematical intelligence to provide futuristic insights and our research methodologies have proven themselves to be bullseye accurate (e.g. even before the knockout games began, using only the numbers of the teams’ Coaches and Captains, we accurately predicted that the Springboks would win the 2019RWC Final, that they would face England in the Final and that New Zealand would not make the final). In this research article we unpack the 365 Pin Code of the man who is now SA’s most closely watched CEO and we reveal to you why there are very dark days ahead for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter.

Many were asked and they all said NO…

While the government has been criticised for selecting a white executive as Eskom CEO, a new report from the Sunday Times states that 27 black executives were offered the position first. They all declined. The report stated that Eskom created a list of the executives it would like for the role of CEO and hired a recruitment agency to contact them. “All of them said no. A lot of black executives don’t want anything to do with state-owned entities,” a government source told the newspaper. This was due to the expected political interference and the fact that state-owned enterprises have “ruined a lot of careers and expectations”. This list reportedly included Eskom board members Nelisiwe Magubane and Sifiso Dabengwa.

Ramaphosa backs de Ruyter, so too does Gordhan, but is this enough?

Andre de Ruyter has been appointed head of Eskom. He takes over after months of speculation about who would replace Phakamani Hadebe, who resigned in July. De Ruyter was one of 142 candidates for the Eskom position, eight of whom were employees of the power utility.  Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan said after extensive interviews, all ministers agreed on Ruyter’s appointment. De Ruyter will lead Eskom with CFO Calib Cassim, COO Jan Oberholzer and heads of generation, transmission and distribution Bheki Nxumalo, Segomoco Scheppers and Monde Bala. President Cyril Ramaphosa has hailed the appointment of outgoing Nampak CEO Andre de Ruyter as the new Eskom group CEO, saying it was a move to bring stability to the troubled power utility. In his opening remarks in a meeting with the Black Business Council, Ramaphosa referenced the crises at Eskom, saying the board and government were working together on a turnaround.

Understanding Your / someone else’s 365 Pin Code is Next Level Intelligence

We begin by analysing Andre de Ruyter’s full birth name, then his date of birth and then using our bespoke futuristic predictive mathematical model, we will synchronise and lock together these critically important datapoints (plus others which are not covered in the tables below) to reveal to you why Andre de Ruyter, despite him having the right DNA for the job at hand, will not succeed…

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni on Tuesday tabled a bill before the National Assembly which would see Eskom benefit from an additional allocation of R59bn over the next three years. He has warned that this additional funding will come at a “significant cost” to the fiscus. Earlier this year Mboweni announced that Eskom, which has debt approaching R500bn, would be allocated R69bn over the next three years to aid in its restructuring into three entities – generation, distribution and transmission.

Part 1: Dark Days ahead for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter: Full Birth Name Analysis

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The above data presents our analysis of his full birth name, Andre Marinus de Ruyter. His First / Christian Name, Andre, totals 24 which reduces down to the Number 6 Energy (24=2+4= 6; his Physical Vibrational Coding; the number 6 is defined through relationships, responsibility, matters of the heart etc.). His Second / Middle Name, Marinus, totals 32 which reduces down to the Number 5 Energy (32=3+2=5; his Emotional Vibrational Coding; the number 5 is defined through change, freedom, adaptability, pushing boundaries, proactively challenging etc.). His Last Name / Surname, de Ruyter, totals 44 which reduces down to the Number 8 Energy (44=4+4= 8; his Spiritual Vibrational Coding; the number 8 is defined through wealth, power, business, authority, organising, trying to find the intricate balance between the material and spiritual worlds etc.).

Andre de Ruyter’s Primary Expression Number tells us that he is a Natural, Inspired, Leader

Andre Marinus de Ruyter totals 100 [100 = 1+0+0=1; BTW this is the purest and most amplified of 1’s] which reduces down to the Number 1 Energy, the naturally gifted, spirited, leader. This total represents his Primary Expression Number, which is how he best expresses himself into this world of ours. As stated at the bottom of the above table, the Numbers 6 and 8 are missing from his full birth name therefore they represent his karmic or key life lessons; the Number 6 Energy being relationships, responsibility, matters of the heart, sense of community etc. and the Number 8 Energy being wealth, power, business, authority, organising, trying to find the intricate balance between the material and spiritual worlds etc.

Part 2: Dark Days ahead for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter: Date of Birth Analysis

365 Pin Code Name Analysis Andre de Ruyter Full Birth Name

The above data presents our analysis of his date of Birth, 20.03.1968. Being born on the DD 20th, which reduces down to the Number 2 Energy, indicates that his Personal Energy is positively coded around cooperation, collaboration, peace, harmony, diplomacy, teamwork etc. Being born on the MM March (3rd MM of the year), which reduces down to the Number 3 Energy, indicates that his Family / Intimate Energy is positively coded around inspiration, happiness, creativity, self-expression, communication etc. Being born in the YY 1968, which reduces down to the Number 6 Energy [1968=1+9+6+8=24=2+4=6], indicates that his World/Career Energy is positively coded around relationships, sense of community, grace and gratitude, caring about others, responsibility etc. His Life Path Number (TKS-LFP circled in RED in above chart; a VERY NB number to know and understand…) is again the Number 2 Energy [LFP No = DD+MM+YY = 20+3+1968 = 1991 = 1+9+9+1 = 20 = 2+0 = 2]. His Shadow / Emotional Life Path Number (TSS-LFP circled in BLACK in above chart; it is also a VERY NB number to know and understand…) is the Number 7 Energy [SH-LFP No = SH-DD+SH-MM+SH-YY = 7+6+3 = 16 [Karmic Debt Number 16] = 1+6 = 7].

Andre de Ruyter’s Number23//5 Personal Attainment Number is in play in 2021…

All importantly, with regard to 2021 (see the yellow and red arrow in 2021 line of code in table below) and in terms of the content and context of this research article explaining why there are very Dark Days ahead for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter, his Personal Attainment Number is the Number 5 Energy (PA No or TKSPE in above chart = DD+MM = 20+3 = 23; which reduces down the number 5).

There are many who would love to Andre de Ruyter to fail…

Energy experts this week accused embattled power utility Eskom of not being transparent with the public over its “true” financial position, stating that the utility’s debt was well over the R440bn it previously reported. Karl Miller, a global energy adviser, said the national treasury will be forced to absorb Eskom’s debt in one form or another but that Eskom was not truthful about the extent of its debt. His research estimates Eskom’s “real” debt at $45bn (more than R650bn at this week’s exchange rate), including off-balance sheet debt and deferred plant maintenance.

Part 3: Dark Days ahead for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter: 365 Pin Code Year-on-Year Experience Data365 Pin Code Name Analysis Andre de Ruyter Full Birth Name

This is a massively accurate numerically predictive chart which we at 365 Pin Code created after years of in-depth research. We know that these lines of code are bullseye accurate because we have published a tremendous amount of mind-blowing Applied Numerology Research which proves this; research which shows that massively significant success events will always reveal themselves in the person’s life path coding.

His world goes up in flames in 2021 and 2022

From the above lines of code, we can immediately tell that 2020 is going to be an extremely difficult year for him, especially on a personal physical level (the black block which links the numbers 1 and 9). Then in 2021 things get very real for this man as his Personal Attainment Number [23//5; see yellow and black arrow above pointing to 2021’s number 23] comes into play. The red number 5 in that line of code represents his Annual Experience Number. Now, if you look carefully, you will see that 2021’s red 5 is sandwiched if you will, between 2020’s red 1 and 2022’s red 22&4. This represents what we at 365 Pin Code call a Concentrated Personal Experience and therefor guaranteed, much will go down that year. The power of a concentrated personal experience is such, that this is what Rassie Eramus had in play this year, 2019, when he coached the Boks to RWC2019 glory. Thing is, Rassie’s numbers were positively coded for success and glory. Sadly, de Ruyter’s numbers are coded for failure and disaster, which manifests at maximum intensity in 2022 [the year which as per the above table, offers up a negatively coded concentrated number 22&4 annual experience for him = the earth underneath his feet crumbles and caves in], hence all the red and black blocks for that year in the above table.

Tragically, here’s the most likely reason why Andre de Ruyter will fail…

It is this disastrous futuristic coding for Andre de Ruyter which leads us to conclude that there are the very worst of Dark Days ahead for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter and for South Africa as a country. That said is he capable of the ask which is at hand? Yes, we believe he is, however, it is our considered viewpoint that he will be so cynically and systematically sabotaged, that from the moment he said yes to this job, he was doomed to fail, because it is not in “the interests of some” to see him succeed.