Kris Jenner, the Kardashian Momanager extraordinaire

Kris Jenner was born in San Diego, California. She is the first child of Mary Jo Shannon (née Campbell; born 1934) and Robert True Houghton, an engineer. She is of Dutch, English, Irish, German and Scottish descent. Jenner’s first marriage was to lawyer Robert Kardashian (who later became widely known for his early legal representation of O. J. Simpson) on July 8, 1978. They have four children: daughters Kourtney (born 1979), Kim (born 1980), Khloé (born 1984), and son Rob (born 1987). They divorced in March 1991 but remained close friends until his death from oesophageal cancer in 2003. In April 1991, one month after her divorce from Kardashian, Jenner married her second spouse, retired Olympian Bruce Jenner, who publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2015, taking the name Caitlyn. They have two daughters together: Kendall (born 1995) and Kylie (born 1997). Kris Jenner runs her own production company, Jenner Communications, which is based in Los Angeles. Since before the start of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she has managed her daughters’ Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie’s career. She also is involved with the business management of her other daughters and son. We have previously used 365 Pin Code Research analytics to carefully unpack the life path of billionaire Kylie Jenner, with specific reference to the astonishing numerical coding around her falling pregnant in 2017 and giving birth to her daughter in 2018 (1 February 2018 to be precise). In this article we again apply 365 Pin Code futurist techniques and do a 2020 numerology reading for Kris Jenner.

Numerology Numbers and their Meanings

The single-digit numbers, 1 – 9, are the foundation of the discipline of Numerology. Each of these numbers has its own personality if you will, its own strengths, weaknesses and unique quirks. For you to get a good understanding of how the numbers affect or influence us, you need to know each number and its meaning. In numerology, everything works in cycles of 9 (if you want to understand more about this here’s a fascinating piece of work we did on when, as in which year, the world will begin to be released from the impact of Covid-19). The Number 1 is right at the very start of the numerology number line and therefore is always linked with beginnings, leadership and original creation. The Number 9 is at the opposite end of the numerology number line and therefore it is associated with endings, closure and consciously connecting the dots (i.e. assimilating and internalising the learnings) from the past 8 years. In between 1 and 9 lie 2 through 8, and their headline characteristics of meanings, are listed in the table below.

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Master Numbers 11 and 22 explained in brief

Then, there are the two master numbers, 11 [The Master Visionary Intuitive; operates in the invisible heavens] and 22 [The Master Builder; operates on the physical earth]. For people with the Master Numbers (11 and 22) presenting themselves in significant positions within their charts, understand this… Master Numbers offer you one of two “themed experiences”, either the higher octave experience (i.e. the 11 and / or the 22) or the lower octave experience (i.e. the 2 and / or the 4; 11=1+1=2; 22=2+2=4). Where the master number 11 is in play, so are the ALL the characteristics of the number 1, doubled up (11 = 2×1’s), with the number 2 (i.e. the feminine energy) in support, there to be called upon in need. That is what makes 11 so powerful (the blend of masculine, feminine). If the lower octave 2 experience is mostly in play, you will experience “internal frustration” and have the constant nagging feeling that what you are doing is “always supporting everyone else” and making them the lead / headline act of the show, whilst you rarely get the desired rewards nor the limelight… In the case of the master number 22, which is The Master Builder, if the higher octave is dominant, then you will be in charge of large projects and teams of people who are helping you to get the job done. If the lower octave number 4 experience is dominant, then you will feel unfulfilled, constrained, restricted, boxed-in etc. and that you are working very hard for precious little gain. The number 4 tends to work alone (it’s an energy which prefers “to go solo”), whereas the number 22 works in teams, large groups of efficient people aligned toward a common objective… So, where the number 22 is operating solo, whether by choice or through circumstance, there is always a real risk that it will experience the lower octave 4 and possibly not perform optimally nor feel satisfied…

365 Pin Code Table of Numerology Numbers and their Meanings

Now it’s time to get started with the 2020 Numerology Reading for Kris Jenner. What is presented below, again in Table format, are all Kris Jenner’s critically important numerology numbers. Whenever we do a strategic numerology reading, we first calculate 100 critically important data points. When intelligently pieced together, these collectively form the backbone of The World’s Best Numerology Report brought to you by 365 Pin Code. All this data is then assessed, and the findings leveraged for practical futurist intelligence.

Numerology for Women, 365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Numerology

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 1)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 2)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 3)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

365 Pin Code Numerology Report (100 Data Points) for Kris Jenner (Part 4)

Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

What does all this tell us about Kris Jenner’s 2020 and the years up to 2024?

2020 is going to be a year of extreme upheaval for Kris Jenner. Given the 9-11 (yes, you’re reading that right, as in 9-11, the number combination which almost always heralds a massive collapse…) numerology number sequence in play for her, both personally and professionally (see above data table), 2020 is coded to bring much destruction into her world (makes sense given the global economic collapse which will happen around the coronavirus pandemic). Kris Jenner has a Number 9 life path number and emotional (as in shadow) life path number, so her 2020 Number 9 Annual Experience code will impact her lifepath wise. Whenever this occurs, it always means maximum possible impact! The accompanying 11 will impact her directly in the family space (her Family Number is 11, given Birth MM, Nov = 11). Bottom line is 2020 is going to smash, missile-like, through Kris Jenner’s world and the impact with be both tangible (as in physical loss) and emotional (complete emotional upheaval).

2021 for Kris Jenner is a Concentrated Number 7 Experience

Enter 2021 and the Number 7 pairs up in concentrated format. She has the number 7 as her Balance Number (KMJ initials = 2+4+1 = 7). This indicates a year when as a result of what happened in 2020, she will have been thrown completely off balance and will literally be all over the place. Not even her sole Pythagoras Square birth arrow, which is The Arrow of Determination (operating at Level 7 intensity, the highest score ever posted for this arrow in all the years of research we’ve done) will be able to keep her balanced and together. In 2021 she will literally be stumbling around in the dark, desperately seeking for meaningful spiritual answers, because that’s what a concentrated double 7 experience does. It brings about massive material loss in order to shock (with tremendous severity) the person out of their worldly physical material mind, into their cosmic spiritual mind. Kris Jenner’s birth chart has two sunk or shadow emotional 7’s (Shadow Family 7; Shadow World 7). So that’s exactly where 2021 will hit birth chart coding wise.

2022 for Kris Jenner is a Concentrated Number 8 Experience

Enter 2022 and another concentrated 365 Pin Code Numerology AEN experience, this time driven by the Number 8. Given that her full married name, Kristen Mary Jenner carries zero 8’s within it, the Number 8 represents a karmic lesson for her. The number 8 is also completely missing from her headline birth chart numerology numbers. Therefore, if you will, 8 (money, power, status, business, wealth etc.) represents the “mother of all karmic lessons” for Kris Jenner. Given her 2022 numerology line of code, it will be a year of extreme financial loss both for her and all those who are linked to her business wise. Its never pleasant to see much tragedy like this in the person’s numbers, but it is what it is, we are all here to learn our karmic lessons and learn them we will, guaranteed.

2023 for Kris Jenner is a Concentrated Number 5 Experience

2023 is again another concentrated AEN experience, driven by the Number 5, indicating a year of extreme change. Kris Jenner is born on the 5th therefore her numerology coding for 2023 will impact right in her personal number or vibration, which is the number 5. Bottom line is, it does not get more personal than this! From 2020 through to and including 2023 it will feel as if she has lived an entire lifetime in just 4 years. Four hugely concentrated experiences like this mean one of two things, either phenomenal success or complete ruin, and given how her 365 Pin Code numbers stack up, antagonistically, sadly, it is the latter.

Numerology for Women, 365 Pin Code, Futurist Numerology, Numerology

Where to now for Kris Jenner?

Only in 2024 will things begin to turn for her emotionally. Remember the way this Universe of ours works, is as within so without. As such, only when a significant internal or emotional changes or shifts happens, can the external environment follow. Given the numerology research work we’ve done on coronavirus, and the hard, global economic reset which it is forcing upon us (and will continue to do right through to 2026), this 2020 numerology reading for Kris Jenner issues an extreme warning to her.

Much, in the way of business trouble, is on its way. It is all there, in her numbers.

And, if you doubt the above numbers and their validity, then just have a look at the annotated table (another completely different numerology build) for her maiden name, Houghton. The same timeline applies when modelling her world using this surname, indicating that exactly as per the previous Jenner-based charts, the economic upheaval she’s going to experience will only turn in 2024, when the 26//8 numerology number sequence kicks in (see below). Kris Jenner has little time left to plan for this upheaval. Best she gets working on her business risk mitigation strategies right away.

365 Pin Code Year on Year lines of experience code for Kris Houghton (Kris Jenner)Numerology reading for Kris Jenner, Numerology for Women, Momanager Kris Jenner, KUWTK, s65 Pin Code

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