How long until the Dark Tides of despair Turn for South Africa?

Of late, I have watched John Steenhuisen with tremendous interest. What impresses me much about him is that he has real fire in the belly, an incredibly quick mind, and, the ability to rapidly assimilate much information, process it, analyse it and then argue it, intelligently and sarcastically! This all flows from his being born on the 25th which is one of the sharpest energies I have ever worked with and analysed. Steenhuisen has taken on the ANC lockdown, with guns blazing, which makes a wonderful change from his predecessor who, tragically, proved to be little more than a rudderless, uninspiring, damp squib whose inane platitudes cost the DA dearly. Given the economic horror show happening right now in South Africa around “the terrifying 2020 coronavirus pandemic” many South Africans are looking expectantly to this brave and intelligent man to provide a beacon of light, a ray of hope if you will. To be the leader of a powerful opposition which the country so desperately needs. To challenge hard and to take no prisoners! Given this, I felt it prudent, using 365 Pin Code research techniques, to analyse this intriguing man and to shed much needed light on whether he will be able to turn things quickly and help reverse the economic devastation created by the ANC. As you will discover through the data charts and tables which follow, John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028. What you also need to know is than until then it’s a severe uphill battle for him, with the years 2020 through to 2025 being the most difficult by far.

About John Steenhuisen

Elected interim DA leader in November 2019, John, previously served as the Chief Whip of the Official Opposition from May 2014 to October 2019. John has been a public representative for over 20 years. He has been serving as a Member of the National Assembly since July 2011. Prior to his appointment to the National Assembly, he was involved with the politics of KwaZulu-Natal first being elected as a councillor in Durban at the age of 22 and serving as the Provincial Leader of the DA and the party’s caucus leader in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature.

“Zuma talked a lot about iron and steel markets today. Well let me tell you something, he likes to iron over our problems, and steal all our money.” John Steenhuisen

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What do John Steenhuisen’s numbers reveal about 2020 and the years beyond?

To answer this question, we are going to fast-forward straight into the details of the applied numbers-based research which 365 Pin Code does. Immediately below (see Table 1) is a complex data table wherein lie all the lines of annotated experience code which we have calculated for Steenhuisen, from 2004 through to 2038. This data table is constructed using a complex predictive model wholly unique to 365 Pin Code. The model deploys critically important numbers sourced directly from his Date of Birth [DOB], Full Birth Name [FBN] and Other Data Sources [ODS]. The model delivers lines of code (what we call 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers; AENs) which have been proven to be bulls-eye accurate. Don’t believe us? Then please go have a look at the mind-blowing data sequences we published around the “not-so-random surfacing” of Steve Jobs’ pancreatic cancer back in 2004.

“Cyril watched and remained silent. He bottled every opportunity to stand up to state capture and actually do something decisive. Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, he voted slavishly every time to keep Zuma despite the brutal judgements of the Constitutional Court. The last thing it needs is more weak and vacillating leadership and fair-weather principles that have become the hallmarks of the Ramaphosa brand.” John Steenhuisen

Table 1: 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers for John Steenhuisen born 25.03.1976

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

The above table reveals interesting moments along the life path of John Steenhuisen. He has a Number 6 life path [DOB is 25.03.1976 = 25+3+1976 = 2004 = 2+0+0+4 = 6; Relationships, Responsibility, Community, Serving Others etc.]. Life significant years are always the most important ones in a person’s life. From the above table we can see that 2005 through to 2009 were life path significant years for Steenhuisen. As are 2026 and 2027. 2036 will provide him with a concentrated (as in one year only) life path experience therefore guaranteed this is a year when much will happen.

“It’s grotesque that Zuma could have an increase in salary. The truth is, the President of SA drove over us all with a bus. Last December, he put that bus in reverse and backed over all of us. He then crashes that bus, then comes to the taxpayer – with his cap in hand – asking for a raise. We say no.” John Steenhuisen

In 2010, if you look to the extreme left of his line of code, you will see the numbers 25 and 7. John Steenhuisen is born on the 25th and 25=2+5=7, hence numerology sequence 25//7. Whenever I see an annual line of code which perfectly matches the study subject’s Birth DD [see Chart 1 below, his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart], I know that this was a year which impacted on them, in the most personal way! Given the numbers in play that year, most of which are antagonistic combinations, as in 4&7, 7&11 and 6&7, I know for sure that 2010 would have impacted adversely on Steenhuisen with the 11&2 revealing much personal emotional upheaval.

“The ANC has lost all credibility. And I’ll leave with the words of Dante, who said that “the darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis” – shame on you all.” John Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

His only karmic lesson, centres around the Number 4 (this is the only number missing from his full birth name, see Chart 2 below). The number 4 deals with work, focus, discipline, justice, law and order, systems, building step by step (as in no shortcuts!), planning, structure etc. From 2011 through to 2013 his number 4 karmic lesson would have been in play (driven by the backing number 22, as in The Master Builder). This Annual Experience Number 22//4 karmic lesson makes its appearance again in 2028, lasting through to 2030. Steenhuisen has as his Primary Expression Number, the number 4 (again, see Chart 2 below for calculation details), so whenever this 22//4 AEN appears in his 365 Pin Code life path coding, it also heralds a time when his Expression Number is in play, and that is usually a very positive signal. It is this specific data set, as in 2028 to 2030 which leads us to deduce that John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028.

Why not earlier you might ask? Let’s explain why…

Table 2: 365 Pin Code Annual Experience Numbers for John Steenhuisen born 25.03.1976

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

This table is an extract from the larger one above and brings into frame the years 2017 through to 2030. If you look at 2018 to 2022, you will notice (left, column 1 and 2) the number sequence 16 and 7 in play. 16//7 defines Steenhuisen’s AEN for these 5 years. The number 7 tells us that these years will impact massively on him (remember his Birth DD is 25th which reduces down to a 7), However, what is disastrous is the 16. The 16 always heralds a most difficult time underpinned by extreme responsibility which is being constantly eroded if you will, through deeply troubled relationships. The upshot of this 16, is the searching (as in this is what the number 7 does) for answers. Much as I hate to say this, 2020 through to and including 2022, are coded to be a nightmare for Steenhuisen. Intelligent people therefore need to extract this further into the unfortunate truth that the same holds true for the country of South Africa.

“What’s the point in having a policy on corruption if it isn’t applied? Not one person has been charged for state capture. Where is the accountability? It’s no use having a schizophrenic approach; you’re so divided, it’s hard to know what side of the debate ANC are on.” John Steenhuisen

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2025 brings an extreme year for Steenhuisen through Karmic 14//5

2023 and 2024 will see many dramatic shifts and endings in Steenhuisen’s world. 2025 brings much change (as in the concentrated AEN 14//5, which usually talks to an environment where the general experience is the feeling of loss of personal freedom, being boxed in, confined). 2026 and 2027 bring two life path significant years, so guaranteed much will happen then, and come 2028, Steenhuisen begins to powerfully rebuild through his expression number. Much as it may not please South African’s to read this, analysing this inspiring man’s numbers tells a powerful story, and the narrative is, that South Africa is in a very dark phase of its history which will last from 2020 through to 2025 [2025 = 2+0+2+5 = 9; a Number 9 Universal Year, the end of the numerology cycle of 9]. Only in 2026 will things begin to turn, but this turn-around takes time. Until then, this country is going to be in complete chaos with the darkest years being the ones the people of the country are in right now.

2031 to 2035 link with Steenhuisen’s Sun or Personal Attainment Number, 1

If you return to Table 1, you will note that from 2031 through to 2035, his life path if governed by the AEN 19//1, which brings his Personal Attainment or Sun Number [Number 1, see TKSPE 10//1 in Chart 1 below) firmly into play, indicating 5 years during which he will be very powerful, successful and leading. If he is still involved with politics, and in powerful leadership role, this I believe, signals the years when South Africa starts to really turn for the better, because try as I may, I cannot ever see South Africa improving whilst the ANC (as in its current format) are in power. Just too much smoke and mirrors and too much corruption.

“Anyone who is in the business of making knee-pads will be making a fortune, what with all the praying going off on these ANC benches. Because they know they won’t be coming back here after the next election.” John Steenhuisen

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Conclusion – smokescreens everywhere!

This coronavirus pandemic is being blown way out of proportion. No doubt it is a very nasty virus, but for the South African government to be acting in the draconian way it has the last while, leaves me cold. Right now, nothing makes any sense to the logical thinker, and everything seems to be a smokescreen. Therefore, the only deduction I can make, is that all is not as it seems and that there are other deeply sinister agendas in frame. One of which might be a brilliantly hatched plan to cynically cripple entrepreneurial, business owning South Africans. Why? Because once these people have lost their businesses, they have lost their ability to earn.

The domino-effect of this is that they in turn, will lose everything they have, including property and, all importantly, much land. Are we in fact dealing with land grabbing, not done brute force Zanu-PF style but done through forcing economic ruin upon those who currently benefit much from owning and utilising land in South Africa? Could land indeed be the primary motivating hub around which the current Covid-19 ridiculousness spins? Only time will tell, but guaranteed, there is an agenda and it will out, soon! We at 365 Pin Code warned you of this in an article taken live in September 2019, which predicted a decade of chaos for South Africa, so, please be prepared.

As for this research article, the finding is that John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, as in starting to rebuild with a master builder [as in Numerology No22] type plan. That said, these are still very difficult and challenging years for him. Steenhuisen comes into his own in 2031 (to be precise, 2031 to 2036). Until then, the numbers show much devastation, loss, suffering and hardship for the people of South Africa. Stay strong John Steenhuisen – South Africa needs you – and your time will come.

Appendix of Important Charts for DA Leader, John Steenhuisen

Chart 1: 365 Pin Code Birth Chart for John Steenhuisen, born 25.03.1976

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His Personal Energy and World / Career Energy is the Number 5 – the thinker who challenges! His Family Energy is the Number 3, the creative, inspirational, communicator. Fire energy. South Africa needs him – a fiery thinker who has as his life path number, a 6, bringing a sense of community and much responsibility into play!

Chart 2: 365 Pin Code Full Birth Name Analysis for John Henry Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen really gets going in 2028, Numerology and Politics, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, Numerology for Business

The name John Henry Steenhuisen has: 3×1’s, 1×2’s, 1×3’s, 0x4’s, 8[6]x5’s, 1×6’s, 1×7’s, 3×8’s, 2×9’s ; His ONE and only Karmic / Key Life Lesson centres around the Number 4 (Work, Focus, Discipline, Planning, Organising, Persistence, Justice, Law & Order etc.)… Note that 2020, a No4 Universal Year [2020=2+0+2+0=4] synchs with his karmic lesson; His Subconscious Self Number is 8 (Leading Others, Status, Power, Authority, Providing Stability etc.); His Hidden Passion Number is 5 (Creating Change, Enabling Personal Freedom, Challenging the Status Quo etc.).

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