Tony Robbins Mansplains Me Too at an Unleash the Power Within Seminar

Much has been read, said and written of Unleash the Giant Within’s best selling author Tony Robbins in past few weeks, and not all of it complimentary. We just had to get to the bottom of why now? Having attended the seminars and teaching workshops of many of the worlds leading personal development teachers, and interviewing quite a few, we are no strangers to Tony Robbins.

“As a woman, I have never been a fan of Unleash the Power Within, in most of the recorded video I have watched I found Tony larger than life, in an intimidating way, and have often felt uncomfortable with his in your face approach. Does this mean I don’t like him, no not at all. I have seen the other side of Tony Robbins through his relationship coaching programme with Chloe Madanes and Crazy Making to Love Making, a series recorded live, in sessions and featuring his wife Sage Robbins. His approach is much the same in both programmes, in your face, and challenging, but less egotistical and bullish when it comes to the relationship side of things. Some of the breakthrough sessions are hard hitting, emotional and carried out with such levels of love, respect and tenderness, that I would have thought he would have been more in touch with the meaning of Me Too. ” – Suzanne Styles

Tony Robbins is a product of the American Dream, he created himself, born out of the necessity to get out of a difficult situation. He changed his surname as  young man and from what we can ascertain dropped certain aspects and spellings of his middle name. Many people do this, not realising how this places you out of alignment, out of flow with the universal energies that make up your 365 Pin Code. Even when you invite new numerical vibrations and energies in to your life, universally your Pin Code will reveal your lessons through the original vibrations and energies, often converging with the new vibrations regardless of your conscious changes.

Let us share with you Why Tony Robbins Mansplained Me Too

Why the #MeToo movement powerfully rocked the world of America’s iconic life coach Tony Robbins

In much of the material we have surveyed, Tony Robbins’ name is disclosed at Anthony “Jay” Robbins, however, certain sources have it as Anthony J Mahavorik. His second name, “Jay” or “J” is never fully disclosed. Given that his biological son carries the name Jairek, we have, through deductive reasoning, come to the conclusion that this is his second name and that therefore his full birth name is Anthony Jairek Mahavorik. As such, this is the deduced name which we have used for precision modelling purposes forthwith. As you will see later in the article, given the astonishing accuracy of many our calculated 2018 experience numerical data strings, we believe we have Tony Robbins’ birth name, accurate.

The above 4 Keystone Charts for Anthony Jairek Mahavorik, known worldwide as Tony Robbins, born on the 29th of February 1960, reveal that:

His Day of Birth is the 29th – see the number 29 circled above in green. 29=2+9=11 – therefore the 11 Universal Master Energy of 2018 would be firmly in play for him right – which in the above chart, indicates in the person. The number 29 indicates someone who has within them extremist tendencies, which, if not well used and clearly directed into positive activities, could get out of hand and wreak much havoc. However, where this two-and-nine number combination is positively engaged, it brings with it tremendous greatness usually attained through some of other form of spiritual (number 2) inspiration (number 9).

His Month of Birth is February which is the 2nd month of the year and given that the lower octave of 11, is 2, this reveals that 2018’s energy would also be very much in play in this position in his chart, the Family or Intimate chart number position if you will, and as already explained in many of our earlier Blogs, the number two always deals with duality type experiences.

His Year of Birth, 1960, totals 16 – see the number 16 circled in red on the right-hand side of the above chart. 1960=1+9+6+0=16. The number 16 is a Karmic Debt number, which when reduced down to its essence, reverts to the number 7.

His life path number, calculated by adding his DD, MM and YY of birth together, has the 11 master energy presented as an optional experience. 2(DD)+2(MM)+7(YY)=11. The number 47 – circled in green above – results from adding 29+2+16=47=4+7=11. So it is therefore no coincidence that the master number 11, which deals with Illumination (of the shadows), Enlightenment and Teaching would be felt so intensely by him right now. That’s because the universal 11 energy which is flowing in this moment is perfectly dialled in, bulls-eye, to his life path and that’s the number or position, where everything is experienced the most intensely, hence its name – life path number – being so very apt. If you did his life path calculation as per traditional numerology protocol, you would add 29(DD)+02(MM)+1960(YY) – which gives the total of 1991. 1991=1+9+9+1=20=2+0=2. So here the number 2, which is the lower octave of number 11 comes to the fore, presenting itself through much duality whose intentioned experience is to create new awareness and give higher consciousness. What all this upper triangle data (his Conscious Self 365 Pin Code numerical profile) reveals is that 2018 is going to be a very intense year for motivational speaker, life coach and best-selling author Tony Robbins – on every conceivable level.

His Conscious Self Personal Attainment Number is a 4 – which intimates that it is best for him to express himself in material mediums. The highly mentally gifted who have this attainment number, will most often choose to teach and write. This number demands of those around him organisation, systemization, and all importantly, accuracy.

His Conscious Self Professional Attainment Number is a 9 – which intimates that he will most definitely give freely of his emotions, most often through inspiration and professional endeavours which seek to elevate human understanding and an elevated consciousness of self, others, as well as the much bigger picture (Universal Love which starts with Forgiveness and is amplified with and through Gratitude).

Contained within his Shadow Number Profile is Karmic Debt Number 14 (see number 14 circled in red at the bottom left hand side of the above chart) which appears in his Shadow Personal Attainment Number and Karmic Debt Number 16 (see number 16 circled in red in middle bottom of chart, the number which represents his Shadow or Subconscious Life Path). Both of these karmic debt numbers would be massively impacted on by 2018’s 11 master teaching energy, because that’s exactly what the master number 11 does. It throws much light in to the shadows of our existence, thereby powerfully illuminating them so that we can see them for what that are, right out in the open. The blessing in this exposure if you will, is that it affords us the opportunity to understand much more about ourselves, why we do what we do, how we interact with others and how we’re faring in terms of honouring the spiritual experience offered up by these powerful and uniquely coded numbers in our charts. Karmic debt numbers are not to be viewed negatively (yes, if necessary, they will hammer home unpleasant much-needed lessons at very inopportune moments in our life) because their value lies in the truth that their purpose is to provide growth through corrective energetic experiences which, if we have lost our way somewhat, will shift us back on to the correct path. If however, you choose not to learn from a karmic debt experience, then know this for sure – it will be represented again – only this time in a massively more amplified way than before – from hard-slap to knock-out punch.

Here’s a recently published article of ours to help you understand so much more about Karmic Debt Numbers (once you’ve opened the link scroll down to the very end of the Glossary of Terms as that’s where you’ll find them) and what their key lessons are.

The above Pythagorean Chart, mapping Tony Robbins’ date of birth, reveals that he has but one arrow which is The Arrow of The Enquirer. So too does one of the authors of this paper, Chris Styles, born 02.01.1969, a research scientist and biological ecologist by training. He therefore has much first-hand experience and intimate knowledge of this arrow and how it works / presents itself in everyday life. Some numerologists refer to this arrow as The Arrow of The Sceptic or The Arrow of Scepticism. This is because carriers of this arrow want to understand things for themselves. When a new idea or concept is presented to them, the immediately switch in to analytical mode and consider the idea from as many angles as possible. If they decide that it is not worthy of their time, they will reject the idea outright and probably never return to reconsider it. However, if they accept the idea and start to make it part of their make-up, then they will stop at nothing to constantly explore, thoroughly research and relentlessly interrogate this idea to the nth degree. This “to-the-nth-degree” expression comes from Mathematics, where to the nth means “to any required power” (n standing for any number). This explains why this arrow is prevalent in scientists, researchers, mathematicians etc. – people who have chosen to make it their business to delve down in to the depths of understanding, into the abyss of minutia in order to understand much more. Stephen Hawking also had this arrow and just like Robbins and Styles, he had only this Arrow of The Enquirer with no other arrows featuring whatsoever in his chart – the Enquirer of the Nth-Degree!

Understand this – people with the Arrow of The Enquirer will generally commence their investigations from the platform of basic orthodoxy; this is because it is here where they feel most comfortable in whatever discipline they follow. Do not let this fool you in to thinking or believing that they are heartless or unloving – quite the contrary – for they have a very keenly developed innate sense of fairness. What this arrow demands, is that its carrier or bearer never allow too much scepticism to dominate their thinking, and when it does they move from a state of logical intelligence (their natural gifted forte) in to an emotionally reactive state (their most devastating Achilles Heel). Where orthodox religions, science or politics have, for any reason, proven to be most disappointing for these people, they tend to most often react by cultivating an agnostic outlook. The co-author of this article who has himself grapped with this arrow for almost half a century now, believes that this only leads to a deepening disenchantment with life and a distancing of self from The Universal Forces, the most gracious expression of which is without doubt, Universal Love. Such a spiritual gap or divide, once opened up or established, is best combated by developing a sense of purpose, adopting stronger compassion toward all living things and enhancing the deeper aspects of their self-expression through writing, art, music, and so on. When children with this arrow are upset, they turn inward – and in keeping with the direction of the arrow, the go in and down, searching for answers, seeking for truths. This isolation – when the intentionally cut themselves off from everything around them – is a very important and often misunderstood means for them to recover mental and emotional balance. The greatest lesson which the co-author of this paper (Chris) has learned is – that love conquers all – and this was learned the very hard way over a number of most emotionally debilitating years.

Anthony Jairek Mahavorik Inclusion Chart

In the above Inclusion Chart for Tony Robbins (Anthony Jairek Mahavorik born 29th of February 1960), the following information is revealed:

An over-target result for Number 1. An over-target result for Number 2. A Karmic Lesson around Number 3 – which brings the importance of Self-Expression, Creativity, Communication and having fun, very much in to play. An under-target result for Number 4. A much under-target result for Number 5. An under-target result for Number 6. An under-target result for Number 7. An under-target result for Number 8. A much over-target result for Number 9.

The purpose of this Blog is to not to analyse, deeply, every set of numbers (if you want to know much more about numbers and their vibrational intelligence, go here), but merely to position, core headline numbers for Tony Robbins in such a way that they might shed additional light on the furore which currently surrounds him given his views on #MeToo as emphatically expressed during a recent Unleash The Power Within Event in the United States. The most important take out from above is the Karmic 3 which reveals that self-expression and communication through creativity, will be massively brought to the fore during his entire life.

The other primary take outs revolve around the numbers 1 and 9, which deal with winning, leadership, the ego, attainment, individuation (all attributes related to number 1) and healing, teaching, philanthropy, consciousness, universal love, humanitarianism, bull-headedness – where there is an excess of 9’s (all attributes related to number 9). An equally important take out also goes around the number 5 – in this instance the very low percentage to normalised target of 41% – which means the much of his life will bring in to the frame the tension which exists between “living a life which understands the importance of everything in moderation” and “living a life which has absolutely everything happening in total excess.”

Why did Tony Robbins Mansplain the Me Too Movement, #MeToo

In the early part of this article we referred to the universal energy number 11 and throughout the article we have alluded, powerfully so, to how it works and why this is the year when that which we don’t want to see or know (unconsciously so – buried way underneath – hence our constant reference to the shadow self) will absolutely make its appearance known and presence felt.

So – lets take a step back and ask this question around Tony Robbins and #MeToo:

Question: “When did it happen, when, date wise, did it all go wrong?”

Answer: “At an Unleash the Power Within Seminar, in March 2018, in San Jose, CA.”

Please allow us to now focus your attention on the above chart which reveals the Shadow Personal Monthly Energy Profile for Tony Robbins. What’s important to note above is that March 2018 is a 1 Energy Month – which means a new beginning – the starting of a new 9 month emotional or shadow personal cycle. Given that the Number 11 (2018=2+0+1+8=11) has two 1’s – is it therefore a coincidence that all this #MeToo controversy went down for Tony Robbins in a month which has its coding, the number 1? We think not… And, even though he has apologised for what he said and how he said it, given how this matter has intensified and not gone away, could it be another random coincidence that April 2018 just so happens to be an 11 Shadow Energy month for him? We think not, especially given the number of 11’s in his chart as well as the number of karmic debt numbers, both above the line (consciously in play) and below the line (subconsciously in play)…

Tony Robbins is considered a giant, a Goliath in the personal development industry.

You see, these events are not random. Absolutely not! They are powerfully coded into the timeline and multidimensional experience map of our lifepath – they are hard coded if you will in to our unique 365PinCode numerically intelligent journey. It’s because we don’t know of them that we’re unable to see the future risk they pose and as such we can’t mitigate the risk(s). When we do know of these, we can then, irrespective of how much foam and fortune we enjoy, use these to moderate how we act, what we say and how we lead our lives! Therein lies the magic of numbers and understanding your numbers – every tiny bit of them – right down to the daily energy profile! Now, let’s take all this to a whole new level using the Quadratic View Predictive Model (see year on year data string bespoke personalised coding below for Anthony Jairek Mahavorik, born 29th of February 1960) which we at 365PinCode have built, inspired to do so through our desire to understand shadow energy and the global need for shadow energy to be expressed in a way which everyone can understand – numerically…

Anthony Jairek Mahavorik aka Tony Robbins Quadratic View

When building the above 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Chart you have to understand this – the bulls-eye accuracy of this numerical intelligence model is 100% dependent on the name given at birth which is Anthony Jairek Mahavorik. Using name changes or nicknames or abbreviated names, Anthony “Jay” Robbins or Anthony J Robbins or Tony Robbins, will never ever give the same level of accuracy and to be brutally honest, is a total waste of time. Let this be a powerful lesson to all Numerologists out there! In this field, pinpoint accuracy and obsessive attention to detail is everything. When you are working with a person’s life, being even a degree off will mean GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out! Never forget this, always remember this…

From the above 365PinCode Quadratic View for Anthony Jairek Mahavorik, we can reveal that:

2016, being a year which has as Essence Experience 22/4, would have been the year which brought much in to frame Personal Attainment wise – remember earlier we revealed that his personal attainment number is 4. Given the 4-4 duality in the person, physical experience, we can deduce that 2016 was not the kindest of years to Tony and his 22/4-9 professional and shadow professional numerical cocktail also tells of a difficult, troublesome year for the man.

2017, given its Double 6 shadow personal experience duality, would have been an extremely difficult year for Tony, on an emotional level, and given that number 6 is in play, this means much resistance or adversity on a family, responsibility and relationship front. The 1-6 professional and shadow professional numerical cocktail indicates a year of new beginnings pivoting around very significant matters of the heart. And, given that all this is concentrated in to just one year, it means that what he experienced during 2017 was much amplified and hugely intense.

2018 (again, not by coincidence or random happenstance) brings in to frame the subconscious or shadow personal energy of 16 (circled in red), which is always indicative of that which has been proudly built (in Tarot, The Major Arcana Card number 7 of The Chariot) crashing down around your ears in a most unexpected way (In Tarot, The Major Arcana Card number 16 of The Tower). Earlier in the article / blog, we revealed two places where the karmic number 16 is powerfully presented in the chart of Tony Robbins, that being in his Career / Professional Number (16/7 – being born in 1960; 1960=1+9+6+0=16) and in his Shadow / Subconscious Life Path. On the professional and shadow professional side, the numerical cocktail of 2(2)-9(18)-2(20) is not a happy combination because number 9 always brings endings, closure, finality, teachings and consciousness and number 2, as discussed earlier, is the vastly fluctuating duality experience of 11.

2019 on a shadow personal experience brings the 9-8 cocktail in to play which is the karma (8) and the finish (9) happening all together. I wish I could be a bear

er of good news for Tony Robbins but in this instance, I would be lying through my teeth, because 2019 is the year when it all starts to go terribly wrong for this man – and on a grand scale.

2020 brings with it just the most extreme loss imaginable – hence the Double 9 (red coloured block) duality on the personal shadow / subconscious / emotional side of his 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Chart. It is matched by the 8-9 personal physical experience which as described above, is the karma and the finish happening all together, this time not on an emotional or invisible scale, but on a physical or visible scale; an experience which constitutes all-round massive material loss of the worst possible kind imaginable.

2021 brings the number 2 firmly in to play Essence Experience wise and with number 2 being his life path number (as discussed earlier, 11 is an optional masterful energy experience – one which Tony has obviously chosen to experience this lifetime round) it means that this will be the year when much happens! The 9-2-1 personal string code tells of beginning and endings – of much happening all of which has massively emotional undertones (the feminine emotional energy of number 2). Professionally and shadow professionally, the 5 energy in play will be seeking to escape from the dramatic and highly emotional confinement of the number 2 and because 5 and 2 do not go well together, this will again be a very brutal and immensely challenging year for him, career wise. Unless he keeps it together, this will be a year when he will make many bad decisions all out which manifest from highly emotionally charged unfinished business.

Then from 2022 through to 2027, the numbers reveal a period which is dominated essence experience wise, by the master number 22, hence it being depicted as 22/4 within the above year on year bespoke numerical strings. Given his Personal Attainment Number of 4, this is an opportunity to rectify what was – to use all that he has learned since 2018, to provide a new form of teaching to his “disciples” – a message which has as its foundational block stones a much deeper understanding of the Laws of The Universe – of the Law of Vibration, Attraction, Cause and Effect, Perpetual Transformation of Energy – that as you sow so shall you reap! If he gets this right, he can rebuild on an even grander scale than he has done to date, but if he gets this wrong, he will experience the full force of the Number 4 – which is The Limitation of Man. Beyond this, lies a new beginning, hence 2028 for Tony Robbins being characterised by the karmic essence number 19, which brings in to frame that if he has learned his lessons and developed his universal consciousness and how he teaches, he will contribute massively as a leader (number 1) to the development of human consciousness (number 9) – on an even grander scale than before.

Tony Robbins and his Catch 22

Anthony Jairek Mahavorik, known worldwide as Tony Robbins, please know this – a message from us at 365 Pin Code, sent with much respect and lots of love…

You are an extremely powerful person whose power and influence should only grow and increase with age (your Subconscious Self number of 8 and Maturity Number of 8 tell of this) and so what is in frame right now – which the #MeToo movement has ironically blessed in to your world – is how you use all this power, both now and in to the future. Your contribution to this world has to-date, been magnificent and you have helped many people – this has to be remembered and celebrated. However, universally, the energy cocktail has shifted away from the very dominant, win-at-all-costs, primal attainment masculine energy of 1 (the 1900’s) to the feminine, diplomatic, nurturing, loving, kind and sensitive energy of 2 (the 2000’s). Those master teachers like yourself who do not embrace this energy shift will soon become irrelevant as their messages will no longer resonate with where the greater unseen vibrational forces are taking all of us evolution wise and there’s no stopping this change…

Because your natural chart is loaded with 11’s and 2’s, we emphatically believe that you absolutely can make an even more magnificent contribution going forward, however, how you do it will have to shift dramatically and evolve from the masculine energy of 1 (the number 1 represents your primary personality) to the feminine energy of 2 (the number 11/2 represents your secondary soul urge). The way for you to achieve this dramatic shift is through your working at mastering the master numbers (especially 11) and also diligently applying yourself to the understanding of all your karmic debt numbers, which as your charts reveal, there are many, including 14/5 as your primary soul urge.

We hope you make the 1 to 2 paradigm shift and that from this, going forward, you become more relevant than ever.

To your even greater success!