Why is 2020 such an awful year for absolutely everyone

Within just a few months (basically, during Q1 2020) coronavirus Covid-19 has dramatically changed everything about life as we knew it and were living it. So much so that futurists, economists, political leaders and great business minds are saying that our world will never ever be the same again. The way this is being framed, is that our world has not been paused, it has been completely RESET. Whilst standing in queues, patiently waiting my turn to go about my business shopping wise, I overhear people constantly remarking on what an awful year 2020 is. Because I am trained to listen attentively to what is being said, it was so obvious to me that their mutterings were coming from an emotional (not logical) place. This 2020 induced emotional upwelling in the people around me really got me thinking. From their conversations, it was evident that most people were left wondering why is 2020 such an awful year? Toward the end of last year [2019] 365 Pin Code published our predictions for 2020, which carried within them a severe warning of pending chaos and global economic disaster, however, we never foresaw anything like the impact of coronavirus and the current threat posed to us humans through governments cynically desiring to control the sovereignty of our minds, both individual and collective consciousness wise.

This video explains all — nothing makes sense anymore!

In this lengthy article I shall endeavour to explain this, simply and efficiently and using nothing but numbers and number sequences or patterns as I see them. I will also draw your attention to how important it is that we begin to look far beyond what is happening around us right now, because all is most definitely not as it seems. There are, I believe, deeply sinister power-and-control global agendas in play now, which have absolutely nothing to do with Covid-19, in fact they’ve leveraging cynical profiteering opportunity off the back of the all Covid-19 confusion. If you want to see a living, breathing example of this, just look to South Africa’s insanely constructed ULTRA-HARD lockdown, “being done for the good of all the people” we were told; yeah right! Initially, all the people of this country had great faith in their president, Cyril Ramaphosa, cometh the hour cometh the man many believed. However, of late, the people of South Africa have begun to seriously question many of his decisions (e.g. wanting 73,000 more army troops on SA’s streets; bringing in Cuban doctors) and whether he really is in charge of the country? How can he, himself a businessman, and the South African government be implementing “Covid-19 pandemic control regulations” which this very minute, are systematically putting entrepreneurial businesses to the sword, methodically sacrificing all the jobs and industries that good, hard working people have created and built up over many years, whilst simultaneously allowing the expansion and gain of those who drive, along with key political figures, the country’s underworld? Whilst I do not decry that Covid-19 is a killer virus, face it, it’s true impact to-date does not constitute that of a viral pandemic, that’s a pack of lies, sold to us to create maximum fear and distraction. What all the hype around coronavirus does seem to align with, is a cynical plan created to bring about a global economic meltdown which allows for a new way of doing things, a new order if you will, to be ushered in!

Before I start delving into and interpreting the numbers of 2020, let me draw your attention to the critically important fact that 2020 is a Number 4 Universal Year [2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4] and that the Number 4 is an “Earthed” number grounded primarily in justice and law and order. Let me also draw your attention to the fact that the dark side of the number 4 is loss of personal freedom, confusion, confinement, restriction, material loss, excessive law and order and death and destruction. Lastly, let me remind that you that 20/20 means perfect vision, so what is it that 2020 is gifting us humans, opportunity wise, to see clearly? Read on and you will find out…

Why is 2020 such an awful year? Let’s turn to Nostradamus…

Much has been written that Nostradamus, the world’s most famous 16th-century prophet and mystic, is believed to have prophesied the year 2020 and has called for both disasters and revelations. A year marked with both favourable and dangerous results. One of his predictions went around rising temperatures. If you want to really understand this, just look at what is happening to the world’s tropical reefs. Reefs are being destroyed at an alarming rate right now. The primary cause? Rising ocean temperatures. Another of his predictions spoke to disastrous market (i.e. economic) conditions. Have a look at how, in just a matter of months, coronavirus Covid-19 succeeded in smashing to smithereens, many of the leading economies. Nostradamus also goes on to predict hurricanes, earthquakes and numerous other natural disasters for 2020. Do we need to look any further than Australia’s recent, devastating bushfires to connect with this truth? Whether you are a believer in what Nostradamus prophesied or not, there can be no doubt that the first three months of 2020 have brought about more cataclysmic change and economic disaster than many previous years when clustered together. Know this for certain, 2020 is only just starting to warm up! So, that which is still on its way to us (the real tsunami wave) will make Q1 2020 look like a gentle 3-foot sea-swell.

Let us unpack the number 2020 in a rather unusual way

If you take a careful look at the number 2020, you will see that it has 2 x 20’s and that 2020 also has 2×2’s and 2x 0’s. Zero only ever serves to amplify another number, so it can effectively be discounted. Given this, what do we know about the Numbers 20 and 2 and what are they trying to teach us? Here, I turn to Tarot Cards and Applied Numerology. Now, before you let out a deep cynical sigh, thinking that this is an away-with-the-fairies approach, let me inform you that many years back, I too had the same exasperated and irritated reaction to tarot and numerology. I am trained as a research scientist and the son of a mathematician / physicist who raised me in a very black and white world where 1+1 = 2.0000 and not 2,000001 or 1.99999, did not help either. The reason I reacted the way I did, was because I had been conditioned into thinking and believing that anything linked to tarot cards or for that matter numerology and astrology, was unadulterated, illogical, rubbish. Only many years later would I learn that numbers offer up so much more cosmic intelligence than I had ever imagined possible, and with this, I decided to teach myself how to use and apply numbers in a very different way to what I had learned in school and at university. So, if you will just put your cynicism aside for a few minutes and keep reading, you might well connect with something very meaningful, insightful and enlightening, and, you’ll probably learn something really amazing about how your mind works and why you get the results (whether desired or not) you do…

What do You need to Understand about the Number 2?

Why is 2020 such an awfut year, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, NUmerology for BusinessTarot symbolism: The High Priestess, Major Arcana Number 2, 2 being the Essence of Femininity… Let us understand what this card depicts and why… The High Priestess symbolises the subconscious (emotional) mind, the receptive, reproductive and form-building power within the human. The curtain behind the seated figure connects the two pillars of light and darkness. As the balancing power between the pair of opposites, she has no preference for either and merely awaits the concentrated effort of the conscious mind. The cup-shaped crescent moon depicts the receptiveness and retentiveness of the subconscious mind. All memory, both universal (as in collective consciousness) and personal (as in individual consciousness), is recorded on the scroll she is holding. The cubic stone she sits upon represents the principles of order (order in Numerology links with the Number 4). The white cross on her chest represents the proper use of the four implements on the Magician’s table (cup = imagination, water; sword = intellect, air; pentacle = body, earth; wand = fire, willpower). The Magician or Tarot Major Arcana Number 1 is the Essence of Masculinity and represents the conscious mind. The conscious mind (1; masculine) formulates ideas which the subconscious mind (2; feminine) accepts as suggestions. Once the suggestion has been accepted, the subconscious sets about turning the idea into reality in an orderly, progressive fashion. So, now you understand how your mind really works. Your conscious mind (1) transfers an idea (an emotionally charged seed if you will) into your subconscious mind (2). Once accepted, your subconscious mind, now impregnated, takes this seed (i.e. your desire) through an invisible gestation period until it is time for what has germinated and been grown in the dark, to break through into the light and become visible as an outcome, as a physical result. How long this gestation period takes has for years now been anyone’s guess. That said, using 365 Pin Code Predictive Numerology Modelling this can now be intelligently assessed lifepath timeline wise. [Source: Numerology and The Divine Triangle, Javane and Bunker, Whitford Press].

The key word for Tarot Major Arcana Number 2, The High Priestess, is equilibriumPause for a moment and ask yourself this question:

With 2020 having 2×2’s in play (i.e. a double No. 2 whammy!) and with the 2×0’s serving to accentuate or amplify what the 2 represents (i.e. now a 4x No2 whammy!)… What is 2020 trying to make me more aware of in terms of equilibrium? More specifically, given that 2020 is an earth year, my human equilibrium with planet earth?

What do You need to Understand about the Number 20?

Why is 2020 such an awfut year, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, NUmerology for BusinessTarot symbolism: Judgement, Major Arcana Number 20… Let us understand what this card depicts and why… The key symbols for this card are tooth, fang and serpent. An ancient adept was called a serpent, and when we want to invoke silence, we pronounce the sound of the letter of this key – ‘Shh’ (used to call for silence). This indicates the silence of the wise. Think about this: Teeth break up food, chew it and prepare it for digestion. Wisdom, which is kept silent, destroys the forms of the outer world and reveals the hidden nature of things so that you may absorb the spiritual essence. The cobra was the sacred symbol of Egypt and India. Its venom, when injected into the body, rapidly attacks every cell of the body. The serpent’s fang conveys the poison. The analogy is that wisdom, like venom, can rapidly eat away everything that is false. When we have gained realisation of spiritual things, our personal consciousness is ready to blend with universal consciousness. We then realise our oneness with Source Energy, with Infinite Intelligence, and our unity with all humanity. This state of consciousness begins with a mental grasp of the real world, where our attitude is the reverse of most people’s because we identify ourselves with One Reality. Judgement (as in 2020, the year which has as its coding, the Judgement card doubled up…) gifts us the opportunity to discern the true from the false. As we do this, we move beyond duality consciousness (conscious mind = logic; subconscious mind = emotion) and into triality consciousness (enter to much applause and fanfare, the third dimension of super-consciousness and enlightened illumination!).

The key word for Tarot Major Arcana Number 20, Judgement, is realisationAgain, pause for a moment and ask yourself this question:

With 2020 having 2×20’s in play (i.e. a double No20 whammy!)… What is 2020 trying to tell me about realisation? More specifically, given that 2020 is an earth year, what is it that I need to realise about the impact that I am having on planet earth through living (as in thoughts, emotions, actions, results) the way I do?

Why is 2020 such an awful year? Or is it really?

Having connected you with the two numerical truths that the number 20 is calling into frame, judgement and realisation, both of which are elevated consciousness enabling experiences, is 2020 really such a bad year after all? Yes, there is much global chaos right now and yes, it will get much worse as we move into the second half of 2020. No, this is not pleasant to experience personally, nor is it pleasant to witness the terrible suffering of others. That said, have we as humanity not completely lost our way? Has the corporate world and its insatiable appetite for more, more reach, more control, more profit, more power, more status, more acquisitions, more dominance, more, more, more, not torn gaping suppurating holes into the fabric of the family home? Have these human-mincing machines not controlled their people through constantly creating much fear in their lives and has all this workplace anxiety not been actively transferred into household anxiety? Have we not become obsessed with the trappings of matters material as opposed to trying to live a kind and simple life? Has mankind not been cynically yet deliberately reconditioned into man-cruel, a mass of detached, narcissistic, self-absorbed, soulless meatsuits who want it all and who want it now? Is this “now conditioning” not massively exacerbated by our insatiable desire to surround ourselves with even more technology which keeps us so focused on devices, screens and applications that we no longer care to think about Mother Nature, let alone meaningfully connect with Her? Isn’t it serendipitous that the collapse of the world as we know it right now, is happening in a universal year with so many 2’s in it and that the number 2 signifies the nurturing mother? What is it that we have forgotten?

What we have forgotten is the Law of Karma, also known as the Law of Cause and Effect – which reminds us, that as we sow, so shall we reap, personally and collectively…

The Age of 1 is gone, now is the Age of 2

For decades now, the aggressive, ultra-masculine, ego-driven, win-at-all-costs number 1 (the 1900’s) has shaped our thoughts and therefore our reality. And to what end? Is 2020 (an intensely feminine energy year) not gifting us a brutal yet beautiful insight into what we have created and with this affording us the opportunity to understand that it no longer serves us? I believe it is! I also believe that we have reached a turning point in our history here on earth, where the masculine energy (1) which served us so well progress and development wise during the 1900’s, will be rapidly replaced by the feminine energy (2) of the 2000’s. This dramatic shift is needed for us to carve out a new way of living, one which is ecologically equilibrated and has us in a fully realised state that life on earth can carry on perfectly fine without us. Therefore, we are simply visitors. We are nothing more than spiritual beings having a human experience on earth; we are in fact the guests of earth and as such it behoves us to behave as good, respectful, well-mannered guests.

Why is 2020 such an awfut year, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, NUmerology for Business

Let this RESET shift us from Ignorant Fear to Intelligent Understanding

Let this Covid-19 induced global socio-economic RESET also shift us from current ignorant fear to the intelligent understanding that the world as we think we know it, is nothing but a massive lie. Let us begin to think and entertain the notion that the real truth is that governments and controlling organisations (like UN) are doing everything in their power to keep us in the dark so that we are fundamentally ignorant as to what is really going on. Is coronavirus maybe nothing more than a channel through which a new masterplan as to “how humans live and go about their daily lives” is being delivered? I am most definitely not of the mindset that coronavirus has been sent to earth from “Space” by the “Universe” to teach us a lesson, nor am I of the mindset that it originates naturally from the wet markets of China which deal in animal goods. Utter rubbish. I am most definitely of the mindset that coronavirus / Covid-19 is a naturally occurring virus which has been “further engineered” / modified by scientists to create something which “behaves intelligently” and in such an unpredictable manner, that just as we think we have the solutions as to how to properly control it, we discover we do not.

Why do this?

To enable maximum global panic and confusion. To keep all humans around the world thoroughly distracted by a “killer pandemic virus” which demands we stay indoors, contained for our own good, whilst a much deeper new world order plan gets stealthily implemented around us during lockdown. Covid-19 is nothing more than a global distraction tool through which the Chinese (and other yet to be identified partners?) who are master strategists at warfare and subversive terrorism, keep us in dumbed-down-fearful-lemming like mode, whilst they secretly go about their business. In a nutshell, the China originated Covid-19 outbreak has at its epicentre, the desire to destroy the economies of arch-rival competitors (USA, UK, Europe etc.) and gain complete control over the failed economies and resource rich “China friendly countries” like those dotted all over the African continent, especially natural resource-rich South Africa.

Are those who are in Power right now Pulling the Wool Over our Eyes?

How is it possible that the psychic author, Sylvia Browne, wrote in her 2008 book, End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies, about a “severe pneumonia-like virus [which is exactly what Covid-19 is] striking the world in 2020 and rapidly spreading throughout the globe?” How can she then write with such conviction, that “almost more baffling than the virus itself will be the fact that will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely?” Sure, people with the wonderful ability to tap into energy fields exist, and sure, there are people with psychic gifts who absolutely can pick up on residual (as in past events) energy fields and read them like clues as to “what happened” but, for someone to predict something like this with such pinpoint detail accuracy? Are we truly meant to believe that Sylvia Browne (deceased 11 November 2013) had some incredible viral detecting superpower? If she had this amazing prophetic gift, then why did she not also “psychically see” the surfacing of Ebola, which first appeared in Africa in 1976 (the year she turned 40) and reached global pandemic proportions from 2014 through to 2016? Or is there maybe “so much more” to her psychic 2020 pneumonia-like viral prediction than meets the eye?

Was she maybe being used somehow (as in being manipulated by real live people) to relay to us in her book, End of Days, that a future sinister event (as in 2020) was already being prepared, intensively researched and developed, planned and organised? Was she maybe doing their dirty work for them, being their “psychic mouthpiece” to begin to “drip-seed into our very unaware consciousness” that Covid-19 was already well and truly on its way exactly as per “the grand Chinese plan” and that 2020 would constitute the year when the world would be reorganised by China in such a way that it would be strategically positioned for complete global domination? And, because she was a “crack-pot psychic” who has always been surrounded by much controversy, as the following paragraph reveals, maybe the Chinese knew that the one small paragraph about the pneumonia-like viral outbreak in 2020 would never be taken seriously anyway…

Numerology for Women, Sylvia Browne, 365 Pin Code

Sylvia Browne’s is surrounded by much controversy

In 2010, the Skeptical Inquirer published a detailed three-year study by Ryan Shaffer and Agatha Jadwiszczok that examined Browne’s predictions about missing persons and murder cases. Despite her repeated claims to be more than 85% correct, the study reported that “Browne has not even been mostly correct in a single case.” The study compared Browne’s televised statements about 115 cases with newspaper reports and found that in the 25 cases where the actual outcome was known, she was completely wrong in every one! In the rest, where the final outcome was unknown, her predictions could not be substantiated… Makes You Think doesn’t it?

What’s happening to us now Synchs perfectly with The Dark 4

Whatever you or I might want to think or believe, the harsh reality is that right now our world is “on fire and burning all around us” and we as humans are more disconnected, more fearful, more anxious and more confused than ever before. The circumstances we all find ourselves in right now, are not by accident, they are most definitely by design, human design, Chinese design. The Chinese have unleashed a brilliantly strategized global terrorism exercise upon us, through creating loss of personal freedom, confusion, confinement, restriction, material loss, death and destruction, and, done purely to enable a much deeper plan to help them gain much control over this world of ours. All this, as in what we humans are experiencing right now loss wise, links with all the negative characteristics of the numerology Number 4 Energy / Vibration; the dark side of the 4 if you will. Do you recall that in the opening paragraph, I mentioned that 2020 is a Number 4 Universal Year. Random synchronicity? I think not. By design! Also, remember, the Chinese are master numerologists and know how to leverage the energies of the natural numerical cycles of our world and universe for maximum gain and impact!

Did you know that the Emperor Fu Hsi created Chinese numerology nearly 4,000 years ago when he noticed the patterns within the squares on a tortoise’s shell? Inspired, he created the Lo Shui grid of numbers. This mathematical discovery led to the creation of feng shui, i ching, Nine Star Ki, Chinese astrology, and geomancy. Even Taoism is based on the Lo Shu square. The Chinese proved their ancient belief that the universe is based on numbers and their mathematical principles. Think the Chinese did not know that 2020 offered them the perfect year, numerology wise, to make their power-move and that they haven’t meticulously planned for this? Think again!

As per the number 20 (judgement) I contend that for a long time now, the Chinese have looked long and hard at this world of ours, at where it is headed trajectory wise under “Democracy and The Leader of the Free World” and they have judged it as being unfit for future purpose and needing a complete overhaul, Chinese style. Though many may disagree with me over this, I view China as singularly posing the greatest threat to our every human liberty and desiring to control our precious mental sovereignty through terrorising our minds (as in keeping our every thought occupied with the horror of a viral pandemic) and driving us into a state of collective paralytic fear. 2020 is gifting us, as in 20/20 vision, to see first-hand what the Chinese are up to and if we do not aggressively counter this now, we will soon be their slaves. This is especially true for the many African countries (especially South Africa) who have so warmly embraced the “Chinese help” since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Why is 2020 such an awfut year, Numerology, Futurist Numerology, NUmerology for Business

What are these Darkest of hours Reminding us to do?

For inspiration, just look to the African Savanna and see how after the hottest, most destructive fires, it flushes emerald green again and the promise of a new but different life surges forth. So too with us. Humans are resilient creatures and our spirit is indomitable, so we will always find a way to fight back and right now the best way to fight back is to believe nothing and to question absolutely everything, because we are being lied to, by everyone. By writing this article I, in my own way, am fighting back – by attempting to create a conscious awakening within people as to how under threat we are from the Chinese and their allies! Let us make a conscious effort to stop buying Chinese products and wherever possible to make them pay for what they have done. Moreover, let the 20/20 clarity provided by 2020 and its “Judgement Card Energy” get us to the point where we critically and severely judge those who control (governments) and lead us right now. If they are found wanting, as is South Africa’s ANC, then let us no longer entertain their tricks and treachery, and let us replace them, because we can! These are few ways in which we can begin to turn 2020 which so far is a positively awful year, into a good year. This is how we can turn our current collective adversity into a golden opportunity to hit back at the controlling establishments.

Yes, these are very dark, if not the darkest hours ever (only time will tell…) however, let them get us thinking clearly again, if not as “conspiracy theorists” then as to who we will allow to lead us and govern us, and importantly, how we will go about living life here on Earth.

We must Urgently reassess our Collective and Individual Consciousness

Another critically important connection we must make, is that we humans, as a collective consciousness, have created an extreme global imbalance, through aligning most of our thoughts, emotions, actions and results with the lower vibrations (fear, war, hatred, anger, gluttony, greed, lust, avarice, cruelty, dominance, competition, ignorance etc.) as opposed to the higher vibrations (faith, love, kindness, peace, harmony, sharing, caring, nurturing, joy, happiness, enlightenment etc). Too much of anything (as in any form of excess) always creates an imbalance, and that which is no longer balanced, must be re-balanced, sometimes dramatically so, because that is just how things work in Nature.

Being permanently connected with these negative, energy-sapping, mood-depressing, lower vibrations is indeed a most dangerous thing for us humans. Through social media and the plethora of disgusting fake news doing the rounds intentionally designed to trigger maximum mental distress, many of us find ourselves fully connected every minute of every day with the each and every hair-raising, “world-ending” event linked to the coronavirus. Here we all need to take a huge step back and remember that governments know exactly how to control, terrorise and manipulate the masses. They are masters at twisting and contorting our reality, away from what is really the truth, to what they want us to believe to be the truth. They do this through carefully crafted propaganda which keeps the minds of the masses actively focused on “dark, fear-creating” material. This is exactly what is happening right now. Being bombarded non-stop by “terror-creating news” tires and exhausts us; it wears down our individual consciousness. The more tired we get the more they, as in the government, control us and our precious minds. Let 2020 forever serve to be reminder that we must never ever allow them to own and control our mental sovereignty. The more we dwell in the depths of despair and the more we fear the invisible foe (as now, in coronavirus), the more they own us. Let us remain free thinkers and let us apply to our mental state, the positive aspects of the numerology number 4 which are order, systems, structure, discipline, focus and practicality. In a nutshell, let us apply our critical thinking mental machinery and where things just do not make any sense, bullet the government and media’s anarchistic messages.

Science needs to Urgently rethink its Position on Numerology and Astrology

Having taken you on a rather circuitous and hopefully enlightening route to shed some “different light” as to why 2020 is such an awful year for absolutely everyone, again, thank you China, let’s remember that in the ancient records much is written about the wise ones who looked to the heavens (more precisely the stars) for answers. Any numerologist worth their salt knows that the Number 4 is a “back to earth with an almighty bump” kind of energy, and as such 2020 always had coded within it, the potential for things to go very pear-shaped here on earth. This should have been factored in ages ago risk planning wise. Give this, isn’t it high time that the world of science had a comprehensive rethink on its position with regards to astrology, numerology etc. as contributing futuristic research disciplines? Isn’t it time academics and leaders moved beyond believing that “The Woo-Woo Pseudo-Sciences” only attract the emotional sorts who have not yet learned how to correctly apply their logical minds to the tried-and-tested rules-based scientific disciplines?

Is this not yet another example of how our society and its paradigms has allowed and encouraged the Number 1 (detached logic) to actively override the Number 2 (connected emotion)? And, as per Jung’s phenomenal work done on “The Shadow” what if all our shadows are number 2 linked (i.e. emotional)? Jung boldly stated that only when a human had consciously decided to embrace, integrate and understand their shadow, could they become much more aware and enlightened. And what if deciding to connect our 1 (the logical conscious or IQ) with our 2 (the emotional or shadow subconscious or EQ) created a quantum leap forward, thrusting us naturally into the realm of the super-consciousness (the 3 or SQ, SQ being Spiritual)? It is my heartfelt desire to one day see Numerology and Astrology taught in the world’s leading academic institutions, and to have these disciplines critically researched and developed further scientifically with and through Applied Mathematics.

PS: If you are actively searching for deeper answers right now, then have a look at these Paradigm Busting Research Case Studies!

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