Executive Summary

Here is a one-sentence summary of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” the international bestseller by Robert Kiyosaki: ‘The main reason why people struggle with financial problems is because they spend several years in school but learn nothing about money and investments. The result is that people learn to work at the service of money… but never learn to put money to work for them’.

Over the years, many people have lauded this book as the best ever self help guide to mastering your personal finances. No doubt Kiyosaki pragmatically throws down the gauntlet in terms of the importance of having a wealth consciousness versus a poverty consciousness, however, his book does not factor in this hard and unpleasant truth: we all have a unique lifepath journey, a very demanding journey, which we must walk in order to learn what it is that we must understand most. Given this, we wonder how many people who read this book, elatedly thought to themselves that they had finally unearthed all the answers to their money woes, who then diligently set about applying everything Kiyosaki advised, only to never get the desired money results? We would not be in the least bit surprised if this held true for more than 90% of those who purchased a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Why? Because Kiyosaki’s magic recipe does not factor in these critically important variables: each of us is walking our own unique journey with hardcoded lifepath experiences that cannot be circumvented and vicious karmic debt collection moments which cannot be overridden through some secret financial sauce or whimsical mindset shift. This numerology research article, Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad, seeks to give you a more balanced and informed view on why in most instances, these self-help books do not deliver the results you desired. Simultaneously, it analyses and interprets the numerology of Kiyosaki, revealing that one of his most important karmic lessons resides with numerology number 8, a number linked to money, power, business, status, authority, wealth, karma and the immensely challenging journey of trying to find the happy balance between the material and spiritual worlds. If this does not immediately pique your curiosity and get you asking incisive questions of the “Rich Dad” way of living, nothing will…

Introduction: Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad is all about the basic principles of building wealth and increasing financial education. In the book, Robert Kiyosaki has two dads. His biological father, who he calls his poor dad, and his “friend’s dad”, who he calls his rich dad. Both of his dads were well educated and successful in their own right. His poor dad held a Ph.D. and was a lecturer, and his rich dad was an entrepreneur. Throughout this book, Kiyosaki compares the wealth building advice he gets from his rich dad to that he gets from his poor dad. But both of them have very different views and behaviours when it came to money and wealth, and these difference are what made one of them the richest man in Hawaii, and the other earning just enough to cover his bills every month. These stories are meant to be true, but there are some debates about whether Kiyosaki did indeed have two dads. We don’t think it really matters if they’re true or not, the example of having two dads helped RK to powerfully illustrate the cornerstone principle of the book – which in a nutshell is, what the rich teach their kids about money, the poor and middle class do not, because they simply don’t know better.

Prepare to Enter the fascinating world of 365 Pin Code analytics, where, using Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad as a mind-blowing case study, your mind will be opened to the truth there’s so much more to your life and why it is playing out the way it is, than these wealth gurus could ever have taught you! We begin by picking up on the very important point we made in this Executive Summary, this being that RK has a number 8 karmic lesson (in other words, he has much to learn about money, wealth and the karmic interconnectivity between the material and spiritual world!).

Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad: How we know RK has a Number 8 Karmic lesson?

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Robert Kiyosaki has THREE important karmic lessons

The birth name Robert Toru Kiyosaki has: 2×1’s, 5×2’s, 1×3’s, 0x4’s, 1[-1]x5’s, 3×6’s, 1×7’s, 0x8’s and 5×9’s. His THREE Karmic / Key Life Lessons (as in these numbers do not appear in his name) centre around the Number 4 (Work, Focus, Discipline, Systems, Order, Patience, Justice, Persistence, Conservatism etc.), Number 5 (Adrenaline, Recklessness, Pushing Boundaries, 5-Senses, Adventure, Travel, Change, Personal Freedom etc.; note that though RK does have 1×5 as in the Letter E in his name, the accepted numerology correction made for 5’s reduces this 1 to -1) and Number 8 (Money, Power, Business, Status, Authority, Leading Others, Wealth etc.).

  • RICH DAD POOR DAD = 9+9+3+8 and 4+1+4 ;  7+6+6+9 and 4+1+4
  • Rich Dad = 29 + 9 = 38 = 3+8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2, or 38//11//2 – Enter 365 Pin Code numerology master number 11, a rare highly charged masculine / feminine blended numerology number which deals with vision, intuition, emotions, illumination (as in lighting up the darkness to reveal what lurks within the shadows) and teaching.
  • Poor Dad = 28 + 9 = 37 = 3+7 = 10 = 1+0 = 1, or 37//10//1 – Enter 365 Pin Code numerology number 1, the number which deals with leadership, attainment, bravery, ego, sense of self etc.
  • Put the two together, Rich Dad + Poor Dad = 29+28 = 57 = 5+7 = 12 = 1+2 = 3, or 57//12//3 and the title of the book is rooted in, or synchronised to, 365 Pin Code numerology number 3 which deals with communication, self-expression, creativity, fun, imagination, the performing arts etc.

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

Kiyosaki’s core karmic lessons reveal a slick salesman who loves to make money

The 12//3 numerology number (which is also rather well explained through major arcana number 12 The Hanged Man) of Rich Dad Poor Dad is most significant in the life of Robert Kiyosaki, because it links or synchs perfectly with his Sun or Personal Attainment Number (Birth DD + Birth MM: 8 + 4 = 12//3) as does it with his number 3 Career Number (Birth YYYY, 1947 = 1+9+4+7 = 21 = 2+1 = 3 – the inspirational, imaginative, care-free, alluring, communicative one!) and 12//3 Shadow / Emotional Life Path (as revealed in his birth chart further below). Put Kiyosaki’s basic 365 Pin Code numerology together and it is obvious that this man was born to perform, was designed to be on the stage, loves to be in-front of crowds, and gets an extreme thrill when he is creatively selling something to others from stage. However, and this is where things get very real karma wise, the responsibility of what you are selling and how you are selling it, is powerfully linked to karmic lesson number 5. The adrenaline fuelled, adventurous, even reckless number 5, the number which RK scores -1 on in his name chart listed above, is we believe, cause for great concern.

Kiyosaki’s minus 1 No5 karmic lesson is cause for great concern

If this extreme (as in -1) karmic lesson is not actively controlled, it will control him and could drive him to the point where is not overly concerned with whether what he is selling is quality or not, as long as it is putting him in the spotlight (this fulfils against the number 3) and making him lots of money (which links to his number 8 karmic lesson!). What has just been said, may seem overly harsh, but remember this, the multi-billion-dollar (and we mean annually!) Self-Help Industry would have certainly provided the ideal crowded room platform through which RK would have been able to fully express his creative and artistic, sales-driven, money-making, karmic creating, desires. Just look at what this industry provided “greenbacks loaded opportunity wise” for Rhonda Byrne and her mystical, mythical and completely illogical Law of Attraction movie and book, The Secret. Before we move off his karmic lessons, let’s remember that Kiyosaki also has a number 4 karmic lesson, which means brings into the frame the ruthlessly unpleasant karmic lesson that wealth, success and personal freedom are created off the back of disciplined hard work and the application of self in a conservative way. Has he honoured his number 4 karmic lesson? You be the judge.

Robert Kiyosaki’s balance number is Karmic Debt 13//4

Interestingly, RK’s balance number, as calculated from his initials, is 13//4, a karmic debt number. 13//4 implies work, effort, persistence, focus, processes, order, systems, and structures and all importantly, progress achieved through a conservative, disciplined, methodical step-by-step approach. The balance number is key to know and understand because it guides us as to how to best maintain a powerful sense of composure and balance, otherwise known as praxis, which is what presents when what we believe (as in the mind) and do (as in the body) are harmonised as one. In our considered opinion, what Kiyosaki teaches in his numerous money and wealth books, and how he actively encourages people to create wealth through leveraging other people’s money (which truth be told is high on the scale of “all about ME” narcissistic risk reward, and, very low on the scale of “OTHERS focused” responsible conservatism), we have to draw the initial conclusion that what he has been preaching over the years as a success sermon, falls foul of what karmic debt 13 represents, and therefore this begs the question as to how much balance he has actually had or ever achieved in his own life!

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Robert Kiyosaki’s primary expression number is 90//9

Next, we look at his Primary Expression Number which totals 90//9, the “light or positive side” of numerology number 9 being associated with healing, humanity, serving others, philanthropy, being connected with and to higher causes, forgiveness, universal love etc. Then, there is the “dark or negative side” of the number 9 which presents the highly intelligent, ultra-manipulative, narcissistic shapeshifter (for example Lance Armstrong, just look at his DOB as see how many 9’s there are!) where everything is actually all about them, winning and them always getting their way. Hopefully, you have read Rich Dad Poor Dad or even better still, attended one of RK’s many wealth creation and rich lifestyle enabling seminars (e.g. Wealth Masters presented by Success Resources in South Africa in 2019). If you have, then you can make up your mind as to whether you think he is predominantly leveraging the light and positive side, or dark and negative side of his number 9 expression number.

Having delved deeply into the full birth name, the next logical piece or us to tackle in this Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad research, is his date of birth. We do so through a numerology birth chart which is unique to 365 Pin Code in that it reveals Shadow Numerology numbers.

365 Pin Code Birth Chart of Robert Kiyosaki, born 8th of April 1947

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

In the earlier paragraphs we revealed to you that Rich Dad Poor Dad’s numerology number is 57//12//3, or essence number 3, and that this book therefore had significance for Kiyosaki in terms of his Sun or Personal Attainment Number (see TKSPE 12//3, pink arrow top left), Shadow Life Path Number (see TSS-LFP 12//3, pink arrow bottom middle) and Career / World Number (see 1947//21//3, pink arrow middle right). Now you understand how we knew this. Kiyosaki’s number 8 karmic lesson (as in money, power, status, business, authority, wealth, karma etc.) will express itself massively through his personal ways (Birth DD 8th = 8) therefore specific karmic lesson will always have the greatest personal impact. His number 4 and 5 karmic lesson will present themselves powerfully in his Family / Intimate numerology numbers (physical 4, Birth MM April; shadow 5).

Pythagoras Birth Square: Robert Kioysaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

Kiyosaki has two dominant birth arrows, the Arrow of Practicality and the Arrow of Activity. Arrow of Activity: physical activity is a big part of their lives. They often choose jobs that will keep them constantly moving. They are often extroverted and love talking. Naturally, people with arrow of activity sometimes do not know how to stop and relax. They may be prone to exhaustion, agitation, and boredom. Arrow of Practicality: this arrow relates to people who are very skilled in material realm. These people have a well-grounded sense of reality, so they do not get caught in useless or unimportant details. However, they may get too materialistic and forget the importance of enjoying small things in life.

At 365 Pin Code numerology we can drill deep into numbers, so much so that we can even reveal to you, in 4D (personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical, professional emotional), what Kiyosaki’s 1997 numerology was, 1997 being the year when Rich Dad Poor Dad was published. So, here goes…

Robert Kioysaki’s 1997 Annual Experience Numerology Number

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

In 1997, the year Rich Dad Poor Dad was released, the Annual Experience Number [AEN] in play for Kiyosaki, is the Number 3, which links perfectly with his personal attainment number, career number and shadow life path number. 1997 was therefore the start if you will, of a number 3 driven golden period in his life which lasted through to 2001. The impact of these 5 years had life path significance for Kiyosaki  in 2002 (dramatically escalated public and professional responsibility) and 2003 which AEN 24//6 in play which synchs perfectly with his life path’s 365 pin code (Birth DD + Birth MM + Birth YYYY = 8+4+1947 = 1959 = 1+9+5+9 = 24 = 2+4 = 6, or 24//6). Then, in 2004, when the double 9 presents (red block in 2004 coding) there would have been many very dramatic endings, the focus of which would have been personal physical, and this in turn would have driven a dramatic career or professional shift for him in 2004 the year he turned 58.

Given that 2020 is such a nightmare year, what is in store of Robert Kiyosaki?

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

Kiyosaki’s 2020 line of code reads like a horror story with 911 (as in complete chaos, red block, right hand side of 2020 data-string) presenting as his professional emotional experience. Personally emotionally, things are also going to go utterly pear-shaped for him with 9 and 1 (a most antagonistic numerology number combination) presenting. 2021 sees RK having the worst time personally emotionally with double 2 presenting and his AEN 20//2 of 2021 brings his professional attainment number into frame next year (Birth DD + Birth YYYY = 8 + 1947 = 1955 = 1+9+5+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2, or 1955//20//2). We interpret this as his experiencing huge career / professional drama in 2021, the fallout of which presents in 2022 as an extreme number 8 (AEN 17//8) karmic lesson for him (money!). This most likely signals awful financial losses, so much so, that these trigger an extreme life path (AEN 24//6) experience in 2023 for RK. In short, Kiyosaki’s numbers from 2020 through to and including 2029 are just the worst and therefore we see these years as potentially delivering karmic comeuppance for how he may have lived his life to date, with 2022, 2027 and 2029 being the most impactful on him personally given that they are number 8 driven and 8 is his personal vibration.

365 Pin Code, numerology research, leading numerology research, Futurist Numerology, Applied Numerology, Numerology for Women Futurist Numerology, : Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad

Our predicted financial chaos in Kiyosaki’s life, post ‘2020’s Covid-19 pandemic’ goes hand-in-hand with the analytical research we have done into the upcoming presidential battle for the United States. We predict that irrespective of who wins, the USA in its entirety is hurtling into the most awful time, years during which extreme economic disaster will be the order of the day, with most of the rich being stripped bare of their wealth as a new and vastly different values-driven order is forced into being.

Number 8 karmic lesson is offset by The Impression of Increase

Kiyosaki’s number 8 karmic debt brings the impression of increase into frame. Wallace Wattles, the doyen of the Impression of Increase explains in his book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ that the desire for increase is inherent in all nature. It is the fundamental impulse of the universe. All human activities are based on the desire for increase. People are always seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more knowledge, more pleasure – more life. Every living thing is under the necessity for continuous advancement. Where increase of life ceases, dissolution and death set in at once. People instinctively know this, and hence they are forever seeking more. Wattles encourages us to convey assurance of this fact to every man, woman and child with whom we come in contact and that no matter how small the transaction, put into it the thought of increase and make sure that the customer is impressed with the thought. Beware of the insidious temptation to seek power over other men. Look out for the temptation to become a master, to be considered as one who is above the common man. The mind that seeks for mastery over others is the competitive mind and the competitive mind is not the creative mind. Wattles advises to rather function according to the philosophy of “What I Want for Myself, I must Want for Others too”.

Kiyosaki is headed into an Extreme Personal Tsunami

What our Robert Kiyosaki numerology Rich Dad Poor Dad research shows that RK is headed into a personal and professional tsunami. It is never pleasant to see such extreme chaos presenting in someone’s numbers, but given that life should be all about doing the right thing whenever possible, honouring karmic lessons and managing personal risk as best as possible, next level numerical intelligence like this must be published because soon it will form part of a much bigger global strategic risk management framework to help people make better choices and decisions. Love him or hate him, RK has lived life large, and, when you choose to live by the sword you must also be prepared to die by the sword. Also, many online book reviews of Rich Dad Poor Dad are most favourable and in fairness, mentioned must be made of this. However, for us there is a bigger unsavoury picture here, one which deals with the Self-Help-Industry / Success Coaching Industry as a whole and how it cynically manipulates the masses who are desperately looking for answers as to why things are not working for them. The lead players (who are always ‘the very best of friends’ – not!) are actively selling you packages which will help you to prosper in a Covid-19 ravaged landscape, brand yourself as an authority by writing a book, leverage mindpower driven personal growth to become a millionaire, make pots of money through trading forex, leverage online platforms for greater business influence, dynamically enable your business with best-of-breed programmes, speak from stage so that everyone hangs on your every word – the creative list of what they come up with to help you, is endless. These brilliantly organised Success-Sellathons which get presented all around the world each year, or now as online seminars given Covid-19 restrictions on mass gatherings, are ably led by those who are publicly touted as being ‘THE International Gurus’ – the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, JT Foxx and many other sell-from-stage award winning performing artists, who given how they are positioned to the market, will attract millions of people every 12 month cycle.

You cannot Intelligently invest in Yourself until you Understand your Life Path Cycles

What these sell-from-stage masters do not understand (maybe they do not care to connect with this nor reflect on this) is that long-term, their programmes do not make that much of a difference in people’s lives anyway. Harsh reality is that when we unpack a person’s numerology in extreme detail, we can see why this is so. Imagine how frustrating it must be for someone who is investing heavily in programmes from these gurus when according to their life path analytics, they are in a karmic debt collection cycle, and so nothing is working because its pay-back time! What’s the point in spending months, even years, developing a millionaire mind, when, if you only knew yourself better and understood your core numerology, you would realise that you are having to atone for a number 8 karmic debt, which in every way, is money and wealth related? The critical thinking enabling question which should be asked is this: are these get rich success programmes proactively and intelligently helping you to address your spiritual karmic debt or are they causing you to live your life in a material way which is only serving to dig your karmic hole much deeper? It is not asked because people do not know better, because they have never seen their life path numerology unpacked in detail, because ignorance is bliss.

Final Unpleasant Fact: hundreds of thousands of people who flock annually to these aggressively advertised success summits are in the end, receiving little to zero RoI. The ones who score big are those who sell best from stage. Those who have a great message but who can’t sell superbly from stage, who can’t make the industry’s leading event organisers massive money, will never make it on to the stage. That is how cynically ruthless and toxic the self-help, motivational-speaker industry really is. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think of the vast majority of these glory seeking “teachers of people” as in fact being “fleecers of people.” Worse still, is that they all seem ignorant to the fact that what they are doing and how they are doing it, is creating their very own extreme karmic debt (especially karmic number 19 debt in that they are enriching themselves at the expense of others) which they will absolutely have to answer for! That is their most unfortunate future. They will have to wear it.

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