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Understanding Numerology and the Mind

Understanding numerology and the mind is critical if you want to engage in next level personal and professional strategic planning. There’s stock-standard woo-woo numerology, which to the well-educated, analytical mind, is ultra-thin on substantive detail and therefore doesn’t win respect nor headspace. Then there’s Strategic Applied Numerology which is a whole different ballgame! When your numbers are analysed properly and the data presented correctly, numerology is an incredibly powerful strategic thinking and planning enabler. We’ve published many well researched case studies to prove this.

Numerology reveals multidimensional lines of experiential code and at 365 Pin Code we’ve expanded this into a 4-dimensional matrix which delivers bespoke experiential intelligence on a personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical and professional emotional plane. Numerology makes use of numbers, 1 through 9 and two master numbers, 11 and 22. Each number has definite characteristics (e.g. the number 3 energy is linked with creativity, communication, self-expression, the imagination, happiness, having fun and partying etc.; the number 8 energy is linked with money, power, business, status, authority, wealth, organising on a grand scale etc.) which tell a powerful story. When you link numbers together, experience wise (we can do this yearly, quarterly, monthly, even daily!) you get immensely strategic insights into what’s happening in your world right now as well as what lies in your future and why your past panned out the way it did. That’s why understanding numerology will take you places!

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