November 2018 is an Intuitive Vision Opportunity portal

The past week we took live an article relating to the 11.11.11 convergence which happened on the 11th of November 2018. The same 11.11.11 convergence will happen on the 29th of November 2018 (29 = 2+9 =11 ; November = 11 ; 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11), however, we are looking at this date quite differently to the way other numerologists are right now. The way we at 365 Pin Code are seeing things, is that November 2018 is an Intuitive Vision Opportunity portal for those who are very serious about what they desire to manifest in the years ahead and that if you do things a certain way, you may well accelerate or shorten your results manifestation timeline, but more about that later…

The date 11.11.2018 is about you and your Highest Values aligned Heavenly Vision

What we are proposing, is that an IVOP (Intuitive Vision Opportunity Portal) opened on the 11th of November 2018 (11.11.11) and that this highly charged, lightning fast, number 1 (new beginnings, sense of self, thought leadership, bravery, charting a new course etc.) will close on the 29th of November 2018 (not 11.11.11 but 2.2.2 which is the lower octave experience). The 11th of November (irrespective of year) carries the master number 11 in its purest form (11.11), therefore it makes logical sense to interpret 11.11 as the beginning (number 1) of something which has within it an intuitive (the number 11) vision (11). What is hugely important strategy wise, is that your vision must be aligned to your highest values (HVs). And if you don’t know what these are, know and understand this truth. Your highest values are those things you love to do the most, which inspire you to always find more energy to keep moving forward, to never give up no matter what. Highest values (e.g. Learning, Researching and Testing, Writing and Teaching, Making Lots of Money, Travel) and are so powerful that once you have set HVs-aligned goals, the thought of giving up / quitting on these goals is more painful and distressing for you than is the pain and distress you encounter whilst working toward attaining them.

The date 29.11.2018 shifts the focus from me to the more inclusive us

Whilst there is a certain merit to the numerical cocktail proposed by some numerologists for 29 November 2018 as being 11.11.11 (29 = 2+9 = 11) we tend to think of it in a very different way and that’s because we choose to pay lots of attention to the backing numbers. So, what exactly is a backing number? Given that the number 29 has a 2 and a 9 in it (2 and 9 are the backing numbers of 29), it is therefore vastly different to 11 which has two 1’s in it (2 x 1’s are the backing numbers of 11). So, whilst the 11th can quite correctly be assigned a master number 11 energy, the 29th by virtue of it’s having a 2 in its make-up, also lends itself to an optional lower octave number 2 experience (29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2). And unlike the masculine number 1 which aligns itself with a strong sense of self, the ego, leadership, coming first etc. the number 2 deals with its polar opposite which is, the power behind the throne, cooperation, collaboration, being others focused, nurturing, the shift from me to the more inclusive us etc.

You have 19 days to get really clear on what you desire to have / know / experience

This number 1 energy initiated and number 2 energy concluded period from the 11th of November 2018 through to the 29th of November 2018, provides you with a 19 day thought leadership opportunity window around “first me, then us” or stated another way “what do I desire to intentionally create [Heaven] for me and then what do I desire to flow [Earth] from this for others”. This is what we are calling an IVOP (Intuitive Vision Opportunity Portal). These 19 days are gifting you a period during which you must get crystal clear on exactly what you desire (not want, desire – there’s a big difference; desires are highest value aligned, wants are desperation aligned…) to manifest within the next few years of your life and why so… Given the 1 energy super-charged start-up state of this period (3 x 11’s is 6 x 1’s – that’s a hugely amped energy state!) and the calming down 2 energy exit phase, we are saying that whatever you decide (with absolute clarity and total finality) to have / know / experience (manifest), you will have / know / experience (manifest). And, given the master number driven support (see Diagram below plus supporting explanation) of this IVOP, all this will happen for you within the next few years at most.

If you miss this 2018 IVOP you’ll have to wait until November 2027 for the next one

Therefore, best you get your skates on because this IVOP won’t last long. If you are not crystal clear on what your future looks like, image and goal wise, then there’s lots of work to be done between now and the 29th else it’s a master number enabled missed opportunity, and these are extremely rare. The next IVOP like this will happen from 11.11.2027 to 29.11.2027. If you don’t have a Highest Values inspired vision board which puts your future in to powerful, emotion-stirring pictures, we’re encouraging you to get cracking and create one before the 29th – why – because a great picture tells a thousand words, plus pictures elicit E-motion which is Energy-in-Motion (this gives rise to your taking inspired action which in turn produce fabulous results).

Diagram presenting why November 2018 is an Intuitive Vision Opportunity portal

The left-series of numbers reveal that on the 11th of November 2018, 3 x 11’s (DD, MM, YY) are in play. This is therefore a turbocharged day upon which the heightened intuitive visionary power of the master number 1, is massively amplified, opening if you will, an opportunity rich portal during which, if you apply yourself, you will become crystal clear vision wise and find within the inspired vision for the next phase of your life. Of tremendous significance, is that the 11’s when added together total 22, which brings in to play the second master number, this being that of The Master Builder.

Therefore, The Master Intuitive 11 energy gives you from within, the vision which then enables a building opportunity (The Master Builder 22) on a grand scale, bigger than what you could have ever envisaged / imagined. The master number 22 is all about cooperating and collaborating with others in a spirit of balanced harmony, such that gigantic structures (whatever these might be is up to your creative genius) which are of tremendous benefit to all humanity might be built… This is why we believe the 11th of November 2018 was the start, or the initiation, of a multiple master number fuelled portal which if handled correctly will absolutely transform your life in every way within the very near future.

The shift happens from 11 (of the Heavens) to 22 and on to 4 (of this Earth)

The right-side series of numbers brings the 29th of November 2018 in to play, the date we believe, when this Intuitive Vision Portal (IVOP) closes down, taking that which was created within the ethereal realm, and bringing it back to earth where the creations of thought energy are transformed in to tangible everyday use products. When the 3 x 11 baseline sequence is converted in to its lower octave, a 3 x 2 baseline sequence, then the numbers when added, shift from 22 (The Master Builder) in to a 4 (The structured, organised, disciplined energy which gets things done, practically, systematically and without entertaining the notion to take short cuts / cut corners). The number 4 is a hugely earthed vibration, hence our putting forth the idea that it is on the 29th when this IVOP closes, when things get real, when all that was created within thought (the 11) must now be transformed in to its physical equivalent here on earth. And so your IVOP initiated by a 1 (masculine) and supported by the 2 (feminine) now emerges and is representative of your creative act (number 3) which by the way, also aligns perfectly energetically with the onset of 2019, which itself will be a 3 Universal Energy Year (2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3).

Use this incredible Intuitive Vision Opportunity Portal to create your very own Quantum Leap forward

When a person experiences a Quantum Leap forward, something happens to them which defies logic. They go from here to there in an instant, just like an electron suddenly (and miraculously we hasted to add) jumps to a higher orbital. And when this happens, everyone else looks on in astonishment because they cannot fathom how so much could have happened in such a short time-frame. That’s a quantum leap – it defies logic and it blow others’ minds.

So, how did these few people achieve this leap? They experience this phenomenal shift because: They actively searched out and vigorously employed new behaviours. They began to think beyond what common sense would allow. They suspended disbelief and begin a process to abandon their rational thinking which is rooted in their personal mental junk. They trained their mind in to a new way of thinking and began to think and act in a way as if they knew they were going to succeed. Instead of doubting everything, they learned that if they must doubt something, let them doubt their limits. They embraced the paradigm that “you don’t have to know how you’re going to get there you simply need to know where you want to go”. They embraced reliance on invisible resources which are always there, in abundance, for you to tap in to. They abandoned excuses, reframed problems and gave themselves a new chance. Instead of wishing, longing, wanting, desiring, they pursue – they take definite action. They viewed failure as a resource – it helped them find the edge of their capabilities. They embraced being out of their comfort zone and understood that fear and growth go hand in hand.

Use the November 2018 Intuitive Vision Opportunity Portal to find your inner vision to power your Quantum Leap

Quantum leaps forward happen all the time. The only reason they don’t happen to you is because you don’t believe yourself to be worthy and deserving of them and because your vision on the inside is not bigger than all the negative voices of resistance which guaranteed, you will encounter daily on the outside. Now you know better. Use this incredible portal opportunity wisely. Find that inner vision and then when you have seen it, as clearly in your mind’s eye as an HDD printed image on paper, lock it down.

Now, begin to pour universal manifestation energy in to it every single day, just as you would look after a prised plant (i.e. water it, give it light, enjoy it, tell it how beautiful it is, look after it well…). Lastly, the ultimate prayer is a prayer of thanks. Therefore, give thanks for this vision you have in your mind’s eye and in your heart too, and give thanks for its manifestation on the physical plain. By doing this you’re now allowing miracles to happen and happen they will, quantum leap after quantum leap until miraculously, your vision is there for all to see… Here’s to your journey of magnificent discovery through November 2018’s 19 Day Intuitive Vision Opportunity Portal (IVOP) and the on to your powerfully speaking it in to life prior to the 29th.

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