Chris Styles is an autistic adult researching futurist number patterns.

He absolutely loves what he now does R&D wise and hopes to write up all his years of intense research for a PhD. In 2022, age 53, he was clinically diagnosed with Aspergers and Autism Spectrum Disorder by two of the UKs leading autism assessment experts. This diagnosis provided much needed clarity as to why he deploys a completely different set of intelligence filters and analytical tools to help him make sense of life and its experiences. By all accounts, Chris is a very high functioning autistic adult, having held down a high-pressure, executive level position within South Africa’s retail banking sector. That said, the ways of the corporate world always felt extremely foreign to him and though he enjoyed much corporate career success during the decade (2000 – 2010) in banking, he paid an extremely high price for this which saw him quitting corporate life in 2010.

Being autistic means Chris wires and fires differently!

Born in 1969, Chris Styles always knew he was “wired” very differently. At school he never fitted in, was never one of the popular crowd, and was quite happy to be left alone, in his own world of creative analytical thought. Having achieved academic and public speaking honours at school, he chose to study science at university. Chris obtained a BSc and BSc honours before his 22nd birthday. In the early 1990s he spent a few years in the African bush studying the ecological inter-relationships between elephants, mopane trees, herbivores, and insects. He loved his MSc journey and here his passion for understanding systemic research, was born. He continued working in the field of ecological research and wildlife conservation until 1999, when he was presented with an incredible career opportunity through a retail banking leadership development programme.

In 2011 Chris began searching for something…

autism spectrum disorder, autistic adult, Chris Styles, futurist research

Chris’s father, Tom Styles, loved maths and physics. He always used to tell Chris that mathematics in the language of the universe and as such humans, which are a creative energetic expression of universal intelligence, must be mathematically organised. This singular revelation stuck with Chris and led to his becoming the only autistic adult researching futurist number patterns, right now. When he teaches (videos,podcasts etc.) that every human does have a bespoke numerical blueprint and that our names and dates of birth are not random but in fact provide critical datapoints that feed into these unique experiential blueprints, people just roll their eyes skyward. Undeterred by their ignorance, Chris soldiers on regardless. His vast Human Futurology case study research has already conclusively proven that our lives are happening according to a magnificently grand organised design.

Autistic adult researching futurist number patterns…

The first step in understanding how your intelligent mathematical blueprint [IMB] is put together, is to decode all the important numbers and sequences in your date of birth. Here is Chris’ birth blueprint for 2023:

autism spectrum disorder, autistic adult, Chris Styles, futurist research

The above numbers and numerical sequences feed into the predictive mathematical model that he has created, one which lays out your life journey, in numbers, in up to 8D. There are many other numbers that feed into this predictive model, way too many to discuss in this article. To the highly trained eye, key sequences reveal the narrative that 2017, 2019, 2020 and the years 2023 to 2025 will present critical life shaping events for Chris. So far, this is exactly how the intended plan has worked for him. When presented with numbers, sequences (e.g., 1972//19//10//1) and modelled data outputs, most people feel totally overwhelmed. Their minds literally shut down because of all the “perceived complexity” before them.

Given this, here’s what you need to know and remember: Once you see the numerical experiential matrix of your life laid out before you, and once it has been properly explained to you by a professional like Chris, to the point where you really understand what the numbers and sequences are telling you about your past, the present and your future, you will never think about the construct of your life in the same way ever again! Welcome to next level personal and professional strategic thinking and planning…

This is why Chris Styles, an autistic adult researching futurist number patterns, believes that this way of thinking and planning (i.e., knowing your daily 365 pin code and applying it daily every year) will soon infiltrate and structure the daily activities and decision-making processes of all humans.

What some of the modelled data results look like…

autism spectrum disorder, autistic adult, Chris Styles, futurist research

This is a massively simplified extract from the complex Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB which given recent research advancements by Chris, is now expressed in 8D] dataset that defines the life of Chris Styles from 1995 to 2020. He has mapped his life from Birth through to Age 100 and he can do this for you too. RAG (Red, Orange, Green) status indicators are used to clearly reveal moments in time that for him, are opportunity rich (green: coded for reward and positive developments / experiences where the necessary disciplined work has been done), ho-hum (orange: the grind of life) and steeped in risk / extreme experiences (red).

When you choose a human futurist researcher like Chris to unpack, chart and explain your bespoke IMB, he will introduce you to many charts like this, data maps that give you incredible insights into exactly why your life has happened as it has and when it has. The upshot of this is the paradigm busting realisation that nothing about your life, has been random.

Chris hopes that his being an autistic adult researching futurist number patterns, will enable society at large to understand that because autistic people see the world through such a different set of pattern-driven lenses, they have much to offer by way of helping to develop new intelligent decisioning frameworks for improved life and business success strategies.

autism spectrum disorder, autistic adult, Chris Styles, futurist research

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