Has The Bull returned and could this see the Australian Vice Captain David Warner lose it all?

As the media frenzy spins out and the “he said / he said” commentary is written on either side of the Indian ocean, lets look at this from a different perspective. David Warner the darling of Australian cricket has a long running battle with his temperament. His barbed bantering, or sledging as the Aussie’s call it,  is well known on the field and whilst we can all chip in with our opinions on what was or wasn’t acceptable on the day, hardly anyone will ask the question why? Why does he appear to be slipping away from The Reverend he had become, back to The Bull he was? Much of his change in behaviour was credited to his relationship with Candice Falzon, fatherhood and their subsequent marriage. So what’s changed? A lot, it’s always in the numbers and David Warner is heading in to a torrid time.

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David Andrew Warner, born on the 27th of October 1986.

The above Date of Birth generated diagram reveals that:

  • David Warner’s Personal AttainmentNumber [CSPE] is Number 1 – which relates to attainment, leadership, being number one, the ego etc.
  • His Shadow Personal Attainment Number [USPE] is Number 8 – this relates to status, power, money, material matters, authority, ambition and of course 8 is always the number of karma.
  • His Professional Attainment Number [CSPR] is Number 6 – this relates to responsibility, relationships, balance etc.
  • His Shadow Professional Attainment Number [USPR] is Number 3 – this relates to creativity, self-expression, social matters, communication and sensitivity.

The reason we have brought these attainment numbers to the fore upfront in the Blog, is to connect you with his 4 key driving numbers. This way you can think about these in context to the numerical intelligence which follows below, as well as his make the final link that 3 of these 4 numbers [or 75%], being 3, 6 and 8 also represent significantly profound karmic lessons for this Australian sporting great. From his Date of Birth we can also deduce that he has the Arrow of Activity firmly in play in his personality, which whilst a blessing in that he is always busy with something, can’t sit still and should therefore be very productive, is also a curse [because once he gets a certain something firmly between his teeth, he simply can’t let it go or leave it alone – this usually brings about the manifestation of tremendous damage in some shape or form – as the saying goes “Act in Haste, Repent as Leisure”].

David Warner Code Quadratic View

The 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Numerical Intelligence chart for David Andrew Warner, reveals:

  • That 2018 [going on age 32 years] is going to be a very tough year for David Warner professionally hence the black block connecting the 8 and the 5 and that this is directly created as a result of his 2018 Double 5 Shadow Professional Energy experience [see blue ring above; the number 5 when operating within the shadow either personally or professionally is in most instances indicative of emotional rebelliousness and of pending significant change]. This emotional, professional, 5 shadow duality is not to be trifled with. It can either bring forth:
    1. Much needed professional change [maybe created on the back on de Kock’s recent sledge which brought the house down and should teach him that there are boundaries which should not be crossed and maybe his constantly crossing these boundaries, with other international cricketers, has finally given him a much-deserved taste of his own vile tasting medicine?] or;
    2. Extreme Emotional Rebelliousness. As of May 2018 [see monthly profile below], when his Shadow Professional Month number 1 [i.e. the beginning of the cycle] kicks in, it could result in his behaving in a most rebellious emotional way, thinking that he is bigger than the system and consequently resulting in his thumbing his nose at authority, structure and governance – something which if done, given the numerical make-up of his chart from 2019 through to 2024, will cost him very dearly.

  • 2019 [going on age 33 years] brings on a great deal of personal conflict [the numbers 4 and 5 connected by a black block are never a good combination; neither are their supporting numbers 5 and 11//2 on the personal emotional side also connected by a black block] for David Warner, which will be experienced both physically and emotionally.
  • In 2020, he will experience a significant new beginning professionally, hence the Double 1 duality which, given the sunk 7 [revealed to the right of the Double 1 duality] will also bring forth a period of introspection and reflection on what was – this after all is the purpose of the number 7 – to introspectively reflect and make sense of, one’s actions, in terms of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.
  • Given what a phenomenal sporting talent this man is, we certainly hope that he rapidly begins to make the much bigger connection around the impact his behaviours are having – not only on him but also on many others. Our reason for saying this is unless he seriously sorts his professional act and gets his emotional self under proper control, come 2021 and 2022, he will experience the very worst kind of professional fall-out [hence that specific period in the above numerical grid being severely punctuated with red and black blocks].

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Whether he thinks so or not, David Warner’s world is on a knife edge!

The incredible thing about life is that we all have freewill – right now David Warner’s world is on a knife edge – his uniquely coded number set clearly reveal this – and what he does in the next short while will determine which way it goes… Your choice David… Given the multitude of karmic lessons which you have in play – 5 in total [see your unique Inclusion Chart below] – and that karmic lessons play themselves out most prominently in from our early thirties through to our mid to late fifties, we most sincerely hope that you will make the right choices – which will always be the difficult choices as they will stretch you, place you in a most uncomfortable place and therefore, cause you to grow.