From the glamour of the international racehorse circuit to his own G550 personal jet, the much maligned ex-CEO of Steinhoff,  Markus Jooste, almost as unpopular as the Gupta’s evades the spotlight in what is fast becoming the low light of his career. From the boardroom to the bedroom the media unpacks his laundry and it is most definitely many unpleasant shades of grey. Leaving businesses and lives in ruins, no charges have been laid as yet, but conspiracy theories and stories of collusion abound, and  all is not certain that he will remain a free man.

Ground Breaking Case Study Around Falling Foul of the Master Number 22

This Blog deals with the elements of the 365 Pin Code for Markus Johannes Jooste, former CEO of Steinhoff International Holdings. Within the body of this article you will learn why his bespoke numerical cocktail provided him with the unique and we hasten to add, extremely rare opportunity to build on a massive scale which, in keeping with Master Number 22, is exactly what he did. As the numerical intelligence of the numbers presented below emerges, you will understand why this information is so powerful and why when properly presented and analysed, these charts provide a robust strategic planning framework and insightful risk management landscape, both personally and professionally. You will also learn much to your astonishment, how his unique numerical cocktail has within it, multiple check points, balance restoring intersections if you will which exist along his life path or life line and how these have now come in to play in order to bring him to book for acting in ways which were not befitting of the many masterful talents which he had been blessed with.

The above-mentioned points of correction along a life path holds true for all of us and it is around these points where one’s chosen life experience, if not being well honoured and properly respected, will through drastic, usually unpleasant and intensely corrective actions, be shifted away from the wrong path, back toward the right path. Most people are not conscious of all this and so when things go wrong they do not take full ownership for what is going down in their lives. Instead they wrongly choose to believe that life is being grossly unfair to them and as such the corrective experiences, do not serve to consciously enlighten them. Quite the contrary, these experiences then cause them to become the world’s biggest victims of circumstance and worse still, they then tell everyone how terribly hard done by they are which only results in the lesson which they had to learn having to be brought back into play all over again and on an even more intense scale!

Marcus Jooste numerology
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Those who are conscious of the mathematically generated, numerically intelligent coding which is hardwired in to all our lives, will however realise what is happening, why this is so and become grateful for the corrective experiences as therein lies phenomenal personal and spiritual growth.

Markus Johannes Jooste who up until a short while ago was one of South Africa’s professional elite, provides a superb case study around all this and so much more – this is explained below in three sections and using four numerical charts linked through associated contextualising content.

Markus Jooste Date of Birth 22 January 1961

Chart Number 1: Markus Johannes Jooste’s 365 Pin Code numerical birth chart [he was born 22.01.1961]

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In the above date of birth generated chart, of specific importance to note is:

Being born on the 22nd he carries in the person the Number 22 [see red circle in top most purple block] which when lived up to its highest octave, represents The Master Builder [this Energy is explained in detail a little further on in this Blog].

Being born in January [see the orange block with the number 1 in it] implies that in the Family position of his 365 Pin Code chart he is a Number 1. The number 1 in this position represents a hugely masculine, patriarch leadership type, dominant, even autocratic energy. Underneath the 1 lurks the submerged 8, a powerful subconscious family driver which unless understood and properly managed [as those who are in the know actively do with their shadow numbers] will always be pushing him for more familial security, status, power and influence.

In the World Position he is a Number 8 [1961 = 1+6+9+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8] and the 8 in this position [see green block located in the middle right of his chart] represents someone who is usually massively ambitious, who usually has an incredible drive and desire to achieve power, status, respect, authority, governance on a massive scale, tremendous success and phenomenal wealth. This is most often achieved with and through big business [big corporate business most often suits this vibration best as it is driven by money, power, status, respect (once you’re firmly ensconced in the C-suite) and remember, the Number 8 is always concerned with material matters of which money is a key component].

His Life Path [see CS-LFP red circle above] is also a 22. Again, the number of The Master Builder is prominently represented in his chart and given that it is in the Life Path, means that a great deal of attention should be paid to this and what it represents. Given that the Number 22 occurs twice in his chart [in the Person and in the Life Path], which is a rare occurrence, it can be deduced that the potential or opportunity for successfully building things on a massive scale is extremely high, however, if the spiritual significance and metaphysical lesson of the Number 22 is not adhered to, the lower octave, or Number 4 [22 = 2+2 = 4] will present itself and when it does, it will bring with it much limitation and severely earthed life lessons around how and why his double occurring Master Number should have been honoured.

His Shadow Personal or Personal Unconscious Self [see USPE grey block] Attainment Number is powerfully represented by the Number 13. This is extremely significant because not only does the Number 13 reduce down to a 4 [13 = 1+3 = 4; the life impact of the lower octave 4 has been briefly explained in the above paragraph] but it also always deals with karmic debt and to the informed numerical interpreter, indicates the potential for extreme inner strife and significant personal loss if the correct path / way of doing things, has not been adhered to.

His Shadow Life Path [see US-LFP light blue block above] is represented by the Number 5. The Number 5 when found in this position within a 365 Pin Code chart, reacts in a most unpredictable way. However, what is a given, is that should the study subject in question be living their life in the wrong way, then this number will always be associated with deviousness, excess and the misuse and abuse of personal freedom. And, it must be added, that because of the inherent intelligence which goes with the Number 5, the given individual will actually know this and be aware of this, yet still they will choose to embrace the known risk and to gamble with the adrenaline thrill which pushing such boundaries provides them in the moment.

Marcus Jooste numerology case study
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Now, let’s return to the significance of Number 22 – The Master Builder. The Number 22 vibration is The Practical Idealist who has the vision of 11 [also a Master Number] and has the power to put it to practical, tangible use for the benefit of mankind. When being expressed in its most pure and spiritual form, this is the universal energy of The Master Builder, of the one who conceives tremendous plans and achieves tremendous results. The Master Number 22 symbolizes the principle of precision and balance. When it senses its full capacity as a ‘Master Builder’, it can achieve what is hardly imaginable. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and is potentially the most successful of all numbers. There is four times the power and energy in this vibration so there is four times the strength to use on the material plane. Because of its great power, the number 22 may result in outstanding ascendancy or disastrous downfall. Remember, four times the energy, four times the power, and therefore four times the responsibility. The square or cube is the symbol of 22. It is the number that sees the larger picture and one who can work with the details necessary to complete that picture. The vision of the completed project and the energy to see it through is not everyone’s vision, but it is the responsibility of the 22 to bring it through to fruition.

What we at 365 Pin Code have learned through all our research and chart analytics, is that Master Numbers are very demanding of their bearers – they exist in order to teach the person / bearer full and complete mastery. So when they’ve been signed up for chart wise as a leading numerical experience, if they are not honoured, they will bite back severely. They will bring extremely tough results and lessons in to play for the bearer, in order to dramatically recalibrate him / her away from personal selfishness, greed, power, status and if in play, a woe-is-me, victim-type mindset, back to a state of selfless living where building upwards and outwards with and through others, again becomes their raison d’etre. This is the absolute essence of the Master Number 22 experience. When known, understood and honoured, the spiritual lesson of The Master Builder Number 22 is learned, and therefore mastery attained. Because of their selfless efforts to build on a grand scale, on a scale whose outputs richly benefit all of humanity, theirs is a world of extreme riches and abundance, just reward for passing their most demanding spiritual mastery examination if you will. Please pause for a moment and reflect on the life, outputs, mindset, philosophy and way of living of Sir Richard Branson, a global icon who like Markus Jooste, also has a 22 Life Path.

Now that you know all this about the master number 22, did Markus Jooste absolutely have it all coded in to his numbers? Yes, he did. Did he honour his ability to build on a grand scale? Yes, he did. Did he honour the selfless spiritual intent which actively underpins the mastery experience of the number 22? No, he did not, because if he had, there would have been no need for him to resign in the face of what is the biggest corporate business scandal to ever hit South Africa. What happens now? He will learn the lesson of the lower octave number 4 – this is explained contextually in the following section of this Blog whose content is informed through Chart Number 2, below…

Markus Jooste Quad View

Chart Number 2: 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Chart for Markus Johannes Jooste, revealing unique and key year-on-year core personal and professional data points from 2010 through to 2026

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Let’s interpret the above chart for Markus Jooste:

Starting with the year 2014 [see grey blocks in middle of chart]. Focussing on the numerical sequence to the left, we see a red block connecting 2 and 11/2. This reveals his experiencing what at that time must have been an intensely negative personal emotional or personal shadow experience – the duality of 2’s usually represents loss or the knowledge of pending loss and given that the number 2 is a highly emotional number, this would have been a very emotional and anxious time for him. To the right of 2014 lies his professional number experience where in the physical realm, the numbers 1 and 2 are linked. As numbers go, 1 and 2 never align well, so by then already the professional problems are starting to surface, plus the number 1 [reduced down from the backing number 10] indicates the start of a new nine-year professional cycle for Markus Jooste and what will be a disastrous nine years.

The cracks were beginning to show

In 2015, we see a string of red and black blocks both to the left and to right – this numerical convergence is instantly indicative of extreme strife both personally and professionally. No coincidence then that on 4 December 2015, Oldenburg authorities carried out a raid on Steinhoff’s European headquarters in Westerstede, Germany. Three days later, on 7 December, Steinhoff International Holdings transferred its primary listing from Johannesburg to Frankfurt, as, in Jooste’s words, the majority of the firm’s stores, customers and revenues were in Europe. Though describing it as “an important day in the history of Steinhoff”, Jooste chose not to leave Cape Town to attend the event. What is really important to note around 2015, is that on the extreme left of that year’s number line, are two numbers 13 and 4, both of which are circled in RED. Earlier in the blog we discussed how the 22 Life Path if not spiritually honoured and materially respected, will bring the lower octave Number 4 in to play, for the purposes of corrective action in the person’s life. So, Markus Jooste’s corrective process began in 2015, when the number 13 [the number always associated with the collection of karmic debt] presented itself as his 2015 Personal and Professional Essence Experience.

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The conscious process is reflected in the imagination, the unconscious process is expressed as karma – William Irwin Thompson

In Chart 1 we drew your attention to the sunk USPE Number 13 which presented itself as his Shadow Personal Attainment Number [SPAN]. This USPE / SPAN is a very significant number indeed, because it denotes the primary vibration around shadow emotional attainment and reveals what type of experience [in his case, karmic corrective 13 / 4] will be brought forth from the shadows, emotionally, should the life have been lived negatively / very much out of synch with the naturally intended vibrations. It is important for you to note in the above chart’s blue circled data string of Year-on-Year Essence Numbers, that the numbers 13 and 4 enter his life in 2015 and immediately exit the following year, which to the trained eye, tells of a karmic event teeing itself up massively for future presentation or manifestation.

Now in 2016, and yet again focusing your attention on the blue circled numbers of yearly Essence Experiences, note that the Essence Experience Number for Markus Jooste for 2016, and only for 2016 [thereby denoting a concentrated experience around that specific number] is an eight. And, where does he have eight prominently presented in his chart? That’s right, in the World – in the Career [1916 = 1+9+6+1 = 17 = 8] and lest we forget, the number eight always deals with abundance, money, material matters, litigation, power, status, influence, recognition and of course, karma. No coincidence then, given the massive influence of the number 8 during 2016, that Markus Johannes Jooste, then a revered South African businessman and avid horse breeder was reported to be one of Africa’s richest people worth a staggering $400 million. Little did he know at the time that his 13/4 karmic essence experience of 2015 and his power-packed 8/8 essence experience of 2016 were lining him up for 2017, the year when his world of power and influence would come crashing down, and spectacularly so at that!

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For 2017, to the left of the date, where his personal numerical coding for the year lies, we see a 1 and a 6 linked which tells of a brand new beginning [hence the Number 1 Essence Experience] and having to take full responsibility for personal affairs being the order of the day [as revealed through the Number 6]. It again is therefore not by sheer happenstance that Manager Magazin reported in August of that year that Jooste was being investigated by German authorities. In response Steinhoff’s price slumped by 16% on the JSE, but, it recovered after the company denied the allegations. This was followed by allegations of accounting impropriety made by Steinhoff’s former POCO subsidiary. Jooste’s 4th of December 2017 resignation as CEO of Steinhoff came as the company admitted to accounting irregularities within the group. Between 5 and 7 December Steinhoff’s share price plunged from R46.25 to R10.00 and its bonds fell in line. In the Table listed below, we’d like to draw your attention to the RED circle drawn around the month of December and that for Markus Jooste, December 2017 calculated out as being a Number 9 Personal Month, the Number 9 always being associated with the end, closure, finality, completion, the connecting of the dots if you will. From this we can deduce that this number string 22-1-8-22-1-4-1-6-9-1-5-8 spelt complete internal personal disaster for Markus Jooste.

Personal Month Profile 2017

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It is this type of numerical intelligence, once understood through detailed case studies like this one, which gives perspective on why number sequences once calculated, understood and contextualised within the unique numerical framework or 365 Pin Code of a given individual, provide such strategically important insights for both personal and professional risk management. This numbers driven intelligence is what business leaders, risk managers and corporate governance officers will have to take note of going forward.

Karma has no menu you get served what you deserve – Anonymous

Marcus Jooste numerology
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In 2018, which just also happens to be an 11 Universal Year [2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11] with the Number 11 being all about Enlightenment, Teaching and Illumination, Markus Jooste will disappear, withdrawing deep inside himself, literally dropping off the face of the earth if you will. How do we know this? Because for him 2018 on a personal level is dominated by the Number 7 [actually the backing number is 16 and 16 reduces down to 7] and 7 plays into the hermit vibration as well as being the universal energy which facilitates deep introspection and reflection around what was. Again, the numbers tell the absolute truth around as you sow, so shall you reap, in that 16 is also a karmic debt collecting number. Number 16 represents your having to answer for how you have behaved toward others relationship wise [hence the 1, which is about you, the individual, the personal ego, and the 6, which is about relationships, responsibility, your sense of community, matters of the heart etc.].

From 2019 [an 8 Personal Year for him, and the year during which we believe the number 8 will be fully associated with, and represented through, litigation] through to 2024, Markus Jooste will experience the most horrible time [the many red and black coloured blocks in his 365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart attest to this]. In 2019 the karmic number 13 [circled in RED] appears again as his yearly Essence Experience. Again it is a concentrated experience which lasts only 1 year and so guaranteed this is when his reckoning will happen as the 13, which reduces down to a 4, indicates in this instance a life path changing event. Remember that his 22 Master Builder life path, also reduces down to a 4 in that 22 = 2+2 = 4, so in 2019 the universal synchronicity around the collection of his life path created karmic debts, is fully in play.

Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual

Knowing your Karmic Lessons [i.e. those numbers that are absent in your name] helps you to understand what you need to focus on and develop in order to bring a greater sense of completeness and balance to your life. A Karmic Lesson indicates that you’ll display weakness, difficulty, or experience more intense obstacles with the particular themes that the number represents.

In the case of Markus Johannes Jooste, Chart Number 4 below shows that his only Karmic Lesson centres around the Number 7. Number 7 offers up experiences around spirituality [in the way of teachings and lessons which are intended to advance us as spiritual beings], universal metaphysical truths [in the way of the many universal laws e.g. The Law of Vibration, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Karma, The Law of Rhythm etc.] and scientific advancement [through the application of careful and considered thought to challenging matters as opposed to emotional outbursts]. It also offers up its shadow side, which is a life shrouded in secrecy – a life where what’s visibly seen on the surface is a far cry from what’s really going on underneath – or as they prophetically say in Afrikaans “stille waters diepe grond, onder dwaal die duiwel rond” – the literal translation being “still waters, deep ground, underneath lurks the devil”.

Chart Number 3: 365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Markus Johannes Jooste

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Analysis of Markus Jooste’s 365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart reveals:

With regard to the results calculated for Number 1, 210% of the normalised standard is huge and lifts the lid on what is usually a massive ego and an insatiable desire to win [to be Number 1] at all costs. Note that when there is such a massively skewed presence of the Number 1, it also denotes that this number is also his Hidden Passion – which in turn adds even more subconscious emotional fuel to his extreme desire and unstoppable drive to get to the very top.

Markus Jooste

Once there, he will most likely behave like the very dominant alpha male, dictating matters in a very autocratic and domineering way, and, also probably engendering a great deal of fear and anxiety around him in to the wider system. When this number of 1’s are in play it is almost impossible for the person to control their primal urges and so if you challenge or cross them they will stop at nothing to crush you underfoot in order to make it abundantly clear that they are in charge. The hardest lesson they will learn will be ego related, that pride comes before a fall.

He is under target for the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 – this indicates that he will have to learn many lessons around these vibrations, all of which will be linked back to what happens [The Numero Uno Lesson] when you ruthlessly place yourself ahead of and above others.

That his Number 6 calculates to 135% of normalised standard implies that he places a high value on responsibility and as such, given what will go down around him over the next few years, it is guaranteed that he will be very hard on himself which could bring forth a multitude of emotional and health problems. So, another spiritual lesson which he will have to learn, which is perfectly in keeping with his Karmic Lesson around Number 7, is forgiveness and personal forgiveness at that!

With 2018 being an 11 Universal Year whose primary intent is to bring forth enlightenment and to raise general awareness and human consciousness through profound teachings, it is no small coincidence either that during 2018 Markus Jooste also finds himself in a Personal Year Number 7. Also, we must not forget that he has the Master Number 22 playing itself out prominently in two primary chart positions and as such, the 22 will be much influenced by the 11 as 22 is little more than a super-charged 11.

Time’s Up for Markus Jooste

Marcus Jooste numerologyAs denoted in Chart Number 4 below which reveals his four unique Pinnacle opportunities and Challenge experiences, it is noticeable that his Final Challenge, circled in RED, is also driven by the Number 7. Given his current age, this fourth challenge is firmly in play and will be providing much for him to make sense of right now and in to the future. The 7 most often brings one back to earth with a very hard bump in that although it is of a spiritual nature, it brings firmly in to frame one’s mortality, and if the life has been lived in a cavalier, ego-fuelled manner, it will bring to bear results which [if the given individual is able to move beyond the mindset of being a victim] will give great insights around The Law of Reciprocity also known as The Golden Rule of Life. This Law teaches “Do Unto Others As You would Them Do Unto You!”

Chart Number 4: Markus Johannes Jooste’s 4 Life Path related Pinnacles and Challenges

Marcus Jooste numbers

The next few years of his life will demand that he go inward and upward as one does in deeply questioning introspective moments, to connect with the universal truths around his life’s journey – to connect most importantly with the Law of Cause and Effect – that as he has sown, so has he reaped – that no matter how you try to fool those around through “creative accounting” you cannot ever fool the Greater Universe from whence you come and of which you are part.

His Number 9 Pinnacle Experience affords him the opportunity to redeem himself and to turn it all around through selfless service to others, through genuine universal-love inspired philanthropy. He will of course have to consciously choose that route and that’s where the beauty of freewill comes in.

Marcus Jooste from thoroughbred to nag

Master builder, or mega failure, making sense of all this?

A great deal has been written about The Master Numbers 11 and 22 and what a hugely demanding experience they bring with them. In some instances, there exists visible information around how these numbers have played themselves out in the lives of prominent figures [11 in the Life Path of US President Bill Clinton and 22 in the Life Path of Sir Richard Branson].

This Blog which had as its study subject Steinhoff International Holdings’ former CEO Markus Johannes Jooste born on the 22nd of January 1961, provides a detailed insight in to what happens when a Master Number, in this case Master Number 22, is fallen foul of. Through publishing this very detailed and comprehensive work we hope to significantly raise the consciousness of people who have Master Numbers powerfully represented in their charts. By this we mean people who were born on the 11th or the 22nd day of the month, or who were born in the following years [2018 = 11; 2009 = 11; 1993 = 22; 1984 = 22; 1975 = 22; 1966 = 22; 1957 = 22; 1948 = 22] or, as calculated through various other 365 Pin Code Charts [which are not shown within this Blog] have the numbers 11 or 22 presented in their Life Path, Expression Number, Balance Number, Soul Urge, Personality and various Personal and Professional Attainment Numbers. By connecting Master Number carrying people with these energies and what they are presenting opportunity and experience wise, we are helping them to become conscious of the truth that because much was given to them [in the way of innate, latent masterful talents] much is expected of them delivery wise.

You can build a throne with bayonets, but you can’t sit on it for long – Boris Yeltsin