Meghan Markle marries her Prince Charming on the 19th of May

The tabloid media has barely been able to contain its self since the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle on 27th November 2017. So far, in their eyes, Meghan hasn’t put a step wrong, but they will be waiting in the wings to pounce if and when the time comes.

The hardest thing about joining the Royal Firm is the scrutiny

Prince William, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are all adept at handling the media after years of experience. However in recent years Prince Harry’s girls took a lot of strain and several folded under the pressure, Cressida Bonas for one couldn’t cope with the constant invasiveness of being in the spotlight. Many thought that Prince Harry wouldn’t find the love he yearned for.

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Enter Meghan Markel, stage left. One of the closest guarded secret romances of recent times, internationally recognisable for her role as Rachel Zane in suits, Prince Harry managed to keep the blossoming relationship under wraps for several months. No stranger to the paparazzi, Meghan Markle is up to the rigidity of the royal photo calls. At 36, a divorcee, internationally known actress, celebrity and activist, she has a few skeletons, but she has something very important when entering the royal spotlight, life skills and experience. There are many detractors, a lot of them disgruntled family members and a few in the media who say she will fly the coup….

We don’t see this though. Relationships require work, its a fact, and no matter what the numerical programming, there is always the human element of choice and free will. But, looking at Meghan Markle’s 365 Pin Code if any woman is up to the job, it’s her…

Rachel Meghan Markle born 4 August 1981

What Meghan Markle’s Unique 365 Pin Code and Numerical Timeline reveals

Being born on the 4th, she carries a Personal Energy of 4 (see top purple block) – which means she has a phenomenal capacity for work and enjoys structure, process and procedure. Most fours are usually very organised, practical and highly disciplined. However, under the 4 lurks a 5 (see bottom purple block) and so she will go with the flow up to a point, but do not ever underestimate the 5 which lies beneath, as this human experience related energy can never be fully contained. So she will where she deems necessary, challenge protocol and convention, however, our take is that this will never be done in an anti-establishment type way, but rather intelligently, working respectfully with and through existing structures in order to bring much needed change and the necessary modernisation.

Being born in the month of August – 8 Intimate Energy (see left hand orange block) – she naturally has a powerful protective and grounded air about her when it comes to family matters. As explained later in the blog the number 8 is a very powerful (think Leo) energy which is generally comfortable with much responsibility.

Now, it gets really interesting, when we take a look at her World / Career Energy, which is a 1 given that she is born in 1981 [1+9+8+1 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1]. Number 1 is always the number of The Leader. Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 – do the maths [1918 = 1+9+1+8 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1] – it’s exactly the same external world / career energy cocktail as Meghan’s. People with a 1 in this position in their birth chart will do things their way – very cleverly so at times – but be aware of this – they do not easily take instructions from others and they absolutely have to be the captain of their own vessel, the star of their own show. What this means is that if Meghan Markle lives up to the energetic coding of this number in this position, which we believe she will, she will do much and most definitely be a powerful global force to be reckoned with. Throughout this blog (and core to the deeper, inherent, purpose of 365 Pin Code’s work) we will be revealing to you again and again, why no event is ever random, why every event is actually following a much deeper, yet little understood, numerical timeline coding. Given Meghan’s 19 in the World, it is no coincidence that she is marrying Prince Harry on the 19th – a perfect universal energy alignment which is teeing up and enabling-from-the-outset, the phenomenal global leadership work which she must do together with Prince Harry. Watch this space folks…

Now we come to her lifepath, which is a 22 – the number of the Master Builder and if you want to learn more about this phenomenal energy, just go to our very expansive Glossary of Terms where all will be explained in much detail. Those who carry this lifepath have the potential to build much, incredible structures which are of phenomenal benefit to all mankind, but if they deviate from the masterful coding of this immensely powerful number, it will savage them severely, as has been recently learned the hard way by a South African billionaire, Markus Jooste, who stands at the centre of the massive Steinhoff scandal. So, Meghan Markle, it is our most sincere hope that somehow you are made aware of this master number life path energy of yours, and always know and remember this – do not head down the same road as did Mr Jooste, because if you do, you will fall long and brutally hard from a place of much power, privilege, influence and grace.

Meghan’s Shadow Life Path brings a very powerful number in to play, the Karmic Number of 14/5. This karmic or corrective life path experience is explained in detail in our Numerology Terms, however in brief, what this karmic lifepath number is telling her, is, to live a life which has as its core premise, everything in moderation. A sunk lifepath number of 14/5 can lead to certain excesses of the senses, and if it does, corrective circumstances will present themselves in such a way as to deliver a most severe lesson around why her life must always be lived with everything in moderation as its most central tenet.

Her Personal Attainment Number is:

3(12) which means Creativity, Optimism and Self Expression are core to her wellbeing. The number 3 in this chart position bodes really well [we explain why this is so later in the blog] for Meghan in 2019, especially given that 2019 is itself a 3(12) Universal Energy Year [2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12 = 3] – so it’s a perfect 3(12)-3(12) match and therefore much will happen for her, joyfully so, in 2019!

Her Shadow Personal Attainment Number is:

6 which brings Family, Relationships, Responsibility and Matters of the Heart in to play on a very emotional level.

Her Professional Attainment Number is:

5 which means she is at her best when change, freedom, travel, adventure, experiences and challenging the status quo is involved. An entire book could be written around the 5 energy given that it resonates so powerfully with the human experience, however, for the purposes of Meghan Markle, this professional attainment energy represents the truth that she will be at the centre of much change related activity.

Her Shadow Professional Attainment Number is:

13/4 which represents a karmic experience – one which will constantly remind her that she never ease in to a life of excessive leisure but must instead choose as a royal, to work hard and to be most diligent, as that’s what this sunk professional or career number demands of her. Also, there are no shortcuts here; the number 13 does not tolerate or enable shortcuts of any nature and where these are entertained or actively engaged, they will never bring forth the desired results.

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365 Pin Code 720⁰ Praxis Hexagon for Rachel Meghan Markle, born 04.08.1981, soon to marry Prince Harry

The above hard coded numerical life path timeline sequences for Rachel Meghan Markle, born on the 4th of August 1981, reveals much. Now, we could analyse each year and build this from a blog in to an entire case study. However, that it not the purpose of this written, educative exercise. So, the most important headline results which we want to share with you, are:

Exactly why 2011 is the life changing year when she began playing the role of Rachel Zane on the USA Network show Suits. This is because 2011 is coded as a 22/4 Experience year for her – a master energy experience which lasts from 2011 through to 2014 (look above for the string of red 22/4 numbers with associated red and gold coloured blocks). Now, because Meghan Markle has a 22/4 Life Path (already explained in detail) these few years are a life and game changing period for her because their 22/4 hardcoded energy experience perfectly matches the 22/4 hardcoded energy of her lifepath. This is what we at 365 Pin Code call a perfectly synchronised numerical success cocktail and, irrespective of whose charts we might be working on, whenever we see this massively amplified convergence we know that something truly enormous is going to go down in their life.

Still think that our lives are not mapped out numerically? Think again – they are – its just that none of the Numerology models built to-date delve deep enough into the ENTIRE and VERY COMPLEX personalised numerical cocktail which defines who we are and what we will experience, how, why and when…

In 2004 – the year when she began her relationship with actor and producer Trevor Engelson, you will see a Double 9 red coded block in one of the six views which we have created. This marks a significant ending for her on the personal level but heralds a tremendous new beginning for her both personally and professionally in 2005, hence the Double 1-1 and 1-11 red coded blocks listed along that year’s unique data string. This relationship and experience was something she absolutely had to have, nevertheless, given the 9-9 duality in 2004, it was one which was destined to fail hence the divorce in 2013 a year which brought with it a coding of 9(9)-22/4-3(12)-11/2-22/4-1(10)-6(15)-22/4-6(15) – a data string which to the highly attuned Numerological eye means the ending and shifting of much around matters of the heart. Her marriage in 2011, two years earlier, happened around a 9-22/4-3 personal data string. It is never a good idea to get married or to start something new in a 9 Personal Year – in fact quite the contrary, it is utterly disastrous! This 9 related “start-up-activity” then places you exactly at odds with what the 9 universal energy is all about – it is intended for closure, finality, the end of the 9 period cycle if you will, so to be brutally honest, the chances of her first marriage lasting were, according to our numerical intelligence and chart mapping experience, less than zero.

In 2016 there is a massive change and personal freedom shift for her (hence the Double 5 red coded block) on an external or professional scale – i.e. how she meets and greets her external world – and this is because of her relationship with Prince Harry going public. Since 2015 she has been in a 5 Energy Experience (remember that the number 5 is all about change and personal freedom!) and it runs through to 2018, the year when she marries Prince Harry on the 19th of May. It is also no coincidence that 19.05.2018 (her wedding day) is an 8 Universal Energy Day [19.05.2018 = 19+5+2018 = 2042 = 2+0+4+2 = 8] given that Meghan Markle is born in the month of August, the 8 month of the calendar year and she also has a submerged or sunk number 8 in the world which talks to a deep seated emotional desire to leave a lasting legacy of much global substance!

Importantly, from 2018, through to 2024, a seven (7) year period, Meghan Markle will experience six (6) different Experience changes. This is literally the equivalent of a lifetime being jam-packed in to a very short time frame. How do we know this? Because the above 365 Pin Code 720⁰ Praxis Hexagon data chart reveals that 2018 provides her with a 5 Essence Experience (look for the red number 5 in the 2018 data line), 2019 with an 8 Essence Experience, 2020 with a 3 Essence Experience, 2021 with a 4 Essence Experience, 2022 with another 4 Essence Experience, 2023 with a 9 Essence Experience and 2024 with a 2 Essence Experience. Talk about her having to experience much and on a very short timeline! Shows that much will happen to her, around her, with her and through her!

365 Pin Code Life Path Pinnacles and Challenges for Meghan Markle

Given that Meghan turns 37 this year, her current Pinnacle Experience revolves around the Number 5 (Change, Personal Freedom etc.) and her current Challenge Experience revolves around the Number 3 (Self-Expression, Communication etc..). In the previous paragraph we revealed to you that her Essence Experience for 2018 revolves around the number 5. Yet again, we have a perfectly co-ordinated numerical convergence happening around Meghan, with her marrying Harry in what is for her a 5 Essence Experience year which matches 100% with her Number 5 Pinnacle Experience for the Age 35 to 43. What is important to take note of is that her Challenge during this period relates to the Number 3. This reveals that irrespective of what happens forthwith, she must never lose sight of the importance of her being creative, communicative and self-expressive – extremely important especially with 3 being the number which she has as her Personal Attainment Number.

Will 2019 hear the pitter patter of tiny feet?

Now, to return to her 365 Pin Code 720⁰ Praxis Hexagon’s coding lines, the really exciting thing to emerge from the hard coded lifepath data string for Meghan Markle, is 2019, a year which has as its intelligent coding: 6(6)-8(8)-9(9)-8(8)-8(8)-7(7)-3(12)-8(8)-3(12). This we believe represents the year when Meghan and Harry will announce to the world that they are pregnant and given the 365 Pin Code shadow numerology monthly energy chart created below for her, we believe the data reveals that their first baby will be born in the month of August 2019.

365 Pin Code Name Analysis for Rachel Meghan Markle

The above chart reveals that:

Her first name, Rachel, carries with it an 11 master energy. Her name Rachel totals 29 and 29 reduces down to 11 [29 = 2+9 = 11]. Now, we must not forget that 2018 is an 11 Universal Energy Year [2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11]. So, even though she does not publicly go by this name, it is nevertheless her first name and therefore carries much universal significance, so no coincidence then that 2018 is proving to be such a massive year for her. Her known name, Meghan, reduces down to a 3 which is the creative, self-expressive, communicative, optimistic energy. Markle reduces down to a 6 which is linked with Family, Relationships, Matters of the Heart.

Then, all importantly, we get to her Expression Number and this is:

11. There you go – she is expressing herself optimally (as an 11) in an 11 Universal Energy Year. This is why we at 365 Pin Code know that the numbers never lie – that nothing is ever a mere random event or chanceful happenstance. Later on, we will reveal to you using intelligently presented numbers, exactly why 2011 was the year when she experienced a life changing event through the TV series, Suits – and again you will see that this was no coincidence…

What the above name created chart also reveals is that Meghan Markle has much power – hence her Balance Number being an 8. This means whenever she finds herself in an extremely challenging or very difficult situation she can immediately restore her sense of balance by remembering just how much power she has coded into her numerical makeup and so she must never waver – always choosing to use this power in an ecological way – to benefit the many and not just the few.

Her Primary Soul Urge is:

9 (this number aligns her perfectly with Universal Love, Healing, Humanitarian Endeavours, Philanthropy etc.) and her Secondary Soul Urge is a 3 (Self Expression, Creativity etc.). Her Primary Personality is an 11 (again, the master number 11 of Illumination, Enlightenment and Teaching; so, personality wise she will be at full cry during the perfectly matched 11 energy profile of 2018) and her Secondary Personality is a 5 (which means she will challenge everything – hopefully always in a really good way!).

Meghan Markle has The Arrow of The Enquirer

This means she has a massively enquiring mind and loves detail. She loves to understand how and why things happen right down to the microlevel. She shares this Arrow of The Enquirer with the likes of Professor Stephen Hawkins and world-famous life coach and bestselling author, Tony Robbins, who at one of his recent Unleash the Power Within events in the US, incurred the wrath of the global #MeToo movement. If you really want to know more, here’s how and why this internationally acclaimed success guru attracted such a profound personal awareness lesson to himself in 2018.

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Rachel Meghan Markle

For Number 1 – the number which deals with Independence, Essence of Masculinity, Leadership, Winning, Tenacity and Striving Forward, Attainment, Bold, Bravery, New Beginning, Innovation, Individuation, Pioneering Spirit, The Ego and Sense of Self – she scores 100% of the normalised standard. A superb, bulls-eye result for this specific energy.

For Number 2 – the number which deals with Diplomacy, Duality, Nurture, Essence of Femininity, Motherly, Power Behind The Throne, Cooperation, Collaboration, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Others Focussed – she scores 50% of the normalised standard. This result reveals that this is an area which she will always have to work on especially given her 1 in the World / Career being born in 1981.

For Number 3 – the number which deals with Creativity, Self-Expression, Artistic, Communication, Sensitive, Social, Courage, Optimism, Open Mindedness and Enthusiasm – she scores 150% of the normalised standard. This clearly explains why she took to becoming an actress, because of all the artistic self-expression which goes hand-in-hand with such a career choice.

For Number 4 – the number which deals with Work, Focus, Discipline, Order, Limitation, Being Boxed In, Practicality, Reliable, Systematic, Foundational, Service and Devotion – she scores 100% of the normalised standard. A superb, bulls-eye result for this specific energy.

For Number 5 – the number which deals with Change, Personal Freedom, Constructively Challenging, Sociability, Choices, Resourcefulness, Assimilating Information, Adventure, Travel, Exploring, Adaptability, Versatility, 5-Senses Driven Experiences and sometimes being Obtuse and Rebellious – she scores 100% of the normalised standard. A superb, bulls-eye result for this specific energy.

For Number 6 – the number which deals with Family, Friends, Balance, Relationships, Responsibility, Love, Caring, Protecting, Sense of Community, Matters of the Heart, Finding Solutions, Grace and Gratitude, Stability – she scores 0% of the normalised standard. This implies that the Number 6 represents a significant lifelong Karmic Lesson for Meghan Markle. So, it is no random coincidence that she has a 6 as her Shadow Personal Attainment Number in her 365 Pin Code 4 Keystone Data Triangles chart (see chart provided right at the beginning of this blog). She will have to pay much attention to this number as well as this specific part of her life or else this very specific karmic lesson will bring much pain for her and it will always be around matters of the heart.

For Number 7 – the number which deals with Analytics, Rational Thought, The Application of The Mind, Cosmic Matters, Introspection, The Hermit, Isolation, Reflection, Inner Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Spiritual Matters, Mysticism and Psychic Abilities – she scores 100% of the normalised standard. A superb, bulls-eye result for this specific energy.

For Number 8 – the number which deals with Material Matters, Money, Riches, Legal Matters, Abundance, Power, Status, Authority, Ambition, Giving and Receiving, the number of Karma and Wealth – she scores 100% of the normalised standard. A superb, bulls-eye result for this specific energy.

For Number 9 – the number which deals with Humanitarianism, Selflessness, Idealist, Compassion, Completion, Healing, Universal Love (Forgiveness), Consciousness, The End, All The Universal Spiritual Laws, Intuition, Light Working, Tolerance and Acceptance – she scores 100% of the normalised standard. A superb, bulls-eye result for this specific energy.

The above chart reveals that Meghan Markle’s Hidden Passion numbers are 1 and 3 – which in a nutshell are Independence, Leadership and Creativity and Self Expression. And, her Subconscious Self is an 8 – which means that which lies beneath, subconsciously, resonates with Material Matters, Money, Riches, Legal Matters, Abundance, Power, Status, Authority, Ambition, Giving and Receiving and Wealth. Her Maturity Number is a 6 which goes well with all the responsibility awaiting her as a member of the British Royal Family.

365 Pin Code Shadow Month Energy Profile 2019

Of late there have been a number of communications made public, for example the recent open letter to Prince Harry from Meghan Markle’s half-brother urging him not to marry her because he emphatically believes that she is not the right woman for him. Well, his views are his views, but they are most definitely not numerically informed nor are they accurate. Our information is accurate and given all the detailed analytics which we’ve done during the many formative years, coupled with the astonishing multidimensional accuracy which our unique 365 Pin Code charts have provided again and again, we know one thing for certain and that is that the numbers never lie!

The master numerologist, Kevin Quinn Avery, who sadly is no longer with us, proved in the 1970’s that well-constructed, carefully analysed and cleverly interpreted Numerology charts provide highly accurate personal and professional data. He did so by accurately predicting, to the hour, the resignation of US President Richard Milhous Nixon, and he did this months ahead of the event. This is how we believe the Numerology genius Kevin Avery predicted this phenomenally accurate result and we’ve applied the same numerical modelling intelligence to the content of this blog.

So, in conclusion, and once and for all to put all this “Harry must PLEASE not marry Meghan” nonsense to bed, what our numbers reveal intelligence wise, is that Harry and Meghan are going to have a fabulously successful life together, so much so, that they may well be the envy of many other royals. This view is informed by the chart below which reveals their combined energies. They both the master number 22 powerfully presented in their charts – this means they both have the inherent desire to build, on a very grand scale, advancement creating structures which be of tremendous service and benefit to all of humanity. Prince Harry has a 1 Life Path which means that much is lined up for him leadership wise and so Meghan Markle’s 1 in the World (derived from the number 19 as explained multiple times throughout this blog) will lend a tremendous helping hand to getting him to this intended leadership pinnacle. Their combined chart reveals a sunk Karmic Number 13 (see the green circles) both in the world and in the lifepath, which means that if honoured, they will do phenomenal work together and contrary to popular belief the number 13 is not unlucky – quite the opposite in fact, it is a rebirth experience which allows, through work (the number 4), much personal freedom to be experienced (13 = number 1 which is independence, leadership, attainment etc. and; number 3 which is self-expression, communication, creativity, optimism etc.). Their conjoined energies bring forth a 1 in the Collective Person (look below – notice the number 1 at the very top of the combined chart) and so let this be known to all the doomsday prophets and naysayers out there – this is one serious power couple who together, will leave a phenomenal and everlasting legacy!

365 Pin Code Combined Chart Meghan Markle and Prince Harry [Henry Charles Albert David of Wales]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – to your great collective success and given that you’re marrying in an 11 Universal Energy Year, with the number being all about Illumination, Enlightenment and Teaching, may this beautiful, masterful energy infuse itself in to every aspect of your lives and may all that you do together, bring much light, love, peace and happiness in to this world of ours.

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And last but not least – and to just again reveal even more universal numerical magic around this date and how Meghan Markle’s numbers are so perfectly aligned to it – the Daily Energy Table for Meghan Markle for May 2018 reveals that on the 19th, her wedding day, she experiences an 11 Personal Energy Day. Perfect, simply perfect… Yet again the master number 11 making itself known and aligning perfectly with her Expression Number. What a day the 19th will be and what a wonderful number story goes with this event around Meghan Markle, soon to be wife to Prince Harry.

We at 365 Pin Code believe that there are no coincidences in life – there is just our not knowing enough mathematically to yet fully comprehend that all is intelligently coded in to our life; that every moment we are alive, we are experiencing something which is underpinned by an intelligence which is way greater than ours – which is expressing itself with and through us, via numbers and an intricately calculated numberline.

Meghan and Harry – universal blessings from all of us at 365 Pin Code.

Meghan Markle will be a great partner for Prince Harry to forge a greater role for them

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Often the younger brother of the future king falls by the wayside in terms of the day to day relevance in royal life. It is difficult for the younger sibling to forge their way when the future king has produced heirs of his own. Megan Markle will be a great partner to Prince Harry, and the final member for the young fab four.