The writing was on the wall for the Australian Captain, Steve Smith and Vice Captain David Warner long before the South African test series.

David Warner‘s explosive reaction to his off sides behaviour blew up in the 2nd test leaving the teams reeling. Cricket Australia are not innocent here, this is a deep rooted culture of Win at all Costs and it is often ugly. A sad reflection upon a nation of talent cricketers, this culture is seeped in ego and not in the spirit of the game. After the Warner debacle and the shame of 58 all out, what could be worse, Steve Smith’s response? “Hold my beer….”

When did it all go so awfully wrong for Steve Smith [born Steven Peter Devereux Smith]?

Whilst everyone tries to work out how it all went so wrong for Steven Smith, if we have a look at his unique 365 Pin Code generated numbers it becomes very clear. In many of the previous Blogs we’ve explained how this year, 2018, sees the Master Energy of 11 hard at work, revealing what’s been kept in secret in the shadows, because that’s what this energy does, it illuminates, it enlightens and all importantly, it teaches – usually brutally hard lessons.

Born 02-06-1988,  Steve Smith’s 365 Pin Code date of birth generated Keystone Triangles

What’s important to note here is that Steve Smith has an 8(26) Life Path with an 8(8) Personal Attainment Number, an 11(11/2) Professional Attainment Number (take note of this given the 11 Energy of 2018), a 1(10) Shadow Personal Attainment Number, a 7(16) Shadow Professional Attainment Number and a 1(19) Shadow Life Path.

The number 8 is associated with power, status, material matters, wealth, authority and ambition. The number 11 gives enlightenment, not through shedding light on what is known and very much out in the open, but my illuminating that which lurks within the dark shadows – and it does so in a highly emotional way. The number 1 is all about leadership, the ego, coming first, attainment, achievement, being the best, independence and individuation. The number 7 indicates mental prowess, the ability to think clearly, knowledge and analysis – it is in many ways the energy of the surgical specialist. It also represents spiritual matters and when present within the unconscious or shadow part of the chart, as is the case for Steve Smith, it also serves to enable introspection and reflection. Put these numbers together and we have a powerful snapshot profile of Australian Cricket Captain Steve Smith, and what drives him personally and professionally, known (consciously so) and unknown (unconsciously so).

It is highly unlikely that the ball tampering was spur of the moment for Steve Smith

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Have a look at Steve Smith’s Pythagoras Square generated from his date of birth

Just like the recently deceased Professor Stephen Hawking, Steven Smith has only the Arrow of The Enquirer – a very powerful arrow which reveals that he is a deep thinker. As such, if he is unsure about something, he will interrogate it over and over in his mind, thinking it through rationally and multidimensionally until he has a clear understanding of the given matter from all angles. Rarely do people with this arrow ever do something without having thought deeply about it and so usually they know exactly what the risk versus reward framework is before they act!

Steve Smith’s Inclusion Chart generated from his full name registered at date

In the above chart note that every number from 1 through to 9 is represented in the letters of his full name, however, there are two numbers which stand out because their percentage over target is high. These are the numbers 4 and 5. The number 4 which in Steve Smith’s chart carries the highest percentage over normalised target, represents someone who is very pedantic about things being done a certain way and who achieves results through order and structure. The number 5 when over target as it is above, is indicative of a risk taker, of a gambler, of someone who if they believe the reward is greater than the risk, will push the boundary rope (forgive the cricketing pun) in order to get what they want. Of interest too is his low percentage of 38% pertaining to the number 6, a number which aligns itself with a sense of community, matters of the heart, relationships and responsibility. So, from this we can deduce that he will have much to learn about being responsible and all importantly, taking responsibility for your thoughts, decisions, actions and results – or as taught in advanced coaching terminology, living at cause and not at effect if you will.

Steve Smith’s 365 Pin Code chart showing the four dominant Pinnacle and Challenge experiences which he will have throughout his life and what ages these will present themselves to be experienced

What’s really important to note in the above chart is the shift at Age 28, from his First Pinnacle Experience, an 8, which is about power, status, money, ambition, wealth, fame and fortune, to his Second Pinnacle Experience, which is driven through the master number 11 (hence the 11 is circled in purple). Steven Smith who turns 29 this year has entered a 9 year cycle Pinnacle Experience from Age 29 to 37, which will afford him the opportunity to either learn a great deal from, and to become very wise from, what has happened – that is enlightenment. Or, given that he has freewill, he can choose to actively embrace the lower octave of the 11, which is the number 2 (11=1+1=2) in which case he will experience the duality of man, and be the victim and tell everyone how terribly unfortunate he was to be the one who got caught. His choice – enlightenment versus the victim – given how karma works and that it 2027 is the year when the master number 11 energy will present itself all over again – we know which option we’d choose if we were him. If he makes good and takes his medicine like a man, he has the opportunity for a Third Pinnacle Experience centred around the number 1 and that will then align him, emotionally so – which is a very powerful alignment – with his Shadow Life Path and then he really can become the great leader which he is meant to be. If he does, this, from Age 47 he will most likely hold down positions of great responsibility. However his future roadmap and the achievement of its possible pinnacles, all rests on how he handles the next 9 years governed by the number 11, and guaranteed they will be 9 very tough years. During the next nine years his greatest challenge will be to embrace his number 7 challenge which is to really go deep within, to reflect on what was and to think around what is; to connect deeply with what this master number 11 powered, emotionally charged, spiritual lesson is and to not think it’s all a load of airy-fairy new-age metaphysical nonsense. Should Steven Smith connect with this number 7 challenge and embrace it for the unique spiritual growth experience it affords him, then his next two challenges which centre around joy, happiness, self-expression and communication won’t be as challenging. If he doesn’t he will have a very tough time and the number 3 powered lesson will shred him wide open from Age 38 onwards.

It is all about the money…. and the price to pay now will see Steve Smith lose lucrative sponsorship deals and his £ 1.3 million IPL contract, Cricket Australia’s sponsorship deals are under review and we are only scratching the surface of #Sandpapergate!

Steve Smith’s 365 Pin Code Quadratic View which reveals numerically coded experiences, personal and professional, conscious and subconscious from 2011, Age 22, through to 2033, Age 44

In 2018, the year when Steve Smith turns 29, he enters a personal phase of his life which is governed by the data-string 1(19)-9(18)-3(12) – which is visible above as the data string line to the left of the year 2018, with black blocks and red circles. The number 19 is always associated with a karmic lesson which centres around misuse of independence. The number 18 which reduces down to a 9 reveals his Essence Experience for the year and 9 always deals with closure, the end, awareness and, if the lesson can be learned, healing. The fact that this Essence Experience number 9 is concentrated in to just one year, tells that this experience will be a very extreme one for him – a devastating tsunami of karma if you will, which tears through his world at an alarming pace leaving behind the very worst type of chaos and devastation. The number 12 to the right of the 9, 12 being a higher octave of the number 3, deals with the emotional fallout around the loss of self-expression, happiness and a carefree life. This is a period when personal freedom is removed and great restrictions placed upon your life – exactly what Steve Smith is experiencing right now and will continue to experience for a very long time. This number is encouraging him to take a long hard look at himself from a completely different perspective and it is this change of perspective which will bring him the much- needed learnings about why he has done what he did and paid such a severe price for having to win and be number 1.

The dead giveaway from a numbers perspective as who why 2018 was the year when it would all go VERY wrong for Steve Smith is the Double 9 red block coloured combination on his emotional professional number line for 2018. The two 9’s being an 18-18 link, with the number 18 being the universal energy which deals with the shadow, that which is unseen, that which lurks beneath, that which is hidden from plain sight. This 18-18 combination, when presented in an 11 universal energy year, resulted in the all that was not visible, becoming visible and with this the shock and horror around what lengths he was prepared to go to, to win, emerged. This is the most devastating of number combinations and what Steve Smith has attracted to himself karma wise is bigger than what any of us can imagine right now. The number 18, represents your shadow self.

The shadow is a psychological term introduced by the late Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl G. Jung and is a part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings and instincts. “Everyone carries a shadow” Jung wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

According to Jung, the shadow, in being wholly instinctive and highly irrational, is prone to much projection, turning a personal inferiority into a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. Thus, when the number 18 presents itself either as key number in your charts or as an experience, it is drawing your attention to your shadow and the need for you to become consciously aware of any tendencies to project fear and anxiety on to your external surroundings and the need for you to turn it around into more positive and constructive energy. This puts in to perspective how huge this event is for Steve Smith as he now has to face his two shadow attainment numbers which are 1, having to win at all costs and 7, being very secretive and not playing things above board and out in the open because of your numerous agendas.

The other dead giveaway – though less obvious – is that Steve Smith’s dominant professional experience in 2018 is driven by the number 22 – circled in red in the above chart – which itself is a master number. The master number 22 and its 22-11 impact this year was explained in detail in the blog which we recently published around disgraced South African billionaire Markus Jooste. The 22 and the 11 – both master teaching energies – were just waiting to blow Steve Smith right out of the water, to bring him to book in a way which only the universal forces can bring forth. That’s why this universe of ours is so perfectly just, because as you sow so shall you reap. It also explains why if you choose to live by the sword you absolutely will die by the sword. We believe that this mini case study of the professional convergence of master energies 22 and 11 again proves how powerful these universal master numbers are and how when they present themselves, if you’ve been up to no good, you will wish you’d never even contemplated that nonsense all those years back.

The string of purple circled numbers in his 2019 data string reveal many 1’s and 8’s which show loads of beginnings and endings and with the number 8 always being associated with money, power, ambition, achievement etc this shows a huge fall from grace and much loss materially. It is the collapse if you will of his materially abundant and powerful world in order to make room for the intensely spiritual lesson which he must learn and learn it, we hope he does, as his numbers show that in to the future, he has much to offer. But, if he thumbs his nose at the lessons then they will only be brought back later and much harder to boot. If Steve Smith chooses personal enlightenment over being the professional victim, this being the ultra-tough choice for him given his low number of 6’s (just 38% in his Inclusion Chart – see Chart number 3 above) and 6 being the number of accepting responsibility for your actions, then from 2024 things will turn significantly for the better for him. If not, the period 2022 through to 2028 will make this current ball breaking experience look like its little brother. Make the right choices Steve – you’ve got so much more to lose if you don’t.

Yet again the master number 11, the universal energy of 2018, the energy which brings forth profound teachings around life in a highly emotional way, has made itself felt – this time through the Australian Cricket Captain Steven Peter Devereux Smith – the man who arguably held what is probably that continent and country’s highest and most respected sporting achievement.

Steve Smith has reportedly been sent home in disgrace, and rumour has it that most of the Aussie team aren’t talking to David Warner

The series has been ugly from the start, rivalries run hot, but it hasn’t been pretty from either side, provocation is not an excuse, but sometimse retaliation seems the only answer. What has been brought to light is that the “Win at all costs” culture, is just not cricket! The fall out has only just started, David Lehman and Cameron Bancroft are unlikely to come away from this unscathed.

2018 with its 11 Master Energy hasn’t finished collecting it’s scalps. The bigger they are, the harder they fall remains true, as the bigger they are the more they rely on ego, and this is the year that will cut the ego down to size.

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