No Ant and Dec, tonight sees Saturday Night Takeaway hosted by Declan Donnelly, solo…

Ant and Dec the golden boys [now men] of British Television stand on the brink. A relationship 30 years strong has stood the test of time until now. Why does Ant McPartlin seem so intent on careering down this path of destruction, one that has already cost the duo a whopping £ 20 million pound Suzuki sponsorship. Friendship is one thing, Dec supported Ant through his first stint in rehab for an addiction to painkillers after batting a long term knee injury, but the recent arrest for DUI and the reputational damage that goes with it could see the friends part ways.

The duo presented a span of hits such as  SMTV LiveCD:UKFriends Like ThesePop IdolAnt & Dec’s Saturday Night TakeawayI’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!PokerFacePush the ButtonBritain’s Got TalentRed or Black?, and Text Santa and presented the annual Brit Awards in 20012015 and 2016.

So what now, with a combined net worth of +- £ 124 million give our take a few pounds…  many people might be wondering why Ant McPartlin seems to be so intent on senselessly throwing it all away and let’s be frank, he is doing a very good job of this. This Blog sheds light at a much deeper level on exactly what’s happening with these two men and between these two celebrities – energetically so.

Even though all might seem hunky dory on the surface with his partner and lifelong friend Dec Donnelly, Ant’s actions are placing extreme pressure on this highly successful relationship and for Dec, much change is on the way – change which is most definitely independence related and which hints at a split with Dec having to strike out on his own because Ant can’t get his act sorted. We will reveal more about this further on in the Blog when we examine each of their Year on Year numerical profiles as calculated through the 365 Pin Code Quadratic Model.

Chart 1:  Date of Birth charts for Anthony McPartlin, Declan Donnelly as well as their Combined Chart revealing the significant impact of Master Numbers 11 and 22 in both their individual and collective numerical profiles.

To start with, using numerical intelligence sourced from above in Chart 1, let’s bring to the surface what the highest tension points are within their individual profiles and collective Ant and Dec profile. For both Ant and Dec their highest tension points, numerically expressed, are numbers 11 and 22. That’s why we have circled these in both their individual charts as well as in their collective chart.

Both Ant and Dec have the very powerful Master Number 22 (circled in bright green) represented in how they meet and greet the external world. The number 22 is derived from their Year of Birth, 1975, 1975 = 1+9+7+5 = 22. Number 22 is the number of the Master Builder who builds on a grand scale (Sir Richard Branson has a 22 Life Path – need we say more?) for the benefit of all mankind and who does so with and through others, in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, support, nurturing and all importantly, collective harmony.

Next, we see that Ant has the master Number 11 represented as his Personal Attainment Number.

Then, shifting over to Dec’s personalised chart, we see a boatload of 11’s. He has 11 as his Professional Attainment Number, 11 as his Life Path (this is a hugely significant stress point within a numerically coded chart to have a Master Number present!) and he has 11 as his Shadow / Emotional Personal Attainment Number too. In all the year’s that we’ve been building, testing and evaluating charts, Dec’s chart is one which stands out in terms of the master number 11 impacting massively on many fronts –  the 11 offering up either Masterful Experiences or its lower octave counterpart 2, which brings forth The Duality of Man and is experienced through extreme opposites presenting themselves (e.g. riches vs poverty, peace vs strife etc.).

When we shift our focus to their Collective Chart, we see an 11 in the Family Position (in the middle on the left of the chart) as well as a submerged 11 in the Person (middle bottom of the chart) – indicative that much will go down between these two emotionally, in order for them to learn what they must from each other. There’s loads of unfinished personal and family related business between these two! And then, on the right hand side of their combined chart, circled in black, is the number 44, also a master number but not often encountered. The 44 results from Ant’s 22 being added to Dec’s 22; 22+22 = 44. 44 in turn reduces down to 8; 4+4= 8 and the number 8 frames matters of business, power, status, success, money, wealth, ambition, triumph, recognition etc. No coincidence then that the Ant and Dec duo has been so fabulously successful, however, just as they have enjoyed all the worldly material benefits which have flowed around their co-joined 8, so the double 44 of 44, means that if it all goes wrong, it goes very wrong and the powerful 8 shifts down in the much more limited, boxed-in, tougher vibrational energy number 4. Right now, this seems to be where they are headed – in to very tough times…

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So, why is all this surfacing now for Ant and Dec?

Well, the thing is few people understand that 2018 is an 11 Universal Energy Year and the number 11, a master number, brings with it for those have the 11 hard coded in to their chart, like Ant and Dec, much illumination (of their deepest, darkest, shadow nature), enlightenment (they, as does everyone else, see themselves for who and what they truly are, warts and all, for what has to be learned, accepted, changed and internalised) and teaching (the number 11 usually delivers brutally tough life lessons, lessons which have to be learned, lessons which are most often emotionally framed around love and matters of the heart). What is most interesting to note for Dec, is that when running his Inclusion Chart (not included in this Blog) what emerges is that he has a Karmic Lesson around the Number 2 and so, whilst he will have to honour this lesson, which is to nurture others, to support others, to work with others in a spirit of harmony, cooperation and collaboration, to if you will, be the power behind the throne, once honoured and learned, this lesson may well then require him to strike out on his own, to shift from the feminine 2 energy experience of the dependent one to the masculine 1 energy of the independent one. Has that time come? We’ll discuss this shortly…

There is a vast body of literature on the Master Numbers and the potential they bring with them, both positive and negative. What you need to know and remember is that the Master numbers like 11, 22 etc. are extremely demanding in that their vibrational energy is of a much higher frequency than are those of the numbers 1 to 9. And so, whilst they afford those who have them in their charts with the opportunity to enjoy and experience mastery, their momentary personal and professional glory unless well understood and spiritually respected, will turn, and its shadow experience will bring forth much despair, even extreme loss and ruin. Ant and Dec make for a very powerful case study around how master numbers like 11 and 22 play themselves out most profoundly in those years which have master number energies, years like 2018 which is an 11, and 2027 which will again be an 11 etc.

Chart 2: Personal and Professional Numerical Codes calculated through the 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Model for Ant McPartlin from 2016 through to 2021

What these uniquely coded year on year data strings reveal, is:

That in 2016 he was already experiencing much strife in his personal life around the Number 2. Given that he is born in November, which is an 11 month, and because 11=1+1=2, this alludes to the fact that in 2016 things we not good on the Family front.

Then in 2017 we see a Double 8 red coded block presenting itself on the personal front, emotionally. This is indicative of Ant’s being in much emotional distress and experiencing the very worst type of emotional loss.

Now, in 2018, we see the 22&4 energy pesented, which given his Year of Birth is the master number which he has in the World. The numerical combinations in play for 2018, being 22-7; 7-9; 6-7 and 7-7 are all pretty disastrous and so we can deduce that 2018 is going to be an absolutely awful year for Ant McPartlin – a very painful, distressing year during which the Master Number 11 will present much for him to ponder on with regard to love, matters of the heart and the closely associated ego.

Our take on things given all the red and black coded blocks (which indicate strife, in black; and extreme strife, in red) is that the next few years will be extremely difficult for this man – nothing more needs to be said.

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Lisa Armstrong is devastated by what has happened to Ant and their marriage is collateral damage

Although we haven’t covered Lisa’s charts in this blog the impact of Ants breakdown and stint in rehab has taken it’s toll on this vibrant make-up artist, in the coming weeks we will look at this from her point of view.

Chart 3: Personal and Professional Numerical Codes calculated through the 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Model for Dec Donnelly from 2016 through to 2021

What these uniquely coded year on year data strings reveal, is:

That as far back as 2016, Dec would have been experiencing some or other form of emotional distress, hence the 9-2 light blue colour coded blocks.

In 2017, Dec experiences a year of beginnings and endings hence the 1-8 grey colour coded blocks. This is never an easy time as what must reveal itself in order for the end to present itself (the 8) is now beginning to show and simultaneously what must begin (the 1) is appearing, forcing one to contemplate what must be let go of in order for the new to be allowed in.

2018 is simply a horrible year for Dec because it presents the awful combination of 1 and 9 – the cerise coloured blocks, as well as the extremely tough combination of 1 and 22 – which will be forcing him to contemplate a new beginning (the 1) in the career space (the master number 22). Earlier we mentioned that Dec has an 11 Life Path and that this is an extremely demanding life path which brings forth much to learn through spiritual enlightenment around love and deeply emotional matters. With 2018 being an 11 Univeral Energy Year, we believe that it will prove to be a Life Path changing year for Dec and given his master number 22 in the World, this great shift will most likely happen through his career and career related matters.

2019 brings a massive new beginning for Declan Donnelly, hence the Double 1 red coded blocks and the green 1-5 colour coded blocks attest to a new beginning and much change. Is this the year when Ant and Dec are no more, when Dec has to strike out completely on his own because their partnership has run its course? Time will tell…

Ant McPartlin is in a difficult space right now, he isn’t the victim, unless he chooses to be, if he does then Law of Cause and Effect will run it’s course. Knowing what is coming his way, he needs all the support and help he can get. We most certainly hope that if anyone can get this information to him, they do.

Knowing your Unique 365 Pin Code won’t change what is numerically coded energetically to come into your life. What it does do though, is prepare you strategically for the challenges, risks and rewards. Effectively planning for you own future, mitigates risks and maximises the rewards. After all, wouldn’t you want to #beintheknow?

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