Darren Lehmann has been cleaned bowled by the Master Number 11

There have been recriminations and tears, lots of tears. Some will say they are crocodile tears and others will say they seem genuine, and it  is not often you see grown men cry. There have been casualties aplenty, and there will probably be a few more, and shame has been heaped upon the team in spades.

Darren Lehman, David Warner and Steve Smith are the major Australian Cricket hat-trick of casualties after the disastrous tour of South Africa, ball tampering, cricket bans, loss of sponsorship’s and a series defeat. Read how the Master number 11 handed it to them in 2018. We’ve recently published Blogs on Steve Smith and David Warner, both explaining in detail why it was no coincidence – and to the numerically informed and attuned, no surprise – that 2018 is the year when both their careers take a massive hit – the biggest possible hit for any Australian cricketing superstar.

And so, what about their national coach, Darren Scott Lehmann, himself a test cricket hero and a legend of the game. How could it be that 2018 was also the year that it should all go so very pear-shaped for him too?

Surely the master energy number 11 of 2018 isn’t at play here?  – not again!

Let’s move beyond all the speculation, beyond all the tears and embarrassment, beyond all the apologies, beyond all the emotions and let’s move into the numbers. It is within the numbers where the real truth always lies – that is of course if you know how to calculate it, what to look for once calculated and most importantly, how to interpret the numbers once the unique series of codes and blueprints have been revealed…

Darren Lehmann’s 365 Pin Code 4 Keystone Triangles – calculated from his Date of Birth which is 05.02.1970

What is immediately apparent in the above triangles is that Darren Lehmann’s Shadow or Unconscious Self’s Personal Attainment Number is 11 – see the 11 with the red circle drawn around it. What this means is that whenever the 11 Universal Energy presents itself, which is exactly what is happening in 2018 (2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11) it will bring with it a hugely emotional or subconsciously driven (that which lies beneath) experience (whether positive or negative depends largely on how the life has been predominantly lived and also what needs to be learned) for Darren Lehmann. This experience or set of experiences (if multiple lessons are being presented for learning) will always happen through close knit relationships and related matters of the heart.

So, we can deduce that Darren Lehmann does indeed have the Master Number 11 powerfully represented in his chart – as his Shadow or Unconscious Self Personal Attainment Number. This means that at some in his life, he would have to make contact with this Master Number Energy 11 and when he did, it would bring with it much illumination, enlightenment and teaching, because that’s what it does. As such it is no random happenstance that 2018 has brought such incredible emotional upheaval in to his life. What he needs to learn from this, only he will know. To us, the outsiders, the observers, Lehmann’s lesson being of a sunk or submerged origin, is not immediately visible, however in his moments of reflection, he will eventually connect the dots and realise that what’s going down in his life right now is little more than his experiencing The Law of Cause and Effect – that as you so, so shall you reap – and so somewhere along the line, he caused it.

Australia’s behaviour during the South African series is “Just not Cricket”

365 Pin Code Quadratic View Predictive Model for Darren Scott Lehmann – Australian cricket coach from June 2013 through to March 2018

In the above 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Predictive Model, we can see how professionally, 2012 represented a massive ending – hence the Double 9’s linked by a red block. Makes total sense as 2012 was the year before he would have to take over the reins of what is probably the most important and demanding sporting role in the whole of Australia – that being Australia’s Cricket Coach. Then in 2013, there’s a new beginning, a period of patience and nurturing, hence the string of 2’s from 2013 through to 2015. In 2013 there’s a Double 2 for Lehmann on the professional emotional side, which reveals much strain and distress – probably from losing the Ashes at the time 3-0 to England. All this distress however turns very much for the better into 2014 and even though that year also reveals a Double 2 which is linked by a red block. In contrast to 2013, this number 2 driven duality experience is supported by a completely different number string both personally and professionally – a much better set of numbers overall – so tides they were not only turning, they had turned massively in Lehmann’s favour.

Interestingly in 2016, we see a year for Darren Lehmann which has as its Essence Experience the number 5. So, given that this Number 5 Essence Experience lasted only 1 year, this would have been an intense year which brought with it much change for the man as well as a year when matters of his experiencing personal freedom would have been squarely in focus too.

This was a year that saw Darren Lehmann spending some time in hospital early in the year requiring some changes to his schedule. He did travel to the World T20 tournament in May but saw Australia thumped in the semi-finals by a rampant India, with the T20 title eluding Australia once more. He extended his coaching contract in August 2016, move that saw criticism from ex-Captain Michael Clarke who claimed in the media  that Darren Lehmann has craved more power since taking over the national reins, this was dismissed outright by the Australian coach. All of this setting the tone for 2017 and 2018…

In 2017 we see the number cocktail starting to shift significantly out of favour for Lehmann and in 2018, a fatal numerical cocktail (see the two black blocks) presents itself for him across the personal front; a 9-1 personal physical experience which always brings with it dramatic new beginning and surgical endings and then on his personal shadow side the 1-22/4. The appearance of the master number 22 on his shadow side is massively important as it brings another master energy in to play, subconsciously or emotionally so, in a year which is driven by the master energy 11, in a chart which has in it an 11sunk shadow attainment number.

Talk about a trio of master numbers converging on Lehmann! And this is exactly what happened and why March 2018 (a 7 Shadow Personal Energy Month for Lehmann – the number 7 being all about reflection, introspection and mentally connecting the dots) was such a disastrous month for Australia’s former cricket coach – both personally and professionally.

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Once again, 2018 proves to be the year when the 11 Universal Master Energy flowing at full force, brings in to frame, out in the open and for all to see, why master numbers are not to be trifled with. Master numbers have to be identified and then understood – high profile people who have these can no longer afford to not be in the know. Most importantly, they are to be respected because if they are not, they will present you with the hardest of life lessons – and whether you learn these privately or publicly depends on your profile, on how you have been living your life and on whether you’ve been learning what you need to know or not, in order to gain mastery.