James Stunt needs to be aware of what is coming his way in the next 20 months…

With the ink barely dry on his £ 5.5 billion divorce James Stunt is living life to the max. He is allegedly engaged to new flame, Samantha Rowley, and she happily flashes her £ 1.5 million sapphire ring around town. So did James Stunt learn anything form his divorce and his hedonistic lifestyle, father-in-law Bernie Ecclestone says he used to be a nice guy? James Stunt has thrown major shade at his former wife and her family, he allowed his bad temper to play out in the international media and the paparazzi had a field day during court proceedings. Accusations of drugs and excess hound him, and he needs to pay special attention to his behaviour from now until the end of 2019 as his karmic lessons come home to roost.

Self-made Billionaire

Although born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth James Stunt made his own way. With much speculation in the media has to the how, it is estimated that his personal net worth is over £ 3,6 billion. From shipping, fine art and exclusive wine collections to gold bullion James Stunt has amassed a fortune.

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Billionaire James Stunt needs to pay specific attention to 2019 and the numbers 9, 8 and 7

Diagram 1 – James Stunt’s Date of Birth driven 365 Pin Code Numerical Intelligence View:

The most important take out from the above chart for James Stunt is denoted by the yellow arrow which points down to the number 11, circled in dark purple – part of his Number in the World string which has within it 3 possible expressive numerical octaves, 2, 20 [the higher octave of 2] and 11. This 365 Pin Code unique data point refers to his Year of Birth which is 1982, and 1+9+8+2 = 20, hence being the number presented immediately to the left of the circled 11. However, why the 11 in this position is so very significant, is because it represents the not-so-obvious presence of a master number energy – an optional experience coded in to his numerical DNA profile – which in the case of Master Number 11 centres around that which requires Illumination, Teaching and Enlightenment.

This optional 11 will only be activated in James Stunt’s life if required i.e. if his external life is not being well lived in accordance with the number 2 which reduces down from the number 20, the number 2’s energetic blueprint being aligned with being kind, loving, gentle, co-operative, collaborative, nurturing, diplomatic feminine energy and if you will, the power behind the throne. If the greater universal forces of which we are all part, deem it appropriate for the number 11 in the World to be activated within his life so that its full and massive weight is to be brought to be bear upon Mr Stunt, then 2018 will be the year when this dramatically powerful external corrective process will begin.

Why 2018 you might ask? Because 2018 is an 11 Master Energy Universal Year in that 2+0+1+8 = 11. Now, because like energies recognise each other vibrational frequency wise and therefore seek each other out, 2018 is most likely to be the year which sees the 11 Universal Energy activating his 11 is the World and with this, bringing forth much in the way of Illumination, Teaching and Enlightenment – presented in a way which is emotionally driven and aligned with matters of love, the heart and all that which as described earlier, is aligned with the lover octave number 2 – often experienced through the extreme duality experience spectrum of man i.e. hot vs cold, left vs right, tolerance vs extremism, riches vs poverty, loss vs gain etc.

It is also very interesting to note that James Stunt also has a Balance Number of 11 – which requires of him to act in a balanced way, to be tactful, diplomatic and less emotional, to use his talents to find mutually beneficial solutions which satisfy all, to be willing to compromise and to not blow problems out of all proportion. To be the peacemaker. Now – given the importance of the Balance Number in one’s numerical coding, where you are falling foul of this – you are out of balance – and anything that it is out of balance will be brought back in to balance – because this is the corrective [karmic if you will] process of series of actions which drives the way of the Universe – hence the universal law of Cause and Effect.

Diagram 2 – James Stunt’s Date of Birth – 21.01.1982 – also reveals that:

He has two Primary Arrows in play, these being: The Arrow of The Enquirer and The Arrow of Frustration.

The Arrow of the Enquirer tells us that he is a natural sceptic to anything new, however once he has had the time to properly assess and evaluate it – to prove it for himself – his scepticism will turn to avid acceptance. Many scientists have this arrow as their nature is to investigate matters much until they can prove or disprove their given hypothesis – shifting it from curiously fictitious to magically factual. Excessive scepticism [which can be brought in to play through a series of extremely stressful events] makes them callously acidic type personalities whose mindset is thinking is dominated by negativity and the glass always being half empty. When this happens, it is a sure-fire sign that they are in a state of major physical, emotional and spiritual decline – a convergence triad which results in their every action being a highly emotionally charged and usually very destructive, reaction!

The Arrow of Frustration has its lesson firmly embedded in one singularly powerful life lesson – this being unfulfilled expectation! The overflow from this is intense personal confusion, broken homes and desperately unhappy relationships. Where it all goes terribly wrong for people with this Arrow, is that because they are so very emotionally demanding, they tend to always expect more from others than what they themselves are willing to give. In addition to this, they are unable to see people for their true uniqueness and they are also unable to connect with the universal truth that we are all spiritual beings at different stages of growth and advancement and as such we are all having our own uniquely chosen and numerically coded human journey in order to grow, to become more. This explains why this tie round, as revealed in the chart below, James Stunt has a Karmic Lesson of Number 7 – his other one being related to the Number 8. Karmic Lesson Number 7 means that he has much to learn about the spiritual, the metaphysical – about the laws, the rhythms and the invisible yet omnipotent ways of the Universe and its chosen expressive state, which is Energy.

Diagram 3 – Inclusion Chart for James Stunt which reveals two primary karmic lessons:

His Karmic Lesson number 7 also serves to remind him of the importance of logically applying his mind to all matters – in keeping with his Arrow of The Enquirer – and to not allow emotions to cloud his ability to think clearly. To this end, we would like to refer you back to Diagram 1 at the beginning of the Blog and to draw your attention to James Stunt’s Shadow Number in the World which is a 7 – see the green block with the number 7 inside it, on the right hand side of the chart underneath the 2. This submerged 7 represents the importance of his needing to diligently and thoroughly apply his mind and critical thinking processes to all emotionally charged business matters – and to do so before incorrectly responding via an emotional outburst. Emotional outbursts would only leave those who he is doing business with, with the inherent belief that his primary modus operandi when confronted with a challenge is to address it in a way which is both petulant and impulsive. The Number 7 also has to do with art, science and perfection – it is the number of the cosmos – as such no coincidence he has such a love affair with art, especially rare art and owns such a massive art collection.

His Karmic Lesson number 8 means that though he might have much materially in the way of riches, possessions, collections, material matters, the power, status and achievement which all this represents, could be short-lived, as it could all be taken away from him in a flash, in order for him to learn the most profound lesson of all around the Number 8. This lesson is that in life and business, all must be done ecologically; that money and the power which an abundance of these earthly resources bring with them, exist not to be foolishly splurged or ruthlessly manipulated for the purposes of controlling others, but rather be put to work in a way which benefits many and which drives socio-economic progress, and true upliftment and prosperity for all.

With the Master Number 11 Energy of 2018 very probably bringing with it much teaching and enlightenment for James Stunt, here’s why we believe that this year and especially 2019, could well see him experiencing the full wrath of his Karmic Lessons number 7 and 8 and that this 2019 concentrated karmic convergence may well bring forth extreme life lessons and grave material losses in order for the necessary corrective balance to be restored in his life.

Diagram 4 – 365 Pin Code Quadratic Numerical Intelligence Year on Year view for billionaire James Stunt with specific focus on 2018 and 2019:

Let’s start the interpretation of this chart with the year 2018, a year which brings forth for James Stunt an Essence Experience driven by the Number 3 – see the RED number 3 presented in the line revealing his 2018 unique data string. The Number 3 is all about self-expression, creativity, having fun, partying, living the good life etc. However, the 3, on both the personal and professional front is paired with the numbers 6 and 7 to the left and right of it which means that whilst all may seem perfectly fine on the surface, the carefree 3 essence experience energy is being measured against the number 6 [which is all about love, family, relationships, responsibility, sense of community, matters of the heart] as well as the number 7 [which is all about disciplined mental thought; logic, spiritual matters, universal awareness, metaphysical lessons and as we know by now, is a karmic lesson number for James].

Where we foresee major trouble for this billionaire is in 2019 [see the number string blocked off in brown] where his Yearly Essence Experience switches dramatically from Number 3 in 2018, to Number 9. Of specific importance here is to note that this Number 9 Essence Experience lasts only 1 year before again switching back to a 3 in 2020. To the trained numerical interpreter, this one-year-only number 9 dominated experience, spells huge trouble as the number 9 is all about closure, the end, bringing forth intensely for the purposes of conscious advancement and development of greater awareness, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harvest of what has been. Even more important to note, is that the 9 Essence Experience of 2019 is paired personally and professionally with two other very important numbers for James, these being 7 and 8 – both of which represent Karmic Lessons as revealed within Diagram 3. So, from this highly concentrated convergence of the numbers 7, 8 and 9 in 2019, we can deduce that if James Stunt has been living his life predominantly in a way which has fallen foul of his primary numerical coding, in a way which has caused much emotional upheaval and distress for others [and this seems to be the case…], then 2019 will be his payback year and the experience will start as early as January 2019. It will be a year best expressed as the karma [8] and the finish [9] all together bringing with it, much spiritual enlightenment [7] if he chooses to embrace all these lessons. This experience for James is not much different from that which Anthony McPartlin is going through right now and which will be explained in a separate, soon-to-be-published Blog. If James learns nothing from this, then the same set of lessons will present themselves again later in his life only through a different, even more intense numerical cocktail.

If you’re reading this article and thinking that all this supposed numerical intelligence derived from his birth name and date of birth is utter nonsense, then, you might want to think again:

How come in the above Diagram 4, is 2013 a year of concentrated physical and emotional new beginnings [hence the four RED blocks and the Yearly Essence Experience being represented through the Number 1] for James Stunt – because that was the year when his daughter Lavinia was born – February 2013 to be precise.

And, if as a few published records reveal, he made huge sums of money around 2003 and 2004 at the age of just 21 and 22, after having dipped into the shipping sector, investing in cargo vessels, then why does the numerical code below, reveal such a massively new beginning for him both personally and professionally [see the 4 red blocks] at exactly this period in his life?

Diagram 5 – 365 Pin Code Quadratic Numerical Intelligence Year on Year view for billionaire James Stunt revealing why 2003 and especially 2004, made him super-rich:

Given the strategic numerical intelligence which well created data sets bring, the very intelligent thing for James Stunt to do right now would be to face up to the extreme risks posed over the next 21 months. He should then put in place carefully developed risk mitigation plans in order to minimise the losses which the 7, 8 and 9 numerical convergence poses to him as from now, culminating in the period January to December 2019. His four 365 Pin Code generated monthly energy charts [see below] reveal major starting points and zenith experience points, circled in blue.

WWJD [What Will James Do?]

If James Stunt had all of this information to hand would he change what he is doing? Would he reign in his hedonistic lifestyle in order to mitigate his risk, or would he keep going down this rabbit hole? If his current behaviours are anything to go by, he is on the party bus and it isn’t going to be easy to step off, best he takes a good hard look into the looking glass.

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