What Elon Musk [Elon Reeve Musk] needs to know about September 2018

One of our early blogs revealed the dominant numbers in play, the 365 Pin Code if you will, for Elon Reeve Musk. This month, August 2018, has seen him have a rather epic meltdown and in a rather careless moment on Twitter, literally wipe billions off the value of Tesla. At 365 Pin Code we use accurate numerical intelligence to reveal to people seeking additional risk management intelligence, that significant and astonishing moments like these which instantly create much risk for many, are not random. These moments actually exist (i.e. they are timeline defined) within highly personalised numerically coded data strings and once these have been identified, the potential risk they pose can be mitigated through applying caution / putting measures in place to minimise their potential impact. In this article we put in context the recent actions of this visionary entrepreneur and reveal what Elon Reeve Musk needs to know about September 2018.

365 Pin Code Name Analysis for Elon Musk

His First Name, his Physical Experience Vibration if you will, is Elon. Elon totals 19. 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1… Therefore, the number 19 reduces down to the vibrational essence of 1, which is about self, leadership, attainment and lest we ever forget, the ego. The number 19 numerical experience is strongly underpinned by one word, a very powerful desire for independence.

His Second Name, his Emotional Experience Vibration if you will, is Reeve. Reeve totals 28. 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1… So his middle name, totalling 28 also reduces down to the vibrational essence of 1.

His surname, his Hereditary Vibration, Musk, totals 10. As shown in the above two sets of calculations, the number 10 reduces down to the vibrational essence of 1. Therefore all 3 of his names, carry the vibrational essence of 1 and what this means is that he has to, and will always, do his own thing, and if “good corporate governance” starts to get in the way of what he wants to do, he will simply rebel and carry on, regardless, on his own.

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Do not ever attempt to tell someone with a boatload of 1’s in their charts, what to do because they do exactly the opposite. Instead, ask them lots of questions – 1’s are massive thinkers – and intelligently get them to believe that this new idea was actually theirs to begin with, and you’re home and dry.

Here’s what Elon Reeve Musk needs to know about September 2018

The above 365 Pin Code Quadratic View which we built for Elon Musk, reveals his personal data string for 2018 to be (18)9-(11)2-(22)4 and his professional data string to be (12)3-(11)2-(19)1. Of great significance is the blue coloured block linking (11)2 and 22(4). The numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers and they therefore carry within them an extremely intense vibration and experience. Given that this sequence exists on his personal shadow side, it deals with emotions and so 2018 represents a tumultuous year for him, emotion wise. The number 11 is all about Enlightenment, Illumination and Teaching and the number 22 is all about The Master Builder. Put these two supercharged numbers together and you have a boiling cauldron of intense feelings which will express itself with and through the individual as an extreme emotional rollercoaster.

Then, within his professional data string for 2018, there is a red coloured block which links the numbers (11)2 and 19(1). This powerful number 1 driven numerical cocktail sits within his professional shadow and so yet again, it is emotion driven. The two 1’s of the 11 link hand-in-glove with the 1 essence energy of the number 19, in so doing bringing 3×1’s in to play, emotionally. The upshot of this is that emotionally, he is seeking independence and regain control over that which he perceives he “has somehow lost.” This explains why he is suddenly creating giant waves around potentially making Tesla private again.

With time, business leaders and their Boards etc. will come to understand that if they’re prepared to open their individual and collective consciousness to new-age risk management models, that it is all perfectly described in the numbers.

365 Pin Code Shadow Monthly Energy Chart for Elon Musk born 28.06.1971

In the above shadow monthly energy chart for Elon Musk we see the month of September 2018 coding out for Elon Musk as the vibrational experience number 4 (backing number is 31 and 31 = 3+1 = 4). The number 4 is the lower octave of the master number 22 (22 = 2+2 = 4) and as such it brings with it feelings of being boxed in, of limitation, of being confined and constrained. So, September 2018, is the month when the 4 energy of his Personal Shadow Year number 22 is matched and amplified – bringing a 2×4’s numerical cocktail in to frame and our research experience shows that the numbers 2 and 4 are rarely ever a happy number combination. So, unless he exercises much caution, the very intensely earthed feelings of this double 4 emotional convergence could see him busying himself with many more reckless and risk creating actions.

Thus, in a nutshell what Elon Reeve Musk needs to know about September 2018 is that this is a month when two master numbers (11 and 22) and the lower octave of 22, number 4, converge. Given that he has a Shadow Personal Attainment Number of 11 and that 2018 (2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11) is an 11 Universal Energy Year, this is the year which he will be experiencing much in the way of enlightenment, illumination and teaching, on a deeply emotional level. Hence, because September 2018 is the month when there is a universal 11/11 convergence – i.e. it is THE month of 2018 when the number 11 will be most FELT emotionally, he should be extremely cautious not to do anything reckless during this period as chances are high that such actions would be fuelled by deeply troubled unprocessed negative emotions and therefore the consequences of such actions could be quite disastrous.

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