Why Jeremy Corbyn won’t be Labouring Any Further

We explain using his unique 365 Pin Code intelligence models, why Jeremy Corbyn won’t be labouring any further, why his days as the leader of the UK’s Labour Party are numbered and why his pending demise will most likely happen in the month of September 2018.

In an article published on the 7th of August 2018 in the Daily Express, it is written that “meetings are believed to have been going on for some time suggesting that the plotters have not made much headway thus far, perhaps lulled by the charms of the English countryside in high summer – a welcome distraction from the rats’ nest that is Westminster. And while the essence of a conspiracy is secrecy it is also likely that these politicians are happy to leak their plans to let the public know that something will be done about Corbyn. For at last – with the anti-Semitism crisis eroding his credibility day by day – there is a sense that the Corbyn bubble (or maybe it is more of an abscess) has burst…

Embed from Getty Images Labour should be riding high in the polls now as the Tories seem bent – as per usual – on destroying themselves over Europe. Labour should be taking the lead, setting the agenda and making trouble. Yet we hear nothing. Jeremy Corbyn is the most divisive leader the party has known in its entire history. It is extraordinary. His ineptitude should be a delight to loyal Tories for he is unlikely to ever reach Downing Street now. But at the same time many who have no wish to see a Labour government will privately wish the Sussex plotters well.”

Chart 1:  365 Pin Code Birth Chart for Jeremy Corbyn born on the 26th of May 1949

Being born on the 8th means that Jeremy Corbyn has the number 8 in The Person in his 365 Pin Code birth chart. The number 8 is typically associated with the characteristics of money, power, wealth, abundance, giving and receiving, results, business etc. However, experienced numerologists will always tell you that the number 8 is so much more than this. It is the journey or path if you will, between two worlds, the spiritual world and the material world. This number brings those two worlds together in ways which will teach its carrier much about them and provide many not-to-be-soon-forgotten experiences as to where the balance lies between them. The number 8 therefore is the great karmic equaliser and the potential within this powerful force creates just as easily as it destroys.

Being born in May (the 5th month of the year) and 1949 (1949 = 1+9+4+9 = 23 = 2+3 = 5), means that Jeremy Corbyn has the number 5 represented in both the Family and World / Career positions in his 365 Pin Code chart. The number 5 is the number which always relates to The Human Experience and as such it is an extremely senses (the 5 senses being see, smell, hear, taste, touch) driven numerical vibration. People with 5’s powerfully presented in their charts have to learn by experience. So, if you tell them that something won’t work, know this, they’ll just have to go headlong in to it in order to discover first hand for themselves that it won’t work. As such people with lots of 5’s are notoriously bad listeners and constantly amaze others be carelessly and recklessly stepping right in to areas where others’ knowingly fear to tread. The number 5 is also a most argumentative, bull-headed and rebellious vibration – tell them not to do something and you can be guaranteed that’s exactly what they will do…

Of specific interest in Corbyn’s 365 Pin Code birth is his two 13’s (see both, circled in red). These represent his Personal Attainment Number and his Professional Attainment Number. The number 13 is typically associated with the self (number 1) having a tremendous need for creative expression (the number 3) and this is best done through persistence, determination and much hard work / labour (the number 4; 13 = 1+3 = 4).

Chart 2:  365 Pin Code Pythagorean Birth Chart for Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, current leader of the UK’s Labour Party, born 26.05.1949

The above chart for Corbyn reveals that he has two very powerful arrows in play, The Arrow of Determination and The Arrow of The Will. The arrow determination tells all in its name, he is a most determined individual who is not thrilled if he does not get his own way, especially if the matters are people / society related (the two 9’s). The arrow of will – well, yet again, the name tells all – this reveals a person with an iron willpower, who is not easily swayed and who, once his mind is made up, can never be turned. Whilst this combination of determination and willpower makes Corbyn a most dynamic man, it also brings with it a most fatal cocktail. The power within these two arrows is such that when certain circumstances have activated both, Corbyn will ride roughshod over the feelings and emotions of others, blatantly ignoring the sound advice of others and rarely heeding his own intuition. Couple this with the two 5’s (the don’t tell me what to do energy) he has in the Family and the World and now you’re beginning to understand why in an instant, he can shift from dynamic, pragmatic leader, to rebellious, dictatorial, autocrat. By now, the picture should be emerging as to why Jeremy Corbyn won’t be labouring any further, because if he is allowed to he will most definitely bury the Labour Party for good.

Chart 3:  365 Pin Code Quadratic View for Labour Party Leader Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, born on the 26th of May 1949

Our 365 Pin Code Quadratic View chart provides the most brilliant numerical intelligence, year on year, on any study subject. It’s so accurate and unique to you that’s it’s just like your thumbprint – it’s much about your life presented in numerical code… All that’s needed for us to populate this complex model of ours, is the person’s date of birth and his / her full birth name. With that information we can build year on year numerical coding, and the intelligence within these numbers is simply astounding, as when interpreted correctly, the numbers reveal all…

Focus on the data string for Corbyn for 2018. The number 22 on the left tells us that 2018 brings him a master number yearly experience (the number 22 is a master number, it represents “The Master Builder”). The purpose of master numbers is to provide an experience which will never be forgotten by those who have spent their lives searching for some form of mastery. What makes this number 22 experience so massive for Corbyn in 2018 is that it is being delivered in a year (2018) which also carries master number energy (2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11). Therefore, whatever it is that he has to learn around personal and professional mastery will be delivered in a most amplified way, because the 11 energy of 2018 massively magnifies his number 22 energy experience coded for the year. When the master numbers (e.g. number 22’s purpose is building on a massive scale for humanity and doing so in cooperation, collaboration and harmony with others) have not been honoured, instead of their taking you onward and upward to much reward and greatness, they literally take you down in flames, spectacularly so, delivering the most brutal of never-to-forgotten life lessons. This is what now awaits Jeremy Corbyn. What he will now experience is the confined, limited, hard, earthed outcome of the lower octave number 4 (22 = 2+2 = 4) and not the zenith of achievement which the number 22 could have delivered to him in 2018. Once ousted as the Labour Party’s leader, he will have much time during 2019 and 2020 (both years being number 2 driven essence experiences and the number 20 in the major arcana represents Judgement), to reflect on all that could have been. The Judgement card calls for a period of reflection and self-evaluation. Through meditation or quiet reflection, you may come to a point of deep understanding about the common themes throughout your life and what you can do or change to avoid these situations in the future.

Another reason we know why Jeremy Corbyn won’t be labouring any further is because in his 2018 personal and professional data strings, on his shadow or emotional side, lies the (22)4-7(16) number combination. Please pay attention to the number 16 as it is karmic and represents a time, when if how you’ve conducted yourself relationship and responsibility wise, has not been proper, your known world / ivory tower will collapse / be torn down. The 4-7 numerical cocktail is just the worst ever. Given that his 365 Pin Code birth chart has no dilution factor (his personal world’s numbers are mirrored in his professional world’s numbers) this highly destructive numerical experience will create much havoc in both these worlds. All this will be further exacerbated by his number 8 in the person (8 being The Great Karmic Equaliser).

Chart 4:  365 Pin Code Monthly Shadow Energy Chart (Personal and Professional) for Jeremy Bernard Corbyn

In the above monthly energy chart for Jeremy Corbyn, you will notice that September 2018 codes out as being a 7 energy. This 7 aligns perfectly with his 2018 shadow personal and professional year number (16 = 1+6 = 7). So, when these 7’s converge guaranteed something huge will go down, will have already gone down. This data intelligence around September 2018, explains we believe, why Jeremy Corbyn won’t be labouring any further. Guaranteed, all will be done by November 2018, the number 9 month of his 2018 personal and professional shadow cycle, the number 9 being closure, the end, completion. It is this level of personalised 365 Pin Code data accuracy which allowed us to recently predict, well ahead of time, why the 18th of July 2018 (the day after The Helsinki Summit, the very event which would dramatically split the people of America even further apart) would be so significant for US President Donald Trump. Now that you know just how much critically important and strategically relevant information can be gleaned from modelling just your birth date and full birth name, can you afford not to know and understand your 365 Pin Code?

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