Here’s why David Dabede Mabuza will again be South Africa’s political king maker in 2019

Next year, South Africans will go to the polls yet again as its General Election time and that’s what prompted us to do an in-depth analysis of Deputy President David Mabuza, the man who is heralded within the country’s political circles as being South Africa’s political King Maker.

Few people understand just how much information can be gleaned from intelligently using a person’s full birth name and date of birth. We at 365 Pin Code do and that’s why we’ve made it our business this year to publish much research which has shown exactly why certain events have happened as they have in the lives of many prominent people.

In this article we reveal using David Mabuza’s core numbers and our unique predictive 365 Pin Code numerical models, why come 2019 and 2020, he will yet again find himself perfectly positioned to be The King Maker and at the very end we reveal who we believe he will hand the Presidential crown to…

David Mabuza clearly understands how to get the political assassination job done

On the 18th of December 2017, journalist Adriaan Basson wrote this powerful piece for News24: “It now looks increasingly likely that a man who has been accused of masterminding the assassination of his political opponents, large-scale plundering of public funds, attempts to bribe journalists, and stashing away millions of undeclared rands at his farm will be elected ANC deputy president when the party meets in Johannesburg in two weeks’ time to vote for new leaders. How did it happen that one of the dirtiest politicians in the history of the ANC has officially become the kingmaker for who will lead the ANC, and possibly South Africa, for the next decade? The fact that Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza holds the keys to whether Dlamini-Zuma or Cyril Ramaphosa will emerge triumphant as ANC leader from the gruelling Nasrec conference proves just how low the bar has sunk for a party that was once a proud liberation movement. Let’s be clear: Mabuza has never been convicted of a crime in a court of law. But his tenure as Mpumalanga ANC chair and premier since 2009 has been one humongous orgy of plunder and illegality, according to journalists, comrades and foes who have bore witness to the capture of the province by Mabuza and his allies over the years.”

Here’s what the charted numbers which follow, mean

Number 1: Independence, Essence of Masculinity, Leadership, Tenacity and Striving Forward, Attainment, Bold, Bravery, New Beginning, Innovation, Individuation, Pioneering Spirit, The Ego, Sense of Self.

Number 2: Diplomatic, Duality, Nurture, Essence of Femininity, Motherly, Power Behind The Throne, Cooperation, Collaboration, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Others Focus.

Number 3: Creativity, Self-Expression, Artistic, Communication, Sensitive, Social, Courage, Optimism, Open Mindedness, Enthusiasm.

Number 4: Work, Focus, Discipline, Order, Limitation, Being Boxed In, Practicality, Reliable, Systematic, Foundational, Service, Devotion.

Number 5: Change, Personal Freedom, Constructively Challenging, Sociability, Choices, Resourcefulness, Assimilating, Travel, Exploring, Adaptable, Versatile, 5-Senses Driven, Rebellious.

Number 6: Balance, Relationships, Responsibility, Love, Caring, Protecting, Sense of Community, Matters of the Heart, Finding Solutions, Grace and Gratitude, Stability.

Number 7: Analytics, The Mind, Cosmic Matters, Introspection, The Hermit, Isolation, Reflection, Inner Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Spiritual Matters, Mysticism, Psychic Abilities.

Number 8: Material Matters, Money, Riches, Legal Matters, Abundance, Power, Status, Authority, Ambition, Giving and Receiving, the number of Karma, Wealth.

Number 9: Humanitarianism, Selflessness, Idealist, Compassion, Completion, Healing, Universal Love (Forgiveness), Consciousness, The End, All The Universal Spiritual Laws, Intuition, Light Working, Tolerance, Acceptance.

Number 11: The Master Spiritual Teacher. The bringer of Illumination, Enlightenment and Profound Teachings. A High intensity, visionary, vibration.

Number 22: The Master Builder. When done properly, the master builder gets an incredible amount of good done and in a spirit of clever cooperation, peaceful collaboration and harmonious development with and through others. Think Richard Branson, who has a 22 Life Path, and ironically, so too does the 45th US President Donald Trump.

Chart 1:  365 Pin Code Birth Chart for South African King Maker David Dabede Mabuza born 25.08.1960Cyril Ramaphosa, Julius Malema, Numerology, Advanced Numerology, Family Numerology, Relationship Numerology, Business Numerology, Personal Numerology, Professional Numerology, Lifestyle, Balance, Strategic Planning, Professional Numerology Services,

In the Person (DD of Birth), David Mabuza is a 7 (born 25th, 2+5=7). In the Family (MM of Birth) he is an 8. In the World / Career, he is a 7. His Life Path (CS-LFP) is a master number 22 (very significant, as this lifepath offers up much, but can also, as in the case of disgraced Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste, take away much when least expected). His Personal Attainment Number is 15/6 (if in the positive, this number is all about family, relationships, responsibility, sense of community, caring much for fellow human beings) and his Professional Attainment Number is 14/5 (if in the positive, it delivers much in the way of self-attainment (the 1) and freedom (the 5) through persistent and disciplined hard work (the 4)). His Shadow Chart notably brings in two 2’s (in the Person and in the World). The number 2 is ever the patient, understanding and attentive diplomat; so, when it’s called for, David Mabuza can easily access this deeply talented reservoir and it’s this which makes him such an intelligent politician, who operates literally as The Power Behind The Throne. His number 5 Shadow Life Path (SS-LFP) reminds us that he thrives on change and all that is thrilling and opportunistically unpredictable. The number 5 adrenaline fuelled energy can never be contained – try to do so at your own peril… Work with it positively or else it will take you down…

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Chart 2:  365 Pin Code Pythagorean Birth Chart for David Dabede Mabuza born 25.08.1960

What this chart tells us is that David Mabuza is a very determined (The Arrow of Determination), ultra-cool customer (The Arrow of Emotional Stability) whose feathers are not easily ruffled. Moreover, know this, with these two powerful arrows so firmly in play and with both being so very well balanced across his 365 Pin Code Pythagorean Birth Grid (1-1-1 and 1-1-1), when he gets the bit firmly between his teeth, he is a most formidable person, one you’d want as a close ally, not as an adversary.

Chart 3:  365 Pin Code Quadratic View depicting Year-on-Year numerically coded experiences for South African Political King Maker, David Dabede Mabuza

In 2013, a year which has as his Essence Experience, the number 22 (see dark purple circle), David Mabuza would have had a life path changing event or series of events, happen. The impact of this would have set up him up for much greater things to come. In 2014 and 2015, the 3-3 professional experience red blocks would have meant much creativity and self-expression in the career / work space. And then in 2016, he experiences a 5-5 duality (see the red 5-5 block) which all importantly aligns itself perfectly with his 14/5 Professional Attainment Number (see Chart 1). So, this is the year when much is changing and rapidly so, in his favour. In 2017, the number 8 (see purple circle) comes in to play and so this is his opportunity for power, fame, money, status etc. He grabs on to this 2017 number 8 experience coded opportunity by brilliantly positioning himself as The King Maker, as the one (The Power Behind the Throne) who was directly responsible for bringing Cyril Ramaphosa to being elected President of South Africa.

The 7-9 and 9-7 number combination means right place, right time…

Come 2018, the first golden block appears, a 7-9 professional combination and 7-9 or 9-7 usually means right place, right time. It surely was as 2018 was the year David Mabuza became the Deputy President of South Africa. Now, in 2019 we see a 8-9-7 professional code string which reveals much. The 8-9 combination is never a good one as its literally the karma and the finish together, but, the 9-7 golden block in his professional shadow tells that even though there will be much adversity (the ANC being punished at the 2019 general election polls by the EFF etc?) there is much opportunity for him to again position himself as The King Maker.

Come 2020 and his 9-9 professional duality, with number 9 being all about endings, closure etc. this could well herald the end of much for him professionally. He may well choose to opt out of politics or, if he somehow falls foul of the new King, the person who he has helped to power, he might find himself completely side-lined, marginalised and fully neutralised. Given the 9-7 golden block in his personal shadow though, it seems that once again, he will somehow find himself in the right place at the right time – ever the clever opportunist… Time will tell…

Chart 4:  365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for David Mabuza showing that his three karmic lessons revolve around the numbers 5, 6 and 7

Of specific importance above is that David Mabuza has as his Hidden Passion Number, the number 4. The number 4 is always associated with work, discipline, order, structure, a step-by-step highly organised and very systemic approach to life and getting things done. Sitting at 318% of normalised target, this tells that he wants things done his way and don’t ever forget this. Having the number 4 as his hidden passion number also aligns this very powerfully with his 22/4 Master Builder Life Path (see CS-LFP in the very first birth chart – see Chart 1) as well as his Shadow Professional Attainment Number of 4/4.

His three Karmic Lessons around the number 5, 6 and 7 also reveal much. In terms of the number 5 he would have to learn and experience much around change, personal freedom, adaptability, the human experience etc. So, no random coincidence his Shadow Life Path (see SS-LFP in the first birth chart in this article) is a 5 as is his Professional Attainment Number (which noteworthy is karmic 14/5). Now, with regard to his number 6 karmic lesson, this means he would have to learn and experience much around relationships, responsibility, matters of the heart, community etc, and that’s why his Personal Attainment Number (also revealed in his first birth chart) is 15/6. Lastly, his number 7 karmic lesson represents much to learn and experience around the logical application of his mind (number 7 = thought) to challenges as well as to the Universal Laws (i.e. spirituality) and how they operate and enable / disable karma. Given this, no coincidence that he was born on the 25th which reduces down to a 7 (25 = 2+5 = 7) as well as 1960 (1960 = 1+9+6+0 = 16 = 1+6 = 7), which also reduces down to a 7.


David Dabede Mabuza will yet again in 2019 and 2020, find himself in the right place at the right time (see the two 9-7 gold coloured blocks in Chart 3, one in 2019 and the other in 2020). Note that the first of these perfectly timed gold blocks sits in his 2019 professional shadow and the other sits in his 2020 personal shadow. It is very important to observe that these two gold blocks both lie within Mabuza’s shadow, his secretive side if you will, and so they are out of prominent sight.

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In fact, they are so well hidden away, that nobody would see this coming, but because the numbers never lie, a skilled numerologist using highly accurate models, can pick up on this numerically coded event well ahead of time. During this two-year period, Mabuza will again be able to flex his tremendous political muscle and yet again be the King Maker. Our numerical intelligence research has led us to the deductive conclusion that the person who he will cleverly enable into this role of King of South Africa, will be Julius Malema and here’s why

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