How and Why the Number 11 massively influenced the 2018 Zimbabwean Election

In this short blog on the Zimbabwe Election battle between Emmerson Mnangagwa (leader of ZANU-PF) and Nelson Chamisa (leader of MDC), we show why key numbers, when fed in to accurate models (like those which we at 365 Pin Code have created), strategically reveal all, and exactly how and why the number 11 massively influenced the 2018 Zimbabwean Election. As you read this article, keep in mind that the purpose of master number 11 is to bring to light the truth, to illuminate, enlighten and to teach, to reveal all for what it truly is.

With voting done and the results pending, Zimbabwe’s Electoral Commission (ZEC) said there was “no rigging or cheating” in the first national election since the end of Robert Mugabe’s nearly four-decade rule. ZEC chair Priscilla Chigumba reports that vote counting was complete in most provinces and the first results would be announced from 3pm. As well as electing a president, Zimbabweans were voting for 210 members of parliament and more than 9,000 councillors. Thing is, some have warned that unrest could erupt either way as the anxiety fuelled count continues. If the MDC loses and they then contest the result (which they will), there could be street protests with a potential for violence, and, if current president Emmerson Mnangagwa loses, many Zimbabweans fear the ruling party may not accept the result because in Africa, a harsh truth is that those who have the guns, have all the power.

We at 365 Pin Code believe that the MDC under Nelson Chamisa should have emerged victorious and that there is no way these elections were not rigged or massively tampered with. Our reasoning around this is based purely on the numerical intelligence which our sophisticated numerologically informed predictive models deliver. Given that this is bulls-eye accurate (we knew well ahead of time that much would happen to US President Trump around the 18th of July 2018, and it did by way of The Helsinki Summit) we’re publishing what we believe is a different view (how it should have been had it truly been a free and fair and untampered with, election) on the Zimbabwean Election.

365 Pin Code Date of Birth chart for MDC (the official opposition party) leader Nelson Chamisa born on the 2nd of February 1978

In the above 365 Pin Code birth chart for Nelson Chamisa the most important number to note is the 11 circled in RED, which denotes his Life Path. What this means is that the 11 Universal Energy of 2018, which powerfully sheds light in to the darkness and reveals all for what it truly is / has been, would shine brightest, and be felt most by this man, in this space… For Mr Chamisa (who should have been the incoming president of Zimbabwe) this life path related experience signifies much, in that the illuminating, enlightening and teaching energy of this master number 11, is now playing itself out with and through him, in the most powerful place possible in his birth chart, his life path. He should have come to power under the influence of a master number and when an honourable leader works with the greater spiritual intent of these master numbers like 11, he/she is lined up for true greatness, however, when fall foul of this experience (i.e. instead of being a good leader for the people, they choose to be a ruthless power seeker and gold grabber) this master number 11 will completely annihilate them at some stage in their future. Be patient Mr. Chamisa, for as long as you persist and stay true to what great leaders do (they serve people) you will have your time in the sun. And, rest assured President Mnangagwa, master number 11 of The Universe is not done with you yet, especially given that you have it powerfully lurking within your Shadow Numerology Profile.

365 Pin Code Date of Birth chart for current (and remaining) Zimbabwean President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa born on the 16th of September 1942

In the above 365 Pin Code birth chart for Emmerson Mnangagwa the most important number to note is the 11 circled in RED, which denotes his Shadow Personal Attainment Number. What this means is that the 11 Universal Energy of 2018, which powerfully sheds light in to the darkness and reveals all for what it truly is / has been, would shine brightest, and be felt most by this man, in this space… For Mr Mnangagwa, who for now will remain in power as the president of Zimbabwe, this shadow personal attainment number relates to his dark emotional self, to that which has been buried deep within, out of sight, his most secretive self. The light of 2018 and this electoral outcome has shown everyone exactly what lurks beneath and that he can never and should never be trusted; that he is and always will be an extremely power-hungry man who will do whatever it takes, ruthlessly so, to see his personal agenda met.

365 Pin Code Quadratic View Predictive Model for Zimbabwean President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa born on the 16th of September 1942

For you to understand how bulls-eye accurate these numerology predictions are, please focus on 2008 in the above chart for Emmerson Mnangagwa. Note the 8-1 gold coloured personal number sequence on the left and to its right, the 1-3 blue coloured personal number sequence. These are both very favourable personal experience number sequences, especially given that Mnangagwa has the number 8 as his Expression Number. The fact that this new beginning (hence the number 1 being his Essence Experience number for 2018) is concentrated in to only 2008 immediately tells the highly skilled numerologist that this would be a year when much would happen to this man and it did…

What happened with Mnangagwa back in 2008?

Here’s the story: He returned to favour during the 2008 Zimbabwean General Election in which he ran Mugabe’s campaign, orchestrating massive political violence against the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) lead at the time by Morgan Tsvangarai. Given the tremendous success he had acting as one of Mugabe’s electoral henchmen, Mnangagwa was rewarded by being elected to serve as the country’s Minister of Defence from 2009 until 2013, when he then became the Minister of Justice. Mnangagwa is nicknamed ‘Garwe‘ or ‘Ngwena‘, which means ‘The Crocodile’ in Shona language; initially because that was the name of the murderous guerrilla group which he founded and led during the period 1982 to 1985, but later because of his extreme political shrewdness and uncanny ability to perfectly time (an advanced predatory skill) the complete elimination of his opposition (aka his prey).

Now we analyse the 365 Pin Code model’s 2018 number sequences for Mnangagwa

The two number sequences in play in 2018 for outgoing president Mnangagwa are (18)9-(13)4-(22)4 on a personal level and (16)7-(13)4-(15)6 on a professional level. First off, both of these number sequences are packed full of karmic and master numbers. The numbers 16 and 13 are indicative of karma, having to answer for past actions and potentially creating more even karma given that specific life lessons have not been learned nor the awareness gained. The number 22 is a master number and represents the master builder. However, as his legacy shows, he has not build masterfully, quite the opposite, he has destroyed much and knowingly so. And so in 2018, the master energy 11 aligns with and to the master energy 22 and because Mnangagwa has done much wrong during his life and has let’s call it for what it is, has much to answer for, these two numbers create a cocktail of total accountability. Guaranteed, when the collective forces of karma finally converge upon him, his comeuppance will be a very unpleasant experience. In terms of the here and now, if you return to the above data chart, you will notice a black 4-7 block in his 2018 365 Pin Code numerical coding and, on the extreme right-hand side of his 2019 data sequence there is another 4-7 sequence. The 4-7 number combination is just the very worst and brings with it tremendous limitation and huge challenges (the number 4) and much soul searching (the number 7) as to why this is. This means that though he holds on to power for now, things are far from being over for this man. What he has done for years to the people of Zimbabwe is not buried and forgotten with this election victory, quite the opposite, this has well and truly stirred the hornet’s nest hanging above his world…

365 Pin Code Quadratic View Predictive Model for MDC leader Nelson Chamisa born on the 2nd of February 1978

Now we move on to the “tragic hero” of the moment, the leader of the MDC, Nelson Chamisa. His data strings or codes for 2018 are (15)6-(10)1-(16)7 on a personal level and (20)2-(10)1-(20)2 on a professional level. Ironically, given his birth chart numbers, these are both very positive data sequences and though the karmic number 16 does appear once, it is on his personal shadow side and therefore represents the emotional experience of having his hopeful tower of new power torn down and with this, comes the full realisation of how impossible it is to have a free and fair and not-totally-rigged election in an African country. The string of 20’s (which reduces down to the number 2) in his professional data sequence (20)2-(10)1-(20)2 means that he now enters a time which calls for of much diplomacy and nurturing.

As of now, he needs to adopt an intelligent “Be The Power Behind The Throne” approach (this is perfectly in keeping with the vibrational characteristics of the number 2). The 10, signifies a time of his life which ushers in many new beginnings so patience is called for. This election loss is indeed a very bitter pill for him to swallow and it will impact him massively on a personal level (given that he is born on the 2nd of February, which brings 2 x 2’s in to play). Thing is, in 2019, he has a superb professional number sequence of (12)3-(10)1-(12)3 and given this, much will happen around this man in the very near foreseeable future.

Our numerical calculations had Chamisa winning because his data strings were far more positive than were those of Mnangagwa and we stand by these results. What can never be foreseen is election rigging and lengths powerful people will go to, in order to hang on to their positions of power. So, for us as 365 Pin Code, this is a most interesting numerology case study in terms of how great numbers will not always deliver a great result as there are certain human greed-and-power related factors, like election rigging, which cannot be controlled nor factored in to mathematical formulas.

Most importantly, and tragically, what all this clearly reveals (thank you master number 11 energy of 2018) is that in Africa (and in other dictator-controlled countries too), there is no such thing as free and fair elections. Much as we, the ever hopeful believers in democracy and that this world is fair and just, struggle to comes to terms with this truth, everything, absolutely everything, is rigged… Makes you think in terms of what awaits the people of South Africa in their 2019 South African General Election

Africa doesn’t have Leaders… Africa has Rulers

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