Getting to know basic and advanced Numerology Terms:

Some of the numerology terms we use in our blogs are basic and easy to grasp, and some are more advance and might sound confusing. We have put together a glossary of numerology terms to help you navigate your way around our blogs,because we want you to be in the know.

For illustrative purposes, the example used below, pertains to Richard Milhous Nixon – former President of the United States who resigned at 12:00 noon on the 9th of August 1974 – the only US President to-date who ever had to do so.

A number of the terms used below such as Shadow Personal Attainment Number, Professional Attainment Number, Shadow Professional Attainment Number, Shadow Life Path etc. are wholly unique to how we do things at 365 Pin Code and as such you may be encountering them for the very first time.

We at 365 Pin Code have chosen to embrace complex analytics both in “the known space” or which is visible above the line – and to also embrace what lies beneath – in the shadows if you will. The numerical richness there is so vast that it amazes us that today, with information and knowledge being of such paramount importance, that so few numerologists delve there. We do – and that’s why our charts are to powerful and why our blogs are able to provide such complex analytical detail as to why things happened when they did for people.

Richard Milhous Nixon 37th President of the United States of America

The above Numerical values for Nixon’s Name Letters are sourced from here:

First name [Physical]

First Name: e.g. Richard = 43 = 4+3 = 7 ; The number 7, derived from adding up all the numerical values for each letter in the name Richard, gives the vibrational essence of his first name – a 7. You can therefore look to the characteristics of the Number 7 as being the frequency which he resonates with powerfully on the Physical Experience plane of his life.

Middle Name [Emotional]

Second / Middle Name: Milhous = 34 = 3+4 = also a 7 ; You can therefore look to the characteristics of the Number 7 as being the frequency which he resonates with powerfully on the Emotional Experience plane of his life. Your middle name exists and gets analysed by skilled numerologists in order to uncover additional hidden potential. It is no coincidence that your middle name is literally squeezed in between your first and last name – and so quite literally, its energy relates to aspects of your personality that aren’t often seen. This name, once reduced to its essence number gives powerful emotional insights – especially when we use this in our 365 Pin Code Quadratic View Chart. Where no second name exists, the first name’s essence number will denote what the Emotional Experience will be – a doubled-up Physical and Emotional experience if you will.

Surname [Spiritual]

Surname / Last Name: Nixon = 31 = 3+1 = 4 ; You can again therefore look to the characteristics of the Number 7 as being the frequency which he resonates with powerfully on the Spiritual Experience plane of his life. This Heredity Number reveals the passive part of your possibilities of expression which are common to all the members of your family. It forms the socio-cultural heritage of your family. The interpretation of this family vibration must be approached in a wide sense, because it only possesses a minor impact on the personality.

Expression Number

His Full Name Totals 108 = 1+0+8 = 9 ; His Expression Number is 9. The Expression Number tells of your talents, abilities and shortcomings you have in this lifetime – it is without doubt one of the most important numbers to know in any given individual’s chart. Your Expression Number is also referred to as your Destiny Number by some numerologists. It’s a great indicator of what kind of career you’ll excel in and be drawn to, but it’s also important to consider the needs of your other core numbers so you won’t just be ‘good’ at something, you’ll find happiness and meaning as well.

Balance Number

His Initials, RMN, total 18 = 1+8 = 9 ; His Balance Number is 9. The Balance Number tells you how best to deal with very difficult personal and professional situations – ones which most definitely threaten your ability to succeed. Although it is considered by some to be of a minor influence, its importance cannot be overstated – especially when you find your life to be totally off-balance – such as when emotionally turbulent times strike.

Full Name Cycle Period

His Full Name has 19 (7+7+5) letters in it, therefore we know that every 19 years (his Full Name Cycle Period) incidents of major importance will occur, whether good or bad.

Personal Number

His DD of Birth is 09 ; His Number in the Person / Self is 9. This Personal Number reveals the presence of yet another powerful universal energy flowing, within The Individual or Internal Self Experience.

Family / Intimate Number

His MM of Birth is 01 ; His Family / Intimate Number is 1. This Family Number reveals the presence of another powerful universal energy flowing, within The Intimate Family Experience.

World / Career / Professional Number

His YY of Birth is 1913 ; 1913 = 1+9+1+3 = 14 = 1+4 = 5 ; His World / Career / Professional  Number is 5. This External World Facing Number reveals the presence of another powerful universal energy flowing, within The Career Experience.

Life Path Number

His Life Path Number is DD+MM+YY = 9+1+1913 = 1923 = 1+9+2+3 = 15 = 1+5 = 6(24). The Life Path Number is the sum of the birth date i.e. DD+MM+YY. This number when reduced down, represents at an essence level, who you are at birth and reveals your most core or native traits – that which you will carry with you throughout your entire life. Your life path number(s) represent(s) the path you are here to ascend — yes, it’s an uphill climb — so what you are here to do isn’t necessarily what comes easiest. In fact, your path brings special challenges as well as special potential. As you overcome the hurdles, you experience the benefits. This principle applies to every primary digit in anyone’s birth number. Any life path number has both negative and positive poles — and, more than any other factor, whether you work more in positive or negative ways (note: specific emphasis here on mindset and Law of Vibration and its primary sub law, the Law of Attraction) will shape the course of your life. No life path number is better (or worse) or easier (or more difficult) than any other; they are only different, each presenting distinct strengths and challenges.

Life Cycles

His Formative Life Cycle Number from Birth to Age 30, is 1. Life is divided into 3 Cycles: The Formative Cycle, The Productive Cycle and The Harvest Cycle. Each Cycle corresponds strongly to the vibration of a particular number and will give a general orientation of a rather psychological nature during the period where it takes place. A Cycle also tells us about our primary tastes, our dominant priorities or overriding centres of focused interest. As it were for the orientation of our personality and projects during this period.

His Productive Life Cycle Number from Age 31 to Age 57, is 9.

His Harvest Life Cycle Number from Age 58 to Death, is 5.

Shadow Numerology | The Sub-conscious mind

Shadow Personal Number

His Shadow / Emotional Self Number is 9. This Shadow Self Personal Number reveals the presence of yet another powerful universal energy flowing, submerged and unconsciously so, within The Individual or Internal Self Experience.

Shadow Family Number

His Shadow / Emotional Family Number is 8. This Shadow Family Number reveals the presence of another powerful universal energy flowing, submerged and unconsciously so, within The Intimate Family Experience

Shadow World / Career / Professional Number

His Shadow / Emotional World Number is 4. This Shadow World Number reveals the presence of another powerful universal energy flowing, submerged and unconsciously so, within The Career Experience.

Shadow Life Path

His Shadow / Emotional Life Path is 3(21). The Shadow Life Path Number tells or reveals the polar opposite of the Known / Conscious Self’s Life Path Number.

Attainment Numbers

Personal Attainment Number

His Conscious Self Personal Attainment Number is 1(10). The Conscious Self Personal Attainment Number tells what you are aspiring to on a known personal level – an energetic frequency which when matched, places you in a powerful place to manifest great internal results.

Professional Attainment Number

His Conscious Self Professional Attainment Number is 5(14). The Conscious Self Professional Attainment Number tells what you are aspiring to on a known professional / career level – an energetic frequency which when matched, places you in a powerful place to manifest great external results.

Shadow Personal Attainment Number

His Unconscious / Shadow Self Personal Attainment Number is 8(17). The Unconscious / Shadow Self Personal Attainment Number tells or reveals the polar opposite of the Known / Conscious Self’s Personal Attainment Number.

Shadow Professional Attainment Number

His Unconscious / Shadow Self Professional Attainment Number is 4(13). The Unconscious / Shadow Self Professional Attainment Number tells or reveals the polar opposite of the Known / Conscious Self’s Professional Attainment Number.


Pythagorean Chart

His Pythagorean Chart reveals two Arrows, The Arrow of Hypersensitivity and The Arrow of Frustration. The various Arrows as calculated in a matrix which is date of birth driven, reveal your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Inclusion Chart

His Inclusion Chart has an over-abundance of 9’s – 237% of the normalised average to be precise. The Inclusion Chart reveals the most precious unique numerical make up from numbers 1 through 9 of the given individual.

His Number 1 related profile reveals an under target result of 63%

His Number 3 related profile reveals an over target result of 142%

His Number 4 related profile reveals an under target result of 95%

His Number 6 related profile reveals an over target result of 142%

His Number 8 related profile reveals an under target result of 95%

Karmic Lessons

He has 3 Karmic Lessons – pertaining to the Number 2, Number 5 and Number 7. The various Karmic Lessons reveal what has to be learned, where the inherent weaknesses lie and where focus should be placed and how to do so (excellent for the studious, informed person i.e. he or she who is taking their personal development and conscious awareness to totally the next level).

Subconscious Self Number

His Subconscious Self Number is 6. The Subconscious Self reveals with phenomenal accuracy, the level of confidence you hold in yourself: your level of competence, your knowledge of your own capabilities. It also reveals your ability to think and act under pressure or how you will most likely behave in instances where things occur without any prior warning, whatsoever! It shows how sharp your ability to really think on your feet is, and, also sheds much light on how well you are able to assess and manage a variety of challenging situations, on the fly if you will. Your Subconscious self is directly related to your Karmic Lesson chart or as we at 365 Pin Code refer to it, The Inclusion Chart.

Hidden Passion Number

His Hidden Passion Number is 9. The Hidden Passion Number reveals your main skill that due to right and regular development can make you successful and happy in what you do. It is a concentrated desire to express yourself, your feedback to the world.

Maturity Number

His Maturity Number is 6. The Maturity Number reveals the true nature of your authentic self – stated another way, it is an ultimate goal and an all-encompassing mission. It also more distinctly guides and informs the second half of one’s life – that piece of life which one embraces after having experienced the “been there, done that” phase – the early, uncertain, confused and often lost, years. The Maturity Number is in full force by the time one reaches the age of 50 and continues at full force for the rest of one’s life.

Soul Urge

Primary Soul Urge

His Primary Soul Urge is 7(43). The Primary Soul Urge Number, is also called the Heart’s Desire Number in numerology. This number is a reflection of the primary inner you, your primary authentic self, lies deep beneath the surface of your outer personality. Given that we have souls, and are spiritual beings having a human journey and not human beings having a spiritual journey, just think how important this number is to know and honour given that it is our soul which lives forever.

Secondary Soul Urge

His Secondary Soul Urge is 7(25). The Secondary Soul Urge Number reveals the secondary inner you, your secondary authentic self, lies even deeper beneath the surface of your outer personality.

Personality Numbers

Primary Personality Number

His Primary Personality is 11/2(65). The Primary Personality Number reveals or lists the characteristics you project and indicates how others are most likely to perceive you before getting to know you well, and so by learning about your Personality Number you can get insight of how others view you. It discriminates in the kinds of people and information you let enter your heart and mind, and it is those aspects that you feel comfortable sharing with people at the outset of a relationship.

Secondary Personality Number

His Secondary Personality is 13/4(49). The Secondary Personality Number reveals all of the above and more – the even deeper, less known, more secretive personality.


Pinnacle Experience Numbers

His First Pinnacle Experience Number, from Birth to Age 30, is 1. When a person is thought to experience a major change, in numerology it is called a Pinnacle. These pinnacles allow people who wish to understand much more about their lives and their unique 365 Pin Code blueprint, to get a feel for when a major event is going to happen and as such, be relatively prepared for the occurrence. Pinnacles are divided into 4 different age groups which are often referred to as being similar to the seasons on the planet. The first age group is normally from birth all the way to the early 30’s. The second age group is for people between the ages of roughly 30 and 40. The third age group is for individuals of 40 to 50 with the last group being people of 50 and over. Pinnacle age groups are often compared to the seasons on this planet with spring being the first age group and winter being the last.

His Second Pinnacle Experience Number, from Age 31 to Age 39, is 5.

His Third Pinnacle Experience Number, from Age 40 to Age 48, is 6.

His Fourth and Final Pinnacle Experience Number, from Age 49 onward, is 6.


Challenge Experience Numbers

His First Challenge Experience Number, from Birth to Age 30, is 8. A challenge is designed to be a learning experience, something through which a person can gains certainty and clarity, grows and expands, becomes wiser. You are being challenged, through 4 different times in your life, times which align with the Pinnacles age wise, to know more about yourself, to gain skills, experience, and confidence. Challenges revealed with numerology are not an indication of a lack. Instead, they are an indication of special traits or talents. These can be accepted and grown into, becoming a foundation for increased happiness and life satisfaction. If rejected, a challenge can be experienced as a difficulty in life. Therefore, the challenges are something it’s prudent to pay attention to — to be aware of and to experience for the self-discoveries. Challenge calculations can help identify the problematic energies so that they can be proactively addressed and dealt with more easily when they present themselves. Without them, a person can be surprised and thoroughly unprepared for the given numerically coded experience.

His Second Challenge Experience Number, from Age 31 to Age 39, is 4.

His Third Challenge Experience Number, from Age 40 to Age 48, is 4.

His Fourth and Final Challenge Experience Number, from Age 49 onwards, is 4.

Spiritual Initiation Number

His Spiritual Initiation Number is 4(31). This number gives some indications on how to succeed, as far as “A Sate of Primary Being” is concerned, all this in a dimension where the material and social aspects are no longer important. This is a vibration one feels only in the first part of adulthood, but sadly, few people make the effort to go fully in this way due to materialistic concerns or everyday preoccupations and because they just don’t know any better – they are unaware.

Cornerstone Numbers

His Cornerstone Number is derived from the letter R and is 9. The Cornerstone Number reveals what is the first stone of your edifice. On it, the first years of your existence are built, as well as the rest of your life and character. The Cornerstone tells of your aptitudes, your attitudes faced with different experiences. This letter constitutes a foundation element useful to know. If a person has been introduced to you and you just know his or her first name (Christian name) the Cornerstone will be the first thing that will impress your unconscious sensitivity, but it will also give you the first clue about this person.

Key Number

His Key Number is derived from Richard = 43 = 7. The Key Number reveals the most precious Key to Abundant Success – this number gives a critical clue as to how the life should be lived for optimal results, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Vowel Number

His First Vowel in the name Richard is I = 9. The First Vowel Number reveals a unique and different vibration. The first vowel helps to reveal the core of who you are. Others might not always see these qualities immediately, but when you know them, you will secretly identify with them.

Eccentricity Number

His Eccentricity Number is 7+9 = 16 = 7. The Eccentricity Number reveals your type of reaction and strategy when faced with life’s events (unpleasant or serious) that would throw you off balance.

Capstone Number

His Capstone Number is derived from the letter D = 4. The Capstone Number reveals your ability to see things through to their end – it is if you will, your finishing number and tells much about your ability to persist and your powers of persistence.

Life Number

His Life Number = 6+9 = 15 = 1+5 = 6. The Life or Life Power Number reveals much. This happens about midlife: Your numerology power number comes into force. It’s always been there, always with a low, hardly discernible resonance. But it seems to wake up and its resonance more apparent around middle age. It generally takes a year or two of gradual increase for the energy represented by the power number to arrive at its full force. During that time or soon thereafter, you’re likely to realize your outlook on life has changed. How much a life outlook is likely to change depends on whether any of the other core 365 Pin Code generated chart numbers are the same as the power number.

Keystone Number

His Keystone Number relates to the H right in the middle of RicHard = 8. The Keystone Number reveals this – not everyone has a Keystone value. These only occur when you have an odd number of letters in your first name. It corresponds to the value of the middle letter of your first name. Your Keystone highlights what may be a compulsion or an obsession for you; some area of your life which lacks balance or control.

Essence Experience Numbers

His Essence Experience Numbers are calculated year on year through a complex combination of his date of birth and full name. What the Essence Experience represents is the dominant complex energetic cocktail – or bespoke energetic vibration – which will be flowing through your life in that given year. Depending on how long the experience lasts, determines the intensity of the experience, essence wise. Essence Experiences when accurately calculated reveal period of times when numerical dualities – which are powerful numerically coded cocktails – will present themselves and when they do, these dualities very powerful, even extreme experiences. Much is written on dualities and their impact in our various blogs.

Dominant Yearly Energies

Personal, Shadow Personal, Professional and Shadow Professional Years – this is the dominant yearly energy which you are experiencing in any one of these 4 spheres of your life and it is this energy, once known, which if it aligns with your yearly essence experience energy, creates the double digit, supercharged, numerical duality mentioned above. Similarly for months and days and hours.

In Numerology, we work with 15 numbers:

Numbers 1 – 9

Number 1: Independence, Essence of Masculinity, Leadership, Tenacity and Striving Forward, Attainment, Bold, Bravery, New Beginning, Innovation, Individuation, Pioneering Spirit, The Ego, Sense of Self.

Number 2: Diplomatic, Duality, Nurture, Essence of Femininity, Motherly, Power Behind The Throne, Cooperation, Collaboration, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Others Focus.

Number 3: Creativity, Self-Expression, Artistic, Communication, Sensitive, Social, Courage, Forgiveness, Optimism, Open Mindedness, Enthusiasm.

Number 4: Work, Focus, Discipline, Order, Limitation, Being Boxed In, Practicality, Reliable, Systematic, Foundational, Service, Devotion.

Number 5: Change, Personal Freedom, Constructively Challenging, Sociability, Choices, Resourcefulness, Assimilating, Travel, Exploring, Adaptable, Versatile, 5-Senses Driven, Rebellious.

Number 6: Balance, Relationships, Responsibility, Love, Caring, Protecting, Sense of Community, Matters of the Heart, Finding Solutions, Grace and Gratitude, Stability.

Number 7: Analytics, The Mind, Cosmic Matters, Introspection, The Hermit, Isolation, Reflection, Inner Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Spiritual Matters, Mysticism, Psychic Abilities.

Number 8: Material Matters, Money, Riches, Legal Matters, Abundance, Power, Status, Authority, Ambition, Giving and Receiving, the number of Karma, Wealth.

Number 9: Humanitarianism, Selflessness, Idealist, Compassion, Completion, Healing, Universal Love, Consciousness, The End, All The Universal Spiritual Laws, Intuition, Light Working.

Master Numbers

Number 11: The Master Spiritual Teacher. The bringer of Illumination, Enlightenment and Profound Teachings. This is a very powerful master energy universal vibration which when flowing at full force, illuminates or sheds light, upon the shadows, upon all that which lies beneath. Evidence of the enormous impact of this masterfully corrective energetic force – rectifying the wrong way through presenting through brutally tough teachings what is the right way – can be found in 365 Pin Code’s blogs on Australian cricketing superstars Darren Lehmann David Warner and Steve Smith, as well as South Africa’s State Capture villains, The Gupta Brothers.

Number 22: The Master Builder. This is a very powerful master energy universal vibration which when flowing at full force, allows the carrier or bearer of this energy code to build earthly structures on a very grand scale, doing so in a way which brings tremendous benefit to humanity in general. If done correctly and in ways which honours the energetic blueprint of The Master builder then what gets created is done so in a spirit of clever cooperation, peaceful collaboration and harmonious development with and through others. When this masterful energy coding has been enjoyed in a way which renders much material benefit to the carrier / bearer, yet the great gains have not been not well-respected, and the power achieved, misused and abused, it will retaliate, and it will brutalise on every level, the bearer or carrier. Evidence of this enormous impact of this masterfully corrective energetic force can be found in 365 Pin Code’s blog on South African billionaire Markus Jooste.

Karmic Debt Numbers

And, in conclusion, there are Four (4) Karmic Debt Numbers, 13, 14, 16 and 19, numbers which when seen in a prominent position in a chart or charts (e.g. DD of Birth, YY of Birth, Life Path, Shadow Life Path, Expression, Pinnacles, Challenges, Essence Experiences, Personal Attainment, Shadow Personal Attainment, Professional Attainment, Shadow Professional Attainment, Balance, Soul Urges, Personalities).

The Number 13 is derived from Number 1, the individual ego, and Number 3, self-expression. 13, contrary to the popular, misguided, ill-informed belief that it is so very unlucky, is in actual fact a very positive and beautiful number. It indicates a karmic rebirth experience which demands that its carrier or bearer achieve success and personal and professional fulfillment through much discipline, hard work and laser-like focus, no short-cuts to the top involved here. People who have the Number 13 prominently displayed in their charts, who refuse to work hard, who refuse to apply themselves and their minds in a creative and self-expressing way to solve problems and add value, who refuse to take ownership for things always making them someone else’s responsibility, will learn the hard way. This is when 13 is indeed a most unlucky number because everything they touch will turn to stone and not gold.

The Number 14 is derived from Number 1, the individual ego and Number 4, which is work, discipline, focus and advancement only through a systematic methodical, step-by-step approach. 14 indicates an opportunity for its bearer or carrier to move beyond the extreme, senses-driven, adrenaline fuelled world of excess so typical of the number 5 (14=1+4=5), to discover that everything in moderation is most definitely the way to win ecologically. People who have the number 14 prominently displayed in their charts, who refuse to take a disciplined, systemic ownership for their lives, who refuse to experience the mundaneness of life and its slow progress, rather opting for fast fixes, fast lives and excess in every regard, will eventually come horribly unstuck. The square, boxed-in life, confined limitations imposed by the rigidity of the Number 4 (a square structure) will take over their lives totally and they will learn the brutally tough lesson that personal freedom comes not from excess and living the most expansive life possible, but from a disciplined mind, which feeds in to a disciplined body and in turn, a disciplined spirit.

The Number 16 is derived from Number 1, the individual ego and Number 6, which deals with relationships, responsibility and matters of the heart. 16 indicates an opportunity for its bearer or carrier to learn how to properly honour and respect love relationships in a responsible, mature manner; how to experience them for all their imperfections and to grow from this. Key here is for the bearer or carrier to not misuse and abuse love and lovers, leaving them confused, broken hearted and having to pick up the pieces alone and without ever understanding how the other person could be so loving one moment and so cold and clinical the next. If someone who has the number 16 prominently displayed in their charts is leaving behind them a trail of broken hearts and deeply damaged people, then know this for certain – when they get their period of reckoning, and they will – the heartbreak and heartache they will have to experience in order to fully comprehend what they have done to others, will be on a scale more intense than you could have ever wished upon them retribution wise, in a weakened moment of uncontrollable anger and hurt.

The Number 19 is derived from Number 1, the individual ego and Number 9, which deals with healing, consciousness, awareness, humanity and most importantly, universal love. 19 indicates and opportunity for its bearer or carrier to learn the importance of independence, usually at a very early age and with this should also come the development of the consciousness aspect that universal love goes beyond what we box love in to be – that universal love is centred in absolute and complete forgiveness – of others and of self too. The more someone with the number 19 prominently displayed within their charts holds on to negative emotions from the past, the more they hurt only themselves. Their lesson is to seek a deeper meaning in the hurtful experience(s) and to then understand that this is what they did and still do to others too – hence their hopefully eventually awakening to the importance of forgiveness – of others and then, all importantly, of self.