Why Did You Do That President Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s approach to Making America Great Again is massively exclusive, highly divisive and most definitely not the way of the enlightened mind. He is we believe, not a spiritually enlightened leader; quite the contrary, he is taking America and much of this world in to the darkest of ages and he will pay dearly for this strategy and sooner than you might think possible! Here’s why…

2018 is the year of the master number 11 (2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11), which resonates with Illumination, Enlightenment and Teaching. This number has played havoc this year in the lives of many people who are carriers of it / have it in their charts. Really obvious examples of this has been presented to us this year through celebrities like Tony Robbins who fell massively foul of the #MeToo Movement and Roseanne Barr who recently had her ABC sitcom cancelled because of a racist outburst. Both obviously had to experience and learn their own enlightening lessons and because both has the number 11 powerfully positioned in their charts, 2018 was to be the year for this illumination.

Now, because President Trump has master numbers 11 and 22 very powerfully positioned in his birth chart (see his 365 Pin Code birth chart below) as well as much karmic debt (Karmic Debt Number 14) it means that all these numbers will make their presence massively known to him and this year still! That’s why we believe the second half of 2018 is going to see lessons delivered to “The Leader of The Free World” in ways which he, and hundreds of millions of other people who live and create a living for themselves in the free world, especially America, will never forget.

365 Pin Code Birth Chart for Donald John Trump, born 14.06.1946

(the numbers circles in pink are Karmic Debt 14 and the numbers circled in grey are the master numbers 11 and 22/4)

You may be unfamiliar with some of the terms used below (e.g. personal attainment number). If you want to understand more about them and their significance, here’s a Glossary of Terms for you refer to.

Born on the 14th means President Trump has the Karmic Debt 14/5 firmly in play In The Person. We explained this karmic debt in great detail in our Why Did You Do That Roseanne Barr blog.

His Personal Attainment Number is an 11 (master number) – see 11 circled in grey, top left of his 365 Pin Code Birth Chart.

His Shadow Professional Attainment Number is an 11 (master number) – see 11 circled in grey, bottom right of his chart.

His Life Path (see CS-LFP) is 22/4 (master number – The Master Builder) – see the number 4 circled in grey in the top middle of his chart.

His Shadow Life Path (see US-LFP) is 14/5 (Karmic Debt).

What all this means is that the 11 Universal Energy of 2018 is going to be felt massively by President Trump in his Life Path (master number 22/4), in his Shadow Life Path (Karmic 14/5), in his Person (Karmic 14/5 as he’s born on the 14th), in his Personal Attainment (master number 11) and in his Professional Shadow Attainment (master number 11). Could it get any worse? We think not. And our reason for saying this is his life has by all accounts not been a life well lived in terms of ecological relationships with others. 2018 (the year of illumination, enlightenment and teaching) is therefore the year when he will by all accounts be held responsible by The Universe for all that he has done and if our calculations are correct, this will begin this month (June 2018) and will really smash in to him at full force in July 2018. Let’s explain, using more 365 Pin Code numbers why we postulate this for President Trump…

365 Pin Code Chart for Donald Trump showing his Personal Monthly Energy Profile for 2018

We have brought to your attention that 2018 is the year of the 11 Universal Energy and that President Trump has an 11 Personal Attainment Number. If you look at the above chart, you will see that July 2018 is the month which codes out for him as an 11 Monthly Energy. So, July 2018 for him personally, represents an 11-11-11 (Univ Year-Personal Attainment-Monthly Energy) convergence. When you see a numerical convergence like this, and especially if it’s around master number, you know for sure that something massive will be going down…

In the first chart we shared with you, his birth chart, we brought to your attention that he had a Shadow Professional Attainment Number of 11. If you look at the second monthly energy chart below, you will see that July 2018 is the month which codes out for him as an 11 Shadow Professional Energy. So, July 2018 for him shadow professionally, represents an 11-11-11 (Univ Year – Shadow Professional Attainment – Shadow Monthly Energy) convergence. Why we need to pay specific attention to this data string is because the 11 universal master energy makes its presence most known and felt in the shadow part of our lives. The shadow is what lurks beneath, what has been hidden from plain sight. The shadow is that part of ourselves which we truly need to connect with, understand and integrate in to our consciousness if we are to understand more about our true nature and become more complete, aware, human beings. So, this 11-11-11 Shadow Professional Convergence in July 2018 for President Trump means that soon much will be revealed to him. We suspect this will not be pleasant and that the repercussions of this revelation will be very far reaching and very long lasting!

That there are two 11-11-11 convergences happening in the life of Donald Trump next month means we can say with a high level of confidence that come July 2018, something truly massive will go down in this man’s world…

365 Pin Code Chart for Donald Trump showing his Shadow Professional Monthly Energy Profile for 2018

Finally – why do we know that Karmic Debt 14/5 will be so massively in play during the second half of 2018 for President Trump? Here’s why… Below is Donald Trump’s 365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart. It reveals that he has one karmic lesson – and that pertains to the Number 5.

The number 5 brings a strong sense of freedom and a very keen interest in change – always wanting to create it… Number 5 represents the variety of life. People with 5’s in their charts, especially in the life path, give the greatest value to freedom and like to be very independent. They like to explore the unfrequented zones and discover something new even at the cost of missing their near and very dear ones for prolonged times. Remove change and variety from their lives and they will become very dramatic. They easily tire of the familiar things around and quickly develop cabin fever, having to set off another reckless adventure. They have many questions related to life however they do not wish to discover the answers to these from others (those who are truly in the know!) or from well documented case studies, but rather by personally exploring everything for themselves even if they get many blood noses in the process. They always like to live in the present without saving for the future and they do not worry much about what will happen tomorrow as they believe they can and will take everything in their confident stride. That’s why for many 5’s, because they will not listen, pride comes before a fall and a very hard and long fall at that.

Because President Trump’s pride gets in the way of so much, he has to learn this lesson around the Number 5 and given that the 11 Universal Energy of 2018 is a teaching energy, chances are high that this is the year when he gets taught much, and at a great pace too!

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Donald John Trump

(note: this chart is constructed using his full name and not his date of birth)


Why Did You Do That Donald Trump? Because this time round you had to learn really big lessons, lessons which given your Karmic Debt 14/5 and multiple master number (11 and 22) you have not yet learned, that’s why. You signed up for a life experience which had coded in to it multiple master numbers, and all importantly a 22 Life Path, which is the life path of the Master Builder (Sir Richard Branson has a 22/4 life path). To honour this life path, you needed to set about building great societal enabling structures which would be of tremendous benefit to all humanity, not just a few. And you needed to do this in keeping with the vibrational frequency of the number 2 (22 has 2×2’s) which is peace, harmony, diplomacy, nurturing, in collaboration with, in association with etc. You have not done this.

And so, just as master number 22 wreaked havoc during 2018 in the life and world of disgraced South African billionaire and former CEO of Steinhoff, Marcus Jooste, so too will it with your world sir. President Trump, be warned, what is on its way to you in the way of reckoning, is unfathomable in size, and know this too, there can be no turning back of the clock, it is too late now and you’re also not likely to find a clever escape hatch like Richard Nixon did in 1974. If you want to read more about what our 365 Pin Code analytical work reveals about Donald Trump and the month of July 2018, then scroll down to the end of our very long yet most enlightening blog on Nixon – it’s fascinating stuff and you’ll understand so much of his behaviours when you connect with the fact that his one chart reveals that he has The Arrow of Hypersensitivity…

Lastly, America, Why Did You Do That – why did you, the most powerful nation on earth, have to make Donald Trump your President? Because you too have much to learn and experience this year, with and through him – and beyond this year too as 2018 will most likely be the year when certain karmic events for you as a nation are triggered, events whose full impact will only be felt many years from now when the seeds sown, manifest. What Karmic Debt will all these present and future events bring forth for you to contemplate, to meditate on as a nation in terms of how you’ve engaged with other nations and countries? In terms of how you in the interests of serving your great greed for money, power and dominion over all, you have actively fuelled so much of what is wrong with this world right now?