Why, how, how could he …

Convicted and now sentenced, three life sentences, 15 years and 12 months and a possible 41 years in jail, but it wont answer the questions. It often crossed my mind during the investigation and trial, did Teresa van Breda know that her attacker was her youngest son, and if she knew, what knowing meant to her as her life ebbed away.

They lived a seemingly idyllic existence, interrupted only by Henri’s drug and discipline problems. Never in their wildest dreams would Martin and Teresa have ever thought that Henri would brutally murder their eldest son, themselves and finally turn his murderous attentions to his sister.

No parent would be able to believe this of their child, and Teresa’s sister is struggling to come to terms with the verdict and sentencing, and the family will always have more questions than there are answers about that night and why it happened. Only Henri can answer those questions and right now is isn’t in the mood for talking.

Want the short version, then this is for you:

Everyone wants to try to understand how Henri van Breda could have taken an axe to his family, killing three and brutally injuring his sister, the fourth. Try as we may we may never be able to wrap our heads around why he did this… That said, in this piece of work we offer up some rather astonishing insights in to what makes up the man, what makes him tick, and we do this using numbers. In this blog on Henri van Breda born 01.11.1994, we unpack his core numbers, his 365 Pin Code. We reveal with astonishing numerical accuracy why it is no random event that on the 27th of January 2015 he murdered three of his family members with an axe, brutally injuring the fourth. We link his Date of Birth and his Full Birth Name with numerical coding in such a way that it gives you the reader profound insights in to what drives him, what subconscious rivers of desire surge within him, what his karmic lessons are, why the Number 19 has played itself out so powerfully in this saga and why the numerical duality fuelled code of 5-5-6-6 (5 = Excess; 6 = Family) was firmly in play on the day of the murder. We also reveal to you why it is no mere happenstance that 2018 is the year when he is brought to book and why May 2018 is the month when he was found guilty and why June 2018 is the month when he will be sentenced. Through all this, we connect you with the most enlightening truths around the master number 11 and all the other core numbers at play in his unique 365 Pin Code Charts, especially Shadow 9 (and we reveal much about this using Lance Armstrong’s Birth Chart). Once you’ve read this piece, you will understand why from a personal risk management perspective, it is so important for you to understand your 365 Pin Code; that’s why we use the strapline which boldly states that “Remarkable Results happen when you ENTER your 365 Pin Code…”

365 Pin Code 4 Keystone Triangles Chart for Henri van Breda

This is calculated from his date of birth (01.11.1994) revealing the key numbers in play for him, internally (personal) and externally (professional), consciously and subconsciously (shadow):

Analysing the above numbers reveals that Henri, born on the 1st, has the number 1 (the leader, the ego, attainment, powerful sense of self etc..) in play as his Personal Vibration. November being his birth month brings the number 11 in to play as his Family / Intimate Vibration. The number 11 is a master number which deals with Illumination, Enlightenment and Teaching. 11, being a master number, can also be reduced to down 2 (11=1+1=2) which brings the qualities of support, cooperation, collaboration, nurturing, peacemaker, diplomacy and being others focused in to play. Being born in 1994 means that he has the number 5 (1994=1+9+9+4=23=2+3=5) in play as his World / Career Vibration. The number 5 is a most unpredictable number and can take its carrier in any given direction. When positively engaged, it is adaptable, challenging (proactively so), entertaining, attractive, adventurous, outgoing even dazzling. When negatively engaged, it is calculating, vengeful, loud, brash, boastful, highly manipulative and lusts after experiencing all things sensory in absolute excess (sex, drugs, alcohol, all of the “taboo and very dark experiences”). The greatest life lesson which someone with lots of 5’s in their charts has to learn and master, is everything in moderation. Henri has an 8 Life Path (CS-LFP) which immediately brings to the fore that he will be very driven by all that deals with money, power, status, wealth, material effects etc.

Henri van Breda’s Shadow Birth Numbers and what they mean

Now we move in to his Shadow Numbers. This is an area which we at 365 Pin Code specialise in. We bring to the fore, quantify numerically, and contextualise and interpret, The Shadow – that which lies beneath – that vast mass, which like the invisible 90% of an iceberg, is out of sight yet should never be out of mind, worse still, ignored. It’s here, in the shadow numbers, where a person’s “dark side” (and face it, we all have this) can be brought from the shadows, out in to the light.

Embed from Getty Images Henri van Breda’s Shadow Personal Number is an 8, which means that he loves and absolutely has to have money, power, the very best material possessions, status, recognition etc. His Shadow Family Number is a 7 which brings secrecy in to play as the sunk / submerged / shadow 7 in the Family is a cold, clinical, emotionless vibration which seeks to be alone and if negatively connected with, gets up to no good on the intimate scale. His Shadow World / Career Number is a 4 and the 4, being an earthed vibration, is a very determined and powerful energy which actively resists change and wants things to happen its way without being questioned or challenged. Then we get to his Shadow Life Path Number (SS-LFP) 19/1 which as you can see above, has a red circle drawn around it. The Number 19 is a number which carries with it much karmic debt – a debt incurred through selfishly placing the interests of self completely always ahead of that of others. The number 1 is indicative of Self (The Individual Ego) and the number 9 is indicative of Humanity.

Its significant at this moment (before proceeding in to a detailed explanation of Karmic 19 – follows below) to bring to your attention that Henri van Breda has a Primary Soul Urge of 9 (his Secondary Soul Urge is 3) and a Secondary Personality of 1 (his Primary Personality is 6). The soul urge and personality numbers represent very powerful data points which play themselves out massively throughout a person’s lifetime and as such, the presence of the 1 and the 9 in two of these four key datapoints is most noteworthy. Seeing that his Soul Urge is in play right now, this is also an opportune moment to bring to the fore, his Soul Urge Challenge – a very important number to know and understand. It is calculated by subtracting the last vowel in his full name, A (=1) from the first vowel in his full name, E (=5). The result is the Henri van Breda’s Soul Urge Challenge is the number 4 which means he will much resist work, organised structure, discipline, order, methodical approaches, systematic ways etc. This explains why his Keystone Triangles chart (compiled from his date of birth) has the number 4 as his Shadow World / Career Number, because it is here, in the outside world where these traits are called for to build and create sustained success. It is in the World or Career Space, where hard work gets rewarded, and so this is where that he and his impatient worldly nature would experience this soul urge challenge the fiercest.

Karmic Debt Number 19 (Henri van Breda’s Shadow Life Path) explained in detail

When the 1 and 9 are put together, they reveal Karmic Number 19. If, like Henri van Breda, you have a 19/1 as one of your Core Numbers, understand this: You are now paying back for many past abuses (hence the karmic debt) where sacred knowledge, lack of compassion, and spiritual misalignment were your dominant behaviours. The 19/1 indicates to you that there has been much abuse of power, that the actions involved were extremely self-centred and the abuse was not a chance event – it was coldly and clinically calculated. Understand that the person who has the 19/1 as one of their core numbers will most likely act upon the more destructive tendencies of the number 1 until the lessons have been understood, acknowledged, acted upon, and mastered. So, some of the traits that must be grappled with are: narcissism, egotism, selfishness, being intimidating, dependence, lacking self-confidence, stubbornness and not readily accepting help, laziness, lacking a “spine” and the wherewithal to effectively stand on your own two feet, inability to move forward with a productive life of healthy independence and achievement, lacking initiative and leadership follow-through and extreme co-dependency in relationships. If you have the Karmic Debt Number 19 prominently positioned somewhere in your charts, yet the aforementioned description in no way sounds like you nor can you relate to it, then congratulations to you, you’re definitely at a stage of personal development and spiritual maturity where you’ve moved beyond what was and evolved into the constructive parts of the Number 1 (true leadership, independence etc.) and the Number 9 (humanitarianism, forgiveness, acceptance, higher consciousness, universal love etc.).

365 Pin Code Pythagorean Square as calculated from Henri van Breda’s date of Birth (01.11.1994):

The above reveals that Henri van Breda has two very powerful Arrows in play. Firstly, The Arrow of The Enquirer; in brief, whatever takes his fancy or piques his curiosity will cause him to explore it to the n-th degree in order to understand it to its fullest. Secondly, The Arrow of Hypersensitivity: a very demanding arrow to have in your chart; indicates little emotional balance / awareness and makes the individual very prone to massive, highly irrational and very explosive, emotional outbursts; Donald Trump’s chart carries this arrow – need we say any more? In addition, note the concentration of 1’s (there are 4 x 1’s) in this date of birth related chart for Henri van Breda which, reveals a massive ego, sense of self and much entitlement, that everything always had to be about him and only him. As such, it is no random coincidence that he was born on the 1st (which brings the energy of the number 1 very much in to play in his life).

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Henri Christo van Breda born 01.11.1994

(The Inclusion Chart reveals Karmic Lessons, areas of growth (those much under target) and areas to watch carefully (those significantly over target)):

From the above we can glean that Henri van Breda is much under target for Number 3 (lacks sensitivity, has a tremendous need to boldly express himself etc.) and Number 6 (relationships, responsibility etc.). In other calculations which we’ve done for this young man, the number 3 also happens to be his major lifelong challenge as, in the early stages of his life (i.e. until his early thirties), is the number 1 (the ego, sense of self / entitlement, independence, attainment etc.). So, if he felt in any way that his independence, ability to creatively express himself and enjoy much freedom (having fun, parting, living a carefree life – all of these are linked with the number 3) were compromised, these challenges would have, in his sphere of consciousness, been of major and not minor significance.

The number 6 is of great importance to him as not only is it his Primary Personality but it is also his Expression Number. The Expression is the sum total of what each individual has to work with in life and the positive Expression Number 6 is best summed up as being “The Homebuilder” because the number 6 is so powerfully associated with family, matters of the heart, responsibility and relationships. Then, there is the dark / shadow side of the number 6 which is best summed up as “The Homewrecker” because the negative 6 aligns itself with jealousy, interference, deeply troubled family relationships, cynical sadism, deliberately hurting pets etc.

He has a Karmic Lesson around the Number 7 (spiritual awareness, disciplined thought etc.) which means he will have to learn much in this space, especially about The Universal Laws (e.g. that as you sow, so shall you reap; the Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Vibration, The Law of Karma etc.). It also means that he is not naturally gifted at carefully applying his mind in a considered way to a given situation, thoroughly thinking it through from many angles before acting. These are thought related skills he would have to learn through disciplined mental activity such as exploring, researching, analysing, hence his having The Arrow of The Enquirer – whose development purpose is to teach its carrier exactly this!

He has a massively over target result for Number 9. This result of 225% over the normalised target for number 9 is a most unusual and astonishing result – one which a skilled numerologist will always pay much attention to, irrespective of which chart this abundance of nines appears in. We at 365 Pin Code have mapped a great many charts and rarely do we encounter someone with so many nines, with the number 9 as his Hidden Passion Number (also known as Secret Desire and Intensity Number)! Where there are many 9’s in a person’s inclusion chart it usually denotes that they will at some time encounter an extremely emotional experience which they will have to work through and that they have a tremendous desire to do their own thing and love to have things done their way… Whilst the Number 9 is typically associated with very positive humanity-related attributes such as those listed in the above chart, it does have its very dark and massively unpredictable side. This darkness centres around being very devious and most deceptive; not being on the inside who / what / how you appear to be to others on the outside.

A brilliant example of how intelligently devious the Number 9 in abundance is (as is the case in van Breda’s above Inclusion Chart), is highlighted in the date of birth 365 Pin Code chart (see below) of seven time Tour de France winner, professional road racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong, born on the 18th of September 1971.

Lance Armstrong had been facing doping allegations ever since winning the 1999 Tour de France. For several years he kept denying the charges. After vehemently denying the allegations for years, he finally admitted in 2013, during a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey, that some of the allegations were true… Once a celebrated hero, he fell from glory and was stripped of all his achievements after 1998, including his seven Tour de France titles. He was also stripped of his Olympic Bronze Medal, which he won at the 2000 Sydney Games, by the International Olympic Committee, in 2013.

Birth Chart of Lance Armstrong (born 18.09.1971)

Reveals just how many 9’s he has in it – this is why he was so very adept at pulling the wool over people’s eyes for so long:

Henri van Breda has a SubConscious Self Number 8 – what does this mean?

Returning to Henri’s Inclusion Chart, we reveal that his SubConscious Self number is an 8. Much attention need to be paid to this number as it represents a deep (submerged, not obvious), very emotionally driven river which flows strongly within him. Take For example someone with the SubConscious Self Number 5 (i.e. they have four karmic lessons in their inclusion chart; 9-4=5). The number 5 represents change, personal freedom, adventure etc; it is a highly kinetic energy which can never be contained. As such, if you do ever try to contain or put a box around someone with a SubConscious Self of 5, they will resist massively and will do whatever it takes (even if this comes at a huge price to them personally) to “break out of the box, to “smash out of the container.” That’s why this number is so important because it reveals what’s very important to a person, needs so strong that if they are not met or well provided for, all hell will break loose.

What a SubConscious Self 8 means is that Henri would think and act well under pressure, especially when life’s little surprises throw an unexpected spanner in to what is an otherwise streamlined operation. Under such circumstances he would make the best of these situations and would be naturally good at discovering order from within chaos. Importantly, the SubConscious Self Number 8 means that Henri would have the need to be respected and acknowledged for his accomplishments. With this being such a powerfully earthed vibration, he would not be one to scare easily and he would not be massively prone to panic either. His attitude would most of the time be strictly business like and because the number 8 is connected with power and status and prestige, he has the internal coding to be extremely ruthless – to get what he wants no matter the cost. Once his mind had been made up, Henri would not let his emotions interfere with the task at hand. The number 8 is always connected to money and wealth and financial freedom. Given this shadow / subconscious coding, money, power, status and financial independence / freedom would be very high on the agenda of Henri van Breda. Know this numerological truth – anything which impacts adversely on the financial wellbeing of a person with a SubConscious Self Number 8 will bring their full wrath to the fore. They do not like to lose, even less have money taken from them or an important income stream cut-off. Finally, people with a SubConscious Self Number 8, have a very well-developed survivor’s instinct and are therefore always extremely self-sufficient.

365 Pin Code Quadratic View for Henri Christo van Breda born 01.11.1994

(unique data strings for his internal / personal world and external / professional world, from birth through to Age 30):

With respect to the above 365 Pin Code Year-on-Year data strings for Henri van Breda, let’s start with 2015, age 20 turning 21, the year when he murdered his family in the January. The comprehensive data string in play for him for that year is 11/2-23/5-14/5-14/5-23/5-11/2. Note the string of 5’s powerfully linking his internal world with his external world. Note also how the internal and external data codes mirror each other with polarities reversed in that his personal / internal physical 11/2-23/5 his professional shadow 23/5-11/2 are switched around. The massively concentrated number of 5’s in his 2015 data string, indicates that this will be a year when much will go down and in a negative / adverse way (hence the red coded blocks in the above chart). The dark or shadow side of the number 5 is always related to extreme excess – the 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) driven excess – fuelled through delving deeply in to the “dark taboo world” of drugs, alcohol, sex, hedonistic pleasures etc. As such, 2015 was clearly coded to be one of the most significant years along his life path. It was to be the year when whatever he was so attracted to on the dark / taboo side of life, would be taken to its most extreme and therefore set the stage if you will, for a most significant universal life lesson (See Karmic Awareness Lesson Number 7 in his Inclusion Table: The Law of Cause and Effect – that as you sow so shall you reap) to be presented back to him later along his timeline. This lesson would, in its own way, teach him (hence the 11/2 master energy code in play) that this Universe is perfectly just, that you never get away with narcissistic actions initiated on the dark side for self-serving gains; that’s right, that you never get off scot-free and are always brought to book – in the Universe’s own way and in its unique time frame too!

Now, let’s move on to 2018, age 23 turning 24. The data string in play for him this year is 14/5-23/5-17/8-17/8-23/5-14/5. Note when comparing Henri’s van Breda’s 2015 data string with his 2018 data string, how the powerfully concentrated sequence of 5’s has shifted from the inside to the outside. This means that his 2015 personal shadow created actions have now moved from the invisible realm, in to the visible realm, clearly exposed for all to see. This is the shift which we’re alluding to in the above paragraph. This is the universal moment, coded in to his numbers, when all that which lurked beneath is shockingly exposed for all to see. This revealing of the shadow’s activities is perfectly in keeping with the purpose of 2018, an 11 Universal Energy Year – the master number 11 being all about bringing forth much Illumination, Enlightenment and Teaching. This is also perfectly in keeping with unveiling all around his Month of Birth, which is his Family / Intimate Number or Vibration, an 11 because he was born in November (we refer you back to Chart 1 of this blog; his Keystone Triangles).

Of specific interest, in the above 365 Pin Code Quadratic View for Henri van Breda, is that the period 2006 (when the family left for Australia) to 2010, is coded exactly the same as is the period 2015 to 2019 (see both sets of data strings surrounded by a blue block and note how all lines are repeated e.g. 2006 is coded exactly the same as is 2015). This is particularly interesting as this repetition of life path data strings for these two 5-year periods of his life means that whatever he was experiencing during 2006-2010 was somehow setting the foundation for a very similar, but much more intense experience, from 2015 to 2019.

We could analyse each year’s data string but that would make this blog a case study and the purpose of this piece is to reveal to you, the reader, just how much valuable data sits within our timelines and how little we know about all this because most people out there think of Numerology as some arbitrary pseudoscience, when it is not. It’s just that most numerologists do not use or build models which go in to so much detail. It is our belief that the more we research and unpack the numbers of people the more we will reveal that our full birth names and dates of birth carry with them much strategically valuable information around how life will be experienced and with this intelligence comes the opportunity to create bespoke proactive personal risk management plans and strategies.

We’re now going to take you even deeper in to the fascinating data sets we’ve created for Henri van Breda – and as we do, so you will see how much numbers reveal and why we all need to pay so much more attention to our unique 365 Pin Code…

Shadow Personal Month Energy Profile for Henri Christo van Breda (born 01.11.1994) for 2015

A year when, of critical importance, his Shadow Personal 365 Pin Code, reveals a 5-5 numerical duality:

Henri van Breda has been convicted of brutally murdering his family with an axe on the 27th of January 2015. As the above 365 Pin Code Monthly Shadow Energy chart reveals for him, January 2015 codes out as a number 6 – the very number which deals with Family and Matters of the Heart. If this doesn’t send cold chills down your spine as to how accurately numerically coded every bit our lives are, experience wise, nothing ever will. Then, if we calculate the 365 Pin Code Daily Shadow Energy for Henri (see table below) the 27th codes out as a number 6 – even more spine chilling! Thus the Shadow Personal Code in play for Henri van Breda on the day (27.01.2015) that he brutally murdered his family is 5-5-6-6. These two pairs of duality based numerical experiences, are for the highly experienced numerologist, a worrying sight as the 5-5 duality alludes to a period of absolute excess and abuse of the senses related experiences (drugs, sex, alcohol, food etc) and the 6-6 duality experience alludes to a most unpleasant numerical alignment which has to do with family / friends / relationships / matters of the heart. And the significance of the number 9 in the world of Henri van Breda continues with the 27th of January 2015 being a 9 Universal Energy Day (27+01+2015 = 2043 = 2+0+4+3 = 9).

Personal Month Energy Profile for Henri Christo van Breda (born 01.11.1994) for 2018.

A year when, of critical importance, his Personal 365 Pin Code, reveals a 5-5 numerical duality:

The above Personal Month Energy chart for Henri van Breda reveals that May 2018 is a 1 energy month – a new beginning – perfectly in keeping with his being found guilty – perfectly in keeping with the numerical code 5-5-1 which means much physical change (5) experienced, and a new beginning (1). And, he will be sentenced in June 2018, which is an 11 month, perfectly in keeping with what the master number 11 does – it illuminates the shadows, it brings forth enlightenment and it elucidates much in the way of teachings and lessons – a perfect 11 energy convergence in 2018 (an 11 Universal Energy Year).


Henri van Breda’s subconscious self was driven massively by the number 8 which is always linked to money and matters material. His huge numbers of 9’s makes him chameleon like, almost like a shapeshifter who can morph in to whatever it was that he needed to be in order to achieve his desired objective with the other person. His Shadow Life Path number 19 indicates that he has much experience and was very accomplished at, manipulating others for selfish gain. His number 11 in the Family (born in November), which is his Intimate number, is revealed in all its shadow intensity during an 11 Universal Energy Year (2018).

We’ve written countless other numerically informed blogs this year which have revealed how powerfully the master number 11 is in play in the lives of celebrities, sports stars etc.

Henri van Breda’s repeating data pattern experience meant that what had happened in 2006-2010 would somehow repeat itself during 2015-2019 only on a massively grander scale. Repeating significant emotional events (such as those coded for him in 2006 and again in 2015), if not addressed beforehand through a new “event diffusing strategy” will always manifest much more intensely in order for the not-yet-learned-lesson to be presented in a much more powerful way. His Arrow of Hypersensitivity means that he would always be feeling that other people were somehow severely judging him. This massively misinformed approach to life would build up much unfounded anger and explosiveness within him, rage which at some stage would have to boil over in a very ugly way.

His naturally low value on family (low number 6) indicates that he has much to learn in this space and also reveals that he doesn’t naturally place a high value on family, responsibility and matters of the heart. His Soul Urge Challenge of number 4 means that anything to do with this number (work, discipline, focus, structure, order, persistence etc.) would have proven to be a great challenge to him and so given this, it is highly likely that he would have been the type of person who looks to shirk work, who looks for the shortest cut to maximum personal gain, who rebels against structure and order wanting his personal freedom at all costs.

Through this article we’ve attempted to shed a little more light on what could have driven Henri van Breda to engage with his 5-5-6-6 coded life path experience in the way he did on the 27th of January 2015. We hope you’ve enjoyed this and learned something more about numbers from this piece of work. If you’d like to have your 365 Pin Code decoded, do please give us a shout.

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