Step aside Jacob, your sister Annunziata Rees-Mogg is coming through

The numbers reveal that Annunziata Rees-Mogg’s star is dramatically on the rise!

In this article, we analyse the 365 pin code of Annuziata Rees-Mogg. As we do, it will become very clear to you why we have titled this, Step aside Jacob, your sister Annunziata Rees-Mogg is coming through. We know this from the vast number of  Strategic Numerological Convergences [in her Keystone Triangle Birth Chart (Professional Attainment Number); in her Professional Pinnacle Experience (April – June 2019); in her Expression Number; in her 365 Pin Code Year on Year Quadratic Chart] happening for her right now around the number 15//6. So, as you wade your way through piece of numerological research on her please keep the number 15//6 at the forefront of your mind.

The 40-year-old mother of two declared the internet a “vile world”, having been described as “Jacob in drag” in a Twitter thread. But bizarrely not all of the messages she has received have been insulting, with the same social media user calling her “quite fit”. Ms Rees-Mogg, who twice failed to become a Tory MP, also said she has faced criticised over her appearance from other women.

Earlier this month the youngest sister of high-profile Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg quit the Conservatives in order to stand for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the upcoming European elections. In her return to politics after being a full-time mum for eight years, Ms Rees-Mogg said she felt “democracy has been betrayed.” She said: “My country needs to be recognised in the democratic way that is has called for. “Our politicians need to listen to what the people have said.”

The Brexit Party is gaining such momentum that they are a real threat!

The MEP candidate, who could end up running against her brother, told Sky news she believes the only way Brexit could be delivered after months of inconclusive negotiations is if Nigel Farage does well at the upcoming EU elections. The Brexit Party could be in for a shock win in May’s European elections, with a top pollster showing the eurosceptic group being already just one percentage point behind the Conservative Party. YouGov political research manager Chris Curtis believes the UK is set for “another Farage-shaped upset” in next month’s European election.

The Brexit Party literally appeared out of nowhere

Like some sleight-of-hand artiste, Farage has pulled the Brexit party out of his flat cap. One moment it wasn’t there. The next it was leading the polls for the European Union elections. It was set up by Catherine Blaiklock in January, but she has to resign when it emerged that, like so many before her in her previous party, Ukip, she’d written things that were not difficult to construe as racist. Farage duly announced that the Brexit Party would be “intolerant of all forms of intolerance”. And on stage he called for a greater “civility” in British politics.

365 Pin Code Keystone Triangles Birth Chart for Annunziata Rees-Mogg born 25.03.1979

Given what’s happening around Annunziata at the moment, the key take-outs from the above chart are as follows:

Being born on the 25th means she has the number 7 energy playing itself out in the person. Being born in 1979 (1979 = 1+9+7+9 = 26 = 2+6 =8) means she has the number 8 energy playing itself out in her World / Career. Combine the DD and the YY (7+8 = 16) and you get 15 which reduces to the number 6 (15 = 1+5 = 6). Her Professional Attainment Number [TKSPR] circled above in bright green is therefore 15//6. As mentioned in the introduction to this numerology article on this female politician, the number 15/6 is a key number for her right now. She has a number 9 life path (a life path number which she shares with her brother Jacob Rees-Mogg) which is one of insight, generosity, emotion, compassion, global awareness, interpretation, diversity and strength i.e. the humanitarian.

Why numerologists must pay attention to the backing numbers

As you will see in a short while, this 15//6 combination is powerfully playing itself out in her bespoke experiential coding for 2019, thereby revealing beyond all reasonable doubt that her recent move from the Conservative Party to the Brexit Party will pay off handsomely. From a strategic numerology perspective, we at 365 pin code always pay much attention to the backing number, which in this case is 15. So, for Annunziata Rees-Mogg to really ace this hard-coded professional success convergence event, she must be powerfully display the attributes of the number 1 and number 5 energies as these, when combined, will naturally power the number 6 end result for her.

Now is the time for her to embrace her authentic self

This demands that she actively embrace her shadow self (number 15 major arcana is The Devil); that she rid herself of whatever shackles held her back in her past and that she boldly, bravely and intentionally step forward in to being the very best version of her authentic herself. Through this bold move she can be part of the Nigel Farage led team who really shake up European and British politics (and with this, shake-up politics and politicians worldwide). How so? By hammering home to other politicians (those who have sold their souls to the devil if you will) in ways only they will understand, that their primary role is to serve and selflessly deliver on the collective will of the people and not to drive their own selfish, ego-driven, self-enrichment agendas…

Annunziata Rees-Mogg has been a full-time mother for the last eight years and wishes to “avoid the negative comments and the violence that can come from putting your name above the parapet and standing for what you believe in.” She said: “I joined the Conservative Party in 1984 and this is not a decision I have made lightly – to leave a party for which I have fought at every election since 1987, from Maggie Thatcher through to Theresa May. “I know which one I’d rather have representing us now.”

On EU judges: “The requirement not to be rude about judges applies only to judges in this country. It does not apply to judges in the EU, so let me be rude about them. Let me indulge in the floccinaucinihilipilification (worthlessness) of EU judges” – Jacob Rees-Mogg

365 Pin Code 2019 (by quarter) Professional Pinnacle and Challenges for Annunziata Rees-Mogg

In the above 365 pin code chart, note how the number 15//6 (circled in bright green) again makes its appearance in her Numerology for 2019. And during the period April 2019 to June 2019, exactly the quarter when the European Elections happen. A random coincidence? We think not. The second quarter of 2019 was coded from her birth to deliver a very significant professional outcome…

365 pin code name analysis for Annunziata Rees-Mogg

Her Christian name, Annunziata, totals 40 which reduces down to a 4 (40 = 4+0 = 4) so she has the number 4 energy (order, structured, work, disciplined, a methodical step-by-step approach) representing her physical vibration. Her middle name, Mary, totals 21 which reduces down to a 3 (21 = 2+1 = 3) so she has the number 3 (creative, self-expressive, communicative, inspirational…) energy representing her emotional. Her surname / last name, Rees-Mogg, totals 44 which reduces down to an 8 (money, power, business, authority, giving and receiving, the material and spiritual journey…) so she has the number 8 energy representing her spiritual vibration.

Her Balance Number (when off balanced and stressed, this is what she should turn to in order to restore balance) is a 14 which reduces down to a 5. When on song, the 5 constructively and proactively challenging the status quo, is the quintessential change agent and relentless drives issues around meaningful personal freedom and choices… Her Expression is a 6 (105 = 1+0+5 = 6 – please note the appearance again of the 1 and the 5) so she is happiest when she is powerfully expressing herself in ways which are underpinned by responsibility, relationships, a sense of community and all importantly, matters of the heart.

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Annunziata Rees-Mogg

The above inclusion chart is calculated from her full birth name. It reveals her deep desire (subconscious-self number 9) to be of service to humanity. Her number 7 hidden passion number (245% of normalised numerology number 7 target) reveals that she is an extremely intelligent woman; the seeker of truth and from her actions it’s clear that she is not finding much truth around how the Tories are handling Brexit and that’s why she has teamed up with Nigel Farage to give people another choice, a new voice… Very interesting to note that her Maturity Number is a 6 – once again the number 6 is in play…

365 Pin Code Year on Year Quadratic Chart (bespoke annual personal and professional data codes) for Annunziata Rees-Mogg born 25.03.1979

This year on year personal and professional experiential data chart for Annunziata Rees-Mogg reveals that 2018 and 2019 are two years in her life which are both driven by the number 15//6. This is why we at 365 pin code know for sure that her move to the Brexit Party will pay off handsomely. The two-year (2018, 2019) number 15//6 experience brings her Expression Number and Professional Attainment Number firmly in to play and whenever we see this type of convergence happening in multiple charts, especially this one, we immediately know that something massive will go down.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg’s 2019 double 6 numerology code begs much attention

Of specific interest is her Double 6 professional shadow (emotional) event (see the two 6’s in her 2019 data string which are linked by a red block). This represents a moment in time, professionally, when she would experience very extreme emotions around what the number 6 represents which amongst other traits, is community, truth, relationships and responsibility. If you turn your attention to her 2020 data string you will a double 1 for her professionally. This represents a massive new beginning for her and given that it is a 19 back-end number driven experience, what will be firmly for her is leadership (1), humanity (9) and independence (19).

365 Pin Code 2019 Shadow (emotional) Professional Monthly Energy Profile for Annunziata Rees-Mogg

We included this monthly energy chart of hers (professional shadow/emotional) to reveal to you that her new professional emotional cycle began in April 2019 (number 1, re block, the start of something new), the very month she left the Tories to join the Brexit Party.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg has the Arrows of Determination, Spirituality and Planning

Here’s to your great success Annunziata… Our numbers show that it’s all happening for you right now and very positively so. Moreover, given the three very powerful arrows (Determination, Spirituality and The Planner) which you naturally have in play from your date of birth, be the change and make it count! Annunziata, follow your highly intuitive inner compass (number 7) – it will lead you to the life path leadership greatness (Personal Attainment Number 10//1, Pinnacle Experience 11//2) coded for you around and post the age of 46 (2025 – the very year when you will experience an extremely significant shift in your professional responsibility when the number 15//6 again makes its appearance [see 2025 data string in the above 365 pin code year on year quadratic chart], but only for that year, making this a very concentrated and important career experience!)…

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