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Our futurist research proves all humans have unique numerical blueprints

Knowing and understanding yours is a critical life success skill

Human Futurology
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Our blog hosts over one hundred and fifty detailed research case studies (politics, sports, royalty, celebrities, success, failure, entrepreneurship, leadership etc.).

Human Futurology
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Human Futurology podcasts allow you to understand how critically important number sequences are influencing people lives and enabling success / failure

Human Futurology

Chris Styles has done a number of interviews with John Drew, CEO of Elevated Planet. Listen to what Chris has to say about critically important future events.

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Welcome to 365 Pin Code the home of human futurology research.

Human Futurology

What is human futurology?

It is a term coined by Chris and Suzanne Styles, who have dedicated the past 13 years of their lives, to trying to scientifically understand why life happens to us, the way it does, when it does and how it does. In a nutshell, human futurology research has revealed that from birth, we humans each have a bespoke numerical blueprint and contained within this are critically important experiences that we simply must have.

Suzanne Styles is the creative entrepreneurial business mind behind this and has a clear long-term vision for how human futurology will be used every day, by many. Chris Styles, clinically diagnosed in 2022 by top UK professionals as having Aspergers, is a High Functioning Austistic adult. He has an M.Sc. [zoological ecology] and successfully held an executive level position in Retail Banking. Chris literally sees number patterns and he uses this autism spectrum gift to make sense of life and its experiences through patterns, sequences, codes, and numerical synchronicities.

Human Futurology flows from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) thinking

A trained research scientist, his work has revealed the presence of human Intelligent Mathematical Blueprints (IMBs), which brilliantly reveals the highly organised mathematical construct of your life, from birth through to death (whenever that might be). Chris wants you to know and remember this important truth:

Your life is not a random set of haphazard events. It is in fact a grand organised design whose brilliant architecture has everything that you must experience, happening at exactly the perfect moment with and through the perfect people (“your teachers”). Knowing and understanding the unique construct of your journey, gifts you the 365 Pin Code needed to unlock new strategic thinking and planning for every single day.

Thousands of research hours culminated in a highly accurate Predictive Model

Want to know much more? Then take the time to listen to the above podcast during which Suzanne and Chris discuss their amazing journey and what events had to fall into place for them to shape their massively accurate human futurology predictive model. Since his biggest 365 pin code research breakthrough moment back in 2017 (it all started with a book written by a Princeton mathematician), Chris has built and analysed thousands of charts.

Over the years his ability to understand how the numbers combine (as in your life’s good, bad, and ugly years) has taken a quantum leap forward so much so that he now wants to write up all this research for his PhD. Here, at 365 Pin Code, you can study many different human futurology case studies done by Chris and see how his work has evolved over the years. There also Videos and Podcasts to guide you into the paradigm busting world of the numerical human blueprint.

365 Pin Code was born on 11 Jan 2018

This case study research site was taken live on the 11th of January 2018 and for good reason. 11 Jan 2018 has two number 11s in it. In case you did not know, the number 11 is associated with intuition, illumination, enlightenment, and teaching. Because number 11 is so incredibly powerful, it is referred to as being a master number. 2018 was a No11 year (2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11; 2018//11//2) as was 2009 (2009//11//2) and as will be 2027 (2027//11//2), 2036 (2036//11//2), 2045 (2045//11//2), 2054 (2054//11//2) etc. During No11 years there will always be certain key events that will shock people to their core.

Why so? Because such events shine light into the dark and dingy shadows of our lives and world, illuminating what lurks there. Once the toxicity that was residing within the shadow has been illuminated, identified, and acknowledged (often with tremendous shock and horror), the healing process around what was exposed, can begin.