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Controversial, self serving and self seeking, President Jacob Zuma Resigned 14 February 2018

In this article we use important pieces of numerical intelligence to assess Jacob Zuma – the man around which so much controversy has raged for so long – the man who failed dismally as leader – the man who clinically and calculating used his position of power to serve his own ends – the man who most definitely did not serve the people of South Africa well.

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was born on the 12th of April 1942.

He carved himself a career as a South African Politician and was elected the fourth President of South Africa, serving from the 2009 general election until his resignation on the 14th of February 2018.

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It is interesting to note upfront that his middle name, Gedleyihlekisa, means “one who smiles while causing you harm” in Zulu.


The name Jacob totals 13, which reduces down to a 4 (1+3=4). The number 13 always brings with it most significant karmic debt undertones and demands hard work in order to accomplish tasks. Some people carrying this karmic debt within their numbers find this journey overly burdensome, do not persevere and fall to laziness, being tempted in to taking shortcuts in order to achieve success. Most often, such choices will bring forth dismal failure and the envisaged successes do not come! In fact, their self-serving actions only end up adding to the already existing karmic debt and so intensifying it even further.


The name Gedleyihlekisa totals 69, which reduces down to 15 (6+9=15) which further reduces down to a 6. Let’s evaluate these numbers further. The founding number of his second name is 69 – which presents a 6 and a 9. The number 6 when honoured is always has to do with love, family, community and is closely tied with matters of the heart. The number 9 relates to consciousness, humanitarianism, closure, healing etc. Zuma’s 69 then reduces down to 15 which brings two powerful numbers in to play, these being 1 and 5. Number 1 signifies the primal force, the ego, the dominant dictatorial leader and all that which until counter-balanced through profound life lessons, is about self. The number 5 is a highly unpredictable, rebellious number which signifies change, personal freedom, adaptability and which most often has to do with the five senses (usually the over-indulgence therein when being embraced negatively…). Zuma’s 15 now reduces down to 6 – dealt with above. Suffice to say – his Presidential actions and legacy report cards result are much more aligned with the numbers 1 and 5 than with the numbers 6 and 9. It’s quite amazing using numbers, to be able to understand the complex energy cocktail which surrounds just his second name – that’s why understanding a person’s 365 Pin Code unlocks such deep intelligence around them and from which vibrational field they are primarily meeting and greeting life.


His surname Zuma totals 16 which reduces down a 7 (1+6=7). The number 1 is leadership and attainment and the number 6 is love and community. Sadly, Ex-President Zuma failed dismally to live up to the powerful opportunity coding which his inherited name (his surname) offered up experience wise. In fact, he absolutely embraced the 7 – the dark secret calculating side of the 7 – which explains why he was such a difficult man to read – a man who most times appeared as if he had nothing but ice water running through his veins.

Zuma played the game with the only intention being to win at all cost, with no consideration for anyone else, it ends as an extreme and empty experience

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Expression Number

Zuma’s Expression Number (calculated from the sum of all the letters in his full name) totals 98, which reduces down to 17, which further reduces down to 8. This is all about power and when embraced negatively, gaining dominion over others. People with this number as their primary means of expression can be ruthless and highly competitive, enjoy rivalry and challenges and will never rest until they are completely satisfied that they have bypassed the competition. Now this is most definitely in keeping with the vibrational intention of his second name, Gedleyihlekisa, the “one who smiles while causing you harm.

Balance Number

Zuma’s Balance Number (calculated from his initials) totals 16 which reduces down to 7. This numbers tells of a person who, like an ostrich, most often attempts to find some safe haven within themselves, hoping that the issues will just magically go away and not have to be dealt with. Well ex-President Zuma – this did not happen and if we look at the Complex Quadratic View Model which we have built for your life year on year, from 2018 through to and including 2027, you will experience extreme loss and great discomfort.

In this short analysis of Jacob Zuma’s name much is revealed. Much more can be revealed through additional name driven charts as well as the use of his date of birth. This is what we specialise in at 365 Pin Code – providing a thorough understanding of a person’s numerical coding – so that you can know what energy cocktails you’re dealing with, both positively and negatively.