What’s in a name, read on to find out how to choose the right name for your business?

Most “new to the game” entrepreneurs are in such a rush to get their new business started that they do not take nearly enough time to think deeply around what name they are choosing. Even fewer bother to think (mostly because they do not know – yes, ignorance is bliss) that every name carries with it a unique vibrational frequency and set of key numerical values, data points which from the word go, will either enable and disable your purposeful business intent. This article takes the naming of your business and your chosen go live date to a whole different level. It shifts you from the operating plane of business thinking (let’s get all this start-up admin done fast, so we can make money) to the strategic plane of business thinking (how is all that we’re doing around the conception / birth of our business, aligning itself to the much bigger strategic success plan?).

Here’s why you should not be in a rush when naming your business

In October 2013, Adina Grigore, a guest writer for entrepreneur.com wrote “In our company and among our super loyal customers, we love to joke about how many times our skincare line has reinvented itself. Aside from evolving our packaging, branding and labels a dozen times in less than four years, we’ve also gone through a name change…more than once. Let me just sum up this whole article by saying I don’t recommend it.” She later goes on to add this piece of business naming wisdom “Hire professionals. They know what they’re doing better than you do. Also, they’re less attached to your company and will be able to see what risks are worth it.

And then there’s this to remember: Your company name is the very first thing someone hears when you begin to discuss your business with them. At best, your company name is intelligently signalling to them that your approach is both mature and relevant, when means they’re interested in doing business with you; at worst, your company name is signalling absolutely nothing to them and just creation much confusion in their minds which then smashes their desire want to do business with you.

Here’s another astonishing truth about why your business name is so important

The name of your business always elicits an emotional connection; within you (the founder and creator of the business) as well as within others; that’s why well-chosen names will evoke a strong sense of passion around your brand, both by you and by those who sense your inherent passion for your business. What if someone you were pitching to asked you why you chose the business name you did? Could you instantly answer them with an impassioned killer response which would instantly move you on to the front foot with them, or would you be stumped, giving them some wishy-washy reason, which in a flash, would place you totally on the back foot? This is exactly why naming your business correctly, strategically and such that has instant cognitive relevance, is such a critically important thing to do before you go-live. Bottom line is, there is absolutely no excuse for a bad business name as it creates massive competitive disadvantage and sets you up for failure.

Here’s how choosing the right name for your new business sets you up for success

Every letter of the alphabet carries a number and therefore the name of your business, totals a given numerical value and that numerical value in turn sets up a unique vibrational frequency around your business. In one of our very first blogs about Elon Musk, we wrote this as one the bullet points listed about him: “His hidden passion [a talent he is blessed with and must therefore be expressed if he is to honour his gifts] is represented by the number 5 – and the number 5 means, change, proactively challenging the status quo, freedom, the explorer and of course, travel – no coincidence we believe that the letters of both SpaceX and Starman reduce down to the number 5.” So, let’s explain (see below) how we arrived at the conclusion that both SpaceX and Starman carry with them the essence of vibrational frequency Number 5.

365 Pin Code Table showing what Number the Letters of the Alphabet are aligned with and to

Note below that the letter K, the 11th letter of the alphabet and the letter V, the 22nd letter of the alphabet, carry with them master number energies, however when doing letter / number conversion calculations the values of 2 (K) and 4 (V) are used

Choose the right name for your business and set yourself up for success:

SPACEX = S(1)+P(7)+A(1)+C(3)+E(5)+X(6)… 1+7+1+3+5+6 = 23 = 5…

STARMAN = S(1)+T(2)+A(1)+R(9)+M(4)+A(1)+N(5)… 1+2+1+9+4+1+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5…

Either Elon Musk and his team really know what they’re doing with regard to names and numbers and vibrational frequencies, or their higher guides are working magnificently with them and through them. Thing is, the way they are using names (and know this truth – your chosen business name is critically important, so best you get it right!) and numbers is strategically brilliant. From the get-go they are aligning their chosen name’s energy fields with the right number – as such the number will naturally power their desired result / business outcome in a positive and congruent way.

Let’s think about another of his companies, one which made him a lot of money, PayPal. PAYPAL = P(7)+A(1)+Y(7)+P(7)+A(1)+L(3)… 7+1+7+7+1+3 = 26 = 2+6 = 8… And, Number 8 is all about, yes you guessed it, money, power, wealth, riches, material matters, business, giving and receiving etc.

So, does the name of your business matter?

Absolutely! And now that you know this, you have to ensure that your next new business is named in a way which places its strategic intent perfectly in alignment with the number(s) which will actively drive, and not inhibit, your business objectives. Then, there’s also the go-live date for your business – which is just as important as the name of your business. To reveal to you why we place so much emphasis on the strategic vibrational interplay (on an energy level, and remember, everything is energy) between a business’ name and its go-live date, we’ll use our business, 365 Pin Code.

365 Pin Code – the business name analysed and data points as to why we chose this

The name 365 Pin Code totals 53 = 5+3 = Number 8. Number 8: is all about Material Matters, Money, Riches, Abundance, Power, Status, Authority, Ambition, Giving and Receiving, the number of Karma (the creation of good karma here), Wealth.

The Soul Urge (Spiritual Intent) of 365 Pin Code totals 25 = 2+5 = Number 7. Number 7 is all about: Analytics, The Mind, Cosmic Matters, Introspection, The Hermit, Isolation, Reflection, Inner Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Spiritual Matters, Mysticism, Psychic Abilities.

The Personality of 365 Pin Code totals 28 = 2+8 = 10 = 1+0 = Number 1. Number 1 is all about: Independence, Essence of Masculinity, Leadership, Tenacity and Striving Forward, Attainment, Bold, Bravery, New Beginning, Innovation, Individuation, Pioneering Spirit, The Ego, Sense of Self.

The Subconscious (Emotional) Driver of 365 Pin Code works out (9-3; letters carrying the numbers 1, 2 and 8 are missing, hence 9-3) to Number 6. Number 6 is all about: Balance, Relationships, Responsibility, Love, Caring, Protecting, Sense of Community, Matters of the Heart, Finding Solutions, Grace and Gratitude, Stability.

The Hidden Passion of 365 Pin Code works out to Number 5 (there are more 5’s in the name than any other number!). Number 5 is all about: Creating Change, Personal Freedom, Constructively Challenging, Sociability, Choices, Resourcefulness, Assimilating, Travel, Exploring, Adaptable, Versatile, 5-Senses Driven, Being Rebellious where Necessary.

All this gives us a most relevant name [with and through our business we are mapping daily energies in such a way that this unique information – hence “Pin Code” – has relevance to your every-day life (hence “365”); adding value to your personal and professional decision-making framework, risk management and planning] with numbers powering it which we believe are exactly the right ones for what we desire to achieve business wise.

Strategic Business Numerology and why your Go-Live Business Date matters

Using Strategic Business Numerology methodologies which we have developed the past few years, we decided to launch 365 Pin Code a Strategic Numerology Services provider on 11.01.2018. This was done with the purposeful intent to bolster consciousness and awareness around numbers, names and the strategic inter-relationship between the two on a numerical and vibrational level. We also did so with very clear short-term (1 year), medium-term (4 year), long-term (8 year) and destiny goals. Here’s why we carefully chose the name 365 Pin Code and why we took it live exactly when we did…

Business Numerology Pentagon Birth Chart (11.01.2018) for 365 Pin Code explaining why this go-live date was chosen

In this Date of Birth Chart for 365 Pin Code you will notice that the numbers 5, 7, 11 and 22 feature more than once. This was not by coincidence, but by design and here’s why. The numbers 5 and 7 have been described above so no need to address them again. The numbers 11 and 22 are Master Numbers and therefore carry with them tremendous potential, energy and responsibility.

Number 11 (Founding Energy and Productive Energy Numbers for 365 Pin Code) is the number of The Master Spiritual Teacher – and that’s exactly what we are doing through 365 Pin Code – teaching people how to make much more sense of all aspects of their lives using numbers and vibrations. Number 11 is the bringer of Illumination, Enlightenment and Profound Teachings. This is a very powerful master energy universal vibration which when flowing at full force, illuminates or sheds light, upon the shadows, upon all that which lies beneath. The Number 11 when fully embraced, elevates our levels of conscious understanding of self and makes us much more integrated and aware beings.

Number 22 (External Success Attainment and Shadow Life Force Energy Numbers for 365 Pin Code) is the number of The Master Builder. This is a very powerful master energy universal vibration which when flowing at full force, allows the carrier or bearer of this energy code to build earthly structures on a very grand scale, doing so in a way which brings tremendous benefit to humanity in general. If done correctly and in ways which honours the energetic blueprint of The Master builder then what gets created is done so in a spirit of clever cooperation, peaceful collaboration and harmonious development with and through others. This is exactly what we seek to (and will) achieve with and through 365 Pin Code.

Now that you know all this, can you afford not to make use of Strategic Business Numerology?

We think not… The rest however is up to you to decide yes or no… If you’d like to avoid all the energetically coded pitfalls which result from the misalignment of your business or company name and go-live date with your business’ overarching strategic intent and goals, then why not tap in to all the numerical intelligence which we’ve created to help you get started right first time? When you understand how to make proper use of Strategic Business Numerology you can then map the unique year-on-year energy profiles (see chart below) in play for your business. Once done, you can then look to how best to manage these different numerical combinations / energetic cocktails, in keeping with what your business does and what you desire to achieve (personally and professionally) with and through it…

365 Pin Code Business Numerology Map revealing Year-on-Year Internal and External Energy Profiles as well as Key Duality Experiences