Will it be Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema who go head to head in the 2019 General Elections?

Much blame was laid squarely at Jacob Zuma’s feet for the abysmal ANC showing in the 2016 local elections, and whilst the Democratic Alliance was the then party of the moment, we believe that the 2019 General Elections could very well see a new Official Opposition.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s path to the presidency was not the conventional one, the leadership race was acrimonious, hard fought and hard won. Uncomfortable partnerships and strange bedfellows may have been the order of the day to enable Cyril Ramaphosa to take over the position as President of South Africa.

The ANC has a huge amount of work to do to regain lost ground and the Local Elections were a solid eye opener to those at Luthuli House. The EFF is becoming a force to be reckoned with appealing to grass roots voters and disenchanted former ANC supporters, and the DA moderate line is still an impact player in this political game.

These are turbulent times and we thought we would take an in-depth look at who the main contenders for 2019 could be.

So how will South Africa’s 2019 General Election affect Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema

There is much detail in this extensive piece of work and yes there is much for you to wade through, but if you desire to have profound strategic insights in to the South African political landscape from 2019 through to 2022 and beyond, then you will want to spend time on all the analytics provided (the content) and connect with what they reveal context wise.

Want the Short Version? Then this is for you…

This is a massively complex piece of numerical analytical work which has within it much detail supporting as to how we came to the conclusions we did around what the political landscape for South Africa could well look like from 2019 (when the next general election happens) through to 2022. If you want to delve in to the detail, all of which exists below, please do so; it will help you to understand why we say what we do, both content and context wise. If you’re not a lover of detail (what a pity!) then here’s what you need to know about all that follows below…

The 365 Pin Code numerical coding for Cyril Ramaphosa (leader of the ANC and current President of South Africa) does not bode at all well for 2019; nor does the 2019 365 Pin Code numerical coding for Mmusi Maimane (leader of the DA). Furthermore, the numbers do not stack up at all well for Ramaphosa during 2020 and 2021 and come 2022, he experiences a year of very dramatic change. Maimane too has extremely difficult number combinations in play for 2020 and 2021 which means that the deck is most definitely not stacked in his, nor the DA’s favour. Now, exactly the opposite holds true for Julius Malema (leader of the EFF) whose 365 Pin Code numerical coding from 2019 through to 2022, sees him enter what we interpret numerically, to be pure gold streak. This is a 4 year period for him which brings to the fore a string of most fortunate and powerful number combinations.

From all this numerically gleaned intelligence (derived from our multiple bespoke 365 Pin Code predictive models) we can confidently say that President Ramaphosa is entering a 4 year run which will be very difficult and have at its core, deeply troubled relationships, whereas his primary opponent, Julius Malema, has things very much stacked to his considerable advantage. In fact, our numbers indicate the odds to be so stacked in Malema’s favour, that unless something most unforeseen happens, we believe it a very high probability that come 2022 he will be the new President of South Africa, and, come 2023 he will be fully expressing all that he has said he would do.

We do hope that you will find the energy to delve into all the content below as doing this will help you to unravel piece by piece why, well ahead of these events, we are boldly making these numerically informed 365 Pin Code predictions.

Want all the detail? Here it is…..

Before we get in to the nitty gritty of this article on what the key personal and professional numbers for Cyril Ramaphosa (current President of South Africa) and Julius Malema (Founder and Leader of the EFF) reveal around 2019 and the years beyond, we need you to first understand what numbers are in play in this article and what they each represent significance wise.

Pythagoras believed that every relationship and set of relationship-based-circumstances could be expressed numerically. Our extensive numbers-based research agrees with and confirms this viewpoint. We have also extended this relationship between numbers in to a multidimensional view, which links relationships which are consciously known with those which exist unconsciously / subconsciously / within the shadow (as per Carl Jung’s use, interpretation and teachings around “The Shadow”).

“The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.” – Carl Jung 1951. “The Shadow” is a concept that describes those aspects of the personality that we choose to reject and repress. For one reason or another, we all have parts of ourselves that we don’t like—or that we think society won’t like—so we push those parts down into our unconscious psyches. It is this collection of repressed aspects of our identity that Jung referred to as our shadow.

Our numbers-related research and the associated linking of relationships through numerical means has proven to be exact and accurate (here, for your interest, are multiple case studies proving this) and so the numbers which we are putting in to play in this article featuring as study subjects, President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa and EFF Leader Julius Sello Malema should be taken seriously and what their numbers reveal, not merely dismissed out of hand as some form of arbitrary pseudoscience.

In this article we may use certain terms which you are not familiar with (e.g. life path number, subconscious-self number, hidden passion number, shadow professional attainment number etc.). Here are detailed Numerology Terms (which we intentionally created for contextualisation purposes around the highly controversial 1974 resignation of US President Richard Nixon) for you to refer to.

In the multiple 365 Pin Code Numerical Analysis Charts which follow, you will encounter the numbers 1 to 9. Below is a thorough description of what each number represents; your knowing these various characteristics upfront, allows you to then place in to context, the numbers provided for each leader:

Number 1: Independence, Essence of Masculinity, Leadership, Tenacity and Striving Forward, Attainment, Bold, Bravery, New Beginning, Innovation, Individuation, Pioneering Spirit, The Ego, Sense of Self.

Number 2: Diplomatic, Duality, Nurture, Essence of Femininity, Motherly, Power Behind the Throne, Cooperation, Collaboration, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Others Focus.

Number 3: Creativity, Self-Expression, Artistic, Communication, Sensitive, Social, Courage, Optimism, Open Mindedness, Enthusiasm.

Number 4: Work, Focus, Discipline, Order, Limitation, Being Boxed In, Practicality, Reliable, Systematic, Foundational, Service, Devotion.

Number 5: Change, Personal Freedom, Constructively Challenging, Sociability, Choices, Resourcefulness, Assimilating, Travel, Exploring, Adaptable, Versatile, 5-Senses Driven, Rebellious.

Number 6: Balance, Relationships, Responsibility, Love, Caring, Protecting, Sense of Community, Matters of the Heart, Finding Solutions, Grace and Gratitude, Stability.

Number 7: Analytics, The Mind, Cosmic Matters, Introspection, The Hermit, Isolation, Reflection, Inner Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Spiritual Matters, Mysticism, Psychic Abilities.

Number 8: Material Matters, Money, Riches, Legal Matters, Abundance, Power, Status, Authority, Ambition, Giving and Receiving, the number of Karma, Wealth.

Number 9: Humanitarianism, Selflessness, Idealist, Compassion, Completion, Healing, Universal Love (Forgiveness), Consciousness, The End, All the Universal Spiritual Laws (Vibration, Attraction, Cause and Effect, Compensation, Reciprocity, Transmutation of Energy etc.), Intuition, Light Working, Tolerance, Acceptance.


Julius Sello Malema, and Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, let’s start with their birthdays

We begin this numerical intelligence exercise using the dates of birth for Julius Sello Malema (born 03.03.1981) and Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa (born 17.11.1952) – this information allows us to create the two birth charts shown below

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365 Pin Code Key Triangles for Julius Malema indicating key personal and professional data points:

Julius Sello Malema (JSM) is born on the 3rd day (DD) of the month, therefore his Personal Number is a 3 energy (see the above description for Number 3 in order to begin the multifaceted datapoint exercise which will eventually reveal to you all that combines to make up Malema’s unique 365 Pin Code).

  1. JSM is born in the MM of March, therefore his Family / Intimate Number is a 3.
  2. JSM is born in the YY 1981, therefore his World / Career Number is a 1 [1981=1+9+8+1=19=1+9=10=1+0=1 ; it is NB to note that the number 1 in this position in a birth chart represents the innate numerical coding to lead on a grand scale – e.g. President Nelson Mandela who was born in 1918: 1918=1+9+1+8=19=1+9=10=1+0=1].
  3. JSM has a Number 7 Life Path [DD+MM+YY = 3+3+1981 = 1987=1+9+8+7=25=2+5=7]
  4. JSM has a Personal Attainment Number of 6 [DD+MM = 3+3 = 6]
  5. JSM has a Professional Attainment Number of 4 [DD+YY = 3+1981 = 1984 = 1+9+8+4=22=2+2=4; now, before we move off this very important professional datapoint for Julius Malema, it is imperative for us to reveal to you that the number 1984 reduces down to 22 which is a Master Number! The Fool represents the major arcana teachings around the number 22 is best summed up as: The Fool depicts a youth walking joyfully into the world. He is taking his first steps, and he is exuberant, joyful, excited. He carries nothing with him except a small sack, caring nothing for the possible dangers that lie in his path. Indeed, he is soon to encounter the first of these possible dangers, for if he takes just a step more, he will topple over the cliff that he is reaching. But this doesn’t seem to concern him – is this just from being naive or simply unaware? The imagery of The Fool reveals dog at his heels barking at him in warning; if he does not become more aware of his surroundings soon, he may never see all the adventures that he dreams of encountering. To build further on all this, the Number 22 is the number of The Master Builder. It brings with it extreme power (if you want to understand much more about the Number 22, study the article we compiled on disgraced South African billionaire Marcus Jooste – the former Steinhoff CEO who has this number powerfully represented in his 365 Pin Code chart). About the Master Builder (number 22) – this is a very powerful master energy universal vibration which when flowing at full force, allows the carrier or bearer of this energy code to build earthly structures on a very grand scale, doing so in ways which bring tremendous benefit to humanity in general. If done correctly and in ways which honour the energetic blueprint of The Master builder then what gets created is done so in a spirit of clever cooperation, peaceful collaboration and harmonious development with and through others. In instances where this masterful energy coding has been enjoyed in a way which has rendered much material benefit to the carrier / bearer, yet the great gains achieved have not been well-respected and joyfully shared in a humanitarian like way to benefit many, the number 22 coding, given that it has been misused and abused, will retaliate viciously [that’s when it drops down in to the Number 4 coding] and it will then brutalise on every level, the selfish bearer / carrier – just look at what has happened to and must still happen to, Mr Jooste. As revealed in the first line of this paragraph, the number 22 reduces down to a 4, therefore the Number 4 also has tremendous worldly significance for JSM. The teachings around the Number 4 are wonderfully represented through the major arcana The Emperor. The Emperor, in his positive aspect, symbolizes law, structure, order, stability, financial viability through budgeting and planning, disciplined relationships, being well-organized and realistic about life. He stands for concrete actions, tangible results and visible signs of success. In his negative aspect, the Emperor symbolizes inflexibility, laws that lag behind the reality on the ground, rules that ignore people’s real needs, relationships that succumb to expected roles, shallowness that pushes people to fit into gender, class, race and other categories, stripping people of their spiritual connection, spontaneity and joy.

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365 Pin Code Key Triangles for Cyril Ramaphosa indicating key personal and professional data points:

Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa (MCR) is born on the 17th day (DD) of the month, therefore his Personal Number reduces down to an 8 energy [17=1+7=8] (see the description for Number 8 to begin the multifaceted datapoint exercise which will reveal to you all that combines to make up Ramaphosa’ s unique 365 Pin Code).

  1. MCR is born in the MM of November, therefore his Family / Intimate Number is a 2 [11=1+1=2].
  2. MCR is born in the YY 1952, therefore his World / Career Number is an 8 [1952=1+9+5+2=17=1+7=8]. What is important to note as this juncture is that JSM’s World Number is a 1 and MCR’s World Number is an 8; this means that these two leaders have a 9 Combined Energy in the World (8+1=9). Whenever a 9 combined energy presents itself in a combined chart it gives an indication of an extremely intense relationship in that space. As such we can therefore deduce that the Malema-Ramaphosa 9 In the World means that much must go down (leadership wise = number 1 related and power wise = number 8 related), and will go down, between these two men in this inter-related chart position.
  3. MCR has a Number 9 Life Path [DD+MM+YY = 17+11+1952 = 1980=1+9+8+0=18=1+8=9]
  4. MCR has a Personal Attainment Number of 1 [DD+MM = 17+11 = 28=2+8=10=1+0=1]
  5. MCR has a Professional Attainment Number of 7 [DD+YY = 8 + 8 = 16=1+6=7]. The Number 7 – a cosmic number – is represented through the major arcana teachings around The Chariot. The Chariot image depicts a figure sitting inside a vehicle that is being driven by two black and white sphinxes. The whole picture has a bit of a celestial influence with the figure sitting underneath a blue canopy adorned by white stars. On his shoulders, he carries the sign of the crescent moon, representing the spiritual influence under which he is guided (later we reveal that MCR has a high number of 7’s (164% of target) in his core numerical coding). On his head sits a crown, meaning that he is enlightened, and that his will is pure. Emblazoned on his chest is a square, denoting the element of earth, of the material world, which grounds him and his actions. The sphinxes are coloured in black and white, a symbol of opposing forces that the charioteer must learn to control. Here they are calm, but they frequently get into scuffles as they seem to want to move in different directions. His task is to guide these sphinxes towards a destination, one that is marked by the cosmic forces that he represents. It is equally important to note that this 7 originates from the backing or supporting number of 16 which is a Karmic Debt number and is often represented through the major arcana teachings around The Tower of Chaos, which brings in to frame, Upheaval, Destruction and Transformation. The Tower of Chaos is associated with feelings of fear and anxiety because it depicts upheaval and sudden change. The change brought on by Chaos is often unexpected, quick, and profound. The energy frequently appears dramatic and out of control because it implies cataclysmic, even catastrophic, change. The Tower of Chaos centres around false hopes and broken promises. What this Karmic Debt number is offering up learning wise, is sudden enlightenment about how to re-establish a new foundation built on truth and wisdom. When this number appears, it means that the choice to make a change is no longer yours. You have put yourself in the position to receive a cosmic lesson of mega proportions. What will flow from this Karmic Debt Lesson is the understanding that the old forms need to be destroyed for you to move forward. Accept that the upheaval is out of your control but that you can create new opportunities from the destruction.

Now, we move in to the Shadow Birth Charts – all those critically important numbers which lie beneath within the upside-down triangles. This shadow numerical intelligence and how it is presented, is unique to what we at 365 Pin Code do, and, as mentioned earlier, links the known personalised data presented above with less well known “Shadow” taught by Carl Jung. It is the integration of this numerically expressed shadow which elevates consciousness much and furthers the understanding of self:

  1. JSM has a Shadow Personal Number of 6 (keep referring back to what the numbers mean as this helps you to keep connecting the many dots around the unique 365 Pin Code for this EFF leader).
  2. JSM has a Shadow Family / Intimate Number of 6.
  3. JSM has a Shadow World / Career Number of 8. Given what we revealed at the start of this blog around “The Shadow”, this means that there is a giant river that runs deep within his professional self which has to be fed through power, wealth, money, status and all the characteristics which go with the number 8 and given that it is a sunk 8, be mindful of the fact that this desire is so huge that JSM will literally stop at nothing to satiate this great and uncontrollable thirst for power and control.
  4. JSM has a Shadow Life Path Number of 2.
  5. JSM has a Shadow Personal Attainment Number of 3.
  6. JSM has a Shadow Professional Attainment Number of 5, but this is no normal 5, it is as his chart reveals, a 5 reduced down from the number 14. This is most significant, in that the Number 14 represents a Karmic Debt, and karmic debts are not to be trifled with, therefore we must at this point connect you with what this Shadow Professional Attainment Number 14 means. The Number 14 is derived from Number 1, the individual ego and Number 4, which is work, discipline, focus and advancement only through a systematic methodical, step-by-step approach. 14 indicates an opportunity for its bearer or carrier to move beyond the extreme, senses-driven, adrenaline fuelled world of excess – so typical of the number 5 (14=1+4=5) – to discover that everything in moderation is most definitely the way to win, ecologically. People with the number 14 prominently displayed in their charts, who refuse to take a disciplined, systemic ownership approach for their lives, who refuse to experience the mundaneness of life and its slow progress, rather opting for fast fixes, fast lives and excess in every regard, will eventually come horribly unstuck. The square, boxed-in life, confined limitations imposed by the rigidity of the Number 4 (a square structure) will take over their lives totally and they will learn the brutally tough lesson that personal freedom comes not from excess and living the most expansive life possible, but from a disciplined mind, which feeds in to a disciplined body and in turn, a disciplined spirit.

  1. MCR has a Shadow Personal Number of 1 (keep referring back to what the numbers mean as this helps you to keep connecting the many dots around the unique 365 Pin Code for the current President of South Africa).
  2. MCR has a Shadow Family / Intimate Number of 7.
  3. MCR has a Shadow World / Career Number of 1. As per the shadow description above for JSM, this sunk 1 means that MCR would not have been able to rest until he had fully honoured this unseen drive to win, to edify his sense of self, to be number 1, to be the bold and brave victorious leader, to be the President of South Africa.
  4. MCR has a Shadow Life Path Number of 9.
  5. MCR has a Shadow Personal Attainment Number of 8.
  6. MCR has a Shadow Professional Attainment Number of 2.

In terms of the above Shadow Numbers presented for these two leaders, remember that the shadow represents that which lies beneath. Think of an iceberg, where only 10% is visible above the water with the other 90% lying beneath, out of sight if you will. The 90% of the iceberg which lies beneath cannot ever be disregarded and this truth holds true for the Shadow Numbers too and that’s why we at 365 Pin Code pay so much attention to them and clearly reveal them in our uniquely formulated, numerically intelligent charts!

The next set of charts, known as Inclusion Charts, are created around the full birth names of the two leaders and again, they reveal much as our narrative, posted below the two charts, reveals…

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Julius Sello Malema:

Julius Sello Malema is a name which has as its total, 17 letters. With regard to the presence of the Number 1 (as listed at the beginning of this article, the attributes of leadership etc.) in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 176% which is a good amount over target (target = 100%) and therefore reveals a strong desire within him to lead, to win, to be number 1.

  1. With regard to the presence of the Number 2 in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 0% which indicates that what the qualities of the number 2 represent (harmony, peaceful cooperation etc.), holds a karmic lesson for him.
  2. With regard to the presence of the Number 3 in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 318% which is very significantly over target and as such it is no mere coincidence that he has so many 3’s in his 365 Pin Code, being born on the 3rd (DD=3) of March (MM=3) and also having a Shadow Personal Attainment Number of 3. At 318% it means that he has to creatively express himself (self-expression is core to the number 3) and all his drives and desires to the absolute maximum and he will not rest until he has successfully done so.
  3. With regard to the presence of the Number 4 in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 106% which is just slightly over target.
  4. With regard to the presence of the Number 5 – the all-important number 5 as this number is so inextricably linked to The Human Experience, the reason we are here on this earth – JSM has in his name a normalised percentage of 0% which indicates that the number 5 represents another karmic lesson for him.
  5. With regard to the presence of the Number 6 in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 53% which is under target and therefore he must ensure he grows himself around the number 6 foremost represents (Relationships, Responsibility, Family, Matter of The Heart, A Sense of Community etc.).
  6. With regard to the presence of the Number 7 in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 0% which represents yet another Karmic Lesson for him. The number 7 is the number of faith, of spirituality, of specialised disciplined thought, of science and art, of the cosmos, of the careful application of the mind in a highly considered and rational way to problems and challenges.
  7. With regard to the presence of the Number 8 (Power, Status, Influence, Money, Material Matters, Karma etc.) in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 0%, so the number 8 represents yet another Karmic Lesson (his fourth, the other three numbers 2, 5 and 7) for him to experience and learn from.
  8. With regard to the presence of the Number 9 in his name, JSM has a normalised percentage of 53% which is under target.

365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart for Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa:

Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa is a name which has as its total, 22 letters. With regard to the presence of the Number 1 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 191% which is much over target and as per the red arrow in his above inclusion chart, reveals that Number 1 is his Hidden Passion (please refer to Numerology Terms blog if you wish to understand more about The Hidden Passion).

  1. With regard to the presence of the Number 2 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 41% which is under target and therefore reveals an area which he will have to work on, life-long.
  2. With regard to the presence of the Number 3 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 123% which is over target but not by much.
  3. With regard to the presence of the Number 4 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 123% which is over target but not by much. His 123% versus Malema’s 106% does however reveal that he is a more “attention-to-detail” focused person than JSM.
  4. With regard to the presence of the Number 5, MCR has in his name a normalised percentage of -41% which indicates that the number 5 (Change, Adaptability, Personal Freedom, The 5 Physical Senses etc.) represents a very powerful karmic lesson for him – one which must be experienced intensely by him on many levels, this lifetime.
  5. With regard to the presence of the Number 6 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 41% which is under target and so the same would hold true for him life learning wise as described for JSM.
  6. With regard to the presence of the Number 7 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 164% which for this specific number, is much over target. This indicates a spiritually aware being with much skilled prowess at the level of thought and is also indicative of his ability to keenly apply his mind, in an unemotional and rational way, to challenges and adverse circumstances.
  7. With regard to the presence of the Number 8 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 41% which is under target and given all the 8’s in his date of birth chart (DD & YY numbers, plus his Shadow Personal Attainment Number) much of his life would centre around material matters, money, power and how to use all this in ways which keeps goodness flowing as that after all is the purpose of receiving such abundance – to keep it circulating intelligently such that it creates even more abundance, not only for you, but for everyone.
  8. With regard to the presence of the Number 9 in his name, MCR has a normalised percentage of 123% which is over target but not by much. Where this over target numerical coding is being honoured it will bring with it an approach to life which links with a higher level of consciousness, humanity, healing, forgiveness, philanthropy, universal (unconditional) love etc. If you want to instantly connect with the magical 9 Energy / Vibration, just think of the day (DD) Nelson Mandela was born on, the 18th – and as you have now been shown, the number 18 reduces down to a 9 [18=1+8=9].

Karmic Lessons

Because JSM has four Karmic Lessons, it means that his Subconscious Self (think Shadow here – that which lies beneath) is represented by the Number 5 (9-4=5). If there is one thing which we analysts at 365 Pin Code know as a truth, it is that if you try to contain a person with a Subconscious Self number of 5, you will learn the hard way that this is an impossible task. The number 5 energy cannot ever be contained because its purpose is to challenge, to rebel, to shake the tree… Number 5 energy is so powerful that any attempt to contain it will only see it doing whatever it takes to break out, to be free again. As such the only way to work with number 5 energy is to find ways to channel it in to a different direction and this rechannelling must to be done willingly and never forcibly. Further analysis of his date of birth reveals that JSM has the much challenging Arrow of Frustration (see diagram left). This Arrow, coupled with a 5 Subconscious Self makes for a most explosive cocktail. Malema shares this Arrow of Frustration with the likes of US President Richard Nixon and you’d like to learn more about what this arrow means, here’s a very thought provoking numerical analysis which we did around Richard Nixon’s 1974 resignation – in this article we explain this arrow in much detail. In brief though, people who have The Arrow of Frustration need to understand that frustration is nothing more than unfulfilled (often unrealistic) expectations. Carriers of this arrow often expect more than they are ready to give themselves. Their very hard life lesson is to learn to accept and love people as they are (unconditional love, Master Number 33) and to appreciate and respect each person for his/her uniqueness.

MCR has but one Karmic Lesson around the Number 5 and so he has a Subconscious Self represented by the Number 8 – no wonder he has been so massively successful in business etc and rose to become the President of South Africa in 2018. This was helped by his having the much enabling Arrow of Determination (see right). People with this arrow are determined and persistent; they are also very enterprising. They are patient and are prepared to wait for whatever it is they have set their minds on. These people can sometimes have a bad temper and those whose arrow has many 1’s (the sense of self, the ego) in it, as is the case for MCR, will need to guard against the tendency to always put the interests of self ahead of those of others.

Before we move off these Macro 365 Pin Code Numbers if you will for JSM and MCR, here are a few more important ones to help you to place these two individuals in to even more context.

JSM has an Expression Number of 11. The number 11 is a Master Number. It is the number of Illumination, Enlightenment and Teaching and is very powerfully in play (please read our numerous blogs – case studies which reveal exactly this) during 2018 as 2018 is an 11 Universal Energy Year [2018=2+0+1+8=11]. This is the second time we see a Master Number in play for JSM given his Master Number 22 Professional Attainment Number. As such, this man needs to pay much attention to Master Numbers as if he works with their universal intention, he will reap phenomenal rewards and if he works against their universal intention, he will reap much misery!

JSM has a Balance Number of 6. The purpose of the balance number is to provide a clue as to what energy should be kept forefront of mind when under pressure or in a highly charged / conflict fuelled / most contentious situation. Remember the number 6 is all about Relationships, Responsibility, Love, Caring, Protecting, Sense of Community, Matters of the Heart, Finding Solutions, Grace and Gratitude and Stability – so, when experiencing much difficulty, he needs to find ways to really embrace these qualities.

JSM has a Primary Soul Urge number of 33/6 and a Secondary Soul Urge number of 22/4. This is very interesting as the soul urge reveals so much about one. The numbers 33/6 and 22/4 are again master numbers, with 33/6 being centred in Christ Consciousness or Forgiveness and Universal Love if you will and 22/4 being The Master Builder. Given that we are spiritual beings having a human journey and not like many religious doctrines would have us believe, human beings having a spiritual journey, the coding of one’s soul urge reveals a very powerful reason for your specific journey. The plethora of master numbers in JSM’s 365 Pin Code reveal a very challenging journey – one which through experiencing much adversity offers the opportunity to embrace mastery – one which calls for his life to be lived in a spiritually enlightened way which aligns itself to the highest vibration being love, and not to lowest vibration being hatred.

JSM has a Primary Personality Number of 23/5 and a Secondary Personality Number of 16/7. The number 5 has been covered off in extensive detail throughout this blog and the number 16/7 brings in to frame yet another Karmic Lesson – that of The Falling Tower – that the misuse and abuse of human relationships in the interests of fostering self-gain, will bring about a cataclysmic collapse in the way of extreme material loss, intentioned to shock one’s consciousness away from all things worldly and material to matters spiritual, away from the low octave all-about-me-myself, to the higher octave interconnectedness-with-all-things.

MCR has an Expression Number of 9 (refer back to number 9 description at start of blog) and he has a Balance Number of 16/7 – so whenever he is under extreme pressure he needs to apply his wonderful mind (remember his Number 7 spilled out at 164%) to the situation and try to stay away from allowing the powerful emotions that are flowing, to overwhelm him – because if they do he will shift away from the Intelligent 7, to the Karmic 16 and that will cause The Tower to come crashing down around him. His Primary Soul Urge is 33/6 – exactly the same as JSM and his Secondary Soul Urge is 17/8 – the same number as the DD (17th) he is born on. Therefore, firmly in play in MCR’s most soulful desire should be Christ Consciousness, Forgiveness and Universal Love as well as what the number 8 stand for which, given the 33, should be abundance acquired and shared through ecological means. His Primary Personality is 12/3 which talks to optimism, creativity and self-expression and 42/6 which brings in amongst other qualities, Matters of the Heart, Relationships and Responsibility.

Now its time for us to use the unique 365 Pin Code Predictive Models which drill down from all of the above mentioned macrolevel detail in to the microlevel detail – down in to what the bespoke energy cocktail is for each man, year on year. We could drill down further in to the bespoke monthly, daily and hourly energies if need be, that’s how deep we could go (that’s how deep we went in order to understand much more around the 1974 resignation of President Richard Milhous Nixon).

This is where the numbers for JSM and MCR get very real for 2019 and beyond… Let’s go there…

365 Pin Code Quadratic View for Julius Malema from 2012 (Age 31) through to 2036 (Age 55):

So, what do the above year on year data strings reveal, headline wise, for Julius Sello Malema?

To start with and to help you to understand how bulls-eye accurate these 365PinCode number sequences are, please go to the second line’s data string – the numbers in play for 2013. Do you see the two red blocks on the right side of the data string, the first of which is a 1-1 linked block? Whenever the 1-1 number sequence presents itself it is an indication of a Massive New Beginning. So, what happened professionally for JSM in 2013 that could have been such a Massive New Beginning? Answer: He founded the EFF, on the 26th of July 2013 to be precise. Are you now getting to grips with how deadly accurate the 365 Pin Code really is on both a macro-number and micro-number level and how much it reveals, past, present and future?

Let’s focus on 2012. In the Personal coding there is a red coloured 11/2-1 block which indicates a most difficult time emotionally coupled with a new beginning. JSM’s personal shadow code for 2012 is 1-8 which is beginnings and endings. His 2012 professional coding is 9-1-1 which reveals the end (9), the beginning (1) and a massive new emotional beginning of a professional nature. All makes perfect sense as it was in 2012 that he was expelled from the ANC.

In 2014 there is a 1-1 Personal Shadow convergence – again the indication of a new beginning – this time its significance being of a very personal nature and highly emotional. This 1-1 experience in 2014 for JSM goes hand-in-hand with his success in the 2014 General Election, when the EFF won 25 seats and he was sworn in as a Member of Parliament.

In 2016, JSM is in a 16/7 Year Experience (see the number 16 with a ring around it – given his 7 Life Path, this yearly experience number of 7 denotes a lifepath significant event) and a 6 Personal Year. As you well know by now, the number 6 always has to do with Matters of the Heart, Relationships, Responsibility etc. Therefore, it is no coincidence that in 2016 his first child, a son, Munzhedzi, was born.

We could go through each year but all that would make this blog extremely long. The purpose around our explaining the above key datapoints for JSM is to reveal to you why we at 365PinCode know that #NumbersNeverLie and as such, they are pure gold to the skilled and strategic numerical interpreter.

Now, let’s move on to the period 2019 to 2021, a three-year game changing period in the life of JSM.

In 2019, the Yearly Experience Number in play for JSM is 12/3. The number 3 is always a good experience (essence) number to have as it represents happiness, freedom, creativity, optimism, communication, self-expression etc. and the 3 Energy also ties in, hand-in-glove, with JSM’s DD of birth or Personal Number being a 3. The number 3 is also the highest percentage (318%) in JSM’s 365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart and is therefore also his Hidden Passion Number. His Personal data string for 2019 is 9-12/3-6 which reveals that 2019 is a 9 Personal Year for him and therefore represents the end of his 9-year Personal Physical Cycle. The 6 Shadow Personal Year in play means that much responsibility is coming his way. His 2019 Professional data string is 7-12/3-8 which brings the number 7 (JSM’s Life Path number) in to play along with shadow 8 (massively significant given his shadow / sunk 8 in the World / Career). It can therefore be deduced that 2019 is the year which sees much power and influence shift the way of JSM.

Is 2019 (SA’s next General Election) the year when the EFF rises to successfully become the official opposition to the ANC?

Given the most favourable personal and professional numerical coding for 2019 for JSM (i.e. what his 365 Pin Code numbers say), there is a very high probability that this will indeed be the result.

In 2020, JSM experiences a massively powerful brand new personal beginning (see the 1-1 red block in his 2020 data string) and the backing numbers for both 1’s, is the number 10 which itself is an exceptionally powerful number given that the 0 amplifies the 1 (Leadership, Attainment, Individuation etc). His Personal Shadow combination of 1-7 is also a most favourable numerical coding and so from this you can be guaranteed of this truth – 2020 is the year which see the power and influence gained in 2019, turned in to even greater leadership momentum and gains for the EFF. It is very important to notice that in 2020, JSM has the Yearly Experience Number of 10/1 coded in to his life path and even more importantly, this Number 1 related experience is not spread out over a few years but is concentrated in to the 12 months of 2020. This means that JSM will now be experiencing a new beginning which is massively amplified in every possible way and as such we believe that 2020 is the year when, if this is what he desires to experience as a life result, he powerfully asserts himself as South Africa’s new leader and accelerate his strategic plan to oust Cyril Ramaphosa and become the next President of the country. All this Number 1 related activity also aligns perfectly with JSM’s Third Life Pinnacle experience (see JSM’s Pinnacle and Challenge Data Chart below), which is a 1 (i.e. experiencing an event which places him at the very pinnacle of leadership…). Now it gets even more interesting and intriguing, because just as JSM has a Number 1 Pinnacle experience between the ages of 39 to 47, so for the same period he has a Number 2 Challenge experience – and as revealed in data presented earlier, the number 2 (Diplomacy, Cooperation, Collaboration, Peace, Harmony etc.) represents a Karmic Lesson for him. The chart / table below reveals that the Number 2 will always prove to be most problematic / challenging number for him as it is his “life-long challenge” in that it repeats itself three times, lasting from Age 30 through to when he eventually dies…

365 Pin Code chart for Julius Malema showing his 4 Pinnacle Experience and 4 Challenges:

In 2021, on the Professional front, he experiences the golden number combination of 9-7 (refer to the above table and see the gold coloured blocks in his 365 Pin Code data string for 2021) which is literally being in the right place at the right time. 2021 is a year which brings with it a Number 7 Yearly Experience for JSM and again, this life path related experience is a much concentrated one, being crammed in to just the 12 months of 2020 (remember earlier we revealed to you that JSM has a 7 Life Path). From this we can deduce that 2021 is the year when Julius Sello Malema born on the 3rd of March 1981, becomes King. Equally important, is that the timing of this dramatic rise to power is perfectly in tune with his professional cycle in that 2021 (his 9 Professional Year) is the closure of his 9-year cycle, putting him firmly in the seat of power for the start of his new 9-year professional cycle in 2022.

2022 also its own string of significant red blocks in his professional coding of 1-11/2-11/2, and of relevance here is his professional activities that year are underpinned by the Number 11 which is his Expression Number, therefore this is when he will be expressing himself at maximum intensity.

Now, let’s have a look at what MCR’s 365 Pin Code data strings reveal for the period 2018 through to 2022…

365 Pin Code Quadratic View for Cyril Ramaphosa from 2015 (Age 63) through to 2032 (Age 80):

In 2018, we see a 3-1-1 Personal data string for Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa and 3-1 is always a golden code to have appear in one’s numbers and the 1-1 on the Personal Shadow side represents a most significant, brand new beginning and is in keeping with and perfectly aligned to MCR’s Personal Shadow Number (being born on the 17th, his Personal Number (DD) is an 8, which makes his Shadow Personal Number, a 1 … 9-8=1). Hence, no coincidence that 2018 is the year when MCR became the President of South Africa as in 2018 his personal numbers line up perfectly for something magical and massive to happen and happen it did. It is also important to note that professionally, the 365 Pin Code in play for MCR is 18/9-19/1-4/13, a data string which given his 9th Professional Year heralds the end of a professional cycle and one which also brings with it two very powerful shadow karmic debt / lesson numbers, these being 19 and 13.

In 2019 MCR has the Yearly Experience Number of 16/7 in play (it is circled above in red) and this is massively significant, as 16/7 is a Karmic Lesson / Debt number and 16/7 is also MCR’s Professional Attainment Number (refer to MCR’s birth chart / keystone triangle at the beginning of this blog and you will see this number presented in the top right corner). Even more significant is that this experience of 16/7 is not spread out over a few years but is concentrated in to just 2019. From this we immediately know that something very significant, and not positive, will happen around MCR and this will be experienced full force, in the Professional / World / Career space. Personally, MCR has a horrible string of numbers 4-16/7-11/2 and our experience has shown that a 4-7 combination is without doubt one of the most difficult and unpleasant to experience. As such, in 2019, the numbers stack up very badly for Cyril Ramaphosa, exactly the opposite of how they stack up for Julius Malema (which as described earlier, is very positive).

Then in 2020, MCR’s Personal data string of 5-15/6-12/3 and his Professional data string of 11/2-15/6-6/6 reveal that he experiences complete personal discord (the 5-6 number combination is always a shocker to experience as these two numbers are completely non-congruent), much personal change, and tremendous resistance and difficulty professionally in the relationship space (hence the double 6, 6-6, which appears as MCR’s 2020 professional shadow experience).

In 2021 the double 6 which MCR experienced in his 2020 Professional Shadow shifts to a double 6 (see 6-6 red coloured block) personal experience, which means that the relationship challenges have moved from the shadow / sunk professional space in to the visible, for all to see, personal space. This represents an extremely horrible and intensely negative experience for MCR around relationships, responsibility, sense of community, matters of the heart – all the number 6 related characteristics. There is no way round this – the period 2019 through to 2021 is a dark and deeply unpleasant time for MCR both personally and professionally and whatever is happening at the time will weigh very heavily on his conscience.

In 2022, when JSM’s numbers are set for him to be at full throttle expression wise, MCR experiences a very dramatic Personal Shadow double 5 (see 14/5-14/5 red coloured block) which indicates his experiencing the most dramatic change and a deep sense of loss in terms of how he “desires to know and experience personal freedom.” Given that we revealed earlier (see MCR’s 365 Pin Code Inclusion Chart) that he has a Karmic Lesson related to this specific number (5) and because the backing / supporting number to this 5 in 2022 is Karmic Number 14 (see the 14 circled in red in his 2022 uniquely coded data string) this without doubt the year when MCR’s number 5 related karmic lesson will present itself to him in full force given that this essence experience is massively concentrated in to just one single year and not spread out / diluted over a couple of years.


The emphasis of our analysis as been on Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema, what about Mmusi Maimane you might ask?  Well the numbers aren’t stacking up in his favour in the short term at all, here is what we see.

Mmusi Aloysias Maimane

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In 2019 the numbers do not stack up favourably for Mmusi Aloysias Maimane born 06.06.1980. He goes in to a 6 Personal Year (the number 6 is all about relationships, responsibility, family etc.) a 9 Shadow Personal Year (the number 9 brings emotional endings etc. in to play), a 9 Professional / Career Year (again a 9, so he is dealing with even more endings, closure, finality etc.) and a 6 Shadow Professional Year (all his “troubled professional relationships” will surface and be very much in play). His Year-on-Year Internal/External Balance Number for 2019 is also a 9 which has as its backing number 18. Whenever a 1 and an 8 are in play (as for the number 18) this mostly non-congruent number pair reveals a time period in the individual’s lifepath of significant new beginnings (the number 1) and definite results, whether positive or negative (visible manifested results / “the harvest of all seeds sown” if you will, typifies the number 8). His 365 Pin Code Personal Number combination (that combination / coding which is always felt the most) for 2019 is 7-6 and for 2020 is 7-7. Neither of these are good combinations, in fact they are awful combinations, and the 7-7 in 2020 talks to his potentially experiencing much despair and a period of intense searching for the truth (that’s what the 7 energy does, it take the individual inward and upward in search of spiritually related answers – sometimes so much so that this massively inward quest can bring about the loss of health, the onset of depression etc.).

Using the numerical intelligence which our various 365 Pin Code models reveal for Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema from 2019 through to 2022, we have provided you with how we believe the story of their lives will be played out. There may well be many complex twists and turns which we have not been able to detect through the numbers, however, what we do know for definite, is that the period 2019 through to 2022 represents much gain for Julius Sello Malema and much loss for Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa. With all that must go down between these two leading South African political giants, will David Mabuza yet again find himself in a strategically created place which designates unto him literally all the power of being The Kingmaker? We think this to be extremely likely and that he will play a massive role in what must unfold numbers wise from 2019 through to 2022 between these two “Number-9-in-the-world-linked-men.”

Enter The King Maker

Why do we say this about “KingMaker” David Dabede Mabuza? Because if you analyse his date of birth (25.08.1960 – see his unique 365 Pin Code date of birth chart below) it reveals that he has a 22 Master Number Life Path (the number of The Master Builder, see red circle below – a number which not by chance, aligns perfectly with JSM’s Professional Attainment Number of 22) and a Professional Attainment Number of 14/5 (14/5 is a Karmic Debt number, see red circle below – explained in detail in our Glossary of Terms blog). Given DDM’s two 7’s (in the Person (DD – 25th = 2+5=7) and in the World/Career (YY – 1960 = 1+9+6+0=16=1+6=7)) it means that he naturally apply his great mental prowess in order to cleverly gain much power through a strategy which never places him at the forefront of matter, never directly in the firing line; rather working intelligently behind the scenes (the 2 – DDM has 2×2’s in his Life Path, 22) where he strategically influences much and also voids / deflects much. His full birth name also carries absolutely no 6’s (responsibility, relationships, sense of community etc.) or 7’s which means he has definite Karmic Lessons around these two respective numbers but much more so for the 6 (no 6’s in his DOB) than for the 7 (two 7’s in his DOB). As is the case for both MCR and JSM, he also has a Karmic Lesson around the number 5 (The Human Experience, Change, Personal Freedom etc.) and as given this numerical deficit, it therefore makes perfect sense that DDM has Karmic 14/5 as his Professional Attainment Number…

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Should Julius Malema indeed rise to become the next President of South Africa, given the multiple master numbers (11, 22 and 33) present in his 365 Pin Code, he will, as an international leader, have to honour what these master numbers represent (Number 11 = The bringer of Illumination, Enlightenment, The Master Teacher; Number 22 = The Master Builder who builds structures which benefit and advance the wellbeing of all humans; Number 33 = The Christ Consciousness which means forgiveness, universal love, acceptance etc. and links directly back to JSM’s Arrow of Frustration).

If he fails to do so, given all the karmic lessons which he has (four of them – pertaining to the numbers 2, 5, 7 and 8) listed in his chart, come 2027, when the 11 Universal Master Energy (2027 = 2+0+2+7=11 – note the 2×2’s and the 1×7) again presents itself to shed light on all that is dark in this world / lurks in the shadows of all of our lives, he will be severely brought to book (hence the 8-8 duality lying in wait shadow professionally in 2028 along with the same year’s 9-8 personal code which represents karma and the finish happening all together – just the most extremely negative experience possible to have if the life has been lived in the wrong way).

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