Could the 92 days from 1 July to 30 September 2018 be revelatory for mankind?

2018 is stacking up to a very interesting year – for absolutely everyone. Importantly, 2018 is an 11 Universal Year [2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11]. In case you don’t know, Number 11 is considered to be a Master Number and is always associated with Enlightenment, Illumination and Teaching. Therefore, suffice to say, 2018 will be the year during which we humans, individually and collectively will experience significant events – the scale of which however, is not known. Given the dominant 11 energy of this year, by deduction, it can be intelligently inferred that these happenings which will teach us many profound lessons, lessons in keeping with illumination, enlightenment and a much higher consciousness.

Thing is, with 11 being such a powerful, highly charged master number, if affords you two choices – the much more demanding and challenging path of mastery [honouring the higher octave 11 vibration] or the much less demanding and therefore much less rewarding, path of duality [settling for the lower octave 2, because 11 when reduced down = 1+1 = 2 ; duality being the two extremes of any given experience, for example hot and cold, war and peace, love and hate, up and down, left and right etc.].

People of a curious disposition desire to understand when things might come to ahead in 2018

Now, given that 2018 will be such an important year, especially for those who consciously choose to embrace its higher octave 11 energy, it is therefore of great interest to people who are of a more curious disposition, like you hopefully, to try to understand when things might culminate / climax / come to a head during 2018. To do this, we now drill down, from the annual universal energy coding of 11, to the universal energetic coding for each month of 2018.

To do this, you simply add the universal year number [which if the higher, much more enlightened and conscious octave is in play in your life, is 11; and, if the lower less enlightened, less conscious number is in play in your life, is 2] to the given month’s number. The comparative table below does this for you, giving you the numerical result for each month, according to both the numbers 11 [the demanding enlightened choice] and 2 [the accepting duality choice].

January 2018 is a 3 Universal Month

From the above numbers driven 365 Pin Code table you can deduce that January 2018 is a 3 Universal Month, February a 4 Universal Month, March a 5 Universal Month, April a 6 Universal Month etc.

What is however most interesting to note, is that under the influence of the higher octave Number 11, July codes out energetically as a 9/11 coding – a 9 Universal Month in an 11 Universal Year. The number 9 is always associated with endings, closure, completion, humanity, consciousness, healing etc. Therefore, July 2018 is the month when the energy of endings, closure, completion, humanity, consciousness and healing all come in to play, underpinned by the powerful, lightning-rod like 11 energy of teaching, enlightenment and illumination.

Often associated with the world shaking event of 9/11

It is most intriguing to find this 9/11 coding [which though the numbers are transposed, has been associated with a most significant, world-shaking, event of 9/11 – the complete destruction of the Twin Towers in New York] appearing so prominently in the middle of this year and though we cannot say for sure what might surface around this highly charged energy cocktail, there is a very high probability that something massive will present itself around that time.

Taking it a step further, you can see that August 2018 codes as being a 1/11 energetic experience, 1 always being the number associated with new beginnings, a fresh start, the inception if you will, of a new cycle. And, the very next month, September 2018, codes itself as being an 11/11 energetic experience, which is a double play [and therefore very powerful, absolutely to be taken note of and most definitely not to be trifled with…] around teaching, illumination and enlightenment.

So, could the 92days from 1 July to 30 September 2018 be revelatory for mankind? We cannot say for definite that it will be, however, at 365PinCode, it is our carefully considered view that there is a very high probability that during this 92 day period [any coincidence that 92 days breaks down or reduces down in to 9 and 2, and 9+2=11?] all of humanity might well experience events or circumstances which will bring with them tremendous teachings, extreme illumination and phenomenal enlightenment…

Time will tell…

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