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This blog hosts over one hundred and fifty detailed research case studies (politics, sports, royalty, celebrities, success, failure, entrepreneurship, leadership etc.). These data-driven real-life stories reveal that life’s events are not random but are in fact happening according to cleverly coded numerical human blueprints.

Over many decades, the presence of such a grand organised numerical design within individuals, has been alluded to by a few mathematically minded individuals. Most people scoffed at this notion because where was the hard scientific evidence to prove the existence of these internal “mathematical blueprints”?

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Cleverly coded numerical human blueprints exist!

Since 2010, Chris Styles a trained and published research scientist, who has a M.Sc. in Zoological Ecology, has been actively researching whether numbers do indeed define the human journey. A massive breakthrough in 2017 saw him begin to systematically unpack the existence of what he calls the human Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB].

Literally every blog you will encounter within the pin code, proves the existence of this brilliantly organised numerical matrix. Chris’ detailed research also helps you understand how people’s lives and critical life experiences are happening according to the construct of these blueprints.

The pin code research reveals pre-ordained experiences!

As you read and connect with the intelligence in the research case studies, you will be introduced to the concept of human futurology. Human futurology states that through bespoke human numerical blueprints, it absolutely is possible to get an informed forward-looking or future view of the seasonality of life.

Once opportunity rich moments have been identified in your future, just imagine how you will think, plan, and execute, enroute to these abundant times. Also, when future adverse moments are identified, just think how you will imaginatively set about mitigating these, so that their risk to you, is lessened.

Your pin code is aligned to what you must learn…

Chris’ articles in the pin code blog, will open your mind to the truth that what is happening to you (love, marriage, divorce, success, failure, major illness etc.) is in accordance with your numerical blueprint. This begs the question: What is behind the phenomenal construct of your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint and what exactly are you meant to be learning from this carefully orchestrated life journey?