Corporate and multinational business success hinges on professional strategic planning

Every Professional business, corporate and professional multinational company has Pain Points in common.

Four of the major Professional Pain Points (PPPs) which every large professional business, corporate and multinational is forever trying to solve, are:

  1. How to proactively identify People related risks and manage these individual-related events well ahead of time
  2. How to ensure Team alignment with business unit KPI goals and overarching BU strategies
  3. How to get greater Inter-Divisional alignment, focus, cooperation and productivity on all levels
  4. How to shift the archaic, cubicle-style, you’re just a number-driven, Working Environment to a new age energetically harmonised state which enables more productivity, especially amongst Millennials?

All of the above are people related problems. The success of every large professional business, corporate and multinational lies not with its large buildings, its flashy brand, its seamless systems etc. but with its people. The very people who use and apply all this stuff to deliver daily, in hopefully a happy way, a set of value-adding services which make a real difference in the lives of many.

professional strategic planning

So, here’s the What, Why and How around where 365 Pin Code addresses all of the above PPPs:

The What:

365 Pin Code delivers a strategic, tactical and operational Human Intelligence Framework like none other.

The Why:

365 Pin Code’s highly personalised views, charts, graphs and unique numerically coded yearly, monthly and daily energy profiles on every person, gives you strategic management insights like no other. This moves employees from just-being-a-number-in-the-company to being truly individualised. You will now understand much on each person. Really get to grips with what makes them tick, physically (Physical Intelligence), emotionally (Emotional Intelligence) and spiritually (Spiritual Intelligence). This intelligence triad of PI, EI and SI, takes the business of Corporate HR to a whole different level – shifting it from merely transactional (as it is today) to wholly transformational (as it is when 365 Pin Code intelligence is applied in to the wider energy system).

The How:

365 Pin Code’s team of specialist strategists run many different models which when collated give accurate energetic profiles of each person. Once these are in place, you can then identify on an individual basis, the energetic gaps, energetic challenges, energetic convergences and energetic alignments. This micro Individual Energy View data can then be rolled up in to a wider Team Energy View, when in turn can then be rolled up in to much wider Divisional Energy View and ultimately in to a macro Corporate Energy View. Now that’s powerful because when you’re managing energy, you’re managing all of life – i.e. life’s ebb and flow and life’s shifts and balances.

Professional Strategic Planning Services

Professional Strategic Planning Services