A happy family doesn’t happen by chance but flows from family strategic planning

Six of the major Family Pain Points (FPPs – and here we are referring to immediate family) which every person encounters at some stage in the lives, are:

  1. Why was I born in to this family?
  2. Why does nobody in my family understand me?
  3. What must I do to get along better with all the members of my family?
  4. What must I do to be more appreciated by my family?
  5. Why does everybody in my family always fight so much and hate each other?
  6. Why don’t my family show me or anyone else the necessary love and affection?

So, here’s the What, Why and How around where 365 Pin Code addresses the above FPPs:

The What:

365PinCode’s results shed light on the most intimate family dynamic and all importantly the responsibility which goes with being born in to a family unit. Moreover, our families are where we experience our biggest triumphs and also our deepest vulnerabilities; they are where we have the greatest potential to do good. It is often said that the family is your blood and that only the family members can accept you for who you are, and whilst we agree with this, we hasten to add that family is actually in your numbers and that only when all the various number sets are logically understood, which is a mental exercise, will the family members be in the position to make the conscious choice to genuinely accept each other – the emotional outcome which follows on from the initial application of thought.

The Why:

Why is it critically important for every family to address its most profound pain points? Because it is no coincidence that you have been born in to the family you have. We are emotional beings and the greatest lessons we learn are always those which happen on a deeply emotional level. That’s what your family is there for – to teach you deeply emotional lessons, lessons which once embraced, understood and internalised, will provide you with what’s needed to heal properly and to then be able to see everyone in your family for the blessing they truly are in your life.

family strategic planning

The How:

365 Pin Code’s team of specialist strategists create a series of numerically intelligent charts to help provide clarity on all the above FPPs. These charts reveal soul mate links, karmic links, love connections, negative entanglements, interpersonal challenges, relationship weaknesses and much more. They also reveal Family strengths, opportunities and threats. When all this numerical information is presented as a Family Energy Framework, why the pain points exists and between who, becomes very clear. With this knowledge comes the opportunity for things to be fixed, and properly so. For relationships to be healed, for parents to understand so much more about their children and why they are doing the things which create the hot burning conflict platforms. For children to understand much about their parent’s journey and why they do what they do, even if it is hurtful, because their sunk or shadow numbers are causing them to do it. For a Family Knowing Doing Gap Masterplan – the very thing which will transform the family from much distress to much happiness – to be created. This FKDGMplan, which makes use of Personal Energy and Collective Family Energy Bridging Numbers – yet another bespoke numerical intelligence chart which we at 365PinCode have created and which you will not find anywhere else – provides the family with the all-important how. It gives everyone in the Family the practical insights as to how to move from a place of constant emotionally draining family conflict to one which is much more balanced, where the family coexists more peacefully because they understand and appreciate each other’s journeys, where they seek to complement as opposed to criticise, where they rather choose to embrace unconditional love and not harsh cynical judgement.

Family Strategic Planning