At the core of all entrepreneurial success lies clever business strategic planning

Three of the major Business Pain Points (BPPs) which every enterprise scale, small and medium sized business will face, are:

  1. How to manage the seasonality of business (quarterly and annually) such that the business is not constantly cashflow crisis driven and how to map these bottlenecks against the seasonal variances in the energy profiles of individuals, teams and business units.
  2. How to align the entire team energetically to the business’s most core goals and financial objectives such that what they are doing at work gives them a sense of contribution and satisfaction, fosters feelings of greater self-worth and is leveraging everyone’s various skills and competencies such that strategic plans to make more money, are successfully implemented.
  3. How to manage the leadership team’s energies such that when senior level conflicts surface, which will happen, these do not completely unhinge the wider team to such an extent that service levels are disrupted to the point where operating inefficiencies become the order of the day

business strategic planning

So, here’s the What, Why and How around where 365 Pin Code addresses the above BPPs in Business Strategic Planning:

The What:

365 Pin Code aligns unique personal and professional objectives which are revealed in the core numbers, with the strategic, tactical and operating objectives of the wider business or, in the case of enterprise and small businesses, your business.

The Why:

In business, time is money. So the more time you’re spending on having to manage troublesome energetic leakages in the business, the more you are taking your eye off your core knitting. And in case you’ve forgotten, this is to deliver what your clients want, on time, profitably and in a manner, which brings you more business from them and makes them want to promote your services to others through word of mouth. Energetic leakages or pain points are always people relationship related and so given the competitiveness of business today, can you afford to not know every possible detail about everyone in your entire team?

The How:

365 Pin Code’s team of specialist strategists create a unique shareholder or partnership heat map which provides an insightful platform for intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict resolution. Unique data strings are identified and used to align growth areas, both personal and professional. Troublesome partnership / leadership team number sequences are identified so that the risks these pose to the business can be mitigated. A personality alignment strategy is developed which creates a more interconnected business owner and employee dynamic.

business strategic planning

Business Strategic Planning