Balance Strategic Planning

Think about Balance in this way for a moment please – Ecological Balance:

Think of the predator-prey relationship between Lions and Buffalo. When the buffalo population increases, there is more food available for lions. Since there is more food available for the lions, their population increases. Since there are more lions, they will eat even more buffaloes thereby cause the buffalo population to decline. When the buffalo population drops, there is less food available for the lions. This reduced food availability causes the lion population to eventually drop. This cyclical change continues over and over with each species keeping the other in check. So too in our lives. Only the cyclical change which we experience, is an energy one and is invisible and unknown to us because we are not aware of it and because we have never expressed it numerically. Well all that has now changed because of the work which we have done at 365 Pin Code…

Balance strategic planning

When it comes to Balance, we help you gain clarity around one critically important Balance Pain Point (BPP) in your life, that which we at 365PinCode believe is the singularly most important component of balancing life, that which when expressed as a question, is:

  1. How do I achieve and maintain a good state of balance between my internal world (your inner sense of self – that which you must have sustenance wise for your continued wellbeing) and my external world (your career, your external self – that which you have to give to others because that’s how the world of work is)?

So, here’s the What, Why and How around where 365 Pin Code addresses the above BPP:

The What:

What we at 365PinCode do for you is to create a series of personalised data-strings which give you a strategic insight in to how best to achieve balance around the numerical cocktail in play for you during any given moment (year, month, even day if you wish to go that deep). The power of this is that the numbers intelligently reveal to you what to do and what not to do around creating and maintaining balance if your life.

The Why:

Any skilled numerologist will know how to calculate your Balance Number and if you’re not sure how you do it, here’s how. However, know this – that calculation only ever gives you a macro insight in to how to seek or achieve balance when under pressure. It does not take in to account the truth that every day, week, month and year, you are experiencing different energy cocktail which, given their uniqueness, therefore demands a constantly evolving and dynamic approach. So too with Balance – one number most definitely does not fit all – especially if you are absolutely serious about achieving, maintaining and mastering the state of balance in your life.

The How:

This is achieved through the 365 Pin Code mathematical model called the 720⁰ Praxis Hexagon which uses your bespoke numerical coding to empirically link your internal world with your external world and then, through a series of intelligent bridging numbers, reveal balance creating data-strings.

Balance Strategic Planning