Political Case Studies

These political case studies make use of advanced human futurist research analytics to reveal and explain why things happened as they did and when they did, to global leaders. Why did Boris Johnson finally become PM of the UK in 2019? Why was he forced to quit in 2022? Why did Liz Truss win the 2022 leadership race to replace Johnson as PM and why on just the 50th day of her being in office, was she forced to step down? Why was Liz Truss replaced by Rishi Sunak, the very candidate she had beaten in the brutal contest to replace Boris Johnson?

Is all this random?

The key human futurology research question that these political case studies are investigating is: “Were all these dramatic events during 2022 purely random or were they in fact hard coded into the bespoke experiential intelligent mathematical blueprints [IMBs] of Johnson, Truss and Sunak?” Since 2010, the founders of 365 Pin Code have been conducting intensive research to unlock something new that will give every person a deeper and more practical understanding of why life happened to them the way it did. When they understand the key mechanics of their past, they can then look to their future through a new, more informed set of strategic lenses.

Are critically important events coded into human IMBs?

Difficult as this might be for you to process, yes, they are! Every one of us has a unique intelligent mathematical blueprint [IMB]. Once a person’s bespoke experiential data-matrix has been calculated through predictive modelling, moments of success and failure appear clearly within the matrix’s numbers, patterns, and sequences. This library of political case studies reveals that what happened around Johnson, Truss, and Sunak in 2022 was not random, but in fact happening perfectly according to the grand organised design of their respective lives. Same for Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, Suella Braverman, Nigel Farage, and others… Given this, the real burning question is “What Super Intelligence is behind the incredible experiential life journey design that we are all having according to our IMBs?