Taking Corporate Executive Risk Management in to a New Dimension

Many companies invest in Corporate Executive Development without understanding the need to expand this to Corporate Executive Risk Management. If the 2018 Steinhoff corporate mismanagement disaster which rocked many companies and lives intrigues you, then you will want to read everything below as things could have been very different executive risk management wise…

That the then Steinhoff CEO could lead so many educated people astray without anyone knowing what his hidden agenda was, reveals that shareholders and investors, especially of Fortune 500 companies and others of similar ilk, need to understand much more about these big company’s top leaders. As our published case studies show, 365 Pin Code Analytics reveals this and more… This is why we believe that understanding top corporate executives pin codes is absolutely necessary for shareholder security, improved corporate risk management and the balanced and informed personal development of these C-suite executives.

Fortune 500 Companies will come to rely on 365 Pin Code intelligence

Like any worthwhile business activity, corporate executive risk management requires a people-driven process with a clear purpose, reliable inputs, well-designed activities and value-added outputs. The risk management process typically includes such activities as the identification, sourcing, measurement, evaluation, mitigation and monitoring of risk. Knowing this is all good and well, but nothing happens risk management wise without people being involved. As such, people and the things they do, what, when, how and why, pose the single greatest challenge to corporate business risk and the mitigation thereof. Whilst many corporate’s have excelled at developing brilliant business risk management tools, the one area where they are constantly searching for more structured, meaningful intelligence, is how to better manage people, especially key people who wield lots of power. Let us explain more about Corporate Executive Development and Corporate Executive Risk Management…

365 Pin Code models identify timeline points and enable deep Employee Understanding

Every corporate will face those moment when significantly stressful events strike in the life of a key player or worse still, players. This could be the loss of health, a sudden emotional upheaval, adverse financial circumstances, the ending of a personal cycle, the ultra-tough transition between pinnacle and challenge experiences etc. The severity of these events can be so extreme that your key players drastically lose their focus and experience a performance crash so significant that this can derail or massively impinge upon business continuity, jobs, investor confidence and peoples’ trust. A few paragraphs down we place this in to context risk wise, using a real life 2018 South African corporate case study, being Steinhoff… This is a prime example of how a key player, the then CEO, led everyone astray because nobody has his number, that’s right, nobody understood what innate personal risks existed within his 365 Pin Code! Had shareholders and other parties had his number things may have been very different for Steinhoff today. More on this just now…

Our detailed research focuses on helping your executive risk management through providing you with strategic human intelligence insights which will help transform your businesses everyday approach to people risk management.

365 Pin Code Strategic Human Intelligence gives you More than the Edge

If you, your Exco and especially your human resources executive, were introduced to a numerically intelligent, research-driven system which gave strategic people risk management insights like none other, would you be interested? And what if we were to tell you that such an executive business success system also lends itself to furthering the corporate objectives of executive risk management? And what if all this also provided the strategic framework for bespoke executive personal development, which all links together brilliantly, taking your corporate executive risk management in to a new dimension? Now would you be more than interested?

No Human Resources Executive can afford to be without this

This is what we at 365 Pin Code offer and so much more. Our highly advanced people risk management models created from many years of intense research and multiple stress testing exercises, deliver to you a level of employee understanding that is bulls-eye accurate. Not only this, but our 365 pin code strategic human intelligence takes your human resources executive plan through a quantum shift upwards performance wise. Now you will be proactively managing each person in ways that will literally blow your mind and theirs too. This brings with it a new age in corporate people risk management.

Get astonishing Strategic Insights around People Risk Management

All corporates, whether they be large local businesses or multinationals are always looking to better manage risk. Their executive risk management plan is always evolving as the Exco of the given business unit proactively seek to intentionally create more executive business success. Included in these vitally important risk mitigation plans exists a section owned by the human resources executive (HRE) which deals with people risk management. Linked to this overarching HRE plan should be multiple plans focusing on executive personal development because in the famous words of The Oracle at Delphi, “Know Thyself”, the ultimate leadership and awareness pinnacle which we can attain, is to truly know ourselves, consciously and unconsciously (our Shadow Self as taught by the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung).

What Steinhoff Shareholders needed to know about their then CEO

The near-collapse of Steinhoff put investment portfolios to the sword as well as placing at risk, thousands of jobs throughout the world. Prior to this cataclysmic collapse, the likes of which has never been seen before within South African corporate business circles, this multinational was a stock market darling. Its bosses, led by the then CEO Markus Jooste, were revered as being the country’s foremost leaders in globalisation. Stock brokers, bankers and investors alike were so enamoured with Jooste and his teams phenomenal and record-breaking financial successes, that they all failed to spot the tell-tale signs that the business was in huge trouble. Add to this, the truth that nobody understood, nor had accurately deciphered Jooste’s 365 pin code and there you have it, the perfect recipe for quantum sized financial disaster… Here’s the thing – our analytics delve in to the known (that which the world’s sees us as being) as well as the unknown (which reveals all… especially all those hidden, all-consuming desires which lurk beneath within our shadows – that part of us which others never see but which we know exists because we unconsciously embrace it…)

Much must be understood around people who wield tremendous corporate power

Now that the Steinhoff bubble has burst, the corruption and collusion and executive greed-driven activities are plain for all to see. But back then, when Jooste and his Exco were riding high, drunk on the fabulous glory of corporate success, nobody could see the pending devastation. We, using our various numbers driven models, unpicked and analysed Markus Jooste’s 365 pin code. We then and laid down a most compelling argument that back then, had those in power had at their fingertips, the kind of predictive personal and professional risk management intelligence which we provide, things might have ended very differently Jooste and many others. It is this predictive key-player risk management intelligence which we believe, will be soon sought by all global corporates as they simply cannot afford to not use what this detail reveals about their people, especially their top decision makers and C-suite leaders who wield significant power and much influence.

Now that you know how powerful this is, can you afford to ignore it?

Don’t ever let your corporate go the way Steinhoff did. Decide now to significantly reduce your Corporate Executive Risk Management. Have your Human Resources Executive contact us right away and let’s work with you to apply our 365 Pin Code strategic human intelligence models to help you to significantly improve your People Risk Management. We’ll also help you to shape new age Executive Personal Development Plans, plans which cleverly steer your key players in the right direction for greater Executive Business Success.