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Elon Musk is September 2018 his acid test?

What Elon Musk [Elon Reeve Musk] needs to know about September 2018 One of our early blogs revealed the dominant numbers in play, the 365 Pin Code if you will, for [...]

America First or America Last Donald Trump?

Why Did You Do That President Donald Trump? Donald Trump’s approach to Making America Great Again is massively exclusive, highly divisive and most definitely not the way of the [...]

Henri van Breda had an axe to grind

Why, how, how could he ... Convicted and now sentenced, three life sentences, 15 years and 12 months and a possible 41 years in jail, but it wont answer [...]

Roseanne Barr mistakes racism for patriotism

Why Did You Do That Roseanne Cherrie Barr? Roseanne Barr felt the backlash this week when she "Ambien" tweeted racist slurs about Valerie Jarrett, her act of complete stupidity [...]

Why did You do that – Tony Robbins mansplains Me Too

Tony Robbins Mansplains Me Too at an Unleash the Power Within Seminar Much has been read, said and written of Unleash the Giant Within's best selling author Tony Robbins [...]

Conor McGregor loses it in New York

Is the epic melt down all down to the universal number 11 year for Conor McGregor? Last year saw Conor McGregor earn a staggering $ 134 million dollars with [...]

Darren Lehmann and Cricket Australia part ways

Darren Lehmann has been cleaned bowled by the Master Number 11 There have been recriminations and tears, lots of tears. Some will say they are crocodile tears and others [...]

Win at all Costs Steve Smith pays the pricing for cheating

The writing was on the wall for the Australian Captain, Steve Smith and Vice Captain David Warner long before the South African test series. David Warner's explosive reaction to [...]

Ant and Dec, will 2018 see them go their separate ways?

No Ant and Dec, tonight sees Saturday Night Takeaway hosted by Declan Donnelly, solo... Ant and Dec the golden boys [now men] of British Television stand on the brink. [...]

Markus Jooste from Thoroughbred to Nag

From the glamour of the international racehorse circuit to his own G550 personal jet, the much maligned ex-CEO of Steinhoff,  Markus Jooste, almost as unpopular as the Gupta's evades [...]