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Numerology Case studies and Numerology Articles

Welcome to 365 Pin Code’s Numerology Case Studies and Numerology Articles.

365 Pin Code is a personal and professional strategic intelligence provider. We are constantly conducting detailed applied research into people from all walks of life, sport stars, politicians, world leaders, celebrities, royals, captains of industry, remarkable women doing incredible things, shakers and movers etc. and all our findings are published at Numerology Case Studies and Numerology Articles. Yes you will find useful numerology related material on other websites, but nowhere else will find such mathematical deep-dives, analytical approaches which interrogate the person’s (i.e. the case study) numbers to such an extent that once you’re done reading the piece of work you will understand exactly why they did what they did or why they experienced what they did.

At 365 Pin Code we believe that the work we do, and the strategic intelligence we provide to our clients, is best summed up as this: Today, everyone lives in a world of information overload. Face it, the online world is crammed full of the stuff. Thing is, only a very small percentage of it is accurate and that stuff’s usually boring, the rest is inaccurate and utterly useless. Within the small percentage of accurate information, 1% has great value, and 1% of the 1% is priceless. Did you know that exactly the same cascading principle applies to you and your life? Every day you are being incessantly bombarded by worthless junk (junk info from friends, junk info from family, junk info from social media etc.) which leads to tremendous personal confusion around “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and “What should I be doing?” and “How on earth do I find my real myself?” You’ve got all this “incessant noise and input” around you telling you who and what you think you should be, why you are here, and how you should be living your life. If you are really serious about finding meaningful answers to these questions then you need to bullet all the junk that’s stuck to you over the years and access your bespoke 1% of the 1% (which can only be found inside you, not outside you). That’s what we do at 365 Pin Code Numerology – we rid you of your constant confusion and replace it with crystal clarity – and we do this by dialling you at tremendous speed straight in to your 1% of the 1%.

The Numerology case studies and numerology research articles which we are constantly producing, are there to provide you with empirical evidence that we really do know how to analyse a person. They also serve to reveal to you exactly what happens (e.g. tragic collapse of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire) when a person does not understand their 365 Pin Code nor how their mathematically coded blueprint works. Once we’ve analysed you, we know how to unlock that critically important 1% within you and then we know how to develop intelligent and practical success strategies to align you mentally (thoughts), emotionally (feelings) and practically (actions) to your 1% of the 1% – once that’s done, you’re lined up for a quantum leap success wise.

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