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Numerology and Politics

Given the numerous masks they cleverly wear and the multitude of lies they manipulatively tell, Numerology and Politics is a brilliant way to get to the real inside track on what’s happening (and about to happen!) with a politician. Numerology and Politics is a focal point for our Applied Numerology Research. We’ve analysed Angela Merkel’s 365 Pin Code and revealed by 2020’s Brexit will trigger the collapse of the European Union. Then we unpacked Jacob Zuma’s numbers too and we’ve proven that by 2023 South Africa will have completely collapsed and that President Cryil Ramaphosa is a spent force with Julius Malema set to surge massively.. Will there ever be a free-and-fair election again in Zimbabwe? Nelson Chamisa was coded to win, but as is the case in so many African countries, the votes did not matter. We investigated the Gupta brothers who were the agents of SA’s cynically orchestrated state capture, and we unpacked the numerology of SA’s most disgraced CEO, Steinhoff International’s Markus Jooste, who through the karmic debt number 13, fell foul of his master number 22 gift.

Let’s turn our attention to Jeremy Corbyn. In the recent UK General Election (December 2019) his Labour Party got thoroughly trounced by Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and Labour ended up getting one of their biggest hidings ever. There’s little doubt that the attention-drawing and paradigm-busting PR antics of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party helped things along, as did Annunziata Rees-Mogg’s defection, but truth is, Jeremy Corbyn had far exceeded his Labour Party leadership sell-by-date! Our published 365 Pin Code analytics for Jeremy Corbyn clearly revealed that he was heading into a nightmare of epic proportion and had the party bravely bulleted him back in 2018 or early 2019 the damage would have been lessened. They didn’t and so it’s going to take the UK’s Labour Party decades to receive from this smashing. Then there’s Master Life Path Number 22 (i.e. the master builder) US President Donald Trump (a narcissistic, egotistical, ego-driven, misogynist) who is going to have an extremely tough year during 2020, but, even though this may nauseate you to know and internalise, he will be re-elected and so Brett Cavanaugh is safe as houses. Then, yonks back there was Richard Nixon, the first ever US President to resign and that too was all coded in his numbers (Enter the 365 Pin Code of President Richard Nixon). Numerology and Politics – get the real inside track – with 365 Pin Code.

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